TinyTalk Guildford & Addlestone Baby Sign

Baby sign classes in Addlestone, Guildford and Woking Baby signing is a great way to open the communication channels with your baby before they are able to talk and hopefully prevent too much frustration!

In a friendly relaxed environment, we spend half an hour teaching the weeks core signs through well known nursery rhymes and action songs. This is followed by time for the babes to play while you have a chance to chat with other local parents, enjoying a drink and a biscuit or two! It's great to be able to have a 'window' into their mind and for them to have the means to tell you what they would

Operating as usual


TinyTalk TV has worked so well for our Toddler class. 💜


TinyTalk is for toddlers too.



I’m packaging up all the Sign Packs for posting tomorrow... who’s posty is going to get a bit of a shock this week?!


Few and far between!


TinyTalk Baby Signing

Sometimes I hear from my class families that they have had this criticism from grandparents or friends. This great video should put everyone’s mind at ease!

At TinyTalk we ALWAYS say the word that goes with the sign; we are always encouraging little ones to try the initial speech sounds of the words we are signing and do lots of language development activities in class to encourage babbling and imitating parents and carers.


Will baby signing stop my baby from talking? Have a little watch for your answer.

Search www.tinytalk.co.uk for your nearest class.

Video: Kate @TinyTalk Baby Signing - Colchester and Tendring


How cute are these not so little TinyTalkers?! So grown up and looking amazing in Peppers imagination creations. I’ve had a few bits from Gem, all amazing quality. Get shopping and support an amazing local business. 💜

Is it too soon to talk Halloween 🎃 the first week of September?!!!

Two Halloween inspired tees (thankfully Faye's still fits from last year 😉, she loves the rose gold! And the spider on Dan's is metallic silver) and purposely without the word 'Halloween' so they can be worn all year 😉

With my sons summer birthday just passed, Halloween is the next 'event' and I've been reminded that I promised they could trick or treat for the first time this year 😬 😭 . Not sure that's going to happen this year .... so I think we will decorate a room up and perhaps hide some sweets around the house and have a family party (🤞 it's just the sweets they were after!) What are you planning for Halloween?



Really?! Surely it’s only EVER B?!


In you’re in Tesco this week and are able to add one extra thing to your shop please consider the food bank. X💜

Every item you donate makes a difference. This week we really need sponge pudding twin packs, instant mashed potato and concentrated fruit squash drink. Please continue to give - your donations go directly to local families in crisis. #foodbank #foodbanks #runnymede #weybridge #egham #chertsey #addlestone #everycancounts


Free packed lunch for children during the summer holidays in Addlestone. 💜

Our Loaves & fishes team of volunteers had a successful first day of making and handing out lunches for this year's summer lunch project.

Please don't forget, any child (regardless of circumstances) is welcome to collect a deliciously nutritious lunch from one of our many pick up points listed below, From Monday The 27th of July- Friday The 27th of August between 12 pm and 1.00 Pm.

Pick up points are as follows:

- St Paul's Church Addlestone

- Tescos Addlestone (on the corner by Timpsons)

- Strawberry fields estate (by the community hub building)

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us.

#thankyou #addlestone #community


Booking is now open for Autumn Online classes.

Do you want to know what your baby is thinking and feeling before they can talk?
Do you want to learn a new skill in the process?

Why not try a baby sign class right from the comfort of your own house.
All our classes are live and interactive - not pre recorded videos. You can request your favourite songs and signs to learn and let me know how your little one is responding so I can give them a big personalised 'well done!' and a big wave, too.
We learn a new set of signs each week through different themes like bedtime routine, mealtimes, animal friends and playing at the park.
You will also have access to a private online group to share stories, request your favourite songs and make friends.
Each week there is also a free handout to remind you of the signs and activities we covered and ideas to try at home.

If you would like to sign up, try a class or just ask a question please do get in touch on facebook, email ([email protected]) or give me a call (07912523400).


TinyTalk Keeping you Safe.

Exciting news! https://youtu.be/NpriBh6HvYQ

We're busy planning and preparing for going 'back to school' and our in-person venue classes! The most important aspect though is keeping you safe. There wil...


Soirée Events

Go Mia! 💜💜💜

Thank you NHS and Stay Safe! 🌈💙

#clapforthenhs #clapforourcarers #stayhome #staysafe #staystrong


☀️ Summer Term Booking Now Open! ☀️

TinyTalk TV is now available through the whole of the summer term.

Learn to sign with your little one from the comfort of your own home.

The classes are run through Facebook Live so are personalised to you on the day with your requests and shout out to your little ones. No pre recorded videos to zone out to here!

Classes are now only £4/class when booking for a term.

Contact me on Facebook or [email protected] for more details or to book.


Happy Easter to you and all your little chicks. 🐣
Check out this Super Signer who learnt the sign for ‘egg’ in our class this week. She’s even attempting the phonic sounds that we tried when finger spelling the word. What a star. X


Today we had two special classes to raise funds to help support the NHS. I'm pleased to report that we raised £200 - I'm so grateful to all the wonderful families that joined us and donated in these hard times.

