Sparkes of Change Personal training

Sparkes of Change Personal training


I have a couple of physical issues so need/like to try and keep as strong and fit as possible, within my capablities, especially as I get older. Kerri, with her patience and knowledge is brilliant at helping me to achieve this.

I'm not just missing my Personal Training sessions with her, during lockdown, but also the Circuit Classes.. These are really good with just the sort of music we 'oldies' like😁😁!!. They're small, always attended by a friendly, jolly bunch and none of the exercises are impossible because Kerri caters for all abilities.

It's amazing how quickly the body adjusts and improves and it's a great way of keeping things moving. Come and join in!

Sorry to hear this but as Arnie might have said “you’ll be back.”
I have been going to Kerri’s classes for over a year and can honestly say it has been a terrific experience. I feel fitter, stronger, more flexible and just generally healthier. It can be hard work but thanks to Kerri’s personality and commitment it is always fun. To have a laugh while getting fit is a pretty good deal. Have a go!
Hi Kerry, sorry I still can’t make the class today, my cough seems to have got worse rather than better especially at night!! I am hoping to see my GP next week but hope I can make it back next week. June.
Summer holidays are coming to a close. 🙄

Eaten too many scones, jam and cream, icecream, wine, beer etc?

Now's the time to start again and work towards a better functioning body.

Yes, a 'beach body' is great, but a body that feels and moves better, stronger and with more flexibility is key! Your body will automatically look better as its starts to function more effectively.

Contact me to arrange a trial PT session and discuss how I can help you.

Alternatively ask me about my small group classes for over 55's!

Limited daytime availability, waiting list for evening sessions.

Sparkes of Change Personal training
Kerri Sparkes
07890 772226
I have been going to Kerri's classes for over 6 months now and have found I have more energy and less aches and pains.
They are fun and Kerri gives you her full attention and assistance when doing the exercises. Janet Trigg
My Testimonial
I have attended 11 sessions, of Kerri’s vitality circuit class, over the last 6 weeks. I try to attend twice a week.
My knees used to get painful especially if I had been carrying my younger grandchildren too much. I walk regularly and cycle regularly so my general fitness is ok but I do not consider I am fit!
I wanted to use some of my muscles that I knew I wasn’t using and keep them in better condition. I am blessed to be in good health and would like to help myself to stay that way!
Since I have been attending the classes I have definitely felt more flexible and just generally fitter. I also think about how I move generally in every day life. After the first session, the front of my upper legs ached badly but Kerri confidently told me that it wouldn’t happen again and it didn’t! Sometimes I go to the classes with an aching back or knees but I always come away from the classes feeling fine!
I look forward to every Monday and Thursday class. I do get nervous, every time, that I won’t be able to achieve the task but that is just me and I really do enjoy the classes once I am there because I know that Kerri will always help me correct my posture or whatever it is I am doing wrong. I do still often have my bottom sticking out when it shouldn’t be or not sticking it out enough!
I don’t often need to have activities modified but Kerri will recognise if I am getting tired and will then change the exercise to help me to get through the hour session.
All the other participants are really friendly and everyone I have paired with has helped me when I have been unsure of the activity.
The classes are perfect for me and I would not want to change anything.
Thank you. Kerri.

Mobile Personal trainer - 1-1 and small groups
Specialist group trainer for over 55s. Runs Alcester Vitality circuits - daily group circuit training classes.for over 55s.

Personal training for all ages.

Operating as usual

[09/28/20]   From 12th October Sparkes of Change Personal Training will no longer be offering PT sessions.

Vitality Circuits (for over 55's) will continue on-line at a new time of 6-7pm, 3 days a week. (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

All other classes are also cancelled from this date.


Bone health:-

Nothing beats calcium for your bones. it’s found in lots of vegetables as well as diary. Go dark - dark leafy greens such as cabbage, kale, bok choy and Chinese cabbage. Dark greens also have vitamin K, which can reduce your risk for osteoporosis.


Monday is nearly here, that means.....

Vitality Circuits is nearly here too!!

On-line daily classes for over 55's.

1hr of exercises designed to get you fit and keep you moving!

⭐ strength
⭐ cardio
⭐ mobility
⭐ weight loss
⭐ low-medium impact

Monday 2-3pm
Tuesday 2-3pm
Wednesday 10-11am
Thursday 2-3pm
Friday 2-3pm

£5 per class

Fun, convenient and safe 😀

Contact me for booking and further details.
07890 772226 12/07/2020

Heart of A Champion - Growing Bolder In her 60s, Sharon Hernstadt went from a cardiac patient to a world powerlifting champion. Check out how she found the strength to inspire us all.


