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My name is Lauren Duffy, I'm 21 years old and I'm in my final year at University studying BA Hons. Broadcast Production and Presenting at the University of Chester.

My radio podcast series is for my radio production module for my final year of my degree. It is a series of three episodes (at the moment each episode is looking to be about 15 minutes long) each episode focuses on Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Dyscalculia. As I have all three of these learning disabilities I have grown up with many challenges, which still today not a lot of people recognise and understand.

Each episode will be titled "Dyslexia & Me", "Dyspraxia & Me" and "Dyscalculia & Me". I would really like to interview different young people living with Dyscalculia and if possible, a specialist in Dyscalculia. I don't believe Dyscalculia is covered enough in the media and as a Dyscalculic person; it's still very misunderstood by teachers and peers in education.

If you could put me in touch with any suitable sources for my podcast episode on Dyscalculia I would really appreciate your help, when the podcast episode is done I can credit any person or organisation would like to take part.
I am really flexible to work around contributors schedules, for my other podcast episodes content I have been doing a phone Interviews from a recording studio which will take no longer than 15 minutes of your time. I am from Merseyside and my University campus in in Warrington, so if any potential contributors are based in the North West your more than welcome to come to the studio on campus if they would prefer that.

If you have any questions or would like any more information from me, please feel free to contact me. My Email address is [email protected]
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind Regards,

Lauren 😄

Educational consultancy and training. Assessment, diagnosis, advice, tuition for specific learning difficulties, tutoring services for all students.

Qualified specialist teacher assessor with many years experience supporting learners with specific learning difficulties and other additional learning needs. Current DBS enhanced certificate, professional insurance. Comfortable assessment and teaching space, home and school visits possible. Welsh Borders, South Wales and the Brecon Beacons
References available.

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Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) is when a person has particular difficulties with understanding and using spoken language. The particular difficulties with language vary enormously between different people with DLD.

People with DLD might have difficulty with talking, such as thinking of the right words or putting the words into sentences. Complex sentences, which is when two shorter sentences are combined together, are often particularly difficult.

Less obvious are when people with DLD are struggling to understand. It might be that the sentences are too long and complex, or that the vocabulary in unfamiliar. Or as this image shows it can be when words have more than one meaning or be about linking bigger chunks together and understanding what is not directly said.

Find our more about DLD at

#ThinkLanguage #TkinDLD

What's tricky about reading? 25/08/2021

What's tricky about reading?

What's tricky about reading? Why is reading so tricky for some children? Tilly and Milo show you some of the key skills needed for reading. Please add your comments and do send us links ...


This is important - please share with your teachers 💗

Developmental Language Disorder has serious impacts on learning. That's why TEACHERS REALLY NEED TO KNOW ABOUT DLD.
When you see a student struggling with learning #ThinkLanguage #ThinkDLD


Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) Day is 3 months away! 😀

Our theme this year is #ThinkLanguage #ThinkDLD. Instead of thinking a child isn't listening, or a teenager is misbehaving we are asking people (and especially teachers) to think about what role language is having. Is it that the child or teen is not understanding rather than not listening or misbehaving?

Families, people with DLD and professionals can all make a difference and raise awareness of DLD. Ask local landmarks to light up in purple, give a talk in a school, hold a cake stall or do something creative. Get involved and raise awareness of DLD at

Understanding ADHD 07/07/2021

Understanding ADHD

A free course from OpenLearn using resources from the Open University. Do share with your school networks! (There’s a certificate of completion, too)

Understanding ADHD This free course, Understanding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), explores the experience of ADHD from the perspective of those who are diagnosed with the condition, and those who...


Another great offering from Worcestershire Speech and Language Therapy!

This week we are focusing on support for parents 👨‍👧‍👦👩‍👧‍👦

We are so excited that our new SLCN pathway has launched as part of the Balanced System Pathway 🤩 Parents can look at all the resources available to support them and their child and create their own personalised pathway 😃 Have a look here


Many people think that Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) is something that children grow out of. We know this is not the case. DLD is a lifelong condition. Services are still skewed towards young children and in many places services for adolescents and adults lag well behind.

We need to raise awareness of DLD so more people know about it.
We need more research so we understand it better
We need to fight and fight to build better services.

Join us on October 15th
#ThinkLanguage #ThinkDLD

Children With SEN's rights to education. 24/05/2021

Children With SEN's rights to education.

