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Personal Training with diet review and individually designed training program in many different outdoor locations . Fitness is not a destination it's a lifestyle!

Personal Fitness training at your home, Fit & Fast Studio or in your own gym, regular fitness assessments, diet review, monthly body composition checks, resistance training, HIIT in the park, athletic track training, endurance running training, cross training, flexibility, core training, back clinic, pilates.

Misión: Get Fit! Stay Healthy! Be Happy!

A lot of fun today... running to a hidden climbing tunnel and doing some upper body work with Dalina who is a natural climber!!👌

How Exercise Affects Our Memory Even a single workout may make our brain’s memory centers, like our muscles, more fit.

The Heart of a Swimmer vs. the Heart of a Runner

very interesting. I run a lot. non-runners often tell me it is dangerous for the heart and/or joints because they hear of a marathon runner who had a heart attack or a long distance runner with bad knees. all I can say it is more dangerous not to run (or do any other cardio exercise). runners hearts are stronger! the benefits of running (especially trails) outway the risks BY FAR. no doubt. Regular exercise changes the look and workings of the human heart. And researchers are discovering that different sports affect the heart differently.

Training systematically is the way forward in life. All aspects of fitness need to covered to create a balanced regime and if done properly it has a huge positive impact on your physical and mental health.
Contact me for fitness holidays or regular personal/small group training in Mallorca

Sleep is your superpower Sleep is your life-support system and Mother Nature's best effort yet at immortality, says sleep scientist Matt Walker. In this deep dive into the science of slumber, Walker shares the wonderfully good things that happen when you get sleep -- and the alarmingly bad things that happen when you don't,...

Sleep is your superpower Sleep is your life-support system and Mother Nature's best effort yet at immortality, says sleep scientist Matt Walker. In this deep dive into the science of slumber, Walker shares the wonderfully good things that happen when you get sleep -- and the alarmingly bad things that happen when you don't,...

Luis Enrique Sosa

running & reading 👍🏼👍🏼

La Clave de la Vida - Will Smith

available for 1-3 persons any time from mid August.
accomodation in Palma, healthy diet, daily training with me, bicycles... all included.
please email me for details.
[email protected]

not every day must be beast mode training... fitness is a fine balance
listen to your body
mobility and agility are just as important
as strength & endurance

Rooibos Tea Benefits Weight Loss, Plus 9 Other Reasons to Drink It

my favourite tea Rooibos tea's benefits range from weight loss and better sleep to fuller hair and better heart health. Here's why you should be drinking it.

Strengthing your core means you have a strong middle...a powerful center energy! You can prevent back problems and improve your stability and balance.
core exercises with Dalina and Fiona.

Seaweed Pods To Replace Plastic Bottles At London Marathon

awesome initiative!! In the race to cut down on plastic waste, London Marathon organisers have stepped up to the starting line.

every day is a new day to improve, to enjoy, to move, to groove! love the body you have while you are working on the body you want! 🤩

I found that only by stepping far out of my comfort zone I feel like a wholesome human being. pushing boundaries, overcoming fear and taking risks makes you feel alive and kicking all the time.
this is applicable to life in general. We are just using fitness to get there mentally as well as physically.

personal & group training in Mallorca

We end the week doing what we love doing most. 💪🏼

My clients come in all shapes & sizes, ages, with totally different level of fitness, and different health histories/backgrounds. But these things they all have in common : the wish to improve themselves, the willpower to work hard and the trust in me to get them to where they want to be. I respect everyone deeply who is willing to begin the jouney to get fit and change bad habits to good ones, to train f.ex. on God Friday (today) when they could just be lazy and eat lots. It is a damn tough choice but probably one of the best choices you can make in your life. 💪🏼

It is only when we move in all directions, hold a muscle contraction for an extended time, lift, push, pull and move either slow & controlled or fast & light we become all-round fit. STRENGTH - MUSCLE ENDURANCE - CARDIO FITNESS - FLEXIBITY - MOBILITY- CLEAN EATING
all components of fitness need to be incorporated in functional fitness.
Welcome to being Fit & Fast Fiona! 💪🏼

Begin the week with determination and dedication.
Finish the week feeling strong & proud.

training in your natural environment! everything is possible!!
message me for details in Mallorca

over the past 25 years I have been training the focus has shifted from going to the gym to maintain a certain weight and looking good to performance and skill based goals. through martial arts I've learnt discipline and enduring pain, though running I 've learnt perseverance and meditation in movement, through obstacle course racing I've learnt to overcome fear and became stronger mentally & physically. At 50 my body is aging of course and the acceptance of that is part of my journey. My goal is to stay functionally fit to be able to do what I love doing for as long as possible... this is way more important than looks. True happiness is coming from a deep sense of achievement. When I feel like flying over the mountains I know life could not be better for me in the NOW.

Total Race 2019

TOTAL RACE OCR!!! ponte a prueba con nuestra carrera de obstáculo. Una combinación de fuerza, resistencia y habilidad que te obligará a sacar lo mejor de ti.
A qué estás esperando?

