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See Nature Reclaim Abandoned Places 25/06/2021

See Nature Reclaim Abandoned Places

I think that it would be fun to design outdoor spaces that look like abandoned Crystal Palaces with the greenery from outside climbing in through windows and framing the architecture. It would be fun to create.


See Nature Reclaim Abandoned Places

Elderly Japanese Women Live in the World's Most Enchanting Retirement Home 25/06/2021

Elderly Japanese Women Live in the World's Most Enchanting Retirement Home

I’ve always loved this retirement co-housing set up. It has such grace and relevance to it as well as a sympathetic understanding of the needs of the inhabitants. I think that we need more living spaces like this particularly in places like the UK where social isolation is a major problem for older people.

#cohousing #retirementplan #consciousness #consciousretirement #consciouscohousing

Elderly Japanese Women Live in the World's Most Enchanting Retirement Home


When you feel like you’ve been left abandoned on the roadside of life, have faith. Like all retired traffic cones, you may be scarred and a bit battered by the traffic of society but you can find a new purpose even if it wasn’t quite what you were expected or what you thought you were designed for!

Of course I rescued an abandoned traffic cone especially if I can see a use for it. Don’t you? 🤣🤣🤣 and of course Scott and Pushkin would have their ideas as well. 🌻😆😎

#reusableplastic #notlandfill #recycling #repurposing #renewables #landfillsnottheendofthestory #kitteninnovations #kittengames

Timeline Photos 25/01/2021

Luxury silk velvet is a must for luxury cats. They don’t expect any less. 7 months old now and they have definitely made it clear what they really like. Have they stopped being naughty yet? Ummm far from it. They are getting worse!!
#kittensofinstagram #kittenlove #catsofinstagram #luxurycats #silkcats #luxurylifestyleforcats

Luxury silk velvet is a must for luxury cats. They don’t expect any less. 7 months old now and they have definitely made it clear what they really like. Have they stopped being naughty yet? Ummm far from it. They are getting worse!!
#kittensofinstagram #kittenlove #catsofinstagram #luxurycats #silkcats #luxurylifestyleforcats

Timeline Photos 24/01/2021

Introducing the boys to snow. They really weren’t very sure about this cold stuff that makes you shake your feet regularly but a bird flying past soon took their mind off the strangeness. #newexperiences #kittenexplorations

Introducing the boys to snow. They really weren’t very sure about this cold stuff that makes you shake your feet regularly but a bird flying past soon took their mind off the strangeness. #newexperiences #kittenexplorations


Happy Christmas to you. May you have a great day and are able to enjoy it in the best way possible.

Thank you for being here and for sharing all of your fabulous stories, moments and memories. It has been amazing seeing how your spirits have prevailed as they have risen to the challenges thrown at all of us. Despite the difficulties it has been an incredible year of immense love, compassion, empathy and joy. I am so grateful to have been able to feel and witness that.

Picture is of my precious girl Belle who left this world earlier in the year after 20 years of unconditional love and companionship. Despite that I still feel her around guiding the kittens as they have settled into their new world. This is a spirit for whom I am grateful to have had in my life.

Eat well, watch plenty of ju**ie tv, hug those you can and laugh with those who can at least say hello online even if you can’t give them a hug too.

Love to you xx


Autumn is full of such incredibly vibrant contrasts. Bright, sunny and crisp or dark rain-soaked, days swing from one contrast to the other with plenty of variables in between. But either way the trees glitter with rain-bejewelled gold, ruby and amber made all the more vibrant by a backdrop of soft grey skies and the brilliant greens of grasses that have had a last burst of growth before winter sets in.

It always fascinates me how the tropics are often portrayed with dazzling jewel colours and our British landscapes are seen in very much softer and more muted tones but there is an abundance of colour here. Sometimes there is more colour here, including a greater variety of colour and time than many tropical places. Driving through jungle landscapes of South East Asia all I could see was swathes of green on green with highlights of even more green.

It makes me wonder whether it is more to do with a state of mind.
#colour #autumncolours #colourofthemind #abundance #consciousness #positivity 12/08/2020

The government is looking the other way while Britain's rivers die before our eyes | George Monbiot

This is shocking and totally unacceptable. Our waterways are our country’s life blood. Just like any body with clogged toxic arteries, we run the risk of killing off that very thing that keeps us alive. We have to dream up a better way of existing than this.

#ecosystem #purewater #cleanliving #livinglightly Across the UK, once thriving waterways are being wiped out by farming and water companies, says Guardian columnist George Monbiot


World Economic Forum

What’s ugly about freshly harvested fruit and vegetables? Uniform shapes do not increase the nutritional value so as far as I am concerned all are equal. It’s insane that we ever segregated vegetables in the first place.

#eatnatural #freshvegetables #wholesomefood

Give the ugly plants a chance.

📕 Read more:


Definitely agree with this. Not my garbage but it is definitely my planet and I much prefer a clean planet to one trashed with rubbish.

#livinglightly #ecoconscious #consicousliving

We should all be more responsible

#itsourgarbage #beresponsible #itsyourhometoo


World Economic Forum

I love that our youngest generation are stepping up and speaking out about what really matters. Don’t wait for permission is something that many of us need to recognise especially those of us from older generations which have been made to believe that someone else is responsible for leadership and change on this planet.

What are you doing to encourage others to do things that matter?

How will you change the world?

🔎 Learn more about the teenagers who made waves at Davos:


World Economic Forum

Redefining the definitions of waste and natural gas. Living lightly on this planet requires us to be a bit more aware of these things.

Running on rubbish.

📕 Read more:


World Economic Forum

I wonder just how quickly other endangered species would reclaim their territories if we stepped back.

