Driving School Coleraine

No longer a driving school to the south of Coleraine. Driving lessons for people of all ages and abilities to DVA test standard. New drivers, nervous drivers, Learners, refresher, assessments, intensive courses.

One hour, one and a half hour, two hour or half day lessons available. All welcome. Call for tailored package, or pay as you learn.

Operating as usual

[02/24/15]   Hello everyone. Sadly Driving School Coleraine is no more. I've had to hang up your 'L' plates. Past pupils can still get driving advice if they so choose. Thanks to eveyone for their support.

sharetheroadtozero.com 19/11/2013

I have pledged to Share the Road to Zero.

Once is too often to receive news of death or injury to someone you know.

sharetheroadtozero.com I have pledged to Share the Road to Zero because every road death is one too many. We all share the road so shouldn't we all share the responsibility? You can join me by making your pledge.

[11/03/13]   Low winter sun and winter rain makes for extra difficulties driving. Take extra care when driving with the sun behind you, other road users might not see you very well.

[09/27/13]   Warm weather still here, lucky us! Low sun in the morning and evening can dazzle, especially if the roads are wet. Be aware you might not be seen as well as not being able to see if you are in line with the sun.

[09/07/13]   Well done Hannah for passing on Tuesday 3rd.

[07/08/13]   Well done Laura Moore for passing this afternoon with 3 minors. Many happy safe years of motoring.

[05/16/13]   Sun after rain, especially in the morning and evening, may produce dazzle and slippery conditions. Take extra care especially if MIAH is close behind you.

[05/02/13]   Sunny days, be happy, drive safely. Watch out when driving to the sun, shaded areas are more difficult to see into and can easily hide hazards. Watch out when the sun is behind, you are more difficult to see for other road users and they may not judge your speed correctly.

[01/31/13]   Well done Rodney Moody. First time pass this morning with 7 minors.

[01/16/13]   Ice is coming, if the forecasters get it right, so stay at home, walk or use public transport. GENTLE use of gas and brake if you must go out. Allow plenty of time for your journey and check you have plenty of fuel.

[01/06/13]   Rain for most of the week, remember to use dipped headlights and make sure your fog lights are turned off. Don't go earning points that you don't need or deserve!

[01/02/13]   Get the Xtra factor with your driving. 75% pass rate in 2012. Call or email to find out what Driving School Coleraine offers.

[11/19/12]   Rain today, rain tomorrow, make sure you use your dipped headlights and take extra care. Check with your eyes and look for pedestrians, cyclists who don't have lights, motorcyclists and other drivers only using parking or side lights.
Remember your ears aren't going to help you if there's a lot of noise from spray.

[11/14/12]   Beat the price rises. At the end of December hourly rate rises to £24 per hour. Existing customers not affected. Check the website for details.

[10/27/12]   Frost this morning. Listen out for black ice: no road noise, you're either stopped or on black ice! Contact me for how to detect black ice in advance and how to deal with it. Happy motoring.

[08/30/12]   Pass rate for this year is 75%. Great lessons for you from Driving School Coleraine.

[08/30/12]   Well done Monika, passing your test today at 12:45 (or 12:05 if you prefer.)

[08/22/12]   Pass rate is currently over 70%. Pass your driving test with Driving School Coleraine.

[08/22/12]   Well done to Greg Howlett for passing his driving test at the first attempt with 8 minor faults. Brilliant job Greg!

[07/26/12]   Well done Rebecca Keenan, passed at 4:20 this afternoon. Bigger smile than ever!

[07/23/12]   Don't forget every student is entered in the monthly draw for a free 90 minute lesson.

[06/29/12]   Making or taking phone calls when driving will distract you. Research shows that if you’re using any mobile phone when driving, you're four times more likely to crash. You also have significantly worse reaction times than someone driving after drinking alcohol at the legal limit.

See http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/TravelAndTransport/Roadsafetyadvice/DG_188761 and take the Driving Challenge


Highway Code | DoE Road Safety

You can get a FREE download of the highway code for Northern Ireland in sections or complete from http://www.doeni.gov.uk/roadsafety/index/highwaycode.htm


[06/12/12]   Rain means that both vision and hearing are impaired when driving, making it harder to see vulnerable road users or hear other road users. Use dipped headlights for best effect, but be aware others may not be able to see or hear you either. (Driving, the Essential Skills)

[06/04/12]   Make sure your windows are clean in this weather. A dusty or dirty windscreen can leave you with the same effect as driving in fog if the sun shines on it.

[05/14/12]   Highway code Rule 160: Once moving, you should ...
• keep well to the left on right hand bends. This will improve your view of the road and help avoid the risk of colliding with traffic approaching from the other direction.

[04/25/12]   Well done Ruby for passing with 5 minor faults on Monday. I bet you're glad you had that extra lesson I recommended!

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[04/19/12]   Highway Code, Rule 151
"In slow-moving traffic. You should:
- reduce the distance between you and the vehicle ahead to maintain traffic flow
- never get so close to the vehicle in front that you cannot stop safely
- leave enough space to be able to manoeuvre if the vehicle in front breaks down or an emergency vehicle needs to get past
- not change lanes to the left to overtake
- allow access into and from side roads, as blocking these will add to congestion
- be aware of cyclists and motorcyclists who may be passing on either side

[04/19/12]   Strong sun means strong shadows. Think about using headlights to make yourself more noticeable.

[04/19/12]   Well Done Shelley for passing first time. 2 weeks! It fairly flew past.

[04/12/12]   Definitely into Spring now, but frost can still occur. Keep windows clear and clean so you have a clear view outside. (Highway Code 229)

[04/02/12]   If you encounter fog, remember to switch on your fog lights front and rear if you have them. Also remember to turn them off if visibility improves to better than 100m, but continue to use dipped headlights until the mist disappears.

direct.gov.uk 27/03/2012

Driving your car: green tips : Directgov - Environment and greener living

Petrol prices continue to rise, follow these 15 tips to save your fuel.

direct.gov.uk Find out how simple actions like driving smoothly, changing gears at the right time and clearing out clutter can save you fuel and reduce emissions. The way you drive and look after your car can make a big difference to how much fuel it uses as well as its impact on the environment

[03/26/12]   F-O-G? Foot Off the Gas!




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BT51 4DD

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Cost effective driving instruction, using the latest material to give you the best chance of passing your test first time. Better than 70% pass rate (August 2012). Tailored handouts, welcome pack, block booking discounts, student discounts, referrals scheme, learner videos.

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Monday 8am - 9pm
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