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Welcome to the S&S Services page! S&S Services is a mail order art & craft supplier to the early years sector. We have been supplying nurseries, child minders, primary schools and many more for over 20 years and have a reputation for quality products and excellent service.

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ssartsandcrafts.co.uk 02/06/2017

Crayola Metallic Markers

#Crayola #metallic #markers, these are just lovely! Get yours here...http://www.ssartsandcrafts.co.uk/crayola-metallic-markers-pack-9.html

ssartsandcrafts.co.uk There are five completely different markers in this Crayola Art Set Add sparkly effects, glittery effects then finish with a metallic sheen! A...

ssartsandcrafts.co.uk 02/06/2017

Markers , Felt Tips & Colouring Pencils | S&S Arts & Crafts | Swansea Wales UK

#Markers, #feltpens, #colouring pens and much much more! http://www.ssartsandcrafts.co.uk/pens-pencils/markers-felt-tips.html

ssartsandcrafts.co.uk Browse our Markers , Felt Tips & Colouring Pencils products at S&S Arts & Crafts based in Swansea, South Wales.

ssartsandcrafts.co.uk 02/06/2017

Classroom supplies & educational equipment for nursery and primary schools, child minders & carers | S&S Arts & Crafts | Swansea Wales UK

Visit our brand new and exciting website. We have everything you need for all your #arts and #crafts needs...http://www.ssartsandcrafts.co.uk/

ssartsandcrafts.co.uk Art and craft for children,ready mix paint,pva glue,early years,paint,sugar paper,wooden templates,

ssartsandcrafts.co.uk 01/06/2017

Egg-Shaped Chalk

#Egg shaped #chalk, great for little hands! http://www.ssartsandcrafts.co.uk/egg-shaped-chalk-box-of-10.html

ssartsandcrafts.co.uk Great for children with small hands Six different coloured pieces of egg shaped chalk in a reusable plastic container.

ssartsandcrafts.co.uk 01/06/2017

Playground Chalk, 20 Pieces

What can you create with our #playground #chalk? http://www.ssartsandcrafts.co.uk/playground-chalk-20-pieces-2569.html

ssartsandcrafts.co.uk Tub of 20 assorted colours giant chalks in a handy container. Great for children to use in the playground.

ssartsandcrafts.co.uk 01/06/2017

Pond Dipping Kit - Arts & Crafts | Swansea Wales UK

#Pond-dipping kit, a great #educational activity http://www.ssartsandcrafts.co.uk/pond-dipping-kit-3206.html

ssartsandcrafts.co.uk Buy Pond Dipping Kit online from S&S Arts & Crafts based in Swansea, South Wales.

ssartsandcrafts.co.uk 31/05/2017

Colours Outdoor Board

#Outdoor #colours board, perfect for playgrounds or gardenshttp://www.ssartsandcrafts.co.uk/colours-outdoor-board-2867.html

ssartsandcrafts.co.uk Printed on 3mm Foamex, measures 595mm x 420mm. Supplied with fixings and has pre drilled holes for mounting. Totally weatherproof and will not...

ssartsandcrafts.co.uk 31/05/2017

Tub Stilts

#Tubstilts, perfect for outdoor fun!

ssartsandcrafts.co.uk A pair of plastic tub stilts each 11cm x 10cm with plastic rope handles that are adjustable to suit the height of the child.Helps develop...

ssartsandcrafts.co.uk 31/05/2017

Bug Hunting Kit

Check out our #buglife #bughunting kit http://www.ssartsandcrafts.co.uk/buglife-bug-hunting-kit-3204.html

ssartsandcrafts.co.uk Buy Buglife Bug Hunting Kit online from S&S Arts & Crafts based in Swansea, South Wales.

ssartsandcrafts.co.uk 28/04/2017

Pens & Pencils

Here at S&S Services, our range of #pens & #pencils has got everything that you could need for #writing & #drawing! Head over to our website to check them out!

ssartsandcrafts.co.uk Browse our Pens & Pencils products at S&S Arts & Crafts based in Swansea, South Wales.

shareably.net 28/04/2017

These artists are so skilled that you will feel like your eyes are deceiving you

Truly an inspiration, it's just amazing what some #artists can do. Let's inspire our little artists.....

