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** Now offering online singing lessons!** If you are looking for a singing teacher, or a singer for a project, get in touch! Penny Fazackerley is an professional vocal coach, with nine years experience in teaching contemporary singing and musical theatre, and teaching performance at Brooklands College.

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Guided Wim Hof Method Breathing 25/03/2021

Guided Wim Hof Method Breathing

Hi everyone! I was talking with one of my students today about breathing techniques, and introduced them to the Wim Hof method. More recently, I have noticed that a lot of people I teach have had issues with relaxing into their breathing exercises, purely because of how we're all still living our lives on zoom or working from home with too many distractions.
The following video is a wonderful way of resetting how the lungs work, and giving our bodies and minds the much needed relaxation to function as they did pre-pandemic. I hope that it helps, and that you all have a wonderful day.

Guided Wim Hof Method Breathing Before practicing the breathing exercises please watch this Safety Video first - more info on the Wim Hof Brea...


No idea what to buy for your friends or family this Christmas? What about an online singing lesson!

I've been a singing teacher for the past 15 years, training people for auditions, singing exams, and also teaching those who just want to develop a hobby!
I have a 100% pass rate for Rockschool, Trinity, and LCM vocal exams, and I focus on vocal techniques, breath control, and helping to develop voices in a way that suits each person individually.

Online lessons are currently at a reduced rate of £28 for an hour, and £20 for half an hour. You even get a physical gift voucher to wrap up and pop under the tree!

If interested, drop me a message on here, or on!


Are you struggling to think of present ideas for Christmas? Well, had you thought of gifting an online singing lesson to someone? It's a lovely gift, plus they get to learn a new skill at the same time!

Online lessons are currently at a reduced rate of £20 for half an hour and £28 for an hour, and you can book as few or as many as you like! You will also receive a physical gift voucher to wrap up and put under the tree!

Get in touch either on here or drop me a message on my website:


Tambourine Love (Original song by Penny Fazackerley)

So... IT'S FINISHED!!! Here is the official video for 'Tambourine Love', which I wrote about 9 years ago, and has been completely revamped by my wonderful function band FRiSK! Massive thanks to Alex Creese for mixing the sound, video editing, and superb guitar playing, Jonathan Wills for his brilliant drumming and tambourine, Peter Falconer for his piano and organ skills, and Daniel Gaylard for his awesome bass! I literally could not be happier!
I hope you all like it! 😁

'Tambourine Love' is an original song written by me about 9 years ago, and it has been updated and given a country rock vibe with the help of FRiSK, the bril...

[04/21/20]   ** Now offering online singing lessons!**

I am currently running a discounted rate of £20 for half hour lessons, and £28 for hour sessions. If you or someone you know is looking to try something new and would like to give singing lessons a go, get in touch!

[03/18/20]   Hi everyone! As of next week, I am going to be doing my vocal coaching via Skype. Those who already have sessions booked, I shall get in touch with you directly, but those who would be interested in lessons, drop me a message, and we can get something sorted! It’s a scary time for everyone, so look out for one another, stay safe, and use this time to do something that you enjoy.



What did Penny think of her volunteer trip to Sierra Leone?

It’s less than two weeks until I go to Nairobi with @Hear Their Roar, to help children who have gone through extreme trauma with the use of music, drama, and emotional health discussion groups. I’m at 70% of my fundraising target, so please please please share this post, and if you can donate anything, I would be forever grateful. Thank you ###. I have also attached the video interview that I did about the trip to Sierra Leone in February.
#heartheirroar #charity #volunteering #youngpeople #emotionalhealth #singing #music #heartsandminds

00:40 What were your feelings before the project? 03:10 Can you describe the project you participated in? 04:15 What did you do whilst on this project? 08:04... 11/11/2018

Penny Fazackerley on Givey

Hi everyone! In February, I am heading out to Sierra Leone for two weeks to work with Hear Their Roar, in collaboration with Street Child. Whilst we are there, we will be working with the street children doing music, drama, and discussion workshops, to help the children with their mental health, and to help to give them hope that their lives can change for the better. In order for me to get there, I have to raise £1500, which includes accommodation, flights, a driver to take us everywhere safely, security, food, water, and then a 48 hour retreat at the end of the trip to help us adjust back to what we would class as normality. Please take a read of my givey page, and if you can donate to help me get out there, I would be so so grateful. Thank you ### Hi everyone! My name is Penny, and next February, I am heading out to Kenema, Sierra Leone for two weeks with the brilliant charity Hear Their Roar, in collaboration with Street Child. Whilst we are there, we will be working with the street kids and running music and drama workshops, as well as disc...


Penny Fazackerley Vocal Coaching


Penny Fazackerley Vocal Coaching 06/12/2017

Singing Lessons | Surrey | Penny Fazackerley Vocal Coach

My new website is now live! Check it out if you are after singing lessons, a session singer, or a voiceover artist. :) Penny Fazackerley is a singing teacher, and session singer, based in the Surrey area. Check out her website for more information!


Penny Fazackerley Vocal Coaching


Proud Mary at Massaoke Edinburgh

After spending nearly two weeks working in Al Murray's band at the Edinburgh Fringe, I spent the last night at Massaoke, where they invited me on stage when their singer didn't show up. It was so much fun. If you get a chance at any point, make sure you go along and check it out!

Our last night of the Edinburgh Fringe 2017, when Bruce was asked to perform on stage with Massaoke and as they started the song, the singer didn't appear, s...


