The Pack - Language Experience

The Pack - Language Experience


Loved The Pack Language Experience so much last year in Madrid that I went back for more in 2019. This surely has to be one of the most effective, interesting and exciting ways to improve your Spanish. There were 7 of us in the group and the course took place in beautiful San Lorenzo de Escorial and consisted of a mixture of formal lessons, visits and activities. The lessons were designed not only to improve your Spanish but also to enhance the associated activity and ensure you got the maximum benefit from it. Visits included Avila, Segovia, La Granja and San Lorenzo de Escorial. Organisers Adrian and Ana did a great job both in preparing the course but also ensuring that it all ran smoothly; picking up at the airport, meals, local guides and surprise activities and so on. Yes, there was a course outline issued in advance but how nice that, when the time came, nobody failed to be surprised at the nature of the activity. I am deliberately not giving away what all the activities were. Come on the course and find out for yourself. You’ll not regret it.😀

• Where: St Andrew’s
• When: 17th April
• What: Outdoor city walks and sightseeing
(e.g. castle, cathedral, beach walks)
• Application deadline: 8th April

This shoot fits within a series of shoots that aim at promoting diversity. We aim to celebrate people from the disabled, LGBT+, senior, BME and Minority faith communities in shoots spanning throughout the year and across Scotland.
In this shoot, we will be focusing on couples from all the above categories.

• Volunteer Models criteria:
- For you to be able to attend with your partner for most of the
- To be visibly part of an under-represented group (e.g. for disabled people, we need the disability to be visible, or made visible by an aid such as a walking stick – this is purely due to the fact that the aim of the project is to increase visual representations of diversity in promotional materials)
- To be comfortable in front of a camera (we want you to have fun during the shoot, and it will show on the pictures too!)

Send the following to Gabrielle,
at [email protected]
- Name
- Pictures of yourself and your partner
(both portrait and full body if possible)
- Contact details for both participants
- Access requirements

• What’s covered:
Food and travel will be covered, as well as any activities planned as part of the shoot (depending on the shoot, you might get a nice dinner or access to an exciting attraction out of it!).
You will also have full access to any photos you model for (which means beautiful professional pictures of you and your loved one enjoying a nice day out).
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
If you are interested but cannot attend those specific dates, do get in touch and we will keep you in mind for future shoots.

Gabrielle Blackburn
Communications Executive – Inclusive Tourism
0131 4722 260
[email protected]

Language holidays in Spain and Scotland
Online Spanish & English classes Discover our language immersion trips.

Improve your Spanish in Madrid or your English in Edinburgh and live a great experience!

Operating as usual


¡Feliz 🥘! Nosotros lo celebramos recordando nuestro reciente viaje de inmersión lingüística a la Sierra de Guadarrama, donde probamos paellas muy ricas. 😋

Photos from Asociación de Educación Ambiental Abantos Activo's post 14/09/2023

Excursión interpretativa de la naturaleza e historia del Bosque de La Herrería, para grupo de escoceses de The Pack - Language Experience.

Photos from The Pack - Language Experience's post 08/09/2023

Yesterday we had a walk to discover the  beautiful natural surroundings of San Lorenzo de El Escorial and learn more about the flora and fauna there. The walk included a rewarding and enjoyable lunch: 😋

Tortillas de patata 🥔
Ensaladas 🥗
Pimientos de Padrón 🫑

Photos from The Pack - Language Experience's post 06/09/2023

Siempre es un placer visitar el Teatro Coliseo Carlos III de la mano del mismísimo Rey 👑

¡Muchas gracias !


La primera ciudad patrimonio de la que visitamos en nuestra semana de inmersión lingüística es Ávila.

Pasamos un día magnífico recorriendo sus murallaa y, cómo no, probando sus típicas yemas de Santa Teresa.


In just a few days, new participants will walk on San Lorenzo de El Escorial streets and will participate in a new language immersion week in Sierra de Guadarrama.
We are looking forward to seeing you here!

