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At We are passionate about improving staff efficiency and effectiveness for individuals and organisations Specialising in Management Development and Train the Trainer Training, we are an international company and provide independent training solutions to meet your needs.

The company’s ethos is based on five key values, which are evident throughout all courses and demonstrated by each of our trainers.

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To be a great trainer you should be flexible enough to adapt the course content to suit the needs of the audience on the day and should understand how to deal with people. That’s a key trait for a fantastic training session. Target Training Associates can help you to get those essential trainer skills. Take a look on our Train the Trainer Programme at


To train is not just telling something to someone. A good Professional Trainer has to deliver effective, enjoyable and interactive training sessions. Our Professional Training Techniques (PTT) Train the Trainer courses are designed to meet the needs of people working in all sectors and accredited with the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM)


As trainers we all know we have to be professional and produce professional resources. This will include handouts, activities and PowerPoint as required. Additionally, we need to know how to use resources effectively; we need to know how to use PowerPoint and when to give handouts. We also need to know how to use essential tools like the Flip Chart, a great tool but which sadly gets under-used or not used correctly. Want to see a perfect example? Join our courses


Target Training Associates' ethos is based on five key values, which are evident throughout all Train the Trainer courses and demonstrated by each of our trainers: Being positive, Going that extra mile, Putting people first, Striving for constant improvement and the last but not the least, Being FANTASTIC.


Trainers, it is fundamental to keep developing yourself. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is vitally important in many professions but in training it is crucially important. You see life-long learning is exactly that, it lasts for life. You can always develop and learn new skills and as trainers new techniques and skills are introduced all the time. If you think you know it all then you are living in a bubble. You should take the chance to improve yourself by taking courses with Target Training Associates


To rely heavily on PowerPoint or slides during your presentations is NOT a good practice. You'll take the risk to tell people information by reading from a book or a PowerPoint slide. Training is about share and interaction, don't hide yourself behind your slides. Target Training Associates can teach how to be more self-confident and to catch attention of your audience. Learn more at


You know that only great trainers enables companies of any size to achieve their goals of hitting revenue targets, increasing profitability, growing market share, keeping stakeholders happy and staying ahead of the competition. Want to be one of those great trainers? Target Training Associates can help you 23/04/2013

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Don't be just a trainer, be a GOOD one! To find out how, request your FREE copy of our new report "10 things every trainer must know."

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All trainers should have a clear structure that contains an aim and clear objectives. Moreover, trainers need key essential items such as motivational elements that will encourage their delegates to want to come back again and again. Wondering how to do that? Check this out


At Target Training Associates we are proud to offer services that extend throughout the UK and far beyond. MD Ralph Moody has just returned from the Lebanon and is soon to be in Kuala Lumpur, plus there are a host of fantastic courses that we are running in UK cities. For a glimpse of upcoming courses read


Whenever you deliver training you must evaluate your performance. You must use effective evaluation tools that ensure you measure what was done well and areas you need to improve. Finally you need to ensure that you evaluate the key things training should deliver; that behaviour and crucially results are improved. Otherwise you run the risk that our training is a waste of time and money. 09/04/2013

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Target Training Associates gives you some tips to choose a training company that provides exactly what your company needs. You must have a look on our guide "How to Choose the Best Train the Trainer Provider?"
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We ask Ralph Moody, Managing Director of Target Training Associates and a leading trainer, what motivates and inspires him and his outstanding team. Read his intriguing responses to 10 key questions at


Our outstanding Train the Trainer Programme offers a mix of both theory and practical experience so that participants are capable of designing and facilitating their own outstanding training programmes. In this programme we cover the concepts and principles of adult learning and teaching, learning retention, training styles, the roles and responsibilities of being a trainer, the competencies of a successful trainer, and how to create a lesson plan that is informative and engaging. If you want to become an outstanding trainer, check this out


Trainers, you have understand your audience – Often we discuss learning styles in training explaining that some delegates are more practical or some are more visual and this is really important to include a mix. However, individual personalities are often overlooked; sometimes you might even hear trainers use language like “I don’t like…” or even worse. This sort of ignorance is very dangerous and we need to know about personality and more importantly how to deal with individuals if we are going to be an effective trainer. Target Training Associates gives you the opportunity to learn more about the good practices. Take a look at Train the Trainer Programme 26/03/2013

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Looking to become a more effective trainer?
Looking for training skills and techniques that will ensure your audience will engage with you and actually learn something?