The money has been donated to the charity Cook-19.

Cook-19 provides cooked meals to key workers in the NHS who are sick or in self isolation.'

If you would like to read more about them or donate to directly help the NHS check them out at: https://cook-19.co.uk/


TinyTalk Baby Signing

TinyTalk TV! Live to your home every week. X

Another AMAZING week!

Our LIVE and interactive #TinyTalkTV e-classes have brought the magic of our newborn workshop, baby signing and toddler talking classes to you, your little ones, your big ones and in many cases your family pets, directly into your homes! We hope you had as much fun as we did.

‘See’ you all same time, same place next week 😉💜

#TinyTalkTV is open to ALL. Click on the links to find your nearest teacher. Contact them for details of their LIVE e-classes.
www.tinytalk.co.uk www.tinytalk.ch


For all you fellow fans. 💜

We hope you enjoy these reimagined images and verses from #JuliaDonaldson and #AxelScheffler most-loved books and characters in light of the current times we all find ourselves in

#inthistogether #rhymesforthetimes


How awesome is this? 💜💜💜


Despite being admitted to hospital Leo could still enjoy his TinyTalk Baby Signing - Colchester and Tendring e-class (and mummy too, who kept on singing in their private room even once he was asleep!). We think that you'll agree ... that smile is EVERYTHING 🥰

His teacher Kate was so glad she could bring some joy and a little normality into a stressful situation for Leo and his family. We’re pleased to say that brave ‘Leo the Lion’ is now back home and safe. Such a gorgeous and happy little boy 💜

#TinyTalkTV is open to ALL. Click on the links to find your nearest teacher. Contact them for details of their LIVE e-classes.
www.tinytalk.co.uk www.tinytalk.ch


A little light hearted fun... can you name the 28 film references in this picture..?


TinyTalk Baby Signing

Excited! So pleased to have had such lovely feedback after last week’s classes. Can’t wait for some more fun tomorrow. X

Have you seen the news .....?

TinyTalk has gone ONLINE!!! #TinyTalkTV! Have you seen it? Have you taken part??

All your favourite newborn, baby and toddler classes are now streamed LIVE to your home, delivered by your local teacher! They're interactive, inclusive and lots of fun.

Find your nearest class here: www.tinytalk.co.uk.


BBC Family & Education News

Remember this guy?! Hope this isn’t you now!

I’m very lucky that I have Mr TinyTalk working from home to help with my sprogs whilst I do classes. This means I can still provide live, interactive classes which are interruption free! No prerecorded videos here! Plenty of that on YouTube already.

For all those parents trying to work from home - we get it! 😂#selfisolation #coronavirus #socialdistancing


Hope you and your little ones are safe and enjoying your time together. X



We’re out of carbs.


Some more song requests rolling in for next week’s Baby Sign e class. 👌🏻

I wish I knew who to credit the video to. I’d buy you a beer. 🍻


In my first LIVE e classes this week I asked for requests; I was expecting nursery rhymes.

Video Credit: the singing dentist


We’re all set for our first e class tomorrow - can anyone guess our theme?!

If you would like to join there are still spaces so get in touch.

Although not the face to face class we all know and love these classes will be just as special. Here’s why:

*they are not pre recorded videos - I will be name checking all your little ones to make them feel super special. This is not ‘just another tv show’ that your little one will zone in to and you’ll zone out of.
*you can request songs and signs so the classes will be personalised for you and your requirements.
*we will still have social time! I’ll be answering questions and you’ll be able to interact with each other in the comments section.
*you’ll see me but I can see you so can join in still in your PJs with your house as messy as you like.

Hope to see you all there!


If you are stuck in why not get your little one to do a hand print painting or something similar for an older person in a care home? You could write a little note with it and bring some sunshine to someone on what must be a very lonely time. 💜

At this challenging time, our residents would love to receive post. So if you or your children would like to send letters, poems or drawings then the people living across our care homes would love to see them!

We have more than 100 care homes throughout England, simply visit our website and put a postcode into the search tool to find the full addresses for each of our homes - https://www.anchorhanover.org.uk/care-homes

You could send a note to the older people living in your neighbourhood, or why not write to residents living in a different part of the country, and share a little bit of positivity today.

#ViralKindness #BeKindToOneAnother


Classes start this Thursday! Existing families will have had an email from me last night. New families that have asked to join I will be emailing you today.
Get in contact if you would like to join the fun whilst you’re staying safe at home. X

#TinyTalkTV! #TeamTinyTalkTogether

TinyTalk is changing... Come and join us!

Due to the current health crisis, we have taken our classes online. The health and safety of everyone in our extended TinyTalk family - our community of class parents, their families and our teachers - is of the utmost importance to us.

Therefore, coming to a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, even 55 inch TV screen near you is... #TinyTalkTV!

We may all be about to be housebound, trying to find a million and one ways of keeping our little people from swinging from the curtains or enjoying another round of 'the floor is lava'...