Having a workout partner really motivates you, increases intensities and makes it all more fun. I love running alone but even better with my running partner or with my team. STRONGER TOGETHER is so true. It is important to be able to work out alone as well but with the right tribe it is the tip of the iceberg.

for buddy workouts or small groups in Mallorca
please pm me

Why Trail Running is the Best Exercise for Your Health

having been a road runner for more than 10 years and then swaped tarmac for trails / mountains I can only confirm all the points made in this article!! Trail running will give you the biggest bang for the buck in terms of health benefits.

looking forward to this workshop


Since becoming vegetarian I have become more creative in producing nutritious wholesome delicious meals suitable for sportspeople. if you need help with your diet pm me.

Homemade tabouleh, houmous and falafel.

Total Race 2019

Buenos días T.Racers, ya empezáis a estar recuperados de Spartan Mallorca?
Pues ahora poned en vuestra calendario nuestra carrera,donde seguro os haremos "pasar un buen rato".
Inscripciones en el link

..... and all will fall into place!

2 months of intense functional training and running has really worked with Mila who is seriously all-round fit and strong now. as a result we often train together. BOOM!

Nike - Dream Crazier


Show them what crazy dreams can do. #justdoit

Artificially Sweetened Drinks (Aspartame, etc.) Found To Triple Your Risk of Stroke & Dementia

WAKE UP PEOPLE AND STOP DRINKING THAT SH*T Artificial sweeteners have been a controversial topic for a long time, and despite a harsh industry response, multiple studies have implicated them in a host of health issues, including diabetes and cancer. Now, a new study has emerged out of Boston University showing that drinking diet soda regular...

The truth about fitness and really fit people:
1. to become fit and implement all the necessary changes is tough at first
2. you need a hell of a lot of willpower and discipline to become/stay all-round fit
3. the basics of fitness MUST become your lifestyle choices..... AND THIS IS THE MOMENT WHEN IT TIPS INTO THE POSITIVE BECAUSE
4. once you live a fitness lifestyle everything improves: physical appearance and well-being, mental health, confidence, relationships, engery levels, etc etc
5. a fitness lifestyle is NOT boring as some people assume. it is exciting, full of challenges, like-minded people who are also risk-takers and adventurous (at least in my chosen sport ;), and endless opportunities to test your strength & endurance.
6. a sports diet is not boring either. you will soon not like any "bad food" any more as it counter-acts your goals and makes you feel tired. eating well (and lots of it) is fun and feels nurishing instead of fattening.
7. a fit body=a happy heart. Being fit is very very likely to make you a positive, balanced individual.

7 Reasons why you should complete an obstacle course race this year

agreed to all of this!! Obstacle racing has been picking up steam as a sport lately and it’s undeniably added a certain edge to the world of ultra and running competitions.

León o gacela ¿que animal eres? | Video Motivador para Corredores | RunFitners Una popular frase define a la perfección lo importante que es correr: "Cada mañana en Africa, una gacela se despierta sabiendo que debe...

Being part of someone's journey of self-improvement is so rewarding. to see a woman become the best version of herself with all the many hours of hard training and turning up for outdoor workouts whatever the weather and the mood. step by step a warrior is emerging. thanks to my job & dedication to fitness I meet the most remarkable people, Dalina being one of them.
kicking ass all the way 💥💥💥

"CELLULITE" is something every woman is made to hate...and a big marketing machine promotes endless products, procedures, massages, vibrating electrodes etc etc. I agree with the notion that excessive adipose tissue ie fat reserves in the body are not healthy but cellulite is not a disease.... it simply is what is: FAT. Fat can be reduced by sticking to a good clean diet and exercising most days. whatever age you are and whatever genetic disposition you have... you can control your physique with disciplined diet and consistent training which in itself has endless other benefits. a little cellulite might remain but that is ok ... afterall we are not made of plastic 😉

So ultimately fitness is mainly about being/staying/becoming healthy.... with physical health comes mental health. and being healthy starts with clean eating and sufficient hydration. I eat mainly vegetarian (that is my choice out of a moral obligation to our planet), focusing on a balanced diet of fresh vegetables, fruit, quinoa, rice, pulses, seeds, roots, etc . if you stick to the good stuff you will feel your energy levels increasing and your whole being feeling balanced. you are preventing many diseases and you are feeling fresh and young whatever your age may be.
then the next puzzle piece is systematic training.
if you need help with any of it, contact me for details.

3 obstacle course races coming up this spring in Mallorca. Fantastic challenges.. excellent goals... brilliant motivation for systematic training. LET'S DO THIS!!!!

Lifting Weights As You Age Cuts Your Risk Of Early Death By 46% Discover the science of how strength training keeps you young

It's been an awesome year 2018 training some brilliant dedicated and fun people. all training was done outdoors on this stunning island- in the parks, mountains and on the beach. thank you to all for making it happen.
i love being your guide.
Happy action-packed new year!!!!

BBC Oxford

Talk about a powerful woman! 💪💪

becoming strong, fast, agile, mobile and balanced is the most amazing and rewarding journey of self-care and self-improvement. with every training there is a little progress and the feeling of achievement through hard work and positive motivation is making life so much better.
on top of that the health benefits are numerous.
make sure your training is systematic and in correct form, preferably largely outdoors, your diet is clean and you stay consistent. a lot of amazing stuff will happen!

Come on people. a healthy diet is even more important than exercise!!

I believe we should wheelbarrow more! It improves core strength & stability, upper body strength, coordination and motoric skills. It reminds of child's play and is always fun and a great exercise in many ways. Progession: up the stairs....

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