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Amber Driving School Based on Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset borders, Amber Driving School is dedicated to getting students through their practical driving test as quickly as possible.All lessons are on a 1 to 1 basis, with fully qualified ADI instructors who have a wealth of experience and knowledge.Bournemouth & Salisbury test centres are used for practical tests.

[09/25/14]   Just for information, out of the recent students who have passed their practical driving test with Amber, the average score is just over 3 driver faults each.
(You are allowed up to 15 driver errors, before failing the practical driving test!!)
Well done to you all I am proud of you.
All the best

[09/25/14]   Congratulations to Alex, who passed his practical driving test yesterday with only 3 x driver faults. (minors). Another very good score, well above the national average. Now you will be fighting with your brother and sister for the keys to the car!
Keep safe. See you around

[07/05/14]   Well done to Esme & Aaron who passed their theory tests earlier this week. Now just the practical driving test to go for!

[06/23/14]   Just checked my records, we had another pass with 2 driver faults (Jack) at the beginning of 2013, and Harrison had only 1 fault on 18th Sept 12. So we are still looking for the big fat ZERO fault. Seriously though, it shows how well all Amber students have done, and I am proud of you all. Keep safe. For those who are learning to take their test, the important thing is to drive safely, regardless of how many driver faults you may get on your test.

[06/20/14]   Very well done to Daniel who passed his practical driving test on Wednesday with only 2 driver faults!
Excellent score.
We now have 2,3,4,5 (plus!) driver faults on the driving test. Still looking for the magical 0 or 1 faults, which are VERY HARD to achieve.
However with pass rates of 2,3,4,5 etc: these are very good scores, so very well done to you all.
I am getting my car back today, so am back in business!

[06/19/14]   First of all, an apology to all, when the car decided late on Tue evening that it wanted a new fuel pump.The car is in the dealer, and the part is somewhere in Europe!, however I hope to back working by Friday afternoon.
Thanks to all my students who have been so helpful, in re-scheduling their lesson times. Thank you.
My apologies to my student who had a test booked first thing Wed morning. Luckily she was able to bring her own car, and after a visit to Halfords, another local motor factor, and the local VW dealer, to sort out a minor defect, we made it to the test centre just in time.
It is very difficult to be cool and calm under these circumstances, but she did really well.
Will keep you posted when I am back and running, and I hope the car continues to be reliable,(despite the circumstances of this week!)
Overall I am impressed with both the quality and reliability of the Honda.

[06/11/14]   Many congratulations to Hannah, who passed her driving test today, at the first attempt, with only a handful of driver faults. Delighted for you - you are now in competition with your sisters as to who gets the keys to the spare car!!
May I wish you many years of safe driving.
All the best

[05/23/14]   Well done to Benn who passed his practical test today, with only 4 driver faults (minors).Very good score, well done. It should be easier now getting to work, in the pouring rain (today!), than using the bike!
Ella who passed her test just over a month ago, also had a score of 4 minors.
Still looking for the 0 fault!
All the best for the future

[05/15/14]   More Clocked Cars
There has been a 3% jump in the number of mileage discrepancies in second hand cars, more commonly known as 'clocking' in 2013.

Allianz Insurance claim that 78% of the public, back a 20 mph maximum limit around schools, on residential streets, and in village, town and city centres.

Litter blighting England's motorways costs at least £6 million a year to collect, and could fill an Olympic sized swimming pool four times over.The Highways Agency collects more than 7,500 tonnes of litter.

More info to come over the coming weeks!!





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