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Our Mission: to help anyone, any age or state of health to become happier and healthier for the rest of their lives with Cambridge Weight Plan!

35 fast facts about The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan

We’re marking 35 years of weight loss winning this year! To celebrate, here’s 35 fast facts with all you need to know! Get the low-down on Products, inspiring dieter stories and find bright ideas to tickle your tastebuds. From food hacks to wellbeing, we've got you covered.

Have you felt miserable because of your weight in the excessive heat? Get in touch and I'll explain how with Cambridge Weight Plan you could be a clothes size smaller and a lot more comfortable by the end of July. You'll soon feel the #CWP difference

Independent Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant - Nathalie Miquel-Elcano
Tel: 689 807 127
Email: [email protected]

Who likes a Bloody Mary? Who likes Gazpacho? Delish options to make the Tomato Soup into a summer product! Blend it with ice, a splash of Habanero chili, and some cucumber for garnish! Yum!!
You don't always have to have sweet products cold in summer! 🍅❄

Gain confidence, wear clothes you love, play the sport you've missed. What will you gain when you lose?

Independent Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant - Nathalie Miquel-Elcano
Tel: 689 807 127
Email: [email protected]

After taking some time off for maternity leave, I am officially back in business to help you look and feel your best for the summer and beyond!

Appointments available from June 19th, message me here, email me on [email protected] or give me a call on 689807127 to schedule yours!

The dieter's experience of Cambridge Weight Plan is a bit like having a friend by their side, a really supportive, knowledgeable, wise and experienced friend cheering them on. Our biggest asset has always been one-to-one relationships, whether that’s between a dieter and their consultant or between a consultant and their team. Our brand is built on these relationships and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

So you've just found out about Cambridge Weight Plan and you're checking us out - quite right too! You want to know whether it works don't you?

A major trial carried out by Oxford University in the UK has proven that a combination of Total Diet Replacement programmes (TDRs) and one-to-one support, could lead to better weight loss results than the usual NHS care route.Our products were used in this trial!

Read more here:

Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant 1:1 Support - Palma Mallorca

Do you want a weightloss plan that's all about you? Not about Sonia who cheated last week or about Gwen who always faffs about in the queue to get weighed... Your consultations with me are private and just about you and your progress. That's why #ThisIsTheOne Get the weight gone!

A little reminder: Cambridge is now backed up by the medical world as a very effective way to lose weight safely & quickly!

What makes Cambridge Weight Plan unique?
- Its use in the 2 year DiRect Diabetes Remission trial funded by Diabetes UK
- Its use along with our clients in the Droplet medical trial reported on BBC1 reversing T2 Diabetes
- It helps reduce fatty liver and the pancreas of dangerous fats
- It helps reduce blood pressure
- Our UNIQUE private, 1-to-1, FACE to FACE weekly consultations plus extra 24/7 support if necessary
- You can NOT buy our products online as you have to be medically assessed as your health is of paramount importance

To book a consultation in the Palma area or find out more, get in touch!�Message me on this page or by email: [email protected]

Did you watch The Big Crash Diet Experiment on BBC1?
They shared the AMAZING health results of a research trial carried out by obesity experts. In this trial, slimmers used Cambridge Weight Plan products and had the one-to-one support of their own Consultant.
Contact me to find out how you can improve your health with CWP!

‘Crash’ diets should be prescribed on the NHS, uni professor claims

Though I don't like the term "crash diet", it is great to see that so many people are talking positively about Cambridge Weight Plan!
"Crash diet" is a catchy phrase, but in my opinion it doesn't fully do justice to #CWP! We are a long term lifestyle change - the only weight loss programme that I am aware of that offers the full four phases of weight management: Preparation, Weight loss, Stabilisation and Maintenance.
Our 1 to 1 personalized support along with our programmes really changes peoples lives. People lose weight and they keep it off. This is the real weight loss deal- and yes, it is safe, and yes, it is healthy and nutritionally balanced!

See the BBC programme on Wednesday night for further results/info on what the trial entailed!

‘Phenomenal’ results from a major new trial show those put on a rigorous 800-calorie-a-day programme lost three times more weight than those assigned normal diets, said Susan Jebb.

Formula meal diet plan can tackle obesity in short term

More about Cambridge Weight Plan in the press: an article from The Guardian! Four drinks a day over eight weeks can help those at risk of heart disease, says study

Good Morning Britain - Cambridge Weight Plan

Lots of interest in Cambridge Weight Plan after the press and television coverage this weekend!
Whether you're looking for a fresh start or a restart, or perhaps know someone that is, please get in touch and book your appointment and we'll get started. Here's a link to the Good Morning Britain discussion from this morning with Dr Hilary Jones in case you missed it. Good Morning Britain Discussion About DROPLET trial results. Mon 28th May 2018

Well done Sarah Schmeider, Australia's 2018 Cambridge Weight Plan Slimmer of the Year!
Read her story on

[05/07/18]   Well done, what a transformation!!

Summer is coming...
Send me a message to find out how Cambridge Weight Plan can help you get ready for it!

Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant - 1:1 Support - Mazarron, Murcia

Another fantastic accreditation achievement and subsequently ANOTHER member of my #TheLayTeam
Nathalie Miquel-Elcano
Cambridge Weight Plan-PALMA DE MALLORCA

Massive well done and an finally an "official" Welcome!!
So excited for you! Launching soon - watch this space!

The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan

Nichole Parkes was amazing on #ThisTimeNextYear tonight on @ITV - she lost over 7st on Cambridge Weight Plan! “This diet has worked for me, and I know I’ll never go back to the size I was.” Read her amazing success story here 👉

Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant 1:1 Support - Palma Mallorca's cover photo

Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant 1:1 Support - Palma Mallorca's cover photo

Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant - Palma Mallorca

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