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I love this and I have to agree I think having a dog around helps the children's development in so many ways.
I would like to say a massive Thank you to a wonderful childminder, Kathryn!!! My son, Mark, who is 4 years, didn't speak Eglish at all and was very shy. Kathryn did her best and after 6 months I can see a big progress with his language and confidence!!! Kathryn is lovely! She is always kind and creative. Mark loves to spend time with her. More than 5 stars!!! My youngest son is 1. At the age of 2 he will definitely go to Kathryn. Thank you for all your patience and hard work Kathryn ###
Found in Addlestone this morning. Will be re hidden tomorrow

Ofsted registered childminder with over 12 years experience in the childcare industry. I currently have spaces available for children from birth upwards

Operating as usual


Today we started our autumn theme! Mr L and I enjoyed a lovely walk in the woods with Mollie doing an autumn scavenger hunt. He certainly seemed to enjoy himself and found some great treasures.


Last Friday we enjoyed a, rather wet, visit to the farm which the boys thoroughly enjoyed, as did I!


Finishing our topic of insects, we had a visit to Painshill Park, played with our insects on the interest table and made caterpillars.


This is so true for all the tiny, and bigger, children I've been lucky enough to look after in the past and present. I love them all so much x


Mr L's lovely Mummy and Daddy got married over the summer so he made them a beautiful picture in a frame and a card in their wedding colours. Congratulations to you all ❤🤍👰🏻🤵🏻💒


I haven't posted in a while so I thought I'd post some photos of our activities, outings and crafts etc I hope you all enjoy seeing what we've been up to since I've reopened.



A fellow childminder wrote this and its absolutely spot on! I just thought I'd share this with you all x


On Wednesday we joined another childminder and her children and we had a lovely walk round the lake at Claremont Gardens and a play in their fab wooden play area before heading home for lunch.


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you all a very happy New Year. Why not take a look at some of our Christmas activities.


We have been busy recently with Halloween, fireworks and lots of autumn crafts and activities.


Some recent visits activities and crafts that we have done recently. We have had lots of fun and adventures and of course there had also been a lot of learning.


Today is the 5th anniversary of Penguins Childcare! I have had the pleasure of looking after so many wonderful children and I have loved working with them and their families. And I'm very proud to say that my first little mindee is still with me almost 5 years on 😍

Here's to the next 5 years and more!


We've had a very busy summer holidays full of fun and adventures. Look at just some of the things we have been up to.


It's the first day of the school holidays here so I only had school age children this morning. We went to our local park with our dog and did a spot of map reading while we made our way through the woods. We had a lovely time and had a play in the playground on our way back home. Plus we bumped into another childminder friend of mine with her children!


We have been enjoying our days here recently and have been as busy as usual. Here are a few pictures of things that we have done.


Miss C has become fascinated with a butterfly that regularly visits our garden. We watched him flying around amongst the flowers and trees. M.


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I love this article. It scares me to death seeing children either not strapped in properly or not in the right seat for their age. Let's keep these precious little ones safe.

A few years ago I shared this post and I feel like it's time to share it again.

Because it really, really doesn't matter what sort of car seat you have if you don't pay attention to this...

My family and I went on a road trip yesterday, my pregnant belly in the picture is now and bright and bubbly almost two year old and the 4 year old here just turned 6. And he is still in this seat. And he knows the straps need to be tight. And I am just as passionate as ever about car seat safety...

So here it is again, for anyone who may have missed it, for anyone who needs a reminder, or for anyone who just didn't know...


Thoughts on Car Seats from Paramedics… feel free to share.

Alexander turned 4 and we decided it was time to get him a new car seat, with a baby on the way we knew we could use his old one for her and buy him a new seat for the next 4 or so years.

So we purchased this one and love it.

I’m a member of a lot of mothers groups and communities and the discussion around car seats is ALWAYS a heated one. People give their opinions on rear facing vs forward facing, side seat vs middle seat, chest clip height (FYI - Australia doesn’t use chest clips), straps, wearing jumpers… if there’s something to have an opinion on, it has been discussed before.

But I wanted to share something my husband and I were discussing.

See, together we have over 20 years of on road experience as Paramedics. We have been to more car accidents than you could imagine and seen more mangled car seats than I’d like to share.

While we know the science and research backs up our opinions, that’s not what we are sharing here. We wanted to share what we have seen and experienced in our job.

When you become a parent you spend AGES researching the ‘best’ car seat. You look for safety features, star ratings and reviews and fret over if you can afford the best.

But, it doesn’t matter how much money you spend on a car seat if you DON’T strap your child in.

Between my husband and I, in our 20 years experience, we have NOT seen a single child harmed in a car accident where the child was restrained in their seat properly.

Not a single one.

That's not to say it hasn't happened, but out of 20 years, and a whole lot of accidents, that's a pretty darn good indicator of the importance of using a car seat properly.

