EitCloud Collaborative Educational Community

EitCloud Collaborative Educational Community

Collaborative Educational Community by the Community of Educators in Eritrea Institute of Technology. True education must come from life, and that the educator must exemplify the relevance of the learning materials by using it him/herself as a productive member of society.

EIT Collaborative Educational Community is a Community of educators who work together to advance education and meet the needs of current generation.


Congratulations our Institute ##EIT##Eritrea Institute of Technology inauguration of College of #Science.....Education...The only Exile to Development.


What we Learn from our Mom....?

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What is your best heritage other than Love?

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Cosmic Wisdom Circles

… Education pretends to have come with endless possibilities and opportunities only to be found out limited and confined, without the alternative to let you meet your inner desires. It comes with pre-packed alternatives that will never satisfy one’s expectations. Education categorizes knowledge, where you can’t find yourself among the options … People who are famous of their intelligence, who have contributed to the knowledge and well-being of this world like Albert Einstein were unfit to such systems … that is the way I see things in education, which makes it preferable to be uneducated, but wise in life.

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Top 9 Computing Technology Trends for 2016


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[09/21/16]   The art of no thinking is the best Philosophy you can teach yourself.



The Community of Educators in Eritrea Institute of Technology managed to publish a scholarly journal on Education, Technology and Communities of Practice. Get a copy of the scholarly Journal from the EIT Intranet [http://eitcloud.eit.edu.er]. Photos below are the covers of the Journal.



EitCloud- Scholarly Journal Back Cover

Timeline Photos 19/05/2012

Timeline Photos

[05/14/12]   We are lest with 2 days for the transformational event of certifying CPD training program participants from today.


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Collaborative Educational Community

EitCloud-Collaborative Educational Community: Working on publishing its first E-Magazine. The Magazine will include education motivation and enhancement scholarly articles, Technology and its role in creating 21st century educational environment and the like. Forward articles, jokes and quotes you would like them to be included in the e-magazine.




Learn About Life in an Article Posted in EitCloud [Intranet].
As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let us down, probably will. You'll have your heart broken and you'll break others' hearts.


[02/19/12]   A Meeting for Evaluation of the PDP Program will be held on Wednesday Feb 22 2012. Participants of the Program are kindly requested to attend the Meeting.


A Classroom Surrounded by Social Network Technologies | Collaborative Educational Community

Designing a New Classroom around Social Network Technologies: http://eitcloud.blogspot.com/2012/02/classroom-surrounded-social-network.html


[02/01/12]   The 3rd session of the Continuing professional development program for collaborative educational community will be held on 2nd Feb 2012, from 10 to 11:30am.


Collaborative Educational Community

Dr.K.Yugandhar from College of Education posted an article on collaborative educational community. http://eitcloud.blogspot.com/2012/01/function-of-eritrea-profile-as-able-and.html


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Education in the Cloud: A simple New year post card by EitCloud collaborative Educational Community.



A Mind Map that Illustrates the Professional Development Program plan in EIT.

[12/29/11]   Orientation for Professional Development Program using eLearning and Collaboration System given to Instructors in Eritrea Institute of Technology.

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Congratulations our Institute ##EIT##Eritrea Institute of Technology inauguration of College of #Science.....Education.....




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