shareably.net Humans can be truly amazing, and when people put their minds to crafting artistic work, the result can be incredible. We found thirteen artists from across the globe that have undeniable talent and create work that you have to see to believe! Diego Fazio Diego Fazio works with printer-like efficienc...

ssartsandcrafts.co.uk 27/04/2017

Gardening For Kids

Head over to our website to check out our "Gardening for Kids" range! And send us in pictures of what you get up to! #Art #Crafts #Gardening

ssartsandcrafts.co.uk Browse our Gardening for Kids products at S&S Arts & Crafts based in Swansea, South Wales.

funcraftskids.com 27/04/2017

Egg Carton Craft Whale - Fun Crafts Kids

#JuliaDonaldson's #TheSnailandtheWhale is one of our favourite books and look at these cute #whales to make too!

funcraftskids.com Egg Carton Craft Whale We totally love a craft which starts as one thing – and ends up almost totally unrecognisable as something else! Particularly if the craft material is destined for landfill, and by using it, you are tapping into that whole #ZeroWaste thing, as this makes us so happy! Check out...

ssartsandcrafts.co.uk 27/04/2017

Classroom Supplies & Educational Equipment For Nursery & Primary Schools, Child Minders & Carers

Here at S&S Arts & Crafts, we bring you the best products, in the highest of quality in a hassle free purchasing experience. Visit our website to learn more...

ssartsandcrafts.co.uk Art and craft for children,ready mix paint,pva glue,early years,paint,sugar paper,wooden templates,

ss-services.co.uk 26/04/2017

Metallic - Multi Surface Markers - Pack of 5 | S & S Services

#Metallic #multi-surface #markers. Great for decorating almost anything!

ss-services.co.uk Water based colours for decorating cardboard, wood, glass, leather, crockery, plastic, stones, modelling clays & metal. Full instructions included Pack of 5 - metallic

netmums.com 26/04/2017

The HILARIOUS letter a 7-year-old sent his parents

We LOVE this, 10 out of 10 for initiative we say!

netmums.com ‘Nathan has been doing good in all his classes.’

shared.com 25/04/2017

Everyone Will Love This Unique Broken Glass Jell-o Treat!

Wow! Look at this amazing #jelly, it's almost too pretty to eat....

shared.com Jell-o is a staple at most households. It has been around forever and has been turned into so many different dishes over the years, but none as colorful as this Broken Glass Jell-o. Also called Stained Glass Jell-o, this dessert mixes together all your favorite flavors into one rainbow

ss-services.co.uk 25/04/2017

Coloured Plasticine Rainbow and Neon | S & S Services

#Wheat and #gluten free, just in case they decide to have a nibble whilst they're creating their #models!! #rainbow and #neon #plasticine.

ss-services.co.uk Coloured Plasticine Rainbow and Neon

netmums.com 25/04/2017

Kelly Clarkson accused of ‘child abuse’ for giving THIS to her daughter

Nutella.... child abuse, really?? This seems rather far fetched to us but what are your thoughts on this?

netmums.com 'I wouldn't give that to my kid.'

learning4kids.net 24/04/2017

Fine Motor Work Station or Centre Activity

This is a great idea for improving #hand/eye #coordination, fine motor development and maybe just for fun!

learning4kids.net Creating patterns, swirls or zig-zags with buttons, children will have so much fun playing with this fine motor work station or learning centre activity. Children enjoy hands-on activities and the bright colours and buttons are so engaging and motivating for children. #finemotoractivityandideas

sciencebob.com 24/04/2017

Make your Own Volcano - ScienceBob.com

Make your own erupting volcano, safe, not scary. They'll love this and learn about chemical reactions too!

sciencebob.com Time for a classic experiment! Make your own volcano using vinegar and baking soda! Home chemistry at its finest.

hattifant.com 24/04/2017

Hattifant's Flowers & Mandala Bookmarks - Hattifant

We love these bookmarks to colour in and it may just encourage them to read a bit more too!?

hattifant.com Here are some lovely Flowers & Mandala Bookmarks for you to color! FREE to download! Print, cut out the bookmarks and color! And then happy reading!

redtedart.com 21/04/2017

Free Butterfly Colouring Pages for Spring & Summer - Red Ted Art's Blog

These could be handy for the #weekend! Perfect for those I'm #bored moments....

