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Core Motion Personal Training We are based in Alton, Hampshire and the surrounding areas. Group fitness, boxercises 121 personal training, personal fitness training sessions, trx, bootcamps

At Core Motion Personal Training our primary focus in on making sure your body is strong from your core, ie your trunk and abdominals. We also focus on identifying and correcting your muscle imbalances so that you are stronger from the inside out, improving your posture and helping your body to function better and how it was designed to

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TRX Training

#TRXFreestyleFriday: Steady=Strong! Slowing down and focusing on form prevents injury, maximizes efficiency, and gives your muscles a steady burn! Try these moves and let us know what you think 🔥

1️⃣ TRX Front Squat
2️⃣ TRX "I" Fly
3️⃣ TRX Body Saw
4️⃣ TRX Mountain Climbers
5️⃣ TRX Triceps Extension

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TRX Training

#TRXMondayMove: Find balance and strength with these plank variations. Simple, but effective core exercises help improve posture while toning your whole body. Don’t forget to warm up your shoulders and wrists before this circuit!

👉 Plank Variations (Complete 8-12 reps each side)

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TRX Training

#TRXMondayMove: TRX Master Trainer Kari Woodall sure knows how to inspire us to try new combinations!

1️⃣ TRX Core Combo Flow

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TRX Training

What will you do in 2021? Share your New Year's Resolution with us in the comments!



Strength Coach Therapy

➡️Pain With Pressing?

📝Here are some exercises to work in to your upper body training with the goal of fixing your cranky shoulders.
🍄We are hitting on a few key points in my approach to shoulder rehab and training modification:
✅Rotator cuff endurance and timing
✅Modified angles and creative pressing variations
✅Rear delt and upper back robustness
🌍If you work on those specific things your shoulders will improve.
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Muscle and Motion

How to Lift a Heavy / Light Object?

For a long time, we have wanted to make this video but some other project always demanded our attention.

What is special about this video is that it is compulsory viewing not only for professionals who engage in movement but for everyone.
And mainly those who bend a lot during the day to raise objects whether light or heavy.

We did this for you for free – a lot of work days just for you.

The only thing we ask in return is that you share it with your friends.
In this way, we will help as many people in the world as possible!


The Muscle and Motion team.

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The Planks You Should Be Doing (But Probably Aren't) Master Trainer Josh Stolz recommends you take this traditional move in new directions.


TRX Training

TRX® Moves of the Week: Try out this awesome combo with Shauna Harrison, PhD that mashes up a TRX move and #TRXForYoga move!

TRX High Row
TRX Back Bend

Try it, film it, post it for a chance to be featured and win #TRX swag. #TRXmotw #MakeItPersonal

More TRX: 08/05/2017

This Fitness Blogger Proves Weight Is Just a Number

Just goes to prove how much healthier you can look with weight training exercise and a proper diet. Ie not dieting. Kelsey Wells of My Sweat Life gets real about saying screw the scale.



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2 Single-Leg Exercises That Build Seriously Strong (and Better Looking) Glutes Do right by your butt with moves that work your smaller glute muscles, which play a crucial role in sports performance.


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Turmeric Benefits Superior To 10 Medications At Reversing Disease Of the 6000+ studies referencing turmeric benefits and it's active compound curcumin, which proves it's anti-inflammatory and pain killing benefits.


Core Motion TRX Studio Surrey

How about a 40/40 challenge for 40 days? Different upper / lower body combo each day!
First 10 days stability, next 10 strength, next 10 power, with the final 10 days being sport specific?


