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Private tutoring | Horndean Language Workshop | Horndean 14/05/2021

Private tutoring | Horndean Language Workshop | Horndean

Introducing Horndean Language Workshop; a new development for us this year. We will be offering English, French and German online or face to face!

Private tutoring | Horndean Language Workshop | Horndean Introduces Horndean Language Workshop and the tutoring services we offer. 26/08/2020

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Launching our all new website to start the new academic year! We are a team of experienced and skilled tutors of English and a variety of foreign languages. We have spaces for new students of all ages and levels - do contact us to discuss your requirements:



Don't blame Shakespeare! đŸ¤£

However you're feeling about results day, just to say it's definitely NOT this guy's fault...


Great school; great working environment. Highly recommended.

At the end of each day, wouldn't you like to reflect on the difference you made rather than the battles you fought? We are looking for an inspirational and well-qualified English specialist. Visit for more information
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Welcome to our newest tutor, Cristina! Cristina is an experienced Spanish tutor living locally, and we are thrilled that she is joining our team! For more about Cristina, or our tutoring services, check out our website

[09/04/19]   Super-thrilled with our GCSE students' results this year: top grades in foundation and higher for all of them! If you know any local youngster who needs a boost in skills and confidence in English, French, Spanish or German, let us know: [email protected] or leave us a message on this page. Spaces are limited so don't miss out! 04/09/2019

Alton Language Workshop

Back to school: another academic year begins! If you have any language tutoring requirements - English, French, Spanish or German - do get in touch. We are a team of local highly qualified tutors just waiting to hear from you: Quality tuition in English, French and German.


Mayflower Theatre

Really recommend this production, especially if you're studying it for GCSE. For everyone else it's riveting entertainment!

The award-laden West End production of J.B Priestley's classic thriller An Inspector Calls is a must-see for Southampton audiences this September.

[05/27/19]   We now have slots vacant for new clients for English, French and German. Limited availability, so hurry!


As we come to the end of our GCSE commitments, we wish all our clients who are taking exams every success!

[09/09/18]   Happy "start of the new academic year" to all our clients! We are pleased to say we are able to offer extra languages this year, as we welcome our new tutor, Amanda Costa, to our team. In addition to our English, French and German, we can now offer Spanish, Portuguese and English as a Foreign Language. So please spread the word, and get in touch!

[09/04/15]   Back to school! Another academic year begins! If you have any language tutoring requirements - English, French or German, all ages and levels - do get in touch. We are a team of local highly qualified tutors just waiting to hear from you:

[05/29/15]   Good luck to all our clients who are taking their GCSE exams at the moment. We've thoroughly enjoyed teaching you!

[12/21/14]   Faye and Joy would like to wish all our tutees and their families a very merry Christmas and a peaceful new year,

[11/30/14]   Alton Language Workshop will be at next Sunday's Christmas Cracker Fair: 7th Dec at Alton Community Centre - come and find us at the Cake & Treats Tombola! 25/11/2014

National Literacy Trust

We like The National Literacy Trust:
Some great articles for teachers and parents... The National Literacy Trust is a UK charity that transforms lives through literacy. We campaign to improve public understanding of the vital importance of literacy and provide support for professionals working in the literacy sector. 25/11/2014

Mr Fox magazine |

For a great way to get boys interested in classic books and other activities try Mr Fox magazine. My colleague Justine Wall writes for them. This month she's suggesting ways of making the 'Where the Wild Things are' more interactive...+ a feature on Michael Morpurgo. ChristmasNovember 19, 2014 Christmas Gift Guide: Engineer By KATEDH When dens are no longer enough, help him build bridges

[11/25/14]   This term has been a busy one with lots of student studying important assessments in English and French. Nearly all exam boards are being covered this year, including iGCSE.

[09/01/14]   The new school year begins tomorrow - if you or anyone you know has any language tutoring needs, do message us on our FB page or email [email protected]. Our students all had great results this summer at GCSE and success at all levels of English, French and German!

[02/17/14]   Have had some lovely new people to teach in the last few weeks. They range from 10 to 16 years old. Welcome to you all!

[01/01/14]   Check out the updated website! Lots of new subjects and services to browse... 08/12/2013

Language lessons teach you more than just verb tables

Why learning a language really takes you places... Behind mundane conversation topics, studying a language gives learners an insight into how a country works 05/12/2013

JK Rowling among 10 literacy heroes

Ten people who inspire reading. Apparently, children are more 'negative' about reading than ever... Harry Potter author JK Rowling is among 10 people - both famous and non-famous - to be honoured for helping to boost literacy and a love of reading. 29/11/2013

Short Story Advent Calendar | Booktrust

An advent calendar with a short story behind each door! The only thing better than unwrapping a bite-sized piece of chocolate each day is discovering a bite-sized work of literature to devour.

[11/27/13]   Alton Language Workshop will be at the Yuletide Christmas Cracker at the Alton Community Centre on Sunday. We hope to see you there! 23/11/2013

Twice as many boys 'hate writing'

Quite predictably, boys hate writing. But take heart. Many of the top writers are men, so they must decide it's cool at some point... Boys are more than twice as likely as girls to say they hate writing and find it embarrassing, according to a National Literacy Trust survey.


Worthwhile reminder as to why singing is such a worthwhile thing to do! Thanks Rebekah Abbott - Soprano

Wow!!! Singing is good for body and mind! If you have been meaning to find out about then why not get in touch? 30/10/2013

Your Mind on Language: How Bilingualism Boosts Your Brain

All the proof we need that learning a second language gives your brain a workout... From the moment sound waves enter your ear and become neural impulses, your brain executes this rapid-fire series of events that few of us are ever aware of, but without which we'd be unable to communicate. 26/10/2013

EastEnders Effect: Watching TV Can Change Your Accent | Linguistics |

EastEnders Effect: Watching TV Can Change Your Accent:
In this study, linguists from the University of Glasgow, the University of Strathclyde and the University of Leicester looked at how watching the television soap ‘EastEnders’ is altering certain features of the Scottish accent. A new study provides the first empirical evidence to prove that television viewing does help to accelerate language change. 26/10/2013

Joy Windsor is fundraising on JustGiving for Stroke Association

I will be running tomorrow! Think of me running in that windy weather...and sponsor me? A couple of pounds will be fine. Help Joy raise money for this great cause.


Alton Language Workshop's cover photo 14/10/2013

Gaiman: No bad books for children

Neil Gaiman comes from Hampshire. He's right! Though I don't think certain politicians will agree... Fantasy author Neil Gaiman says in a speech that "snobbery and foolishness" by adults about certain books can easily destroy a child's love of reading. 09/10/2013

Toddler brain scan language insight

Fascinating report on the way language skills develop in the very young. We have between the ages of one and four to become truly fluent in more than one language. The brain has a critical window for language development between the ages of two and four, brain scans suggest. 04/10/2013

Fewer children 'read in spare time'

This is a worrying statistic. Reading is so important. Fewer children in the UK are reading in their own time and one in five says they are embarrassed to be caught with a book, a survey suggests. 19/09/2013

Kill the apostrophe!

Put the apostrophe out of its misery? I would. Poor thing - wrongly used, and therefore abused. Let's follow the German and let it go! What do you think? We would all be better off without it





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