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Suzanne McCollum BSc Exercise Science with Sports and Coaching BSc Physiotherapy. Specialising in live online low impact exercise for weight management, Pilates and Back Care.

Private home sessions now available PPE required.

Operating as usual

[08/23/21]   I think we’ve all experienced the dreaded video freeze during class. I do worry this is good way to get out of doing the exercise as you could be lying down having a nap🤨 If possible connect your laptop to your internet hub via Ethernet cable. If using iPad you won’t be able to do this so make sure your hub is in an area away from walls, electrics and if possible disconnect any other devices from internet. Test your connection by running a speed test from your browser (Just put rum speed test into browser and hit the run test button this will tell you if there’s a problem). Moving the hub a few inches could be the difference between an excellent and a poor signal 🤩👍

Long Covid - Can I Exercise? 30/06/2021

Long Covid - Can I Exercise?

Long Covid - Can I Exercise? "Long Covid" is a name used for the condition some people experience after diagnosed or suspected Covid-19 illness comprising a diverse range of ongoing symptoms . Symptoms may be new or a worsening of problems that started before the Covid illness and may include the following: fatigue breathlessne...

[04/11/21]   Live Online Sessions Still Available 🤩

Are you more or less physically active since Covid restrictions? 02/03/2021

Are you more or less physically active since Covid restrictions?

Are you more or less physically active since Covid restrictions? I received an update that the earliest health clubs would be open will be 12/4/21 and exercise classes 17/5/21. This is as long as Covid cases continue to drop. It looks like we still need to find alternative ways of staying fit and healthy if we used to use health club facilities to help stay activ...

Timeline Photos 09/02/2021

Keep going everyone🤩 Be kind to each other and also to you👍 You matter too♥️🙏

Keep going everyone🤩 Be kind to each other and also to you👍 You matter too♥️🙏

Legs, Bums and Tums 01/02/2021

Legs, Bums and Tums

Live Online Classes 🤩👍

Legs, Bums and Tums Join the Wix app to book this service and stay updated on the go.

Back Care Short Course 01/02/2021

Back Care Short Course

Back Care Short Course Join the Wix app to book this service and stay updated on the go.


Timeline Photos

pilatesandphysiotherapy.net 08/01/2021

"Post-Acute Covid", "Long Covid", "Covid Long-Haulers" and Exercise.

pilatesandphysiotherapy.net The name given to the long term health consequences of Covid-19 does not appear to be decided on amongst experts. Symptoms such as shortness of breath and fatigue can linger after respiratory illness (as with many severe illnesses) with some cases showing cardiac, pulmonary and neurologic involvemen...

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Happy New Year

shoutout.wix.com Thank-you to everyone who has supported our business at this difficult time. I have personally enjoyed working on my own health and fitness with you in our live online classes.


We wish everyone a healthy and happy Christmas time:-)


Our special offer this December is a free live online assessment when purchasing a recurring monthly or a 3 month Pilates or Exercise plan. This can be for you or gifted to a family member or friend. Just ask to redeem your assessment once you have purchased your plan.

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shoutout.wix.com Yes, it's nearly that time of the year when the Turkey isn't the only thing to get stuffed. Most of us will be yo ho ho-ing to the dining table to eat our festive foods then oops... our clothes tighten (or burst:-) as our hips and tums expand at an alarming rate! Before we know it we're in another s...

pilatesandphysiotherapy.net 05/11/2020

Special Offer 1 Month Plan:-)

Look up Lockdown Plan on plans and pricing:-)

pilatesandphysiotherapy.net Maybe we can't get to our exercise classes during lockdown but we can do something better. Imagine where you would want to be and do classes live online in your own home, imagining you are there. Picture your exercise class on the white sandy beaches of the Bahamas (you might need to turn your heat....


Look up the Lockdown Plan on Pricing Plans for our 1 month special offer to cover the length of 2nd Lockdown while gyms are closed. https://www.pilatesandphysiotherapy.net/plans-pricing

pilatesandphysiotherapy.net 01/11/2020

What does the new lockdown mean for gyms and for health?

pilatesandphysiotherapy.net New lockdown rules mean that gyms will be closing from 2/11/2020 until at least the 5/12/2020. This is an important measure the government has taken to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus and the deaths and strain on health services that would result if the measure were not taken. Over Autumn an...

shoutout.wix.com 28/10/2020

Treat Yourself This Halloween

shoutout.wix.com Available to our "ghost" new members and any contacts who haven't yet booked and would like to try a class:-)



New beginners 4 week course starts soon:-)


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pilatesandphysiotherapy.net 22/10/2020

Tips to improve your health and well being.

pilatesandphysiotherapy.net Have you ever wondered why your feeling awful but can't quite pin point exactly what's wrong? You don't want to wake up and drag yourself through another day? In my job I come across many clients who have been to their doctors and had their medical problems addressed but who have so many areas of th...

pilatesandphysiotherapy.net 21/10/2020

Best we**am tried so far:-)

pilatesandphysiotherapy.net If you've started doing more online physical activity classes you might have decided to invest in a we**am. There are so many to choose from it makes your head spin. Most of us are new to this and baffled at the range. Then we buy one and it's no good for what we need:-( Or we choose a cheap one tha...

pilatesandphysiotherapy.net 18/10/2020

Why Weight Management Exercise And Not Weight Loss?

pilatesandphysiotherapy.net When I set up live online classes I thought long and hard about what to call the classes. Shouldn't be hard you might think🙄 I knew from over 30 years experience that most clients wanted to manage their weight or lose weight and that was appropriate for them. On the other hand after working as a ...

pilatesandphysiotherapy.net 08/10/2020

Conquering Covid Zoom Fatigue.

pilatesandphysiotherapy.net It's not quite the picture I wanted to represent how "tyred" we might be from zoom classes but it's what wix threw up when I asked for pictures representing "tired":-) What I want to do is try to help participants alleviate "zoom fatigue". It wouldn't surprise me if this becomes an actual "thing". T...

