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I met George at english school in Portsmouth. She gave me a good impression, I was struck by her competence in teaching given by long years of experience, patience, her sense of humor, and she is a native speaker. Later she became my private teacher.She worked on all the skills, such as writing, reading, listening, understanding etc. I am very happy about she, and above all it was a guide that today allows me to be independent and fluent in my English. I’ve got good results and I strongly recommend she to everyone. Thank you so much George.
I would like to thank George Wheeler for her professionalism and knowledge in the English tutorial. I will recommend George if you want improve your English level efficiently. She is able to motivate and get the best of you making learning a language very easy. She is absolutely incredible and a fantastic as a person and I really enjoyed her classes.She is also very friendly and always available to help to improve you and answer your questions. 100% recommended.

Highly experienced, native English teacher offering classes for foreign speakers aged 16+. Whatever Espero escuchar pronto de tí

Hi, I’m George (Georgina) and I am a highly qualified, native
English teacher with more than 17 years of experience helping
students to achieve their ambitions. I offer 1 to 1 English lessons to foreign speakers either face to face or online. Or if you prefer to study with a friend of a similar level, I can teach 2 to 1 lessons. I offer a FREE session to talk about your learning needs and so I c

Operating as usual


Day 10: Relax and Reward
🌟 You did it!
Treat yourself to something fun – a mini celebration for 10 days of awesome prep.
You deserve it! 🎉


Day 9: Engage with Media
📺 Popcorn and English, please!
Watch a movie or show, and soak up the accents and expressions. 🎬


Day 8: Read Something New
📖 Dive into a short English article.
Focus on the main ideas and absorb the language flow.
Learning, one read at a time!


The beauty of the English language 😜🤣


Day 7: Reflect and Adjust
One week down! Reflect on your progress, adjust goals if needed, and keep aiming higher. You got this!



Day 6: Mini Role Play
🎭 Be your own co-star! Act out everyday English scenarios.
Practice makes perfect, even solo!


Day 5: Quick Grammar Check
✏️ Brush up on tricky grammar for just 10 mins.
Rule the grammar game like a pro!


Day 4: Listen Actively
🎧 Tune in! Listen to a quick English podcast or video.
Stay sharp and catch those key phrases.


Day 3: Morning Vocabulary Boost

☕️ Start your day with 3 new English words. Make sentences using them – it's like a language power-up!


Day 2: Set Language Goals
🎯 New school year, new language goals!
Write them down and conquer. 💪
Let's level up our English game!


Day 1: Organise Your Space
📚 Clear space, clear mind!
Set up your study area for English success. Let's get organised!


📣 Ready for September? 🍂
REL is sharing 10 daily tips to boost your language skills.
Like & Follow to stay updated! Let's conquer September together! 💪📚🌟


Wordplay wonder: The only nine-letter word that transforms into new words by removing just one letter at a time.


Summer heat: love it or hate it?


🌟 Unlock the power of compound words!
🔤 But what are they, you ask? They are formed by combining two or more words to create a whole new meaning. 🧩💡
It's like puzzle-solving with language. 🔠


Here are some awesome phrasal verbs with the word "take" that will boost your English skills.
🙌🏼 Share your favorite phrasal verb with "take" in the comments below! Let's learn and inspire each other. 👇🏼💬


So true 😂



To sound truly native you need to know your 💩

*t *t *t *t

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A bank holiday can only mean one thing...
A day chilling at the beach 🏖


Happy Friday everyone.
Hope you have a great weekend.

Photos from Real English Learning's post 06/05/2023

A historic day as King Charles has his long awaited coronation... 👑


It doesn't rain all the time in Britain but this is certainly true...


Three facts about St George

St George (aka George of Lydda) was a Christian soldier in the Roman army. Born in 275AD in Turkey, he died at only 28 years old and was tortured and executed for refusing to renounce his faith. We celebrate his Saint's day on the day of his martyrdom.

1. He’s everyone’s friend. St George would be the most popular guy in the group chat if he were alive today. He’s the patron saint of England, Georgia, Malta, Ethiopia, and Palestine, to name a few.

2. He probably never visited England. There’s a saying: “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.” The actual, historical truth is that he was born in what is now Turkey and probably never set foot in England.

3. He shares his death date with William Shakespeare. England’s patron saint and England’s greatest writer both kicked the bucket on 23rd April.

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Happy Sunday... How's yours going?☀️

REL has been spending some time the sun and being in the garden... Simple Sunday pleasures 🌱


Come on ladies! 👭


English is a complicated and messy language. There are countless grammatical rules, but just as many exceptions. Spelling can be completely random or it can make total sense.

English is a mix of many other languages, ranging from Greek and French to Latin, German, and Norse. We’ve borrowed so many words from other countries and cultures.



When you don't have enough students so have to make up numbers for a game... And actually give yourself the name "The Winner" 🤣


"Love What You Teach, But Love Who Teach More".
Quoted from "Dear Teacher" By Brad Johnson


How often do you practise your English? 🇬🇧🇺🇸


Great advice. I think numbers 1 and 3 are the best...


Do you do any of these things?


After 2 weeks off tomorrow is back to reality.
I love my students but... I will definitely miss my afternoon siestas 💤😜


REL´s penultimate day of idioms all about fresh starts


Day 5 in our series of New Year Idioms


The Christmas and New Year season is a typical time for board games with family and friends... Do you recognise any of these players? 🎲🃏


Day 3 of REL´s New Year´s idioms – all about new starts.

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Monday is PUNday. Let's start the week off 'running.'
Happy Halloween!
Here's your chance to wow someone with some great vocabulary... Can you use this beuatiful word in a sentence? Comment b...
Monday is PUNday. Get rid of those Monday blues with something silly.
Here's your chance to wow someone with some great vocabulary... Comment below with a sentence using this week's WOW word...
Monday is PUNday. Hope your week stays "on track."
Here's your chance to wow someone with some great vocabulary... Comment below with a sentence using this week's WOW word...
Monday is PUNday. Have a peaceful week.
Here's your chance to wow someone with some great vocabulary... What are you really adept at?
Monday is PUNday. Hope you're not feeling too 'tired' this week.
What's your favourite type of tree?


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