Tokni provides engaging online learning simulations and decision support tools Tokni provides engaging online learning simulations and decision support tools. 11/09/2013

Introduction to Simprentis OilSim

Brief introduction to OilSim and Simprentis Connect with us at


Cults Academy Win Aberdeen

New blog post: Cults Academy Win PetroChallenge Aberdeen 2013 The OPITO PetroChallenge UK schedule kicked off this month with its first of 3 UK events in 2013. First up was the Aberdeen event held at Robert Gordon University, this big event welcomed over 170 secondary school students from 12 schools in and around the city of Aberdeen.


Get Upstream! with OilSim - Stavanger 11-12 June 2013

Get Upstream! with OilSim in Stavanger Norway 11-12 June - Introduction to the oil and gas industry - training course for new employees and support personnel in the petroleum industry. Are you getting it? Get Upstream! Participate in Get Upstream! and get a practical understanding of the petroleum exploration and production value chain from a geoscientific, engineering and economical perspective.


New OilSim Release with Unconventional Gas

New OilSim Release with Unconventional Gas The new OilSim 3.13 includes improvements in all modules as well as the inclusion of shale gas and coal seam gas (coal based methane) in exploration and field development.

Shale gas has become an increasingly important source of natural gas in North America over the past years, and interest has spr...

[01/26/13]   Congratulations to all the teams which took part in today's challenge! Newcomers, Canada, jumped to the top of the board in the afternoon and won with a total company value of $17,569,682,972! Denmark and the UK came a close second and third!

[01/26/13]   PetroChallenge International Final in London today with teams from Canada, Denmark, Norway, UK, Faroe Islands, Iceland participating at Imperial College, and Greenland from a B&B in Copenhagen

[01/24/13]   We're hiring! Looking for part-time facilitators in Houston, London, Aberdeen and (Eastern) Australia.


Participants in the OilSim Authorities course at UMSA in La Paz, Bolivia, October 2012


Kristiansund Won PetroChallenge Online

New blog post: Kristiansund won the online edition of PetroChallenge Norway 2012 Martin Hestvik, Benedict Liabø, and Marius Nonsvik from Kristiansund VGS won the competition that completed the PetroChallenge Norway 2012 Online course on 17-18 October.

OilSim as part of PETRAD 8 week course - Stavanger Sept 2012 17/10/2012

OilSim as part of PETRAD 8 week course - Stavanger Sept 2012


Developing Petroleum Knowledge in Bolivia

Bolivia possesses significant proved reserves of natural gas, and exports most of its production to Brazil and Argentina, but is a net importer of oil. Read about the OilSim and PetroUniversity courses that Simprentis runs in Bolivia to develop local capabilities. With the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, Simprentis is delivering OilSim and PetroUniversity courses in Bolivia to develop the local knowledge about oil and gas, and to strengthen the ability to manage the petroleum resources.

[10/10/12]   Which OilSim name do you think is the most innovative and creative? So many teams over the year have chosen "Baby Oil" and we want to encourage creativity - so what do you think, which is your favourite? We aim to have a top ten team tell your friends...


PetroChallenge Norge

This is how you educate and edutain 620 students. Using our OilSim learning platform and a team of Simprentis facilitators and Stavanger teachers we were able to provide all these students with an overview of the oil and gas industry in a way that engaged and enthralled them for 2 days.

Stavanger er først ut i PetroChallenge 2012. Over 600 elever kjemper om å finne olje og gass. 04/10/2012

Simprentis Monthly Newsletter October 2012

Monthly Newsletter: New OilSim version, Simprentis working with Schlumberger NExT, 620 participants at a single venue

PetroChallenge Stavanger 2012 03/10/2012

PetroChallenge Stavanger 2012


What's NExT for Simprentis?

Simprentis is now working with Schlumberger NExT to extend the reach of OilSim to new participants. It has been a year of continued collaboration for Simprentis, with the OilSim platform being utilized by fellow oil and gas training providers adding an engaging and experiential dimension to their existing courses.


The geology section of the library

This was borrowed from Geologie Maroc


Oil4Fun Won PetroUniversity Faroe Islands 2012

New blog post:
Oil4Fun Won PetroUniversity Faroe Islands 2012 The winners Oil4Fun (Marta N. Hansen, Ragnar Djurhuus and Annemie Magnussen) received a cash prize and the right to be called PetroUniversity Faroe Islands 2012 champions.
The team rankings were calculated based on a combination of company value and credibility, so that it was not enough just to hav...


PetroUniversity - Simprentis

Today, the inaugural PetroUniversity Faroe Islands event will be held at Østrøm in Tórshavn for students that are starting at the University of the Faroe Islands this fall. Simprentis organises large and small-scale of PetroUniversity educational events and training courses at universities around the world.
In a PetroUniversity course or event, each team acts as a virtual petroleum company in the business simulation OilSim. The team's challenge is to explore, discover,...


PetroChallenge in Texas Governor’s Science and Technology Champion Academy

Simprentis helped organize the Texas Governor’s Science and Technology Champion Academy with a 2-day PetroChallenge at the University of Houston The University of Houston welcomed 55 of Texas' brightest high school students to participate in the fifth annual Governor's Science and Technology Champions Academy June 24-30.


