The Bushcraft Academy

Bushcraft is working in nature, with nature, learning the basics of living outside, building confidence in basic skills such as shelter, fire, water , food

Operating as usual


Completed and ready, ongoing Risj Assessment will continue! 17/06/2019

Two-hour ‘dose’ of nature significantly boosts health – study

Proof at last.... Researchers say simply sitting and enjoying the peace has mental and physical benefits 15/03/2019

A beginners guide to the compass | OS GetOutside

National Navigation week, with this weather you need it! Get to know your compass and it will become an indispensable tool. A quick look at the compass and how to use it. 05/01/2019

Why Kids Need Wilderness And Adventure More Than Ever These days, our kids’ lives are overscheduled, filled with pressure, and can be pretty intense.


The Bushcraft Academy 09/11/2017

Kit 'not enough' for winter in hills

Get skilled, Hillwalkers and climbers are being encouraged to also equip themselves with winter skills and weather information. 25/10/2017

The Japanese craze set to takeover British woodland

Makes sense to me........ The Japanese craze set to takeover British woodland 23/10/2017

The 2017 Map Reading quiz! | OS GetOutside

Have a go and see what your skill level is.....good luck! Test your knowledge of map reading and British geography with our quick map reading quiz. 19/10/2017

A beginners guide to the compass | OS GetOutside

Get yourself out but be prepared with map and compass and learn how to use them!
We run navigation courses from novice to experienced days out.......
Message or call for more info...enjoy the outdoors safely... Get to know your compass and it will become an indispensable tool. A quick look at the compass and how to use it. 26/08/2017

QC Lab: Old vs. New Gear Testing

Check your gear and be aware of whst its potential failure is, and compare to your climbing style....great article KP and the QC Lab crew answer four consumer questions about the strength of old, new, and old-new (yeah that’s a thing) gear.


Brecon Beacons

Come to Wales for this awesome event.......

On the 11th of August, skies across the Brecon Beacons National Park will be lit up with one of nature’s finest shows: the Perseid meteor shower. The National Park Visitor Centre will be hosting an event with experts from Dark Sky Wales, where you can view the meteor shower, stars and planets through their telescopes! It's not to be missed!

Click below for more info on the event , plus our top 10 places to go stargazing!


The Bushcraft Academy is not just about Bushcraft!
We are a outdoor adventure Company that works with all types of client groups to give individuals, teams and groups of all types and sizes adventurous experiences.

Based in South Wales within the Brecon Beacons National Park, we have qualified and experienced ex Military and outdoor education specialists that give you confidence in delivery of outstanding and life changing events, experiences and training.

We run;
Bushcraft training days, weekend bushcraft challenge events
First Aid training at all levels through our sister Company, First Aid Outdoors
Climbing days
Mountaineering and hill walking
Navigation training
Paddle sport coaching and rafting
Team development, team building and challenge training and workshops- extensive experience working with high performing teams and development coaching
Leadership coaching, personal life coaching and career transition coaching........

Contact us now to discuss your next adventure...........


Mountains In Mind

Just goes to show anyone can get caught out.....our thoughts are worth the family.

The world of mountaineering mourns the loss of record breaking Swiss mountaineer Ueli Steck.



Sound advice....Share and print and acknowledge the outdoor company

We have put together a pretty complete information sheet aimed at leaders and people who have periods going on expeditions and adventure experiences. It contains lots of information about how to manage periods while away from civilisation.

Some enormously experienced expedition leaders and outdoors people who experience periods helped put this sheet together. All of them said that there was information in the sheet they wished they knew when they started out.

We wrote this information because we want it to be used. While The Outdoors People retain the copyright we encourage any individual, organisation, or commercial company to make use of this information in any way they like, including replacing our branding with their own, so long as they provide a link back to us on their website.

We do ask that if you're modifying the text you leave it gender neutral, not everyone who has periods identifies as a woman.


Siebert Research

Water knot = Death knot!
Don't use it!