One of my very first students is conducting research for her dissertation. Please contribute if you can

Children With SEN's rights to education.

Enquiry line 04/05/2021

Enquiry line

ICan’s support for schools and families is worth checking if you have questions related to communication.

Enquiry line The I CAN Help Enquiry Service gives parents/carers and practitioners a chance to discuss questions or concerns about a child’s speech, language and communication development with one of I CAN’s speech and language therapists.

Resources for Teaching Assistants 19/04/2021

Resources for Teaching Assistants

Free resources from The Open University and OpenLearn. Do check these out and share with those who might find them helpful.

Resources for Teaching Assistants Are you a practitioner working in Early Years, primary or secondary settings? If so you'll find these free resources useful.

Family workshops & events | Contact 20/03/2021

Family workshops & events | Contact

Do you know about Contact - For families with disabled children?

They are offering workshops, information sessions and events for families as well as resources for parents and professionals.

Family workshops & events | Contact We run workshops and information sessions for families on lots of different topics. Find out what we're running at the moment in your area.

Neurodiversity Celebration Week - Pledge 18/03/2021

Neurodiversity Celebration Week - Pledge

If your school, setting or institution hasn’t signed up yet, get them involved!


Neurodiversity Celebration Week - Pledge Schools can support their students with learning differences by pledging to take part in Neurodiversity Celebration Week.


#DLD is not well known or understood - please share with your school and setting networks!

We want every teacher to know about Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)!

It is a common condition affecting around 2 children in every class of 30, so chances are there are children in your class with DLD. Because awareness is low most people with DLD don't know they have it. Instead they struggle with reading and learning. They might even think of themselves as stupid because they don't 'get it' when really the issue is with spoken language.

Find out more at

What is colour blindness and how does it affect people? - CBBC Newsround 18/03/2021

What is colour blindness and how does it affect people? - CBBC Newsround

#ColourBlindness will (statistically) affect a child in every mainstream classroom.

When this co-occurs with other neurodiversity, such as dyslexia, or difficulties related to visual processing, things can get pretty tough.

But there’s plenty that can be done to make visually presented information more accessible...

Thanks to @ColourBlindAwarereness for posting 🙏

What is colour blindness and how does it affect people? - CBBC Newsround Colour blindness, or colour vision deficiency, is a condition that affects approximately one in 12 boys and one in 200 girls worldwide.

What Do I Do Now? A course for parents and carers new to autism - Bristol Autism Support 04/03/2021

What Do I Do Now? A course for parents and carers new to autism - Bristol Autism Support

Parent courses from @BristolAutismSupport

What Do I Do Now? A course for parents and carers new to autism - Bristol Autism Support How can you support your autistic child? How can you look after yourself? This course gives you everything you need to know today.


FREE training from I CAN
Understanding and supporting children’s speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) in the early years - please share with your settings 💞

#Our FREE comprehensive #EYSEND #earlyyears training ends in March! Full details of all the remaining dates, what you need to do and which level of training - core and in-depth- early years practitioners might be best suited to access, can be found via #SLCN #training #webinars

Timeline Photos 26/01/2021

Free training from nasen next week - do share with your schools and early years settings 🙂

FREE TRAINING: Early Years SENCO Masterclass - Join us Feb 1st at 1pm, as we continue to explore the ever-changing landscape within the Early Years sector in relation to meeting the needs of children with #SEND and their families.
Book today:
#EarlyYears 17/11/2020

Dream Catcher - Evening and Weekend Performances

An inclusive online Christmas show for all the family.

Credit to Joanna Grace for pointing it out (twitter @jo3grace) A Christmas Story live on Zoom to be enjoyed by all the family, but especially adapted for a SEND audience. 13/11/2020

We Can Make an Impact.

