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Looking forward to meeting the students this morning but first breakfast!!
Request: positive vibes at 11am please. Will be doing a micro-teach for a brand new role. I know what I’m worth so I’ve put it out there what I’m expecting the salary to be. 🤞
Hi everyone, happy Monday! I wanted to share a success story - I recently heard back from a case study client who had sessions with me on Fear Of Flying. She hadn’t flown for years and described high levels of anxiety just thinking about flying, let alone considering actually going on a plane. She was desperate to beat the fear and take her children to Lapland this Christmas, and booked the trip whilst starting hypnotherapy with me. We had 4 sessions and she told me she felt much better and was excited for the holiday, but I had to wait until she flew to know if it truly worked! She messaged me this week to say it was an incredible difference...she wasn’t stressed, actually enjoyed the flight and could be positive about it with the children, and her husband couldn’t believe the difference. They have now already booked a summer holiday flying to Greece, whereas last year they had to drive to Italy to avoid aeroplanes. I’m so pleased for her and it’s a great confidence boost for me. I’m very newly qualified and plan to start practising within the next few months, once I have sorted out how to begin being self-employed and all that entails! Karen Ferguson taught me last year and was a hugely motivating and knowledgeable tutor, clearly passionate about her subject and I’m very excited to think I can start working as a hypnotherapist myself now. Thanks so much Karen, and I hope to pick a few other experienced hypnotherapy brains on this network too in future! Would be great to hear any advice as I go along x

We offer a Fully Accredited Distance Learning and Blended Learning Certificate and Diploma Courses in Hypnotherapy, Distance Learning Certificate courses in Counselling Skills and a growing number of Validated CPD Courses.

Our distance learning courses are perfect for today's climate. You can start building your knowledge and skills with our Level 3 certificate courses in counselling or hypnotherapy and then move on to a Level 4 hypnotherapy certificate (level 4 counselling coming early next 2021). Or you can jump straight in with our blended Hypnotherapy Diploma Courses, which combine home study with classroom base

Operating as usual

[08/20/21]   Coming in September, two new ACCPH accredited courses:-

Hypno Quit Smoking Therapist Level 3 Certificate - £495
Hypno Relaxation Therapist Level 3 Certificate - £395

These could be the perfect addition for those who are already working as counsellors, reiki therapists, massage therapists, beauty therapists, or any other client based therapy.

The quit smoking course will give you everything you need to know to utilise the power of hypnosis to help your clients quit smoking in just one session.

Based on our research and own our own experience, one off quit smoking sessions cost between £175 - £350 (depending on local).

The relaxation therapist course will allow you to work with individuals and groups using the powerful tool of hypnosis to help not just with relaxation, but relaxation for those with specific medical conditions as well.

Both courses are distance learning, have 6 units each and will take approximately 65 hours to complete.

They will not not be on our website for a while, but you can pre-book via email - [email protected].

[06/11/21]   Calling all qualified and experienced counsellors - we are looking for some to write a short course on play therapy, counselling for children and young people, or working with children with autism, ADHD etc.

If you are an experienced course writer, please get in touch.


Given the current circumstances and the fact that many of my colleagues have several streams of income, you might be interested in this company.

From a therapy perspective, these products have really helped many of my own clients with depression, anxiety, stress, sleep, pain, weight loss, energy and much more, and from a business perspective, these products have helped maintain my income over lockdown.

Given the current circumstances and the fact that many of my colleagues have several streams of income, you might be interested in this company.

From a therapy perspective, these products have really helped many of my own clients with depression, anxiety, stress, sleep, pain, weight loss, energy and much more, and from a business perspective, these products have helped maintain my income over lockdown.


If you have ever wondered if training to be a Hypnotherapist is a good long term career decision.

Our Principal Karen Ferguson is celebrating 20 years as a Hypnotherapist today. 02/11/2020

Indigo Training | Accredited Counselling and Hypnotherapy Home Study Courses

Good morning, as we look forward to another lockdown, I am really pleased to see how many people are planning on doing something productive with their time.