Creating natural self-sustaining eco-systems is vital. Not just for our environment but for us too. #Ecology #sustainability

No one knows where they came from - but they've boosted biodiversity and water quality.

📕 Read more:


World Economic Forum

Another reforestation project. It certainly feels like it is time to not just think big but stupendously, awesomely and mindblowingly big to restore the natural eco systems of the planet that sustains us! What else could be more important? #ecoconscious #consciousliving #livinglightly.

350 villages, 10,000 hectares, 100,000 people.

📕 Read more:


World Economic Forum

Equality and fairness for all is a prerequisite of any endeavour.

Don't change women, change the world.

📕 Read more in the Global Gender Gap Report 2020: #gendergap20 02/08/2020

Co-operative housing: A greener and more sustainable way of living?

There is no question in my mind, we need to develop many more eco-conscious communities in which better building practices are utilised you create sustainable and supportive housing for us all. In the UK alone there are around 300 listed co-operative housing communities, with new ones springing up every year.


World Economic Forum

What a spectacular undertaking. If Ethiopia can do this then so can other countries. #trees #healthyecosystem #healthylivingrevolution #reforestation

Fighting climate change and poor health with 5 billion trees.

📕 Read more:


If we focus on all that we fear, then we are only going to see the things that frighten us. We then become victims of those fears instead of harnessing the energy of fear to launch us into an exciting future.

If we focus on all the things that excite us, then all of the power of the Universe stands behind us supporting us all the way.

No brainier really then isn’t it?!
#lifepurpose #soulpurpose #manifestingdreams #magic #universe


World Economic Forum

Reclaiming deserts and making them green again. Good for food security, reducing the amount that deserts are growing and so improving the climate change issues we are now experiencing.

#sustainableliving #foodsecurity #sustainable #livinglightly #greenliving

Transforming sand into a valuable resource.

📕 Read more:


"I don't trust words, I trust vibes. People can tell you anything, but a vibe tells you everything." ~ Gunjan

And if you are in the right place, the words and the vibes enhance each other.   #lifepurpose #intuition #soulpurpose #alignment #consciousness #consciousbusiness

The connections between your name and day of birth explained:


World Economic Forum

These figures are alarming. Our world is a part of our natural eco system which ensures that we survive as a species. If we continue this rate of destruction we will not have a planet left to live on. #livinglightly #sustainable #ecosystems #rewilding #urgent #climatechange

Life on earth is being wiped out at 1000 times the natural rate.

📕 Read more:


World Economic Forum

I’m very definitely pro eliminating plastic. It horrifies me just how much plastic waste one person can create. Food is not designed to be stored in plastic especially fresh fruit and vegetables. They sweat then rot so that probably exacerbates our food wastage problem too. #foodwaste

8 million metric tonnes of plastic ends up in the ocean every year.


It is so important to offer support without an agenda but just as important to ensure that we protect ourselves from the kind of support that has an ulterior motive. It is our responsibility to ensure that. #lifepurpose #soulpurpose


So true! We don’t only live once. We do only die once but we live everyday. #lifepurpose #alignment #seekingjoy


World Economic Forum

All cities need this. #greenliving #ediblegardens #greencities #biodiversity #urbangardens

The city is also planting 20,000 trees.

🔎 Learn more about environmental initiatives in Paris:


Shifting our mindset can make life a whole lot easier especially on our stress levels. “I get to do...” might be a subtle difference to “I have to do...” but the impact can be huge. #findingjoy #lovepeacejoy
#consciousbusiness #alignment


1 Million Women

I love the idea of rewilding our land allowing it to be reclaimed by nature. It is the solution to many problems. This is just such a project that is so inspiring and encourages me to think that it is possible to achieve phenomenal success regardless of how dry and barren the landscapes may first appear.

#rewilding #reforestation #livinglightly #environment #nature #consciousbusiness

Just like we can destroy our planet, we can also choose to restore it 🌎. And that is what this Brazilian couple did! 💯

Thank you Instituto Terra for your amazing work.


World Economic Forum

We need more of this .. #livinglightly #zerocarbon #carbonneutral #energyefficiency #greenenergy #sustainableliving

From cockroaches to cycle lanes.

📕 Read more:


World Economic Forum

This is a bit of an eye opener and something that I had not really thought about before. It is certainly worth thinking about the energy that we use and how much water is consumed to produce it. It makes sense to me to go local, think small and keep refining the ways in which we harness natural energy.

#greenliving #renewableenergy #ecoliving #coffee #water #energyefficient #vegan #vegetarian

What's your ‘water footprint’?


Jason Silva

I've always been in awe of Jason Silva and his infectious enthusiasm for life and the times that we live in. The Power of Awe! Worth watching!

#awe #wondersoftheuniverse #enlightenedliving #quantumsuccess

"Once a mind is stretched by a new idea, it will never return to its original position".



Wow. Infinite solar power technology powering us into a cleaner future. Love these innovations happening now. #RWQR #innovation

“The promise of quasi-infinite and free energy is here”


So this is what happens when you need to tidy up lots of sticks left over from doing a hazel sculpture that’s 8 feet high - you grow another one. We are just looking at what it would be like to line it up with the first one. #gardenart #gardensculpture #hazelsculpture #ArtsWales


I think I’m done with this sculpture now until it starts to age. I am sure it will change as the wood dries and shrinks so it may become something else over time. Fun though. #gardenart #sculpture


Weekend artwork. Garden sculpture work in progress. Made from the hazel trimmings from the tree pruning I’ve been doing recently.#gardenart #gardensculpture #artswales


Belle helping me do gardening again. Well! Sort of! She's keeping me company anyway while I prune trees. #ArtsWales #gardening

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