Al Murray Royal Albert Hall

A week ago today, I was performing on stage at the Royal Albert Hall with the wonderful Al Murray. It was such an incredible experience, and something that I'll never forget. Here is a video of some of it that a sneaky audience member took.

Singing Queen Under Preasure


Frisk Party Band | Titanium [David Guetta Cover]

Hello! For those of you looking for a band for a wedding, party, or any other function, check out Frisk Events Band! Here is our video of 'Titanium' - I hope you enjoy it!

Shot and edited by Musicarta Media.

[05/29/16]   Really great wedding gig last night with Frisk Events Band!

[05/01/16]   Tonight I am joining the wonderful Tzigauners for the evening at The Inn West End. The music starts at 8pm, so come along!


Frisk Events Band

Are you looking for a great band for your wedding? Are you searching for a band with a little extra something? Then check out FRiSK - a band that provides live music for music lovers! Check us out and like us on Facebook using the following link. :-)¬if_t=page_fan

A professional events band comprising six highly experienced and versatile musicians who are committed to playing great music and having fun in the process

[03/15/15]   So so proud of my two students who went in for their grade 3 vocal exams - distinctions all round!! Could not be more pleased for them right now. :-D

[12/31/14]   Happy New Year to all of my past and present students! =)

[12/25/14]   Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful day. Xx

[11/18/14]   Tip for today: In order to help you work on the performance aspect of singing, practice performing in front of a mirror. Yes you will feel silly, but by doing this you will be able to see how your performance looks from the audience's perspective. Look at how your face moves when you sing, how you can use body movement to convey the emotion in a song, and pretend that you are actually performing. Unless you see yourself performing, you are never going to be able to tell if what you are doing is the best that you can do.

[10/28/14]   Tip for today: Having good posture when you sing is key to allowing your diaphragm to work properly. Your gluteal muscles, pelvic muscles, back muscles, and stomach muscles all connect together to form a support network, which helps your diaphragm muscle to do it's job. So when you're singing, relax, don't tense your muscles, and allow those muscles to do their jobs properly.

To prove this point, try singing whilst trying to touch your toes - It's not that easy is it (although I envy you if you can touch your toes...)!

[10/21/14]   Tip for today: When you sing, make sure that you allow your jaw to drop. You should never sing with your mouth virtually closed, as when you want to project your voice, you could end up straining muscles, simply through not opening your mouth enough, and trying to force sound through a virtually closed mouth. If you allow your jaw to relax, and you open your mouth wide when singing, the muscles in your throat and your mouth will allow your vocal cords to do what you want them to do. #VocalTipTuesday

[10/14/14]   Tip for today: Avoid eating big meals before singing. You should always leave at least 30 minutes between eating and singing, as if you eat and then sing straight away, your diaphragm will hit against your stomach and your oesophagus, and could cause reflux. If you are going to sing after eating, give your stomach a chance to do its job, so that you can sing to the best of your ability, without getting a mouthful of bile every now and then! #VocalTipTuesday

[10/07/14]   Tip for today: If your throat is sore, get a bowl of boiling water (with nothing else in it), stick a towel over your head, and inhale the steam for 10-15 minutes, 2-3 times a day. Other than drinking water, that is the only other way to rehydrate your throat. But obviously, if you have your own sauna, that'll work too*. #VocalTipTuesday

*You lucky sods, if you have your own sauna. I'm not jealous. Not jealous at all... 02/10/2014

Penny Fazackerley - Singing teacher and session musician

My website has been updated, and lots of new audio tracks (which were produced by the incredibly talented Peter Falconer Music Tuition) have been added! So check it out, give the tracks a listen, and let me know what you think! Penny Fazackerley is a singing teacher, and session singer, based in the Surrey area. Check out her website for more information!

[09/30/14]   Tip for today: When you have a cold, steer clear of dairy, and drink lemon and ginger tea, with a spoonful of honey in it. The lemon will cleanse your throat of any nastiness, the ginger the target the problem areas (sore throat, stuffy nose, etc), and the honey will soothe. No need for throat lozenges! #VocalTipTuesday 26/09/2014

Penny Fazackerley - Singing teacher and session musician

I am currently taking on new vocal students, and new ukulele students. If you know anyone looking for a singing teacher or ukulele teacher in the Woking/Weybridge area, send them to my website ---> Penny Fazackerley is a singing teacher, and session singer, based in the Surrey area. Check out her website for more information! 05/09/2014

Throat lozengers - a singer's worst enemy.

It's getting to that time of year again, where colds are lurking around the corner...
Here is a blog that I wrote a while back on vocal health, and why throat lozenges are bad for you.!/2013/10/throat-lozengers-singers-worst-enemy.html


Penny Fazackerley Vocal Coaching


Space Oddity, by Traffic Experiment

Check it out! Here is a cover of David Bowie's 'Space Oddity' that the incredible band Traffic Experiment had me session on a little while ago. It's free to download, so go to this link, download the track, and enjoy!

from the album Music by Traffic Experiment

[06/07/14]   I am so so so proud of one of my youngest students, who has got a merit on her grade 1 vocal exam. Literally bursting with pride! =D


Private Number

Private number have a page AND a website! Like us, and visit our website!
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*tries to hide excitement, but fails* :) Stunning male/female pop soul and country duo for weddings birthdays and all functions in the UK

[03/16/14]   Today I had a great time doing some studio session work in the Cotswolds with TRAFFiC EXPERiMENT. What a lovely bunch of people they are. I can't wait to hear the final mix! =D


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