Photos from The Pack - Language Experience's post 15/08/2023


Las mejores 20 frases sobre aprender un idioma 09/08/2023

Por si necesitas más motivos para aprender un idioma…

Las mejores 20 frases sobre aprender un idioma Las mejores 20 frases sobre aprender un idioma. ¿Estás de acuerdo con ellas? ¿Cuál te gusta más?¿Conocéis alguna más?


Comenzamos el mes de agosto con esta popular expresión en español. ¿La habías oído alguna vez?

Photos from The Pack - Language Experience's post 26/07/2023

Caminar por los mercados de España es un auténtico placer para los sentidos. ¿Sabes el nombre de estos productos en español? ¿Cuál es tu preferido?


🫒 Aceitunas
🧀 Queso
🥔🥚 Tortilla de patata
🦪🍤 Mejillones, gambas, navajas y vieiras
🫑 Pimientos de Padrón

Receta de gazpacho andaluz tradicional 21/07/2023

Hace unos días os mostrábamos los ingredientes del y aquí os dejamos la receta por si os apetece poner en práctica vuestro español así como vuestras dotes culinarias 😋👨‍🍳

Receta de gazpacho andaluz tradicional Gazpacho andaluz, la receta tradicional: Aprende cómo hacer la sopa fría más fácil de la gastronomía andaluza. Consejos, trucos, ingredientes y...


Uno de los platos españoles más nutritivos y populares en verano es el gazpacho. 🍅🥒🧄🥖🧂

¿Lo has probado?

Blog de idiomas, aprendizaje de idiomas, viajes y más con - The Pack LE 11/07/2023

☀️El verano puede ser una buena época para poner en práctica tus competencias lingüísticas en español. Hoy te recomendamos que eches un vistazo a nuestro blog donde encontrarás artículos de lectura, útiles infografías e interesantes entrevistas. 📖

Blog de idiomas, aprendizaje de idiomas, viajes y más con - The Pack LE Blog de idiomas. Descubre las últimas noticias y curiosidades de The Pack · Language Experience sobre cómo aprender idiomas, viajes y mucho más. Todo está en nuestro blog.


Our offer one-in-a-lifetime experiences such as this exclusive dinner we had in our Madrid Pack by the Michelin-star chef Ricardo Sanz. 🍣👨‍🍳

Ricardo Sanz

Photos from The Pack - Language Experience's post 08/06/2023

En nuestra visita a la Fábrica de Cristales de La Granja nos enseñaron la diferencia entre vidrio y cristal y pudimos ver en directo cómo trabajan estos materiales.
¡Qué interesante!

Photos from The Pack - Language Experience's post 22/05/2023

En nuestros viajes de siempre descubrimos rincones muy interesantes de la mano de guías locales.


There is nothing like an international environment and plenty of outdoor activities to have a great experience this summer. And all in a sunny and charming town in the south of Spain.

If you have teens in your family, do not hesitate to recommend Lenguaventura Camps

Photos from The Pack - Language Experience's post 12/05/2023

Los estudiantes de español seguro que reconocen el temido subjuntivo en estas viñetas de Quino y René Merino.


This year our partner Lenguaventura Camps celebrates its 20th anniversary; 20 years of providing teenagers with amazing summers in the South of Spain thanks to their dedicated and professional team. No wonder we always recommend this .


At The Pack - Language Experience we are working to offer a wider range of in Spain.

What destination would you like to travel and practise your Spanish? 🇪🇸


Our Spanish immersion weeks include daily lunches with the teachers, so the immersion is not only linguistic but also gastronomic! 👩‍🍳🥘


En nuestros viajes de inmersión lingüística nos encanta callejear para conocer todos los lugares que visitamos.

¿Conocíais este verbo en español?


Outdoor walks in nature, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, local traditions… This is only just a glimpse of our Spanish full immersion week in Sierra de Guadarrama.

Limited spaces - Contact us for more info.


Ávila is one of the UNESCO heritage cities we visit in our Sierra de Guadarrama Pack. A unique city for different reasons. Would you like to know why? Join our next and find out for yourself!

More info: [email protected]


Apart from improving Spanish or English, in our trips, we put other skills into practise thanks to interesting workshops and experiences that are part of our activity programmes.