redtedart.com My kids ADORE colouring. It is a funny old thing colouring – as they do really enjoy creating and drawing “free hand too”.. but I think adult coloring pages, give them the chance to be creative, but also “switch off a little” and go into some sort of “meditative” state (I love watching their facial…

ss-services.co.uk 21/04/2017

600ml Ready Mixed Paint

Check out our 600ml #ReadyMixed #paint, this #TopGrade liquid tempera paint is extremely rich & vibrant, & has a thick texture with good coverage! #ArtAndCraft #Creativity

ss-services.co.uk This top grade liquid tempera paint is rich and vibrant, has a thick texture with good coverage.

ss-services.co.uk 21/04/2017

5 Litre Ready Mixed Paint

This ready mixed #paint can be easily diluted with water or mixed with PVA glue to achieve thicker & glossier finishes. What fun will you get up to? #Art #Craft

ss-services.co.uk This top grade liquid tempera paint is rich and vibrant, has a thick texture with good coverage.

ss-services.co.uk 20/04/2017

Scrunch-bucket | S & S Services

Our #scrunch #buckets are perfect for packing in the car or a #suitcase. http://www.ss-services.co.uk/outdoor/gardening/scrunch-bucket

ss-services.co.uk The amazing Scrunch-bucket fits just about anywhere, into the smallest corner of a cupboard, or even in your pocket

ss-services.co.uk 20/04/2017

Vivid assorted card - A4

Check out our range of assorted #A4 card paper! 200, 230 micron sheets.

ss-services.co.uk Block assorted card, 230micron, 200 sheets A4

redtedart.com 20/04/2017

Coffee Filter Butterfly Crafts for Preschoolers - Red Ted Art's Blog

These look so fun to make and what a pretty decoration for any room or garden.

redtedart.com Butterfly Crafts are a wonderful craft for this time of year – they are wonderful for waiting for Spring to arrive and they are fun to make right through the Summer. We finally had a go at some classic “Coffee Filter Butterflies” – great fun exploring colour theory whilst colouring our coffee filter...

shareably.net 20/04/2017

Teacher is fed up with kids' attitude, begs parents to teach their kids these 3 things

PLEASE share this.....'I have no children yet, but if I do sometime in the future I will teach them to play, to be a good friend, to show gratitude and to be bored from time to time. When they learn those things, then will I teach them to read and count :)

shareably.net Life for kids these days can be a constant string of sensory overload. As parents, it makes sense that you want your children to have a head start in life by introducing them to productivity early. But one man’s post on Facebook is offering advice from a different perspective. That is, to teach them...

artsycraftsymom.com 19/04/2017

Printable Dinosaur Pom Pom Mats that your kid will Love!

This is great for learning colours and hand/eye co-ordination too!

artsycraftsymom.com Kids love games; it's how they learn! Develop your child's color recognition & fine motor skills with a matching game using Printable Dinosaur Pom Pom Mats.

redtedart.com 14/04/2017

Paper Helicopter DIY - STEM for Kids - Red Ted Art's Blog

This is a fantastic, fun activity, #flying #helicopters a great #STEM activity too!

redtedart.com Super simple Paper Helicopter Toy - this is a great little paper craft diy to make with the kids. Use any paper and make this fun toy. Great STEM activity.

edutopia.org 14/04/2017

12 Ways to Nurture a Love of Reading

Reading is SO important and yet it can be tricky to actually get children to read for pleasure. Here are some tips that we're going to try....

edutopia.org Nurturing a love for reading begins with providing reasons for reading and getting students excited about books.

ss-services.co.uk 13/04/2017

Glitter Felt Tips - Pack of 6 | S & S Services

#glitter #felt #pens, who wouldn't want to use these!?

ss-services.co.uk Top quality glitter felt pens, to produce beautiful artwork Pack of 6

behance.net 13/04/2017

Cardboard Kitchen

This #cardboard #kitchen is great, they'll love playing with this!

behance.net This project was developed in my 3D illustration class. I set out to design and produce a life size 3D kitchen, made from cardboard, acrylic paint, and masking tape. Taking myself out of the 2D illustration environment forced me to consider shape, size an…




We offer a huge range of art and craft products including; ready mix paint, pva glue, sugar paper, foam, wood shapes, sequins, glitter, collage packs, pens, pencils, crayons and much more.



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