We’ve seen car seats ejected from vehicles, we’ve seen cars that have rolled over so many times you can barely tell which way is up, we’ve seen accidents where you would be certain there would be no survivors.

But in our experience, the biggest difference between a child’s safety hasn’t been if they were in the $600 car seat or the $200 one. It’s been about those straps.

How tight are you making the straps on your child’s seat? Can they pull their own arms out of them? Can you only fit one or two fingers underneath them? Do they have a big puffy jacket on that stops them from being strapped in properly?

Would you be confident in doing THIS to them? Would you be confident in turning your child upside down in their seat?

Car seats have incredible safety designs now, they are designed to cocoon your child, protect them as they roll and are thrown around in an accident. but they can only do this if your child is restrained properly.

So next time you buckle your child in, ask yourself… would I be confident in turning them upside down in their seat right now?

Read the post here -


A few recent activities. Princesses, play dough and water among many many more.


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Getting my older ones ready for school. Last week we looked at the letter A this week it's S. We use a scheme used in many schools called' Read Write Inc' These little ones are really getting the hang of this!


Happy Fathers Day to all my little ones Daddies and all you other dad's and Grandads.


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Some more activities that we have done over the last couple of months!

[05/18/19]   Local friends Sayes Court School May Fair today, 12-3.30pm! 🤗🤗

We've got fun and activities for the whole family so come along and make a day of it! There is a BBQ 🍔🌭 and licensed bar 🍻🥂🍹...there's a bouncy castle, face painting, lucky dip, slime making, sand art, beat the goalie, nerf wars, sweets, donut on a string and much much more....

We've got tombolas and our now famous envelope game ✉✉✉ with some awesome prizes.

And providing they don't get called out we've got a fire engine and some police officers from Runneymede Beat coming along too!

Looking forward to seeing you all there! 🌞🌞🌞


Happy mothers day to all of my little Penguins Mummies! I hope you have all had a lovely day with your gorgeous little ones x


We've been very busy here recently. Have a look at some of the things we've been up to.


We met up with a number of other childminders and went to RHS Wisley Gardens to see the Lego exhibition. The children all loved it, and we learnt a lot about the animals, and lego! The weather was so nice we also had a picnic in the lovely sunshine by the fountain. It was such a lovely day.


A few more things that we've been up to the past few weeks. We are looking forward to half term this coming week.


Channel 5 News

This is why the children don't wear coats when they are in the car with me. They have them on over their straps like a blanket. X

Wearing a winter coat in a car seat could put your child in danger - here's why.

(via Good Egg Safety)

[01/27/19]   I've just seen this on another page and it's so true, I love it so I just had to share......

An Ode To A Childminder

There was a childminder who lived in a shoe
But being professional, she knew what to do.
She made best use of the space she could spare
And set up her home for family childcare.

She took CPR and First Aid classes, too
And brushed up on all the things that kids like to do.
She advertised, interviewed, contracted with glee
She counted the kids carefully—no more than three.

She fed them good meals and fresh fruit too,
She potty-trained Ben; helped Connor tie his shoe.
Collected art items and made a new batch of clay
And cut out cute pictures for a new theme’s display.

She changed, she bandaged, and she wiped every nose,
She comforted Amy when Murray stepped on her toes.
She cooked and she washed, scrubbing floors, scraping glue,
She recorded attendance; did her book keeping too.

She sent newsletters home about the kids in her care,
Gathered paintings etc, eager to share.
She read to the children while they sat on her lap,
And she sang to them softly when they started to nap.

She helped out at toddlers on a Halloween quest,
She spoon-fed the baby, then got him redressed.
She picked up and dusted when they went out the door,
She updated records, picked up toys, mopped the floor.

She started the laundry, checked the post, made a list
Of the shopping she needed and the chores that she’d missed.
She collapsed in a chair and put up her feet,
Then in came her family wanting something to eat.

She fed them all quickly, heard their stories, gave them hugs,
Then she rapidly washed up all the dishes and mugs.
As the family retired at the end of the day,
She got out some books to plan Mondays play.

She reflects on her day, in her eye there’s a gleam,
For this childminder is developing pride and esteem.
She works a long day and the hours aren’t fair,
But the kids that she works with get quality care.

Their parents commute to their worksites each day,
Concerns about childcare aren’t in their way.
They know that their children are loved and cared for,
By a childminder who plays, encourages and more.

If you live in a big house or even a shoe,
Great is the work that a childminder can do.
Be proud, stand up tall, wear a smile on your face,
You are helping tomorrow be a much better place.


Photos from Penguins Childcare's post


Photos from Penguins Childcare's post


I've been a bit quiet on the page recently, so apologies for that. But during the week it's been as busy as ever. Here is a peak at some of the things we have been up to.

[11/12/18]   If anyone has any mobile phones, digital cameras, torches, remote controls, computer keyboard etc that they no longer need please could I have them for the children for a technology box that I'm putting together for them. Some items don't need to work like a keyboard. Thank you.



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