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Let's Learn Hebrew

Learning Biblical Hebrew provides spiritual, historical and cultural insights into the Bible! We're different! NOT HERE. Skillsetts™ makes learning Hebrew EASY.

Let's Learn Hebrew is the only Hebrew School you need to learn Biblical Hebrew and deepen your understanding of the Hebrew Scriptures. No set itinerary or schedule allows you to learn at your own pace and master each element before moving on. Other Hebrew courses can be very intimidating if you fail to do the homework or keep up with the class. We respect your learning style and work with you righ

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How well do you know the Hebrew words Shalom שלם? Watch the video and find out?

Open Enrollment for our live coaching Biblical Hebrew classes ends May 12th.

To learn more go to https://www.letslearnhebrew.com

Let's Learn Hebrew in 5 Weeks! 02/05/2023

Enrollment's open for our Fast Track 5 course. Learn to read the Bible in 1/2 the time as traditional classes! Watch the video and sign up today! Enrollment ends in 10 days.

Let's Learn Hebrew in 5 Weeks! In my new online and live 5-Week Fast Track Beginner Hebrew Course, you will be reading the first verses of Beresh*t chapter 1 (Genesis). Plus you will learn...


I had no idea Tulips are indigenous to Israel! 😳

The first tulips are coming up in the Negev this winter. Did you know that the tulip is indigenous to Israel?


It's 5783! If you are ready to learn Biblical Hebrew, let me know below! 👇

I am putting together a new one-on-one coaching program! 🥸

We also offer Beginning Online Course that teaches you the Alphabet and how to read basic Hebrew words in 4 weeks! 👏


If you have ever wanted to learn Biblical Hebrew, NOW is YOUR Opportunity! TODAY starts a 5-Day only Price Reveal Sale!

Every day the course will have a unique price, you will have only 24 hours to buy it before it expires and a new price is revealed.

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Get ready for FIVE DAYS of HEBREW Specials beginning April 1st!

Photos from Let's Learn Hebrew's post 10/03/2022

This week we start the book of Vayikra. Do you know what the Hebrew word "Vayikra" means?

Let me know below!


The Hebrew word for snow is Sheleg שלג! Last nights we had שלג in Jerusalem!


שלג שלג שלג! Sheleg is the Hebrew word for snow

Last night we had a rare snow storm in Jerusalem! Check out the video!

Let's Learn Biblical Hebrew 12/01/2022

Let's check your knowledge of Biblical Hebrew.

Did you know that there is one letter in Biblical Hebrew that can cause the future to become past and the past to become the future? Do you know what letter it is? If so, let us know--write it in the chat!

Only the Hebrew language can transcend time! Check out https://www.letslearnhebrew.com to learn more! 🧐

Let's Learn Biblical Hebrew Have you considered learning how to read the Bible in Hebrew? Don't wait! We have online and live courses available that get you started! In 1 lesson you will read your first Hebrew words, in 5 weeks you will be reading your first sentences in the Bible!


Happy New Year to all! In Hebrew New Year is "Rosh HaShana" and It literally means, "Head of the Year"

Digging Out Ep. 2: Shabbat שבת the unexpected action 15/10/2021

Hi Community! I am excited to let you know that my new podcast is up: DiggingOut Ep.2, Shabbat, the unexpected ending.


I talk about the word שבת and its connection to the process of rebuilding the ruins and raising up life foundations! It's also on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify! Please listen, like, and share! Shabbat Shalom!

Digging Out Ep. 2: Shabbat שבת the unexpected action Wow! As promised, I want to follow up on my last podcast Tohu vVohu (sorry it was so fast -- hope you find this week's a better speed). Have you ever considered why G-D started creation hovering over the earth? Why He first released light into His surroundings? Why His next step was separating...


Our First LIVE - Sorry for the delay folks FB would not connect me to go LIVE so I had to go through Zoom! With that said, here are the links I talk about in the video:

https://www.letslearnhebrew.com Check out the On-Demand Alphabet Class and Introduction group class starting soon.

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To join our Chavruta (small group) Torah Study subscribe to the eNoam platform https://www.enoam.org

Lastly you can listen to my Digging Out with Hadassah on Apple, Spotify and Google Podcasts.

Any questions? email me at [email protected]


HI All, FB is giving me serious problems to go live with you. I will be back on live through Zoom in just a few minutes! Thanks for your patience!

Timeline photos 28/09/2021

What's a mystery without the reveal? Scroll down and listen in to some mysteries of the Hebrew letter Aleph! Go to my bio for your free course!

@ONE | SUKKOT SUMMIT 2021 23/09/2021

There is a special Sukkot Summit taking place today. It's free to register! To check it out and register for any of the sessions go to https://www.at1summit.com I will be hosting the Sukkot hopping from 1PM EST to 3:00EST.

