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Tartu Art School is an upper secondary vocational art school in the city of Tartu, Estonia. TAS provides study programs for aspiring decorator-stylists, print media designer-desktop publishers, 3D-modellers and illustrators.HistoryThe history of Tartu Art School is closely linked to the Tartu National Art Institute and therefore to the influential Pallas art school which was renamed as Konrad Mägi's Higher State School of Art in the early Soviet era.

In 1944 the school adopted the name National Art Institute of Tartu.In the 1940s the institutions that provided higher art education in Estonia were in both Tallinn and Tartu. However, at the end of the decade the Soviet Council of Ministers ruled that the National Art Institute of Tartu be united with the National Art Institute of Tallinn, concentrating all the higher education in art in the capital. The only function that the former National Art Institute of Tartu performed at the time was preparing future students set for the institute in Tallinn and training aspiring art teachers.Tartu Visual Art School opened its doors on July 1, 1951 which is also considered the official birthday of Tartu Art School (the name was officially changed in 1960). In its first year of existence only courses in art pedagogy were taught with sculpting, decorating and fashion design disciplines being added to the curriculum during the next few years.The next couple of decades were a time of stable growth for TAS. During the 90’s the school moved to its own building on Tähe street. TAS relocated again in early 2010 and is currently situated on Eha street (Eha 41) in the district of Karlova in Tartu.

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