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[04/26/18]   Hack of the day: Dip the top of your keys in paint to easily differentiate them.


Aprende inglés con canciones: I'll stand you (The Pretenders)

Magnífica canción del grupo británico. Buena práctica para hacer tu oído al inglés de las Islas Británicas


Pedro Sánchez tiene un inglés decente (Famosos españoles hablando en inglés)

Yes, some Spanish politicians speak English

Aunque está leyendo y dando un discurso preparado se ve que el líder socialista se maneja bien con la lengua inglesa


Aprende inglés con canciones - Running up that Hill (Kate Bush)

Romántica canción que te emocionará y ayudará a practicar tu inglés con más ganas


Famosos cuentan su experiencia aprendiendo inglés: Antonio Banderas

A Banderas también le costó lo suyo

Si quieres conocer los avatares a los que se enfrentó el bueno de Antonio para aprender inglés echa un vistazo a este video


Letra de la canción "Will you still love me" de Amy Winehouse

Practica tu listening y traduce la letra de la maravillosa cantante británica. El acento y la dicción es excelente.


Letra de Shape of you (Ed Sheeran)

Practica tu inglés con esta divertida canción


Emilio Botín hablando en inglés con acento de Santander :-)

Si creías que tu inglés era malo y que laboralmente no tienes nada que hacer, aquí te traemos un poco de consuelo. Este hombre demostró que puedes dirigir un...


Is Bitcoin Or Ethereum A Better Investment Over The Next 10 Years?

Is Ethereum a better long term investment (10 year horizon) than Bitcoin? What should you consider when looking at crypto long term? Will Bitcoin still be #1...


Fat, sick and nearly dead - Full Movie



Goodbye to buy-to-let: why I’m moving on after 13 years as a landlady

theguardian.com Like many landlords, a first-time property investor is cashing out – after a profit of £190,000 almost entirely due to house price rises


They say after Brexit there’ll be food rotting in the fields. It’s already started | John Harris

theguardian.com UK farms rely on European fruit and vegetable pickers. But this summer they’re staying away, writes Guardian columnist John Harris


Majority of British public support free movement of citizens anywhere in the EU, new survey suggests

independent.co.uk A majority of the British public support the free movement of citizens to live, work, study and do business anywhere in the EU, according to a new survey mapping public opinion across Europe.


Facebook robot is shut down after it 'invented its own language'

metro.co.uk Nobody panic.


'Leaving London means I can afford kids': readers on why the capital lost its sparkle

theguardian.com Readers who have left London, or are avoiding the city altogether, explain why London is no longer the place to be


Facebook May Have Just Shown What Elon Musk, Bill Gates, And Stephen Hawking Have Been Afraid Of All Along

inc.com The threat of AI isn't in what we know but in what it knows and won't tell us.


Finland is testing universal basic income - and found it has had an unexpected side effect

Finland has been giving 2,000 of its citizens an unconditional income for the last five months and some are already seeing the benefits, reporting decreased stress, greater incentives to find work and more time to pursue business ideas.


Stomach-churning US food standards that could be imported post Brexit

inews.co.uk Some people are spitting feathers over the prospect of chlorine-washed chicken being allowed to enter the UK for consumption under any post-Brexit trade de


The World If...a universal basic income took off

worldif.economist.com The Economist gets hypothetical


Spain road trip: San Sebastián to Valencia

www.theguardian.com This route kicks off with the dazzling food and art of the Basque country before traversing Navarre and Aragon and heading south to Spain’s paella capital


My reverse culture shock: returning from a year abroad is tough

theguardian.com After a life-changing year studying in Canada, coming back home felt like a backward step


Our ancestors were much stronger than us — here's how to rebuild those abilities

independent.co.uk There's a lot we don't know about our Paleolithic ancestors and their fitness. We can't exactly put them through a modern strength test or fitness routine. But we do know that thousands of years ago, those ancestors spread out across the globe, traversing deserts like the Sahara and freezing regions...

The Economist

Donald Trump is the first American president without a pet in nearly 150 years

The Economist

Donald Trump (71) may be many things, but old he is not, nor for that matter is Vladimir Putin (64), who qualifies for his bus pass in October. Yet governments and employers still treat 65 as a cliff’s edge



Easy and very beneficial

Jumping rope is an excellent form of exercise even for adults and a favorite of boxers as it helps improve their footwork, build stamina and become more coor...