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"I am still ‘buzzing’ even now; I would and already have recommended this course to anyone that wants to hone their trainer skills – you will come away with the confidence in knowing that if you use the techniques you learn and practice on the course, your sessions will be ‘FANTASTIC’.“_x000D_ (Richard Brookes, BIRMINGHAM YMCA). If you want to be on the same page, join our Train the Trainer programme at


When it comes to delivering the best possible Train the Trainer courses, we at Target Training Associates have it down pat! We are never complacent, we strive to make every course even better and more enjoyable than the last and to deserve our reputation as Train the Trainer experts. Read


At Target Training Associates, all our Train the Trainer courses are delivered by staff who know perfectly what they are talking about. We have experience in delivering training to private and public sector clients and all delivery staff are approved to assess by the awarding body. Take a look here 12/03/2013

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You must know how great training can positively impact your company.
How can you dissociate one training provider from another? Which one is the GOOD one? Find all you need to know to make the good choice in our guide "How to Choose the Best Train the Trainer Provider?"
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At Target Training we are delighted to be able to offer a wide range of qualifications that can help to improve the careers of our delegates. Take a look at our overview which outlines what we cover in terms of TAQA, Learning and Development, Customer Service and Management qualifications – read


At Target Training Associates, we help companies to improve their performance with high impact training. We also help them to improve their performance by providing training that changes people’s behaviour. In fact, our reputation is based on providing training that has an immediate impact for the individual; it improves confidence, motivation and performance. For an organisation, we improve staff efficiency and effectiveness. Find out more about our Train the Trainer Programme at

[02/26/13]   If you want to improve your skills and techniques that will make your audiences want to be back again and again? Request our special report "10 things every trainer must know." -


Advanced PPT Train the Trainer is superb for taking your training capabilities to the next level. Many clients have found that the course has given a real boost to their training career and have been kind enough to let us know how it has helped. We look at why you should choose this course

[02/12/13]   "How to Choose the Best Train the Trainer Provider?" is a question you should ask yourself!
Target Training Associates offers you a guide with expert tips which will help you avoid hiring mediocre training providers!
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Customer service is too vital a part of an organisation’s success to leave to chance. If you work in, or are responsible for, any aspect of customer service in any industry, we have qualifications which can help to improve the standard of service delivery. For further information about these qualifications, take a look at


Make valuable steps forward in your learning and help to further your career with one of our excellent Learning and Development Qualifications. They can help individuals at varying levels of experience in many different respects. Find out more by reading


Great training should not be a flash in the pan. It should have substance to it, real advice and guidance that delegates take away with them – an experience that lasts. For that, you need a fantastic trainer. So – what are the elements that make a trainer truly memorable? We take a look here


Our PTT Train the Trainer courses are rewarding and enjoyable experiences for the delegates. They can change our clients’ careers for the better, but they also have an impact on the company where they work. Training is a vital function within any successful company and we look at how ensuring that you promote the best can help your business


We base our training on what we know works best and what genuinely helps people in their lives and work. We have been lucky enough to receive some fantastic testimonials over the years and are delighted by the range of ways that people tell us we have helped. Read about the top 10


A Happy New Year to you all! Make 2013 your year in every way, including your career. Resolving to take a positive approach from the beginning of the year can only boost your success over the next twelve months. Take a look at some simple, effective and life-affirming Career Resolutions at


As we come ever closer to the New Year, there is always plenty to think about. We would all like to enjoy a happy, prosperous 2013, which means remembering to boost our professional lives. We take a look at some of the benefits of excellent training for the coming year


The countdown to Christmas has begun, so it must be high time to treat yourself. Ensure that your professional prospects remain in great shape for the festive season and beyond by booking yourself onto one of our great courses taking place throughout December. For more details read


Bolster your company’s management layer by ensuring that individuals become confident, well-trained leaders. Our management training courses really are something to shout about. We cover every important aspect of the managerial role and ensure that our delegates feel they are well-equipped to guide a team. Read


There has been a surge in interest in TAQA qualifications which are now available to achieve with us. The perfect qualifications for teachers, trainers, tutors, assessors and quality assurance workers, they can benefit a wide range of people within the public and private sector. But what is TAQA and is it right for you? Read





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