Manifesting with Barbara

Manifesting with Barbara

Manifest your desires in 90 days!

Emotional Strength will enable you to break free from the opinion of others, be strong to set radical limits, and have the self-control to achieve your goals!


There is ONE main THOUGHT bringing you down. Your life will change when you identify it and replace it.


AS A PEOPLE-PLEASER, you have LOTS of people and situations in your life that shouldn't be there.

There are the people who chose you... and you let yourself be chosen.... but you didn't choose them.

There are the things that you chose out of fear... fear that nothing better would show up.... but not because you absolutely loved them.

I want to tell you that it's OK to let them go.

More than Ok. It is NECESSARY to let them go.

It can be a friend, a partner, a project, a job...

They are holding you back.

Because you are not being authentic.

Authenticity only comes from love.

By holding on to them, you are not allowing the next version of you to come through.

And that's the version that can MANIFEST YOUR DESIRES!

You CANNOT manifest your desires while staying in the CURRENT version of you.

Your current version manifested your current life.

It is only your NEW version that can manifest a NEW life.


Your new version has new thoughts.

New feelings.

New ways of relating to you.

New ways of relating to Life.

Whereas before your go-to feeling might have been self-pity... your new one might be defiance.

Whereas before your go-to thoughts might have been about self-criticism... your new ones might be of self-pride.

If you want lasting changes, you have to make lasting changes in you.

Not a fleeting change one day motivated by an inspiring movie... or an inspiring quote.


Let's stop thinking that those inspiring quotes we see on social media are going to change our lives.

Because they WON'T.

The changes you need are lasting, sustainable, profound ones.

If you are TIRED of being in VICTIMHOOD....

If you are READY to take the REINS OF YOUR LIFE...

If you want nothing more than to UNLEASH the NEW YOU, then send me a message.

I will take you through my MANIFESTATION FORMULA where I will provide the guidance you need, the reminders to keep you in track, and the occasional kick in the butt when you need it! 💕

This is what has allowed my clients to manifest the love of their lives, get the promotions they wanted, heal their bodies from auto-immune diseases, and go from suicidal to being the stars of their lives!

Only for those READY to TAKE ACTION!


Your happiness does NOT depend on whether you have a partner, money or success.

These are things we want because we think they will give us what we truly want: peace, joy, and safety.

But these things only depend on our nervous system.

Follow to learn how to shift from panic mode to bliss mode.


Every negative thought and feeling comes from darkness. We have the choice to shift to light instaed.


I had to stop making myself responsible for other people's growth or well-being. Only then could o open my wings and fly!


It's not your work that stresses you. It's the fact that you make yourself responsible for others.


You're not worried because of the problem. You're worried because you don't trust



Are you wanting it? Or needing it?
When you need it to feel worthy... or loved... or successful... or rich... you will push it away.

When you already feel worthy... or loved... or successful... and you think it would be fun to have it, you magnetize it like crazy!

Photos from Emotional Strength with Barbara Roux-Levrat's post 15/03/2022

WE SPEND so much of our lives in routine.

Not because we don't have the money or the time to do otherwise, but out of fear.

Our subconscious fears keep us afraid of change... keep us hiding... keep us obsessed with the same thoughts, feelings and actions.

Obsessed to make a certain amount of money...obsessed to have the relationship we've imagined... obsessed to have the perfect kids...

In the meantime, we stop living. We become paralyzed, fixated on a goal that we might never reach, precisely because our obsession pushes it away!

When in fact, we have been given this amazing gift called Life. And i don't know about you, but every time i do something new, i feel more alive! 🌟

Last week we didn't go hiking... nor snow shoeing... nor skiing... Instead, we took a quiet walk along the beach, a place i had never been to, had a drink at the end of the walk and a heartfelt conversation.

It felt magical and i felt alive!


NOTHING WRONG that happens in our lives means ANYTHING about our self-worth.

Our self-worth is NOT dependent on what we do or not do.... or have or not have.

When we make it about our self-worth, we will feel *depressed* when we don't get what we want....

...and we'll feel *arrogant* when we do get what we want.

That will make our *self-confidence* bob up and down... just like a yo-yo.

The truth is that we are worthy just because we *exist*

We are always *enough*.... no matter what.

And the more we know this, the more *powerful* we become.

When we tie our results to our self-worth, everytime we feel rejected or disappointed or make a mistake, our *whole existence is at risk...!*

And that's far too scary 😨

So we will do everything to AVOID putting our existence at risk...

And in so doing, we take all our power away.