At Indigo, since the new lockdown was announced we have had an unprecidented number of enquiries for our distance learning courses and the highest number of new students sign up within a 3 day period.

Given that even more people are likely to struggle with keeping their mental health on an even keel, it is gratifying to know that so many people are interesting in training with us.

Not only will they be able to help people, but they will be adding to their own income and therefore hopefully future proofing their financial life. Counselling and Hypnotherapy Courses. Learn How To Transform The Lives Of Your Clients Through Our Accredited, Distance Learning Courses.

[10/21/20]   Congratulations to Samantha Bowden for passing her Level 3 Counselling Skills Certificate Course. I am that you will put this, together with the Hypnotherapy Diploma you gained with us to good use. 12/10/2020

Reviews & Feedback | karenferguson

When you find an additional way to support clients 😊.

Check out these reviews - I don’t know what to say apart from WOW. The one hundred and ninety nine things that are normally rushing through my mind 12 hours a day are not there at present I noticed it yesterday when I was driving. I even looked at the trees the birds normally I don’t know how I got to my destination!! 10/10/2020

Indigo Training | Accredited Counselling and Hypnotherapy Home Study Courses

Today is World Mental Health day, so let's celebrate our uniqueness, become aware that anyone can be affected by poor mental health, learn to recognise the signs of someone who is struggling and remember how important self care is.

A huge thank you to all those who work hard to help support clients, friends, family and others when they need it most. Counselling and Hypnotherapy Courses. Learn How To Transform The Lives Of Your Clients Through Our Accredited, Distance Learning Courses.

[09/29/20]   It is said that true happiness comes from having a purpose in life. What if that purpose could also help other people release negativity, pain, fear, doubt and more and then lead them to help find their own purpose?

We are what we do, so why not do something amazing with you life?

With out distance learning counselling and hypnotherapy courses pretty much flying out the door, now is a great time to take your first step 😀. 24/09/2020

Indigo Training | Accredited Counselling and Hypnotherapy Home Study Courses

Morning All,

We plan to start offering classroom based courses agsin from January 2021 in both hypnotherapy and counselling.

We are super excited about working face to face with our students again. Counselling and Hypnotherapy Courses. Learn How To Transform The Lives Of Your Clients Through Our Accredited, Distance Learning Courses.

[09/21/20]   Having worked in the world of therapy for 20 years now, it has allowed me to connect with some amazing people. Most recently, it led me to explore the amazing world of CBD oil, not the ones you buy from health food shops, but high quality oil.

I will admit that I was extremely surprised at the positive effects it had on me, and in a very short space of time.

So if I told you that you could offer an additional service to your clients to help them between sessions, would you be interested?

If I said that it works really well for people with anxiety, depression, stress and sleep, would you be interested?

If I said that it shows positive results for issues including immune system problems, PTSD, addiction, stomach issues, fibromyaligia etc would you be interested?

If I said that you could earn an additional income from a product that works well within your currently therapy practice would you be interested?

Well if you are, please drop me a DM and we can arrange a chat. Anyone who knows me well, knows I am not and never have been a pushy salesperson, and I have no intention of starting now, so there is no pressure.


[09/07/20]   Good Morning

Who or what has been the biggest inspiration in your life up to this point?

[08/27/20]   What is one nice thing you could do for someone in your life today?

[08/25/20]   Morning All,

We have been asked to run our Working with Hypnoanalysis workshop again.

It will be classroom based and as such numbers will be limited.

It will take place at the weekend (date tbc) and in Abbots Ripton, Cambs.

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided, there is plenty of free parking and you will get a CPD certificate.

You do need to be a qualified hypnotherapist, or at least near the end of your training.

Cost - £125.

If you are interested, please get in touch.