IERT Collaboration To Be Launched at Getenergy in London

At the upcoming annual Getenergy global event for oil and gas education and training at University College London 13-14 June, the Institute of Energy Research and Training, Jammu University and Simprentis will launch a collaboration to expand the use of OilSim in India. Meet Simprentis at University College London 03/05/2012

Norway Sees a Surge of Applicants to Science and Technology

Norwegian universities are reporting that they are seeing a dramatic increase in science and technology study applications, and part of the success can be attributed to OilSim and PetroChallenge. In large parts of the world, universities are struggeling to attract sufficient numbers of students to their science and technology studies, as students have been more interested in softer subjects. This has also been the case in Norway, and the oil and gas industry has been worrying for a long time... 25/04/2012

Blog - Simprentis

Simprentis at Conference of Ministers of Education of the African Union in Nigeria.

Check out the Blog 03/04/2012

Simprentis CEO Entrepreneur of the Year

Olavur Ellefsen, the CEO and founder of Simprentis, has been awarded Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 Simprentis provides engaging oil and gas education and training based on the learning simulation OilSim, which has been developed since 2002 together with companies and organizations like Eni, Statoil, Chevron, ExxonMobil, the University of Texas in Austin, and Petrad


Team Stoopid won the day in Greenland

PetroChallenge Greenland Spring 2012 finished. Check out winners and the runner-ups:

[03/20/12]   PetroChallenge Greenland Spring 2012 - day 2 - competition day, commences in 4 minutes.... Good luck to all the teams!

[03/19/12]   PetroChallenge Greenland Spring 2012 commences today! 08/03/2012

PetroChallenge Greenland 2012

New set-up of PetroChallenge Greenland 2012, check out our blog!

[03/05/12]   Registration has begun for PetroChallenge Greenland Spring 2012! 02/03/2012

Succesful French Event in Rio

Pictures from this week's OilSim event in Rio de Janeiro On Wednesday 29 February 2012 a short OilSim team-building session named "Grand jeu Pétroleum" was organized together with Rio Accueil, the organization for French expatriates in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 01/03/2012

Petroleum English - Torshavn 18-20 April

Combining OilSim with English Language Training to provide a unique transformational enhancement of language and communication skills in the context of upstream petroleum exploration. Develop communicative confidence in English, whilst obtaining an overview of the terminology and processes of oil and gas exploration. In Torshavn, Faroe Islands, on 18-20 April 19/02/2012

Grand jeu Pétroleum at the French Community in Rio de Janeiro

OilSim at the French Community in Rio de Janeiro On Wednesday 29 February 2012 a short OilSim team-building session named "Grand jeu Pétroleum" will be organized together with Rio Accueil, the organization for French expatriates in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 14/02/2012

Testimonials from Geology Rocks!

Some great quotes from Geology Rocks! participants in Stavanger two weeks ago. "Practical, hands-on, good combination of theory and simulation"
- Siv F. Christensen, Shell 28/01/2012

Denmark Won PetroChallenge 2012

New blog post on the home page Team Oildivers - Nicolai Liborius Birkholm, Rasmus Ellegaard Jørgensen and Kim Jordemann Hansen - from Svendborg Tekniske Gymnasium in Denmark are PetroChallenge International Champions 2012 and winners of the trophy and £1000 in prize money. 26/01/2012

HISD Connect - Students Become Oil and Gas Explorers at HISD PetroChallenge

News post about PetroChallenge Houston - from Houston Independent School District's news service Westside Petroleum Academy student Malik Willis admits he was little overwhelmed during the first day of competition at the HISD PetroChallenge. However, once he and his two teammates got acclimated, it was full steam ahead.



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Andre Uddannelse i Tórshavn (vis alle)
Nám Nám
Hoyvíksvegur 72
Tórshavn, 100

Nám gevur út undirvísingartilfar til føroyska skúlaverkið, rekur kt-samskifti, og bjóðar skeið og ráðgeving, umframt at hava savn og útlán

Nordkurs Tórshavn Nordkurs Tórshavn
V. U. Hammershaimbs Gøta 22
Tórshavn, FO-100

Nordkurs i Tórshavn omfatter ca. 50 timers undervisning i sprog. I tillæg er der forelæsninger om f.eks. litteratur, kvad, film, musik og sang.

Skeiðsdepilin Skeiðsdepilin
Janusargøta 2, Postboks 3239
Tórshavn, 110

Okkara heimasíða er Vit bjóða skeið innan leiðslumenning, merkantila øki, tekniska øki, almenna fyrisiting og eisini skúla fyri peningastovnar

FIMM, Faroe Islands Musical Meeting FIMM, Faroe Islands Musical Meeting
Tórshavn FIMM, Faroe Islands Musical Meeting. Orchestra Academy for Young Professional Instrumentalists. 18th - 24th August 2014

Politiskir skeiðsdagar Politiskir skeiðsdagar
Tórshavn, 100

Tekning fer fram at senda til [email protected] og á telefon 229946 ella 224698

Næmingaráðið í Hoydølum Næmingaráðið í Hoydølum
Tórshavn, 100

Hetta er síðan hjá næmingaráðnum í Hoydølum. Her kunnu næmingar koma við uppskotum. RÍS og RÓS. Grenja og ella bara deila tíðindi, ið eru viðkomandi fyri okkum, ið ganga í Hoydølum.