We are proud to announce accreditation from HSE recognised First Aid Company NUCO Ltd to deliver level 3 Outdoor First Aid for outdoor professionals.
With experienced instructor and NGB quals in ML, SPA, BCU, as well as 30 years outdoor First Aid experience, some exciting new courses will be on offer .....Mountain First Aid, wilderness preparation and others to follow!


I Love Hiking

Benefits of Hiking.
via : We're Too Busy To Care What Don't Matter.


Tech Insider

American but still great advice......

Here's what everyone gets wrong about CPR. 01/12/2016

Why life experiences are the new riches

Some interesting points of view here....not sure on the level of statistic robustness but still thought prevoking....... The pursuit of wealth and status will only take you so far. As more and more people are realising, the key to a truly fulfilling life can be found gaining rich life experiences



An opportunity to influence HSE's proposed changes to Risk Assessment Guidance

Hi all,
HSE are consulting on proposed changes to risk assessment guidance. Of specific interest to the outdoor sector, they are proposing that employers use a range of existing documents to set out the findings of their risk assessments. They suggest:

Your risk assessment can be part of an existing business document, such as:
 your workplace ‘housekeeping’ rules
 manufacturers’ instructions
 training materials
 method statements
 safety data sheets

The main thing is to make sure the way you record your significant findings helps you manage risk well.

It has been suggested that this list includes ‘Operating Procedures’, since these are well used and understood in the Outdoor Sector and else where.

It is also suggested that Operating Procedures should be “A simple explanation of how employers expect employees to do things, and should include an explanation of the aims of the session to be achieved (the Benefits) as well as the risks to be managed (the Risks).

For more details read the message below and follow the links to the survey monkey tool.

HSE has recently published some proposed changes to the risk assessment guidance contained in INDG 163. We want to make it very clear to businesses that risk assessment should be part of day-to-day business management; they can make use of documents such as procedures, safe systems of work, etc to demonstrate a record of significant findings. The key requirement is to ensure that the way they record these findings helps them to manage risk well.

A draft version of INDG 163 highlighting the proposed changes is available on our website at Those working in education and local and central government will want to think of their own examples of how they need to control risk. For instance, when identifying hazards, schools will want to take account of non-routine activities such as educational trips or visits. All sectors should consider work-related stress as a possible long-term hazard to health. Work schemes and lesson plans are documents that can be used in support of managing risks. We have published web-based guidance on managing risk sensibly for both schools and local government.

You are also encouraged to complete a brief informal survey at and publicise it to relevant stakeholders and duty holders via your networks. Please note that there has already been a good response to the survey and it is likely to remain open only to the end of November at the very latest.

Kind regards,
David Taft | Policy Advisor
Public Administration, Education and Volunteers
Operational Strategy | Engagement and Policy Division
Health and Safety Executive | Rose Court, 2 Southwark Bridge, London, SE1 9HS
Direct line: 020 3028 2869
[email protected]

Find out more and join the conversation #HelpGBWorkWell.
Follow HSE on Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest
Risk management: News
HSE sets out the principles of sensible risk management
HSE.GOV.UK 18/10/2016

Planning a walking route in 5 easy steps

We run easy to follow navigation courses at your us for further information and dates... Don't just follow others - planning your own walking route can be a rewarding experience, helping you discover new places or set yourself challenges. Jonathan from the OS Team outlines how to get started. 08/10/2016

Guide Mode Belaying: You Many Have Been Doing It Wrong

Safe and safer yet. .....always think how the system works...some great advice.... This video focuses on a single aspect of the MegaJul's setup. It is not a complete tutorial.If you're looking for an overview on all the MegaJul's functionality, watch Edelrid's video here.



Just discovered today that you can text to 999 for emergency services but you need to register your phone first or your text will NOT be responded to.

Great for outdoorsie people who have a bad signal and also for deaf/ hard of hearing.

