Personal training based near Alton, Hampshire. One to one personal training in a private studio, online coaching and a range of off the shelf programmes covering weight loss, physique optimisation and sports conditioning.

Evolve Natural fitness is an outside fitness and personal training business that offers group exercise and personal training services with a difference. Our approach combines exercise science and cutting edge research with primal, functional movement and paleo nutrition. We offer personal training programmes that deliver results with minimal time investment, and outside group exercise classes that

Operating as usual

Tips to boost productivity when working from home - Evolve Natural Fitness 17/01/2021

Tips to boost productivity when working from home - Evolve Natural Fitness

Forced to work from home again? Top tips to be productive and keep your energy up whilst working 💪

Tips to boost productivity when working from home - Evolve Natural Fitness As a certified personal trainer and performance intrigued business owner, here are some top tips that will ensure your day is full of energy and productivity whilst you are working from home. Hydration:  We are two thirds water. So, we are ‘made up’ of water to a large extent. What’s not wide...

ukcoaching.org 09/01/2021

UK Coaching - A Parent’s Guide to Supporting Your Kids to Stay Active

Even we as fitness professionals find it hard to motivate and keep our kids active in #lockdown
Here is som useful tips from our body that may help parents right now:

ukcoaching.org Information and advice for parents so they can better support their children to remain physically active throughout this period of social distancing and isolation


Brett back up at our favourite #medsteadandfourmarks tree during #tier4


Missing the gym already (these were taken before tier 4 - the gym is closed). Looking forward to Alisdair M being able to come back and start smashing his goals again 🦍💪


Alex J working hard before Christmas break 😅

evolvenaturalfitness.co.uk 21/11/2020

5 tips for boosting your metabolism (and repairing metabloic damage!) - Evolve Natural Fitness

5 tips to boost your metabolism (and correcting
metabolic damage!) 💥💥

evolvenaturalfitness.co.uk So in my last blog, I briefly discussed metabolic rate and described the situation where you may have created metabolic damage. So how do you go about firing it up again?   Here are 5 quick tips: Resistance train! Ideally with heavy weights. This speed up your metabolism short term but it also leav...

evolvenaturalfitness.co.uk 13/11/2020

But I have dieted loads of the last few years, and I am bigger than ever?! Metabolic damage – is this you? - Evolve Natural Fitness

Tried lots of diets but getting bigger each year? Sound familiar? Why, and the first step to fix below:

evolvenaturalfitness.co.uk When looking to lose weight, most people understand the principle of ‘calories in vs calories out’. If you eat more than you burn, you get bigger. If you eat less than you burn, you get smaller. So, to lose weight, the answer is to eat less? Dieting right? I will then take in less than […]


Brett smashing PT in the woods today. 💪


Gyms are closing again, but remember your body does not distinguish between a barbell / a log / a sandbag etc. You can keep fit, still transform, make gains, achieve goals even with just with your own body.
Get in touch for online or socially distanced personal training in the wilderness 👍💪


Paul’s transformation. ⠀

Amazing dedication, work and achievement. Achieved even when he has a bad knee and back.⠀

Paul started with my 3 month Evolve Natural Fitness Recovery programme. He then pushed on for another 3 months. We have not stopped - what’s next! 💪⠀

There are no secrets, Paul did what I asked and followed what I prescribed to the letter. His motivation was high and I knew his determination was genuine. ⠀

▪️His nutrition has been 👌⠀
▪️He has trained hard 💪⠀
▪️He has made sacrifices 🍕 🍺😩⠀

But what a result. With his focus, dedication and application he will go on to even better too 👏


Great result and starting to look ripped! 💪


Cardio end of the gym set up and ready to go for
one of my 🎾 clients.
Power and ballistic work 💪

#gym #tennisfitness #personaltrainerhampshire


Getting used to the gloves, just grateful the studio can welcome PT again! 👍🧤

#covidsafe #hampshire #fitness #personaltrainer


Thanks Abstract Print & Design 👏👍

evolvenaturalfitness.co.uk 27/07/2020

Is running good for you? Surely it is right?! Well not so fast … - Evolve Natural Fitness

There is a lot in the press about combating obesity today. For anyone thinking about hitting the pavements and taking up running - here are some thoughts about the positives and negatives:
#tacklingobesity #weightloss #transformation #health

evolvenaturalfitness.co.uk Now of course, exercise is good for you. For an inactive person to take up any form of activity, that is a good thing yes. But, is running good for you and should it be part of your exercise plan? I train two categories of people.  The first are busy people, who have typically fallen […]


Well done James on an amazing effort and great transformation.

What pleases me most is that James now has the tools and knowledge to manage himself and continue his progress.

The combination of online Personal Training, educational courses and PDF’s, staggered change and ongoing phone based coaching and support is delivering great results for people on the programme.



My Personal Training Studio can open again tomorrow, will all of my clients be back in the #gym straight away?

These last few months have reminded me a few things about remote #personaltraining

▪️ it’s great fun training #outside in #nature
▪️ your muscles and body don’t differentiate
between what apparatus is giving it
resistance - it can’t tell the difference!
▪️ muscle gain and weight loss can be
achieved without a gym as long as you follow
the key principles - calories in calories out,
progressive overload, relative intensity,
SAID principle - etc etc !👨🏻‍🎓
▪️training in parks or in people’s gardens can
be very convenient!
▪️ a little rain never hurt anyone 🌧😂

So whilst I look forward to being back in the gym, remote Personal training always has and it will continue to be something that I offer, with renewed appreciation of what can be done 💪🦍


Training completed on the latest guidlines for fitness trainers and gyms to keep clients safe in the new normal. Looking forward to helping more people reach their fitness goals after the 25th!


