A professional service for home users and small businesses experiencing problems with their computers. English speaking in Caleta De Fuste, Fuerteventura

If you are experiencing problems with your PC why not book it in for a health check. The health check includes:
Updating your operating system to the latest patching level
Performance tuning to run at it's optimum speed
Registry maintenance to clean the machine of junk
Virus removal / Spyware Removal
Updating all component drivers to ensure hardware is running at it's best

Any hardware upgrades o


If your computer runs Windows XP - avoid the expense of having to upgrade to Windows 8 to stay secure,

[06/30/14]   Microsoft has ended support for Windows XP - this means no new security updates to keep your computer protected.

But did you know, you can update your computer without the expense of moving to Windows 7 or Windows 8?

By moving to Linux, you can have a lightweight operating system for your computer, that will run almost all of the software you are familiar with, with a similar point and click interface like Windows.

It is also more secure and less likely to be infected with a virus.

Get in touch today for a quote on upgrading to Linux.

[06/22/14]   Many computer issues are mainly caused by software issues rather than hardware issues.

If your computer is running slowly or you are experiencing other problems, why not book it in for a health check.

A health check includes:
Improving speed and performance
Updating the operating system to the latest patches (Windows)
Cleaning and optimising the registry
Virus and Malware removal
Health check of hardware components
Disk optimisation
Cleaning accumulated "Junk" from the operating system (Windows)
Vacuuming dust and dirt from inside the computer for maintenance

The health check does not include hardware upgrades or replacements. These are charged separately due to the varying costs of spares.

E-mail [email protected]
Tel 657 81 37 13




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