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Updates On Live Sessions!

shoutout.wix.com We're continuing to bring you live online sessions.

pilatesandphysiotherapy.net 30/09/2020

How to book, setup and take part in classes.

pilatesandphysiotherapy.net If you are interested in joining classes but aren't sure how, this is for you. First decide whether you want to try an individual class or book a plan. First choose your class and click Book Now from the timetable. You will see the price per class and will be asked if you want to book this as part o...



Special offer 4 Beginners Pilates classes live online over 4 weeks at reduced price.



Big goals are achieved by taking little steps.


Having small goals that are achievable can help with starting and maintaining any healthy lifestyle plan.

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Upper Body and Arms Focus

6:30 pm Thursday 🤩

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Adding pounds to lose pounds.

pilatesandphysiotherapy.net Adding ankle weights to leg exercises during a workout increases the challenge. During a progressive exercise programme this can help to increase muscle mass which in turn will help burn more calories with every move you make. One of my clients wanted to know how heavy the ankle weights should be. S...

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gov.uk 10/09/2020

Providers of grassroots sport and gym/leisure facilities - Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19) - Guidance - GOV.UK

From 14/9/20 social gatherings of more than 6 people are prohibited. So how does this affect attending gyms and classes? Apparently it doesn't. While many venues have gone to extraordinary measures to mitigate the risk it is really up to participants at the moment to decide whether these measures reduce the risk for them personally. I have found there is confusion among some members so I'm adding the links you can go to so you can make up your own mind.

The first are from the government website and the second is from the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA):



gov.uk Find out how to make your workplace COVID-secure.

pilatesandphysiotherapy.net 09/09/2020

Do foam rollers work?

Foam rollers can be a great addition to any workout:-)

pilatesandphysiotherapy.net When I use equipment for private sessions and classes I want to know the equipment is benefitting my clients. I know the foam roller works for me, and for my clients to enhance our workout by reducing muscle stiffness, muscle soreness, increasing joint range of movement, providing a greater challeng...

pilatesandphysiotherapy.net 08/09/2020

Using Small Equipment In Pilates.

pilatesandphysiotherapy.net We like to use small equipment for our classes. My 3 favorites are the swiss ball, foam roller and 8ft yoga band. Research supporting all three is ambiguous, i.e. some research supports and some doesn't support the use of these pieces of equipment. In group and private sessions however the use of th...



12:00 30 mins daytime and 6:30pm 45 mins Classes


About us

First a little bit about my background. I started this page in 2013 and almost forgot about it. I used to teach swimming then moved on to Personal Training, teaching Matwork and Back Care Pilates, Spin, Exercise to Music, Aqua Exercise, and Strength Training. I completed a BSc in Exercise Science with Sports and Coaching then a BSc in Physiotherapy, completed discipline specific course including Exercise to Music, British Amateur Weight Lifting Leaders, aqua exercise, Spinning, Modern Pilates Matwork and Modern Pilates Back Care.

I became a Physiotherapist dealing mainly with a varied caseload including complex community and patients with complex mental health challenges over the past 6 years. I was driving up to 4 hours and staying in accommodation to work. I considered myself fortunate to be able to. At the same time I loved teaching my private and group Pilates clients some of whom have been to my classes for 20+ years. They wanted me to continue and I did. My spin class and Pilates classes were fully booked every week. Then Covid-19 hit.

Overnight, like many people, my work stopped. With cases of Covid-19 and deaths increasing daily it was a difficult decision but I moved classes and 1 to 1 sessions online to help clients maintain some normality and positivity in their lives. I was fortunate that my son had finished his 1st year BSc in Computer Science and was able to mobilise into action to become the business’ resident computer builder/admin/techy person.

The change was probably the wake up call I needed to improve my business page and provide an online service. I know Pilates has worked for my clients to help reduce pain and stiffness and maintain their, and my own, day to day physical function. So now I am offering a 12 week course of Pilates for Back Care coaching. I will only be taking on a few clients so that I can focus on providing the best service to you. So if you are serious about making a change then book a call and I will contact you personally. As we develop our courses and this site we thank-you for your patience.

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So glad for another beautiful day🙏I feel grateful that we are seeing the light at the end of the Covid-19  tunnel.  This...
Another beautiful day🥰 despite an extraordinary set of circumstances where I am reminded every day to be grateful for my...
Wow; another beautiful day🤗 Just wanted to say thank-you for all the likes, shares, recommendations and for joining me i...
Thank-you for coming to class.
Thank-you to my Pilates and Weight Management Exercise Class participants for attending classes today🙏
Sitting at a desk or working all day in awkward positions can be tough on our backs and necks as we find our joints stif...
Thank-you to my small but quality group of strong women for taking part in the Weight Management Exercise Class.  Motiva...
Thank-you for coming to Pilates this morning.  You were all wonderful👏🤗🤓




Coaching packages of Back Care, General Pilates, Lifestyle change.




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