Try this little plank challenge in your workout today 💪🦍👍
#fitness #plank #plankchallenge #core


The PT studio will be open from the 25th. Watch this space for offers, discounts and promotions to help you get ‘match fit’ as the government described yesterday. Like my page 👍 to make sure you see them over the next few weeks
#fitnesstrainer #personaltrainer #fourmarks #medstead #alton #transformations


Snippets of a speed, change of direction, power and endurance session for a top tennis player and coach. When things are #tennisfitness focused, I just have to join in 😀 🦍💪


Continuing to find ways to #sociallydistance and get guys fit across #fourmarks , #alton and #medstead

#gardengym 💪🦍

evolvenaturalfitness.co.uk 04/07/2020

How I believe I boost my Immune System when I want to..... - Evolve Natural Fitness

A trick that I use, that I think helps me to boost my immune ...

#fitness #personaltrainer #exercise #covid19 #pubsopening #lockdown

evolvenaturalfitness.co.uk As England takes a huge step this weekend to open up pubs, bars and cinemas, I thought I would share a practise that I believe has helped me to support and boost my immune system over the last 20 years, when I have felt I have needed it. As a Personal Trainer and general health […]


Snippets of a pre season block session with a top tennis player and coach as we work on strength, conditioning, balance, core stability and power. Who knows how long pre season will be before competition returns thanks to Covid but it does give us opportunity to get ready 🎾
Plenty of speed, agility and change of direction happening too, another video of that in the future 🦍💪

#tennisfitness #personaltrainer #coach #preseason #fit #fitness #power #core


Snippet from the resistance part of a socially distanced PT session yesterday.
Brett is still seeing strength, aerobic and body composition improvements despite us not being able to get into my gym 👍.
Supersets for super 🔥 in this session.
Well done Brett 👌👍🦍

#evolvenaturalfitness #transformations #fourmarks #medstead #fitness #personaltrainer

evolvenaturalfitness.co.uk 29/06/2020

Why the Silverback Gorilla? - Evolve Natural Fitness

Why the Silverback Gorilla??.... And how he has helped so many guys #transform through my programmes. #fitnessjourney #menshealth #transformations

evolvenaturalfitness.co.uk I have been asked by many about the use of the Silverback Gorilla in my branding. As my previous customers will know, the Silverback is indeed a central theme in the transformation journey that I take my clients on, particularly on the Evolve Natural Fitness and Nutrition recovery programme. So, wha...


As a private personal training studio Evolve Natural Fitness is different to a usual membership based gym or leisure centre. Working one 2 one only, with only one person in at a time, it is easier to socially distance, clean equipment and ensure that safety measures are taken. I am working on when I can get my studio open as soon as possible. In the mean time, we are open for socially distanced remote Personal Training and of course my online and remote Evolve Natural Fitness and Nutrition programme is designed to be at home!


How to warm up! (Link to video in comments below)
A video made for clients of my remote Evolve Natural Fitness and Nutrition Transformation programme, but, great for anyone who wants to warm up properly before a work out:

evolvenaturalfitness.co.uk 13/05/2020

Outside Personal Training is Open for Business! - Evolve Natural Fitness

How I will keep outside Personal Training safe: Open for outside Personal Training.

evolvenaturalfitness.co.uk Following on from the new Government guidelines, I can now communicate that REPs and CIMPSA have confirmed through their dialogue with the Government that one 2 one Personal Training in public places can now take place, provided that social distance rules are followed and precautions are put in plac...

cimspa.co.uk 13/05/2020

CIMSPA update on Government guidance on outdoor training in England

It is confirmed! Outside Personal Training in public spaces can take place. (Socially distanced of course).
Get in touch to book in now, I will update the website later with what precautions I will take to make sure PT can be safe.

cimspa.co.uk Update on government guidelines for outdoor exercise during social distancing and Covid-19 pandemic.

evolvenaturalfitness.co.uk 29/04/2020

How long does it take to get in shape? - Evolve Natural Fitness

How long does it take to get in shape??

evolvenaturalfitness.co.uk A question I get asked a lot! And it is understandable, if you are going to commit to something, then it is much easier to do that when you have tangibles and lets be honest, we live in an age that looks for quick results. But here is the thing, I ask people to forget […]

evolvenaturalfitness.co.uk 27/04/2020

Macronutrients – which to avoid? - Evolve Natural Fitness

Macro-nutrients - low fat, low carb - what is right? What should you avoid? Brief thoughts in this blog. If this interests you, consider taking our Nutrition short course. If you are looking at your health during lock down then our Evolve Natural Fitness and Nutrition programme could be ideal - its remote, online and based on home work outs!

evolvenaturalfitness.co.uk Low fat, high fat, Paleo, Atkins, Dukan, Dash … the list is endless when it comes to diets and often the advice in them is to lower the amounts of one of the macro nutrient groups. I am not knocking these as it is important to remember that everyone is different and what works for …







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Evolve Natural fitness is a personal training business based near Alton, Hampshire. We offer personal training, sports conditioning and health recovery programmes, delivered face to face in our private personal training studio or through a series of off the shelf online programmes and online coaching.

These include the revolutionary remote ‘Evolve Natural Fitness & Nutrition programme’ that is suitable for beginners, those returning to exercise or those that need to make changes due to weight issues, obesity, lower back pain, type 2 diabetes (or pre diabetic symptoms) and hypertension (high blood pressure).

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Try this little plank challenge in your workout today 💪🦍👍......#fitness #plank #plankchallenge #core
Snippets of a speed, change of direction, power and endurance session for a top tennis player and coach. When things are...
Snippets of a pre season block session with a top tennis player and coach as we work on strength, conditioning, balance,...
Snippet from the resistance part of a socially distanced PT session yesterday.Brett is still seeing strength, aerobic an...




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