[08/24/20]   Any qualified IQA's on here?


Morning All,

Plans for the week?

[08/20/20]   What makes you feel like a kid again?

[08/18/20]   What is one thing you wish you had known when you were younger?

[08/17/20]   How are you all doing?

Are you still working, have you taken up a new hobby or are you enjoying binge watching your favourite shows?

We'd love to know what you have been up to.

[07/29/20]   8 new likes this week already. Thank you 😃


What a lovely thought.

[07/27/20]   Some people cause pain, other feel it. Some struggle to deal with it, others use it to push themselves forwards. Some would rather cause themselves pain than risk hurting others and some people seem to feel no real pain at all.

There is no right or wrong here, but there are dedicated therapists and counsellors out there who can help all of these people improve their lives.

We wish you a wonderful week and if you feel the urge to improve your life, grab it with both hands and go for it. 30/06/2020

Coronavirus: Do we have a mental health emergency in the UK?

And this is why we need more good therapists. Mental health charity Mind predicts a rise in the prevalence of mental health problems. Is the worst of this pandemic yet to come? 22/06/2020

Indigo Training | Accredited Counselling and Hypnotherapy Home Study Courses

Another counselling course certificate is in the post today to another one of our successful students 😊😊 05/06/2020

Indigo Training | Accredited Counselling and Hypnotherapy Home Study Courses

Just a little note about how and why Indigo came into being:-

Our Principal Karen Ferguson trained to be a Hypnotherapist in 2000 and went into practice as soon as she qualified.

Whilst in private practice she was asked to apply to become a hypnotherapy tutor for a training school, something she did and very much enjoyed. Over the years she moved up in the ranks to become both Head of Hypnotherapy and Deputy Principal.

Due to changes that took place Karen decided that working for that organisation was no longer an option she wanted to continue with. Having been asked by her students many times over the years why she didn't run her own training, she decided to do just that and Indigo was born.

Karen is very passionate about growing the reputation of hypnotherapy and other talking therapies so together with some very talented people our Hypnotherapy Diploma came together and was taught to our first group of students.

Since then we have moved on to also offer distance learning and blended learning hypnotherapy certificate and diploma courses as well as our distance learning counselling certificate course.

We shall continue to grow and thank everyone who has helps us to do just this. 01/06/2020

Indigo Training | Accredited Counselling and Hypnotherapy Home Study Courses

With people starting to return to work and getting back to some sense of normality, it is worth knowing some of the issues that hypnotherapy can help with:-

Boosting or regaining confidence
Building self esteem
Removing blocks and barriers to success
Weight loss
Quit smoking
Fears, phobias, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, stress
Working through historical issues, beliefs, thought processes
Working through and resolving trauma
Relationship issues
Anger, grief, alcohol issues

These are just some of the issues that hypnotherapy can help with. So whether you would like to train with us to join our growing number of well trained and professional therapists, or you would like us to recommend a hypnotherapist in your area* please get in touch.

[05/26/20]   I am so happy so our a growing number of our distance learning course are now being purchased.

It is really great to know that people are using the time in lockdown to do something both productive and that could help change the lives of others.

There is still time to gain a new qualification with us:-

Level 3 Counselling Skills Certificate
Level 3 Hypnotherapy Certificate
Level 4 Hypnotherapy Certificate 17/05/2020

Indigo Training | Accredited Counselling and Hypnotherapy Home Study Courses

As a therapist, supervisor and human being, I am both directly and indirectly supporting more people now than ever before who are really struggling with suicidal issues.

We really need more good counsellors and hypnotherapists to work with this ever growing demand for our services.

If you think you've got what it takes, start your journey with us. Counselling and Hypnotherapy Courses. Learn How To Transform The Lives Of Your Clients Through Our Accredited, Distance Learning Courses.