Photos from The Pack - Language Experience's post 10/03/2023

Siempre es un placer poder tener clases presenciales con los estudiantes, quedar para tomar un café o para disfrutar de una comida mientras practicamos español. ☕️🇪🇸


Do you also miss having lunch outdoors? ☀️🌿😋


Today it’s the anniversary of when we first came to . That was exactly 17 years ago and since then, we have been connected to this beautiful and magical city.

As tradition dictates, a visit to Bobby is always a must. 🐶😊

El 23-F: la noche de los transistores » Episodios de Nuestra Historia 23/02/2023

¿Sabes qué pasó en España el 23 de febrero de 1981 y por qué a esa noche se le llama “la noche de los transistores”? 📻

El 23-F: la noche de los transistores » Episodios de Nuestra Historia Los españoles siguieron el minuto a minuto del golpe de Estado perpetrado por Antonio Tejero, Alfonso Armada y Milans del Bosch a través de la radio.


| acariciar

1. tr. Hacer caricias a alguien o algo.
2. tr. Tratar a alguien con amor y ternura.
3. tr. Dicho de una cosa: Tocar o rozar suavemente a otra. «La brisa acariciaba su rostro».
4. tr. Pensar en conseguir algo, como una idea, un proyecto, etc. «Acariciar un deseo».
5. tr. Llegar muy cerca de algo. «Acariciar el éxito, la victoria».

«El aire acaricia y besa,
como un amante lo haría,
la orgullosa bizarría
de la cabellera espesa».

Así usó Rubén Darío este verbo, formado sobre «caricia» (del italiano dialectal «carizze», variante del italiano «carezza», derivado de «caro» ‘querido’).

Rafael J. Alcaide co-founder of Amoami - The Pack LE 12/01/2023

We've recently discovered Amoami, a very interesting project offering support and integration to Ukrainian women. Rafael J. Alcaide tells us more about it in this interview. 💙💛

Rafael J. Alcaide co-founder of Amoami - The Pack LE Rafael J. Alcaide, co-founder of Amoami; an original project offering support and integration through the design of crocheted teddy bears.


No matter where you are, you can always put your Spanish into practise. We offer small group online conversation sessions and one-to-one tailormade classes. All in a relaxed atmosphere to build up confidence while improving the language.

Would you like to give it a try?
📧Contact us at: [email protected]

What you need to know about Spain’s festive Roscón de Reyes cake 06/01/2023

El dulce más rico de todas las navidades... 😋

What you need to know about Spain’s festive Roscón de Reyes cake Every culture has a particular food associated with Christmas and in Spain there is nothing more typically festive than the Roscón de Reyes, the 'Cake of Kings'. Here's what you need to know about this tradition and its fascinating origins.


Only 24 hours until we say goodbye to 2022 but, before that, we want to remember our highlights of this year and the return of our trips.

Thanks to everyone who made them possible! 🙂

Los anuncios de la lotería de navidad 2022 | EL PAÍS 21/12/2022

Mañana se celebra el tradicional sorteo de , una tradición muy arraigada en España. Unas semanas antes, también se espera con mucha expectación el anuncio de TV.

Los anuncios de la lotería de navidad 2022 | EL PAÍS Los vídeos 'Tres Orquídeas', 'Vika' y 'El Viaje' , que componen la nueva campaña de navidad de 2022 de la lotería, cuentan emocionantes historias de personas...

Christmas Advent Words Calendar 14/12/2022

All the words you need to know for Christmas in English and Spanish! 🎄🎁🎅🎁🎄
¡Todas las palabras que necesitas saber sobre Navidad en inglés y español!

6 cosas que dan mala suerte - The Pack Language Experience 13/12/2022

Hoy es y para muchos países de habla hispana es un día de mala suerte.

Y tú, ¿Eres supersticioso/a? 🍀🤞🏼

6 cosas que dan mala suerte - The Pack Language Experience Martes 13 es considerado un día de mala suerte, tanto en España como en algunos países de Sudamérica. Conoce qué otras cosas dan mala suerte.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?

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