HOW TO STUDY MORE IN LESS TIME - THE 80/20 PARETO RULE BY RICHARD KOCH | ANIMATED BOOK SUMMARY Optimize Your Journey's page : https://www.facebook.c...


'Atheist Muslim' points out what right and left get wrong about Islam

independent.co.uk A self-styled “atheist Muslim” author says liberals have stifled criticism of Islam and allowed Donald Trump supporters to hijack debate about the religion from “a position of xenophobia and bigotry”. Ali Rizvi claimed those on the left and right of the political spectrum are unable to distinguish b...

The Independent

Your cat needs this glass bubble chair


Why the UK is no longer a place for young people

metro.co.uk The UK needs to prioritise young people, or risk losing them.


"He’s supportive underneath Putin’s arm."

¿Quieres que tu escuela/facultad sea el Escuela/facultad mas cotizado en Madrid?

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Vereda Del Carmen, 17
Otros Escuelas de idiomas en Madrid (mostrar todas)
The Green Monkey Ensanche de Vallecas The Green Monkey Ensanche de Vallecas
Calle Embalse De Navacerrada, 3
Madrid, 28051

Nuestra escuela de idiomas The Green Monkey Ensanche de Vallecas, te ofrece cursos de todos los idiomas para todas las edades y niveles. También tenemos cursos de tecnología y robótica educativa.

The Green Monkey - Barrio de Salamanca The Green Monkey - Barrio de Salamanca
Calle De Ayala, 74, 28001 Madrid, España
Madrid, 28001

The Green Monkey - Barrio de Salamanca es un Centro de Idiomas que trata de hacer llegar una formación de alta calidad al máximo posible de alumnos.

Ian's School Ian's School
Calle Los Yébenes, 70
Madrid, 28047

English Language School in Aluche

Native Spanish Online Teacher Native Spanish Online Teacher
Paseo De Los Castellanos, 9
Madrid, 28025

Native Spanish live classes by videoconference, Skype, etc... Clases de español nativo por videoconferencia, Skype, etc...

Centro Palabra Centro Palabra
Calle Del Carnero, 10
Madrid, 28005

Centro ruso-hispano. Испанско-русскй центр. www.centropalabra.com [email protected] + 34 634588361

Agora Espanhol Agora Espanhol
Calle San Bernardo, 63
Madrid, 28015

A sua melhor experiência de estudos na Espanha e nós podemos te ajudar! Possuímos 20 anos de experiência no ramo da educação, trazendo estudantes do mundo todo para estudar na Espanha.

Alliance Française - Estancias Lingüísticas Alliance Française - Estancias Lingüísticas
Cuesta Santo Domingo, 13
Madrid, 28013

La red de las Alliances Françaises en España les propone un amplio panel de estancias lingüísticas en Francia, Bélgica, Suiza y en Canadá. Ofrece también campamentos lingüísticos en en España en Somolinos y El Escorial.

AIL Joven - Cursos de español para grupos en Madrid y Málaga AIL Joven - Cursos de español para grupos en Madrid y Málaga
Calle O'Donnell 27, 28009
Madrid, 28009

AIL Madrid es una academia de español situada en el centro de Madrid. AIL Madrid is a Spanish language school located in the heart of Madrid.

Centro de Educación y Estudio Centro de Educación y Estudio
C/ Quero 39
Madrid, 28024

Enseñanza presencial. Idiomas, informática, contabilidad Mecanografía, oposiciones, Mindfulness Apoyo y recuperación escolar (todos los niveles )

Español Online Español Online
Madrid, 5600

Spanisch-Unterricht Online / Spanish-Lessons online / clases de español online

Clases de Hebreo Clases de Hebreo
Plaza Emilio Jiménez Millas 2
Madrid, 28008

Hebreo Vivo es una organización dedicada a la difusión y enseñanza de la lengua hebrea, la cultura judía y la actualidad israelí entre la población hispanoparlante en general

Escuela TransCreat Escuela TransCreat
Calle De Silva
Madrid, 28013

TransCreat: ESCUELA DE ESPAÑOL l TRADUCCIONES [email protected] l +34 686174666 l C/Silva 2, pl. 1, Madrid (Metro: Callao, Santo Domingo)