British Dyslexia Association is petitioning for all children to have access to assessment and support in schools - please sign and share! Increase access to dyslexia assessment and targeted support in schools 12/11/2020

Siena Castellon: 'Autistic people are really struggling with how uncertain things are'

When I joined Twitter nearly 4 years ago, Siena was one of the first people who connected with me. She is a role model for all young people and a true advocate for her generation. We can learn a lot from such amazing individuals. The 18-year-old autism campaigner and international children’s peace prize finalist on why diagnosis of the condition for girls urgently needs improving 12/11/2020

Dream Catcher for Schools and Groups

An online, inclusive Christmas show for schools - thanks to the wonderful Joanna Grace for sharing! (Twitter @jo3grace) A Christmas Story live on Zoom to be enjoyed by all the family, but especially adapted for a SEND audience. 07/11/2020

DLD webinar series

Free webinar for secondary teachers from I CAN next week
#DLD #DevLangDis #SCLN #DevelopmentalLanguageDisorder The aim of this project is to increase awareness within mainstream schools of Development Language Disorder (DLD), the importance of supporting pupils’ language development and to ensure that more children with DLD are identified and supported. 07/11/2020

Make your appointment for Book Week Scotland - Bibliotherapy with Barrington Stoke on Zoom, Fri 20 Nov 2020

Coming up this month Buy tickets for Book Week Scotland - Bibliotherapy with Barrington Stoke on Zoom, Fri 20 Nov 2020 - Bibliotherapy with Barrington Stoke - Books for struggling, reluctant and dyslexic children of all ages Are you a parent, carer, tutor, teacher or librarian with a struggling and/or reluctant reader i... 05/11/2020

EDUCATION | Consultation now open for new Special Needs College in Hereford | Herefordshire’s Independent Source of News & Information

An important step for the education of 16-19 year olds in Herefordshire. More info and an opportunity to participate in the consultation here Featured ArticlesNews EDUCATION | Consultation now open for new Special Needs College in Hereford 03/11/2020 Share Facebook Twitter Email In 2017, the Government invited Local Authorities to make a case for the building of a new Special Needs School in their area. This was a highly competitive proce... 02/11/2020

Why and how should we support children with DME in School?

Dual or multiple exceptionality is a term used to describe learners with traits of overlapping diagnostic conditions. In the past, such children were often overlooked or ‘pigeon-holed’ by their first diagnosis (if they had one)

This free course for teachers from nasen aims to help teachers support children more effectively.

Sign up via this link and share with the teachers in your circles! 31/10/2020

Free Webinar: Simple and Effective Multi-sensory Techniques Children Can Try at Home - British Dyslexia Association

Free webinar for parents from British Dyslexia Association The multi-sensory techniques Susie will be presenting are based on her recent BBC Bitesize article on ‘Five multi-sensory activities you can do with your…

[10/29/20]   Did you know that BBC bitesize has resources for parents, too?

In this series, real parents share experience and advice


Survey: a review of approaches in education due to COVID-19 disruption | Estyn

Estyn is gathering information related to Welsh schools’ provision during the spring-summer lockdown. There are links to surveys for

Parents and carers
Primary and secondary school students
School governors
School staff, including support staff, teachers and senior leadership

It’s important that the Welsh government and Welsh Department of Education learn from this. What went well, as well as what needed to change. This is an opportunity to make changes for the future. Our learners, teachers, leaders, parents, governors, schools and pupil referral units continue to face extraordinary challenges. Now that autumn term has begun, we’re seeking everyone’s views about support in education. About the survey Share your views Survey outcomes Publication date Fri, 09/1...


No Pens Day Wednesday 2019


This is "No Pens Day Wednesday 2019" by Redriff Primary School on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.



Are you a young autistic person aged 14-18? Do you know a young person who is?

We want to help!

We’re working behind the scenes to launch a youth-led programme for young autistic people. The programme will offer the opportunity to:
✅ Socialise in a safe, comfortable environment
✅ Take part in fun, inclusive activities (both virtually and/or in person)
✅ Build connections
✅ Gain qualifications and/or life skills

Our goal is to be inclusive, adaptable to each young person’s individual needs, and to work TOGETHER with our young people to make this project what THEY want to make it! AP Cymru is a team, and all of our team members’ input matters 🧑‍🤝‍🧑👬👭👫

Like Empowering Me Youth Programme - AP Cymru today to keep up with the latest news and updates! 👍

Exciting things are coming. We can’t wait for you to be a part of it. 14/10/2020

No Pens Day Wednesday - I CAN

Learning happens all the time and in so many ways. I love the idea of No pens day Wednesday - In fact, I’d like to see this every week, not just once a year!