Instagram video by Nick • Jul 22, 2016 at 7:53am UTC

See this Instagram video by @coremotionspt 02/06/2016

The National Weight Loss Diet Advice Continues to be Laughable - Hams Fitness

A great blog post by a fellow pt friend on the recent government reversal on diet recommendations. He's right on the money as usual. Burn off more than you consume. Eat healthy cruciferous vegetables. Low Gi foods, like sweet potatoes, animal fats and organically grown grass fed meats. Ideally from a sustainable source and rspca assured ie so not farmed. Yes even fish are farmed like battery chickens. Go for happy animals! Carbs are only needed for extra energy. Use your fat stores up first if you need to. Protein 3x a day up to your recommended daily allowance. If you're exercising or feeling stressed then it's 1.2-1.6g of protein per kg of your bodyweight a day. Don't overdo this though. Exercise daily if you can. Strength training boosts metabolism. Therefore you burn more calories throughout the day as a result! And yes butter is seriously good for you. Only grass fed and organic though, like Kerrygold for example. Nuts and seeds but low inflammatory ones like walnuts and macadamia. Avocados, coconut oil, and healthy sustainable fish and meats, rich in omega 3 oils. Limit omega 6 oils. Richard is in Epsom. I'm in Guildford. Nutrition is key with weight loss and exercise combined. Weight Loss Advice: we have somehow come to actually believe that eating what we want, as often as we want will not adversely alter our bodies.


Core Motion Personal Training's cover photo


Core Motion Personal Training


Core Motion Personal Training


Core Motion Personal Training's cover photo


TRX UK on Instagram: “#trx master trainer @s3_fitness working on core rotation with the #TRX rip... swimming article coming up soon on anti rotation training and the rip trainer

“#trx master trainer @s3_fitness working on core rotation with the #TRX rip trainer. #Repost @s3_fitness with @repostapp ・・・ The sun was out so worked on…” 05/04/2016

"Racing season is Life! Anything before or after is just waiting!" Are you ready to rock?!

"Racing season is Life! Anything before or after is just waiting!" Are you ready to rock?! Its Time trial season! We’ve outlined some ways you can pick up the pace, ranging from equipment and bike set-up, to aerodynamics, training and riding tips to dietary advice. Any one of them would result in a slight rise in your mph, but taken together you’re heading towards what British Cycling calls an ‘aggregate of mar… 13/03/2016

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Superfood Berry Smoothie | Centsational Girl I’ve never been a big breakfast eater, which all nutritionists will tell you is a very bad thing.  (Weekend stops at IHOP excluded!  Come to me hash bro... 04/02/2016

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This is what happens to your brain when you stop eating sugar Sugar withdrawal is real. 22/11/2015

Unhealthy Food Cravings are a Sign of Mineral Deficiencies

Have a read and see what you may be deficient in, and the healthy options to get them from Most of us have, at one point in our lives, experienced intense cravings for unhealthy foods. Whether it be for chocolate, donuts, salty snacks or refined carbs, our bodies appear to want them — and we’re often all too happy to submit. There’s just one problem: Eating these foods doesn’t...More 17/11/2015

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The food companies knew about the effects of sugar on health in 1971 and did nothing about it! They viewed nutritionists as a major threat to the sugar industry! Ffs Science Channel | Animal Planet | National Geographic | Best Documentary 2015 | The Secrets Of Sugar | Science Documentary 2015 | Documentary Full HD 17/11/2015

The truth about fat and sugar is finally explained

Want to lose weight, eat fat! Seriously sugar barely existed 100 years ago apart from in alcohol Dr Aseem Malhotra reveals why you need to let fat be your medicine 03/11/2015

Suspension Exercise: The Research

Guess who does trx suspension training!?! ;-) Suspension exercise combines body weight and anchored, seatbelt-like straps to provide an alternative to free weights and machines. Do these strap-based training systems work as well as more traditional resistance training tools.? Learn what the research says.


Inspiring and Positive Quotes

Inspiring and Positive Quotes 21/10/2015

N A T H A N G O U L D on Instagram: “Just have to take the good out of every bad situation, no... “Just have to take the good out of every bad situation, no point dwelling on things because they haven't gone your way, just have to get back up and keep…”




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Our philosphy is based on helping you achieve your goals. We do this by following our own principles of Results based Training. Our aim for you is to guide you to achieving the Maximum results in the minimum amount of time. With Coaching and fitness monitoring to reach your goals you are sure to succeed!

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