But have no fear - TinyTalkTV is here!

Every week your favourite Baby Signing, Toddler Talking or Newborns Communication Classes will be streamed LIVE, straight to you and your family, at the usual time of your usual class.

Our team of teachers is already having lots of fun delivering them, right across Switzerland and now across the UK, with great success.

The classes are lots of fun, inclusive and interactive, and packed full of your favourite songs, signs and sensory activities. We've also included song requests, games to get your little one involved and, of course, everyone's much-loved TinyTalk Ted.

After the lesson there's our highly valued 'Social and Support' half hour. We want everyone to be able to check-in on each other, catch up with each other and BE THERE for each other.

Our TinyTalk community matters to us. Let us entertain you, educate you, keep you company and provide you with a strong, close community. We want to support you. We are all in this together.

Click on the links to find your nearest TinyTalk teacher and join in the fun.

www.tinytalk.co.uk www.tinytalk.ch #TinyTalkTV! #TeamTinyTalkTogether


Amidst all the doom and gloom of Covid-19 I won't be abandoning you!
I understand how hard it can be to entertain children, especially preschoolers in isolation.
So as of this week... I will bring TinyTalk baby sign classes TO YOU! ⭐📽🧸📣
Streamed directly into your house for one hour at exactly the same time as your regular class. Keeping the consistency and joy alive!
Giving stressed families respite from entertainment for an hour.
Name checking each attendee as we all know how special it will be for those little people to know they are still important.
Singing all those favourite songs to raise there spirits!
We will keep calm and carry on.
I am still be there for each and every one of you!
We will still have our social time (just remember the 90's and pretend it's MSN).
I am happy to take request, answer questions and give you all some support in an hour of need.

If you are brand new to baby sign or are a previous member self isolating or stuck at home and want to rejoin let me know. Class are £5.50 each. x

storystorks.co.uk 15/03/2020

Coronavirus - Can I take the kids out or not?

This is a great article to put your mind at ease. Interesting that children get a milder version of Covid-19 than adults which is the opposite for the flu virus.

storystorks.co.uk I make my living from gathering a bunch of germ bag kids in a room and having a magical 40 minutes of story fun. By the end, we're super best friends, and they hug, kiss and lick me whether I want them to or not. I normally regard this as a perk of the job, but the Coronavirus has made me wonder if....


Some great pics of our home learning kit here. 📚


Do you wish you had a resource to help you remember and learn signs when you’re at home and out and about? Here’s what one of the winners of our recent competition Shelley (mum to Myah) from Briana’s TinyTalk Angus and The Mearns classes had to say about our Signing Pack.

“The TinyTalk Signing Pack is amazing! Firstly it is so easy to use and understand. Secondly it is very interactive and makes learning signs fun and interesting. Thirdly it is packed full of fantastic, helpful information on all the aspects you need, to help your child learn to communicate with you through signing.”

The TinyTalk Signing Pack is available through our website shop https://www.tinytalk.co.uk/shop-details.php?pid=1 and your local TinyTalk teacher.


Well done you. 💜

Amen! #HappyMondayEveryone


TinyTalk Baby Signing

Why we sing rhymes.


Why do you sing nursery rhymes in your clases?

The familiar rhymes and rhythm make it easy for our families to remember the signs and help babies feel relaxed and happy. But these little songs also have superpowers!

"Singing traditional lullabies and nursery rhymes to babies and infants before they learn to speak is an essential precursor to later educational success and emotional wellbeing. Song is a special type of speech. Lullabies, songs and rhymes of every culture carry the 'signature' melodies and inflections of a mother tongue, preparing a child's ear, voice and brain for language." - Sally Goddard Blythe, a consultant in neuro-developmental education and director of the Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology.

Here's a little histroy behind some of the rhymes we sing in class.



We're back this week from our half term break. Hope you all had fun!

This week we will be covering all things needed to dress for a cold and rainy day....brrrrrrrrr! 🥶

If you would like to come along or bring a friend then get in touch on facebook or by email: [email protected].
Classes are £5.50 for the hour and instead hot drinks and biscuits in social time.


Silence in the other room is always a worry...



Works a treat 😉

So acurate

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Happy Easter to you and all your little chicks. 🐣Check out this Super Signer who learnt the sign for ‘egg’ in our class ...
Some more song requests rolling in for next week’s Baby Sign e class. 👌🏻 I wish I knew who to credit the video to. I’d b...
In my first LIVE e classes this week I asked for requests; I was expecting nursery rhymes.Video Credit: the singing dent...
TinyTalk Newborns Workshop
TinyTalk Baby Sign
A bit cheeky but oh so true. 😝
Look at this fantastic signing by Olivia... can you guess her favourite animal? Pets are very common amoungst first sign...
Dilan signing milk
TinyTalk Classes
Luna Signing Where
What a clever little signer Annabelle is!!  This is her second sign in 2 weeks, her first being milk last week!!  Well d...





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