[05/01/20]   We have received this lovely 5* review from Vanya Gerasimova -

Review Title - Indigo Inspirational Training Ltd

Rating 5*

I have joined in this training in 2018. This type of practical oriented class room training is very helpful. Excellent training patterns. Value for money. I am very happy to be get trained there.

[04/27/20]   4 Reasons Why Now is a Great Time to Retrain


[04/22/20]   Indigo Inspirational Training Ltd are currently seeking Counsellors to help us create more accredited counselling courses.

This role is temporary, but may lead to a course marking role.

So if you are:-

* A qualified and experienced Counsellor.
* Have the skills and knowledge to create course content (guidance will be given and experience is not always necessary).
* Can work to deadlines.
* Want to work as part of a team

Then please email your CV to [email protected], along with letter a covering detailing any previous course writing experience you have.


To our long term followers and our new ones 😄

[04/09/20]   I recently wrote a post hoping to highlight the difficulties those in abusive relationships might be struggling with during lock down and suggesting that people take others circumstances into account before they judge them.

As a follow up -

I, like everyone else is fully aware of what is happening. I know people are scared, worried, feeling isolated and trapped, confused and much more. But it seems to me that there is a lot of judgement about at this time as well.

We know people are dying and we know we need to follow the rules that have been set. We have heard from many real and pseudo 'experts', but no one really know what is going on. This has never happened to the vast majority of us and quite frankly I think most of us are making this up as we go along.

But I can't help feeling that telling people they are f**king stupid, that they should stay the f**k at home, that because we aren't key workers that we should do this, that or the next thing because we aren't suffering really isn't helping.

So many posts on FB making judgments, condemning others and calling them all sorts of names. You know what though, the people who are still going out and flouting the rules will pay no attention whatsoever to these posts. It is a bit like smokers who never see the images on cigarette packets, it is not only a wast of time, but it fills our posts and lives with negative energy.

I am not judging people for doing this, I understand that people are simply reacting and doing what they think is right, but perhaps if we all just keep ourselves to account and not judge others, especially as we don't know everyone's circumstances then we might start to feel more positive.

Judgment causes separation at a time when we need unity and compassion.

[04/08/20]   On a slightly more serious note, I have seen a fair number of posts saying that people are selfish for going out (and it is true for some I am sure) and that you are not 'trapped at home, you are safe at home', probably true for the majority.

But please consider that some people are leaving their houses quite simply because they aren't or don't feel safe at home. Maybe they or their kids are at risk from violence or other abuse.

Not everyone is lucky enough to be safe in their own home, not everyone is liking the lockdown, not everyone will come out of this relatively unscathed.

Domestic violence usually happens behind closed doors, it can happen to people who consider themselves to be strong, intelligent and independent. It is often a gradual and insidious behaviour that creeps up on people who don't realise they are experiencing it. It isn't just physical abuse, it can be financial and emotional as well.

Quiet simply, not everyone is safe, for some this is quite simply hell. Many people are lucky to have never experienced this, but not everyone is and whilst there is perhaps little we can do to protect them at the moment, we can at least ensure we don't try and make them feel guilty for doing exactly what they need to do to survive.

National Domestic Violence Helpline - 0808 2000 247

- So far this post has been shared 25 times for which I am grateful, so thank you to all of those people who have shared x

Our story

We now offer fully accredited Distance Learning Level 3 and Level 4 Certificates and Blended Learning (distance learning combined with practical classroom based learning) Level 4 and Level 5 Diplomas in Hypnotherapy, as well as a Level 3 Counselling Skills distance learning course, with Level 4 coming soon.

Alongside this, we offer a growing number of Validated CPD courses, both distance learning and classroom based.

If you are looking for a course that offers a higher level of classroom and practical training fully accredited 450 hour Hypnotherapy Diploma Course could be perfect for you.

What’s the difference? Well distance and blended learning offer a more flexible and lower cost, and potentially quicker option to attain a recognised qualification, whilst our 450 hour course offers a higher level of face to face training and group study support.

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