Here’s a collection of resources from the children’s communication charity, I CAN

#NoPensDayWednesday No Pens Day Wednesday is a national day of speaking and listening activities that takes place in schools and settings across the country. I CAN provides resources, advice and guidance for schools. 14/10/2020

Identification of and effective provision for pupils with DLD – for SENCos

Please share this FREE training from I CAN with your SCHOOL SENCo /ALNCo!

Developmental language disorder (DLD) is under-recognised and under-supported. Children with DLD also often have dyslexia. Early assessment and support is crucial for children’s positive educational experiences.

#DevLangDis #dyslexia Identification of and effective provision for pupils with DLD – for SENCos 13/10/2020

Intro to Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) for secondary teachers

Developmental language disorder (DLD) is under-recognised to the point that young people can go through secondary school without ever receiving the support that could entirely change their education.

Young people with DLD typically also have co-occurring dyslexia, often also unsupported, since teachers tend to expect their dyslexic students to be orally / verbally excellent and only to have difficulties with written language.

This FREE training for secondary school teacher is provided by the children’s communication charity I CAN

Please share with anyone who might benefit.

#DevLangDis Introduction to Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) - for secondary school teachers


RADLD - Raising Awareness of Developmental Language Disorder

Developmental Language Disorder is a serious condition, with serious impacts, but with support from Speech-Language Pathologists/ Speech and Language Therapists and teachers (AND OF COURSE FAMILIES) children and young people with DLD can achieve!

This is the first in a series of research-based information that we will be sharing, so that families, people with DLD and practitioners all know what the researchers know about DLD.



RADLD - Raising Awareness of Developmental Language Disorder

Please watch and share!

📣📣 #DLDSeeMe Campaign Video is LIVE!! 📣📣

We have been eagerly awaiting this moment for months! The launch of the 2020 #DLDSeeMe Campaign movie with the aim of ensuring that the 1 in 14 people with DLD no longer feel invisible!

🌟 Make sure you press CC (Closed Captions) in the bottom right corner in Youtube as the video has been recorded in multiple languages to highlight that DLD is a global condition. 🌟

💜 We must take this opportunity to thank the many amazing people from around the world who have contributed to this video, particularly during COVID-19. It's amazing what we can achieve when we all work together.

In order of appearance we would like to acknowledge:

Professor David Crystal | Academic, UK
Thales & Glaucia | Child with DLD & Parent, Brazil
Gifty Ayoka | Speech and Language Therapist (SaLT), Ghana
Professor Dorothy Bishop | Academic, UK
Sarah Olulode | SaLT, UK
Professor Laurence Leonard | Academic, US
Professor Maggie Snowling | Academic, UK
Aileen Burnett | Parent, Scotland
Ms. Cecilia Au | Student, Hong Kong
Ms. May Chan | Student, Hong Kong
Ms. Stephanie Shiu | Student, Hong Kong
Ms Vincci Chow | Student, Hong Kong
Dr. Llorenç Andreu | Researcher, Spain
Dr. Mònica Sanz-Torrent | Researcher, Spain
Ozzie | Child with DLD, Scotland
Alfie | Child with DLD, UK
Associate Professor Li Sheng | Academic, US
Nazia Rizwan | SaLT, UK
Jennifer Ellison | SaLT, UK
Ghad | Student, Saudia Arabia
Jonathan Spence | Student, Canada
Shaun Ziegenfusz | SLP & Researcher, Australia
Amelia | Child with DLD, UK
Aileen | Parent, Scotland
Elsie & Erin | Child with DLD & Parent, New Zealand
Leticia Afi Gomado | SaLT, Ghana

Now it's over to you!

📲Please share this video with your social networks including groups you're a member of
🖥 Download it and play it at your workplace
📽 Arrange for it to be played on a local billboard
📣 Send it to local media in your country/community

⏱ Over the next 24 hours, we will release the movie with subtitles in 11+ other languages thanks to the exceptional work of our volunteer translators!!

🌎 This is truly a global effort! Thank you for being part of the incredible RADLD movement and helping to ensure people with DLD are no longer invisible.


#DevLangDis #DLDSeeMe

Empowering individual learning

When I started assessing and tutoring locally, I wanted a name that could sum up my beliefs and values, and that would let people know where I am. I first moved to the Brecon Beacons aged 11 and now live and work in the area. I believe that each learner has their own strengths, and I wanted to help shine a light on that individuality. That’s how Beacons Unique came to be.

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