Do it today please

Link is here


Nasty! Here's some good advice on not getting bitten 30/06/2016

Hiking safety: how a dead man’s clothes changed survival advice

Finally someone has remembered Griffith Pugh........this man's breakthrough research during the war in Palestine with the British Army mountain training and significant research after gave us the basis of our modern day training and advice............however the tenuous link to yesterday's DofE event is somewhat misleading ........ The children ‘lost’ in the Brecon Beacons this week are safe, and UK hiking fatalities are rare, partly thanks to groundbreaking experiments in the 1960s 17/05/2016

How to make seven life-saving primitive​ shelters

the A frame could do with a prop at the point it is lashed to the tree to prevent collapse, but some good simple instructions here......just make sure your construction is secure before climbing under! If you find yourself away from civilization and fighting cold, harsh weather, you had better hope you know how to build a shelter.  Unfortunately, this is a knowledge that has all but disappeared from modern society.  Unless you're a wilderness expert or an Eagle Scout, you probably wouldn... 10/05/2016

Hero of the Telemark dies aged 101: WWII commando carried out raid on Norwegian Hydro plant to...

This story is one I use often when talking about foraging and survival..... Norwegian Birger Stromsheim was the oldest member of the team which successfully destroyed the heavy water production facility at the Norsk Hydoelectric plant in Telemark, southern Norway. 05/05/2016

Here’s Scientific* Proof That Hikers Make The Best Lovers If you hook up with a hiker, your love life will be a walk in the park. 04/05/2016

Friction blisters: prevention and treatment

Well fitting footwear, training, care of feet, early intervention and management if sore spots start...and good socks! Friction blisters on the feet are a common and potentially serious complication of mountaineering and other outdoor activities. Most people will experience blisters at some point in their pursuits and will adapt their socks, footwear and foot hygiene accordingly.



Funny but practical.....

Unfortunately no.2(no pun) negates possibility of reading your newspaper.No.1 (no pun intended again) all the way for me. I also don't think it's necessary to wear a hard hat in any of these positions. 26/04/2016

Figure-of-8 Bunny Ears | RopeLab Figure-of-8 Bunny Ears Richard Delaney April 26, 2016 Free Articles, Free content No Comments The Bunny Ears variation of the Figure-of-8 knot has become very popular with many technicians as an anchor knot.  It is particularly useful when attaching a single rope to two points in close proximity.  B…

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winter walking, advice and fun in the snow....





Coach House
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Upbeat Music and Arts Upbeat Music and Arts

A music and arts service provider, based in South Wales

Sarah Buchanan Hypnobirthing Sarah Buchanan Hypnobirthing
Pant Y Goitre House
Abergavenny, NP7 9BB

In conjunction with my website, I want this page to help women learn about the benefits of Hypnobirthing and also promote local events related to pregnancy, birth and the immediate postnatal period.

Sparkles mobile creche Sparkles mobile creche
Chapel Road
Abergavenny, NP7 7DW

Sparkles mobile creche is avaliable for weddings, childrens parties, any family occasion and work conferences. We cater for children aged 6 weeks to 11 years. All staff are CRB checked and qualified. We provide all play equipment and activities.

Abergavenny Vegan Fair - Ffair Fegan y Fenni Abergavenny Vegan Fair - Ffair Fegan y Fenni
Market Hall, 61 Cross Street
Abergavenny, NP7 5EH

Abergavenny Vegan Fair will be taking for the first time in the famous Market Hall in May 2019.

Black Mountains Falconry in Wales Black Mountains Falconry in Wales
New Ct Farm Llantilio Pertholey
Abergavenny, NP7 8AU

We provide:- Falconry Displays-Courses-Training Days-School Visits-Birthday Parties-Weddings- Corporate Entertainment-Film & TV Work.

Outdoor Coaching UK Outdoor Coaching UK
3 Triley Cottages
Abergavenny, NP7 8DE

Training and advice on delivering Outdoor Learning in schools Learning through Landscapes accredited Professional. Tipi education & hire. Mindfulness walks. DofE Assessment both Canoe and Walking. Nature connection for schools and families.

Llanover Garden Llanover Garden
Abergavenny, NP7 9EF

Butterflies Pre-school Butterflies Pre-school
Acorn Centre, Deri View Primary Llwynu Lane
Abergavenny, NP7 6AR

A page to inform parents/guardians on information and events happing within the group.