Did you know that high cholesterol currently affects 7 out of 10 people in the UK? It is one of the known risk factors for developing heart disease and a risk factor for strokes.

Experts recommend eating less saturated fat and more fruit and vegetables.

Saturated fat is found in fatty meats like sausages and mince and processed foods like cakes and biscuits.

The following are some summer fruits and vegetables which can help lower cholesterol:-



Bridge practice

Improving flexibility as well as upper body strength. Lots of work to do, but exercise is always a work in progress.


Don't wait for motivation. Often there are so many excuses we can give ourselves.

✅Make a small change to your diet.

✅Stick with this change, then add another positive change.

Go for a bike ride/walk/jog/workout. 🚶‍♀️🏃‍♀️🚲🏋️‍♀️

You may not feel like it at the time. But your guaranteed to feel better after! 21/05/2020

Trans fats, a form of processed (hydrogenated) cooking oil, have been identified as one of the most dangerous food additives. They help to prolong shelf life and are found in foods such as doughnuts, fast food and even bread.

Trans fat facts Trans fats, a form of processed (hydrogenated) cooking oil, have been identified as one of the most dangerous food additives. They help to prolong shelf life and are found in foods such as doughnuts, fast food and even bread.


Proper Running Footstrike to RUN FASTER & PAIN FREE

For all you runners out there 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

Especially those who have decided to take it up again or try for the first time.👟

Prevent injuries 👍

Learn proper running footstrike and how to improve your running technique to run faster and stay injury-free. When it comes to your running technique, it's i... 29/04/2020

Muscle Mass, Strength and Longevity – Howard J. Luks, MD When optimizing our health and longevity, prioritizing muscle mass and muscle strength are critically important considerations. Our muscle mass, and strength decline with age. The changes that occur…


What can help with aging? 🤔

As a Personal Trainer no doubt you're expecting me to shout the benefits of exercise and good diet... and your right. But the other big factor is MINDSET.

MINDSET is key to how we deal with aging. (and how we cope during the current COVID_19 lockdown)



Women lose bone more rapidly for a number of years after the menopause when their ovaries almost stop producing oestrogen, which has a protective effect on bones.

There are no specific calcium or vitamin D recommendations for the menopause, however a healthy balanced diet, including calcium and vitamin D, will help slow down the rate of bone loss.

Good sources of calcium include:

🥛🧀Milk, cheese and other dairy foods
Green leafy vegetables, such as broccoli🥦🥬 cabbage and okra, but not spinach (contains oxalic acid, which reduces calcium absorption)
Soya beans
Soya drinks with added calcium
Bread and anything made with fortified flour
Fish where you eat the bones, such as sardines and pilchards🐟

Vitamin D is obtained from being exposed to short periods of direct sunlight ☀️🕶 (no sunscreen).

Good sources of vitamin D:

Oily fish, such as salmon, sardines and mackerel🐟
Fortified fat
Fortified breakfast cereals
Some powdered milks 30/03/2020

Healthy batch cooking recipes Get ahead on your weekly dinners with our healthy batch cooking recipes. These simple nutritious meals are freezable, family-friendly and full of flavour.


Feeling socially isolated?
Want to exercise - but find the videos on YouTube impossible?
Maybe my live circuit classes are what your looking for.

In the 'normal' world my Alcester Vitality classes are for over 55's (small groups working out with people of their own age and at their own pace).

Obviously age doesn't dictate your ability (there are some extremely fit 50+ 60, 70, 80+ year olds - see my previous posts). But getting on and off the floor takes more time as we get older and perhaps full blown burpees might not be suitable for you (there again they might be!).

Some of my clients in their 70s can hold a plank, and do full pressups for 40 secs others can't. It doesn't matter. You work at your level.

I tailor my challenging but manageable sessions to suit just about everyone.

Want to know more? Contact me!

Sparkes of Change Personal training
07890 772226

[03/18/20]   As of tomorrow all classes are cancelled 😔

Thank you for your continued support over the past 12 months.

- Alcester Vitality Circuits
- Sparks of Change (previously Move it or Lose it)

Call this an interlude! If your feeling technologically minded and want to join on-line classes for over 55's let me know. I'll see what we can arrange!

Don't worry, I'll be back! In the meantime stay safe and exercise at home. It'll help maintain your fitness and mental wellbeing. 😘

[03/17/20]   Sparks of Change classes are cancelled from this week onwards.



Obviously we know over 70's have been advised to self isolate. As this is many of my classes members I am forced to stop all classes until given the all clear.

Don't worry! Classes will be back on in future!!