@ONE | SUKKOT SUMMIT 2021 This coming Sukkot, we invite you to join us anywhere, anytime in learning and celebrating the festival of Sukkot as one in this immersive virtual event platform.

Bitfilah Amen: Worship From The Nations 22/09/2021

Every year tens of thousands of Christians attend the Feast of Sukkot here in Israel. There is a huge parade in Jerusalem, concerts, speakers, and fun events hosted primarily by the International Christian Embassy and Ministery of Foreign Affairs. This year, due to COVID, it is not possible for the Nations to Join Israel for the Feast. So, for Sukkot 5782, the ICJ made a video using a song by an Israeli artist Lior called, "Bitfila Amen" representing the nations around the world and the support and prayer for Israel. A must-watch!


The song is in Hebrew. Here is the English Translation
Lyrics: Bitfila Amen "In a prayer, Amen"
She'ola, Amen: That rises, Amen
The whole soul will praise G-D, Amen. And give a blessing of peace and guard our homes. Bring us closer to the dream that is inside us, give us always blessing in the things that we do, open our hearts so that we always sing to you, My G-D, Amen!
My hopes, Amen!
Wrap us with love, Amen!
Give us life and guard us, let our love be fulfilled, give us a blessing, light our faces, open our hearts so that we always sing to you!
To the world, Amen
To everyone, Amen
Strengthen the human spirit, Amen
In a prayer, Amen
For peace, Amen
The whole soul will praise G-D, Amen
The whole soul will praise G-D, Amen

Bitfilah Amen: Worship From The Nations As a special Sukkot holiday greeting to the people of Israel, the ICEJ teamed up with recording artists, musicians and choirs worldwide to produce a video co...

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Are you looking for a better quality of life? A flourishing life? All of this and more is found inside the Hebrew language! Check out my bio and get your free course!


If you are joining us in Israel for the Fast of Yom Kippur, I pray you have an easy fast. If you are not on my email list for Let's Learn Hebrew please go to https://www.letslearnhebrew.com and register for my free mini-course. Yesterday, I sent an email explaining the two types of prayers prayed on Yom Kippure and the meaning of the Hebrew words, G'mar Chatimah Tovah!

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What is understanding? Why do you need it? These are just a couple questions that Hebrew answers! If you are not in my Hebrew class you are missing the secret stuff that hangs between heaven and earth! Check out my bio to learn more!

Timeline photos 07/09/2021

There is an old saying, "Home is where the heart is." Maybe that is why the Hebrew word "heart," לב, contains the letter ב which means "home." And ל means "teach and learn." It also is a letter that reveals the relationship between a man and a woman.

Are you ready to learn Hebrew!? Let's go!!! Type "yes" in the comments below. And then check out the link my bio!


Monday Night marks the Jewish New Year 5782. According to the Sages, this year will bring Wonders, Peace, and awe-inspiring face-to-face encounters between man/woman and G-D, and between man/woman and his fellow man. This of course includes angelic messengers and human messengers. May we all have faith and merit the glorious blessings HaShem has prepared for the year 5782! Shana Tova! Love, Hadas

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Action is the bridge between the inner world and the outer world.

Timeline photos 31/08/2021

Jacob laid his head down on a stone, looked up and saw a ladder reaching into the heaven with angels ascending and descending. What were the angels doing? That was a channel. Do you know where it is right now? When you learn Hebrew you get access to these channels and enter into the world of creative consciousness! If that interested you type "yes" in the comments below and then go and get your free course! Info in my bio!

Timeline photos 25/08/2021

Show your mind who's boss!

Timeline photos 24/08/2021

In the days of Abraham, Shem had a school that taught the mysteries of the Hebrew AlephBet. What did Abraham learn and what did he teach? Join me and find out! Interested in learning Hebrew type "yes" in the comments below! And then click on the links in my bio!

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One amazing aspect of Hebrew is the letters themselves: Simple to write and easy to read. Check out my bio 🧐to start learning Hebrew today!

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The process of manifestation draws from what’s inside of you - your thoughts and feelings - to create actions that manifest results.

Timeline photos 17/08/2021

If you can learn the root system, you can access the Tree of Life! Just the thought blows me away, how about you? Type "yes" in the comments if you want to access the Tree of Life! Make sure to get my free course by stopping by my bio!

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Different, different does amazing things to the brain! If you want to improve your memory learn different! To learn more check out 🧐my bio!

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The goal of mastery is not having what you want, it’s developing the character to become the best person you can possibly be!

Timeline photos 10/08/2021

Give yourself a gift of the WOW factor today! Did you know that the tribe of Issachar had understanding of the times? Yep, they had the ability to see signs and experience wonders! Would you like to tap into that? Type "yes" in the comments below! Oh and don't forget to visit my bio!

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How well do you know the Hebrew words Shalom שלם? Watch the video and find out? Open Enrollment for our live coaching Bi...
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