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[01/11/15]   Have you reviewed your life cover? It's especially important for parents:

[01/11/15]   Have you mums and dads been sticking to your New Years resolutions?

[01/05/15]   It's back to business as normal at Insurance 4 Mums and Dads! You can call us on 0800 093 0354 and sort all of your insurance needs. 08/12/2014

Air pollution 'public health crisis'

Do you think the negative effects of pollution are currently underestimated? New schools, care homes and hospitals should be built far away from major roads because of the dangers of air pollution, a report by MPs says.

[12/08/14]   David Cameron wants to improve maths and science in schools. Do you find your children struggle with those subjects?


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[12/02/14]   Families are spending less, on average, than before the economic crisis. Would you agree?

[11/30/14]   What do you think of the governments newly published 'British values'?

[11/27/14]   A new Ebola drug being trialled is looking 'positive'. Are you still worried about the diseases spread?

[11/27/14]   A Tesco 'gifts for boys' sign has been removed. Do you agree there should be no difference between girls & boys toys? 26/11/2014

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[11/25/14]   As a parent, when do you think children should have 's*x education' classes at school?

[11/25/14]   Older children watch half the amount of TV as adults, but more online. Do you let your children watch tv and films online?

[11/24/14]   A study has shown family breakups damages children's GCSEs. Do you think a sound home life is key to succeeding in school?

[11/22/14]   The NHS are set to send staff to help those affected by ebola. Should we be doing so? 21/11/2014

Freedom to Insure: 10 best Christmas gifts for under 10s

7% of A&E patients aren't seen within 4 hours. Do you think there needs to be more investment in the NHS? 21/11/2014

'Childbirth pain' lessons for men

One for the dads out there! We certainly don't fancy it... - A hospital in China is trying to teach fathers-to-be about the experience of giving birth.

[11/17/14]   Fewer are bullied than a decade ago, but cyber bullying is becoming a big problem. How can we stop it?

[11/16/14]   It's getting harder to book appointments with GPs. Would you consider booking 'online' sessions to save time?

[11/16/14]   Language lessons need 'new life'. Do you children enjoying learning languages in school?

[11/14/14]   Childhood obesity is become a glob epidemic, according to recent statistics. Should we be doing more to encourage a healthier lifestyle to our children?

[11/13/14]   Christmas is just 41 days away! Have you begun your Christmas shopping?

[11/13/14]   Ebola treating drugs have begun to be tested on humans. Are you still worried about the disease reaching the UK?

[11/13/14]   The church of England want to see children joining their 'savings club', stopping them from getting into debt when older. Good idea? 12/11/2014

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[11/12/14]   Do you think those who can't afford to do an unpaid internship should receive government support like university students?

[11/11/14]   Do you think that fruit juice should be excluded from the '5 a day' count? Some children are drinking more and more juice as they think it's healthy, but can contain more sugar than cola! 11/11/2014

Adoption: 'The best thing I have ever done'

Have you ever considered adoption or fostering? As David Cameron sets out plans to speed up adoption you share your adoption stories

[11/10/14]   Business leaders want to see more free childcare to allow mums and dads to work. Would free childcare make it easier for you to work?

[11/10/14]   The Education Secretary wants to ensure girls don't feel 'science' is a mans subject. What should be done?

[11/09/14]   Anxious teens aren't getting the right support as the 'one size fits all' therapy system currently in place doesn't work for most teens. Should we be taking teenagers mental health more seriously?


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[11/08/14]   RS is set for an overhaul in schools, with students now learning about two religions. Do you support religious studies in school?

[11/08/14]   A 14 year old has been cautioned by police for using racism on Twitter. As more and more teenagers find themselves getting in trouble on social networks, do you think schools should hold lessons on how social media should be used? 06/11/2014

Have you made a choice? Which secondary school will your child go to?







GU11 1EJ
Other Schools in Aldershot (show all)
Premier Education Woking Premier Education Woking
Aldershot, GU12

Premier Education Woking is dedicated to developing innovative PE and sports coaching which will help children enjoy a healthy, fun and fit life. Our coaches and clubs are flexible and reliable to meet the needs of teachers and parents.

Andy Bailey Driving School Andy Bailey Driving School
Southlands Close, Ash
Aldershot, GU12 6NH

C'MON! Learn to Drive Latest Model Vauxhall Corsa Pass with Confidence Safe Driving for Life

Academy Bellezza Academy Bellezza
Aldershot, GU11 2DD

We are a friendly, professional beauty academy, based in Aldershot Hampshire. Our tutors have 14 years combined experience within the beauty industry.

Shawfield Primary School Shawfield Primary School
Wi******er Road, Ash
Aldershot, GU12 6SX

Aldershot Construction College Aldershot Construction College
Holder Rd
Aldershot, GU12 4PQ

Our Construction courses and Apprenticeships are based at Aldershot College and include Bricklaying, Carpentry, Electrical Installation and Plumbing.

Daniel Nutbeen Music Tuition Daniel Nutbeen Music Tuition
54 Ayling Lane
Aldershot, HAMPSHIRE

Professional Piano & Guitar tuition.

WokingSpanish WokingSpanish
Aldershot, GU22 0EN

Marta Smith was born in Argentina and worked there as a primary school teacher before she married an Englishman and moved to Britain in 1981. She's been te

Kims Childcare Kims Childcare

First4Sports Swimming Lessons First4Sports Swimming Lessons
Aldershot Garrison Sports Centre, Rawlinson Road
Aldershot, GU11 2LQ

Swimming lessons

GR8 Drivers GR8 Drivers
Aldershot, GU10 1BB

If you want to be a great driver, then learn with GR8 Drivers

Wellington Community Primary School Aldershot PTA Wellington Community Primary School Aldershot PTA
Alexandra Road
Aldershot, GU11 1QJ

A page set up by the school PTA for the parents of the school

Boogie Beat Music and Movement Aldershot and surrounding area Boogie Beat Music and Movement Aldershot and surrounding area
Aldershot, GU11 1

Boogie Beat music and movement sessions are based on traditional fairy tales with a lively and active dance twist! Classes run within the community and workshops run in nurseries, preschools, schools, birthday parties and events.