[03/16/20]   All classes are still running unless forced to cancel due to government policy relating to coronavirus.

Alcester Vitality Circuits (over 55's circuits)
Mon, Tues and Thursday 2-3pm
Wednesday 10-11am
At: Strongfeet Dance Academy, Arden Forest Industrial Esate, Alcester

Sparks of Change (previously known as Move it or Lose it) (over 60's gentle exercise)
Wednesday 11.45-12.45
At: Osprey House, Archer Close, Studley

Sparks of Change ((previouslyknown as Move it or Lose it)
(over 60's gentle exercise)
Friday 9.30-10.30
Scout and Guide Hut
At: Moorfield Road, Alcester

KEEP CALM and WASH YOUR HANDS - before and after class. If you have any underlying health issues think carefully before attending a class. 26/02/2020

Core blimey: how a 62-year-old man planked for eight hours – and what he can teach us George Hood, a former US Marine, broke his own world record this month. Here’s how you can improve your technique 10/02/2020

11 People Who Got into the Best Shape of Their Lives After 50 Need a little motivation? These people will inspire you not just to live your best life at any age but also to seize the moment and achieve fitness you never thought possible.


Change your narrative! Our brain works on what is known as a ‘confirmation bias’ where it seeks to confirm that our thoughts and beliefs are correct. In this way, having a negative mindset can lead to our brains purposely finding negatives to prove we are right. By altering our thought process to think more positively, we will find that we start to spot more positives in the world around us! 28/01/2020

One-Pan Chicken and Cabbage

Tasty, quick and a low carb option. (I need the carbs, so served mine with couscous). Tonight's dinner.

#onepot Dinner or meal prep four lunches in under 30 minutes.

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I would really appreciate it if my lovely followers could help my small business in a BIG way.

It only takes seconds but would mean the world.

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Thanks in advance from Kerri at Sparkes of Change Personal Training

[01/17/20]   Due to illness, todays Move it exercise class at the Scout hut has been cancelled.

Sorry for the short notice.

Kerri 16/01/2020

At 60, I was unfit, but two years later, it's Olympic weightlifting for me Ruth Deasy was advised by doctors to take up resistance training and has never looked back 18/12/2019

Why Your Brain Needs Exercise

Interesting article. The evolutionary history of humans explains why physical activity is important for brain health


Santas elf is class ready!

There's going to have to be a bit of Christmas music for the warm ups.....

[12/16/19]   Last full week of Vitality over 50's circuit classes before Christmas 🎅.

Classes also on:-
Monday 23rd Dec 2-3pm
Monday 30th Dec 2-3pm
Thursday 2nd Jan 2-3pm
Back to normal January 6th!

Booking only for all classes.

From January, classes will no longer be PAYG. 4 sessions will need to paid for in advance.

Contact me for booking and further details.
07890 772226


Be mindful over the festive season. 👍

Tag a mate, hit save and stay informed on these festive snacks as Christmas draws closer.⁣

Whilst it is the time of year when one needs to recognize the need for joyful socializing, it doesn’t mean that one’s nutrition goals need to be completely abandoned. Sanctioning festive treats to the realms of calorie control may appear Scrooge-like, but partaking in several gluttonous snacking orgy’s for weeks without any active appreciation of calories consumed may result in the birth of a January Scrooge instead. Or worse, a prompt to select a disastrous fad diet.⁣

That said, it isn’t often that one can enjoy a gingerbread man, a mince pie, pigs in blankets or festive drinks. Therefore one must consume them if they are enjoyed. For these festive time are what will be remembered, not whether you made totalitarian headway with your nutrition goals for 3 weeks each December.⁣

That said, instead of burying one’s head in the sand ‘because it’s Christmas’, one can still enjoy such food/drinks alongside at least partial awareness of the accompanying nutritional information of that energy source.⁣

Then, when January 1 arrives, one can reflect on an enjoyable month where treats were eaten and alcohol was drunk, with neither indulgence violently regressing their fitness goal. 🤜🤛⁣

Have I missed your favourite Christmas snack? I may need to do a second edition... 🎄 ⁣
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Personal and Group Training

Personal training for all ages. Specialist over 55’s.

Group training:-

Vitality Circuit classes (over 55;s):- Monday 2-3pm, Tuesday 2-3pm, Wednesday 10-11am, Thursday 2-3pm @ Arden Fitness Studios, Alcester.

Move and Improve (over 60’s):- Low impact , exercise set to music. 1hr class combining aerobic, strength, balance and games. Designed to keep you moving, flexible and stronger. This is a light hearted class with an emphasis on fun!

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