So, *DETACH* your self-worth from your circumstances.

Know at all times: *you are worthy no matter what!!!*


AS LONG AS we are tying our self-worth to exterior situations, we lose our power...

. whether it's having a great relationship... or money in the bank... or many clients... or being fit...

We will feel SHAME when things are not where we expect them to be....

..and we will feel ARROGANCE when they are.

The truth is that our SELF-WORTH has NOTHING to do with anything else.

We are WORTHY just because we exist.

We are IMPORTANT just because we are.


SELF-PITY 🥺 shows you are disconnected from your power.

This can be in one or more areas... not having the money you want or the relationship you want... or the success or fulfillment you desire.

However, your power is and has always been AVAILABLE to you.

It's like electricity⚡ You have access to it in your home, but if you don't plug 🔌 your appliance to it, it has no power to do what it is perfectly capable of doing... or to accomplish what it was made to do.

But the instant that you plug it in, it automatically shifts into power!💥

In the Worthy Wealthy Woman Experience we're going to plug you into your power! 🔛

And it is the powerful version of you who can make your dreams come true....!

The disempowered version of you can just... feel sorry for herself 😞 or frustrated 😠 or desperate 😫

We start tomorrow and it's still possible to hop on!!! 🥳

Price will increase today as soon as i get home 😁


Congratulations to my beautiful client Marie-Ange, who only after 2 sessions started to stand up for herself at work 💪... and receive RESPECT from others! 🌟


The moment you fall in love with yourself, is the moment you give permission to others to fall in love with you too.


THE MORE WE TRY TO CONTROL, the more we burden ourselves... and limit ourselves.

When we surrender, we energetically GIVE PERMISSION to the Universe to WORK ON OUR BEHALF.

Because the Universe won't force us to do things their way.

The Universe will ALWAYS respect our will... even if it's not our highest good.

The Universe is so much more capable than we are... because it has zero limits and is all powerful.

When the burden feels heavy, give it up, lean back and prepare yourself to receive....

Control is a TRAUMA RESPONSE we learned when we were little in order to protect ourselves.

Control leads to BURNOUT.

Surrender leads to EXPANSION.

Surrendering takes an energetic decision - that's all.

In ONE SECOND, you can change your situation.

Photos from Emotional Strength with Barbara Roux-Levrat's post 12/10/2021

Truly life is what we make of it...a reflection of our essence... a mirror of our identity.

Ever since I DECIDED I to see myself as a princess, the Universe hasn't stopped giving me princess experiences.

Beauty 🌸🦩🩰 abundance 🏰🍾🥂 magic ✨️🦄🪄

WHAT IF God had designed the world this way? What if we are meant to live in PARADISE.... but we are just not aware?!

Thank you dear Isa Puzon for such a princess time in Neuchatel! 👑🥰



>>No.1 Allowing them to be disrespectful

>>No. 2 Using drama and violence to set boundaries to them

>>No. 3 Acquiescing to their desires out of fear of losing their love

>>No. 4 Showing them that they can mistreat people without suffering consequences

>>Excusing their behavior because they were "tired, hungry, hormonal, ....................

You can STOP being too nice and at the same time become a more LOVING mother AND have your children respect you.

Yess, it is totally possible.

And the best part? It feels SO GOOD.

If I did it, you can do it too.




That it is the women who are TOO NICE who get mistreated.

It is the women who give TOO MUCH who are taken for granted.

It is the women who forgive TOO FAST who are constantly disrespected.

It is the women who love TOO HARD who are neglected.

This is just learned behavior.

The fact that you've lived your life like this so far, doesn't mean that you have to end it this way.

Yesss, you can change.

Just like I did.

And faster than you think!!

Stop giving your pearls to the pigs!


P.S. My next group coaching DAUGHTER OF THE KING starts in September. Message me to find out if it's the right step for you.


TO ATTRACT LOVE, we need to become it.

Love DOESN'T mean becoming a slave to other people.

Not at all.

We can say NO.... but we can say it with LOVE.

The same way that we can say "yes"... with everything BUT love.

LOVE is just an energy

A light, pleasant, uplifting, beautiful energy...

An energy of acceptance, joy, hope, care, freedom, respect...

When we embody it, we cannot help but attract love.

For as long as I was getting into fights with my ex-husband and being consumed with anger, self-pity, hopelessness, and despair, I kept love away from me.

As soon as I stopped letting myself be dragged into his drama... and kept myself in a different energy... I attracted true love in less than 3 months....

Become love.

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