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Hello There !
I'm still looking for inhabitants of Tallinn to answer to my survey
- in Estonian =>
- in English =>
It might take a few 15 minutes and will be very useful.

The final report will be published publicly on my medium by the end of July, including social network analytics, the survey results, and interviews of experts.
This study is part of my PhD in Urban Science, focus on multi-stakeholders decision-making for Smart-City and Startup ecosystems.
Hi !
I'm a French PhD researcher in Urban Science, focus on Smart-City and Startup ecosystems.
I'm looking for inhabitants of Tallinn to answer to my survey
- in Estonian =>
- in English =>
The final report will be published on my medium by the end of July, including social network analytics, the survey results, and interviews of experts.
Please fill the survey and spread the word !
Best regards
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We are delighted to announce that admission to the 10th Transparency School is open! 🙂

Apply today and celebrate 10 years of change-making with anti-corruption enthusiasts from all over the world!
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The „Research in Estonia“ page offers information and news for professionals, scholars, and students interested in research opportunities in Estonia

„Research in Estonia“ is an initiative of the Estonian Research Council and is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Operating as usual 17/02/2021

TalTech scientists’ successful collaboration towards novel immune diagnostics of multiple sclerosis | Research In Estonia

#multiplesclerosis is the most common #neurological #disease in young adults, affecting more than 2 million individuals 🌐 worldwide. TalTech - Tallinn University of Technology gene technology research unit, in 🤝 #collaboration with the laboratory of Protobios LLC and medical researchers 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️ of the University of Helsinki, developed a #technology for predicting the risk of #multiplesclerosis.

Mariliis Jaago, Annika Rähni, Helle Sadam, Kaia Palm, Antti Vaheri, Pentti Tienari
#diagnostics #neurologicaldisorders #healthcare #medtech #medicine #health 16/02/2021

Visual figure discrimination is more closely related to linguistic thinking than generally believed | Research In Estonia

Doctoral #thesis defended by Valdar Tammik focused 🤔 on the role of #language in the human #psyche as a whole and more specifically on the relationship between language and #visual perception. In particular, the author 🧐 studied how the prevalent type of #linguistic thinking – the dominant structure of #word meanings – is connected to the ability to identify #visual figures embedded in a complex context, i.e. detection of hidden figures.

Tallinn University

#languageperception #visualperception #humanpsyche 15/02/2021

Why mine the phosphorus if there is plenty of it in the wastewater? | Research In Estonia

In the past 20 years, there has been intensive #research 👩‍🔬 going on to find out how to recover #phosphorus #sustainably and #economically from secondary resources. #Researcher Asya Drenkova-Tuhtan has found an efficient 📈 but at the same time affordable solution for #phosphorus recovery that falls into the paradigm of ♻️ #circulareconomy.

Read more below 👇

KBFI Keskkonnatoksikoloogia labor

#wastewater #sewage #magneticseparators #sustainabilitygoals 12/02/2021

Links between pollution and cancer in wild animals: what can we learn? | Research In Estonia

#Cancer is one of the #pollution-induced #diseases that should be at the centre of attention in #ecological and #evolutionary #research. The recent #review led by University of Tartu, summarises the effect of #aquatic pollution on #cancer prevalence in #wildanimals with the help of more than 300 reviewed #studies.

Tuul Sepp, Ciara Baines, Randel Kreitsberg, Richard Meitern, Lauri Saks

#aquaticanimals #marineecosystems #freshwaterecosystems #oncogeniccontaminants #ecology #toxicology


📣 Happy International Day for all the #Women and #Girls in #Science! 🎊🎉

Here are some facts about women in Estonian 🇪🇪 #science:
👩‍🔬There are 7734 scientists and engineers - 42% of them are women!
👩‍🔬 Women are most represented in #medicine and #health sciences and least in #engineering and #technology.
👩‍🔬 26% of Estonian professors are women.
👩‍🔬 Last year four women #scientists were ranked in the #top 🏆 one per cent by #citations: Kessy Abarenkov, Mari Moora, Maarja Öpik, and Linda Hollebeek.

Sources: Clarivate Web of Science; Statistikaamet / Statistics Estonia; Eesti Teadusagentuur /Estonian Research Council; Universities Estonia

#womeninscience #scienceworld #researchinestonia 10/02/2021

Machine learning generates realistic genomes for imaginary humans | Research In Estonia

A #study, 📚 conducted by University of Tartu #researchers and colleagues, uses #machinelearning to mine existing #biobanks and generate chunks of human #genomes 🧬 which do not belong to real humans 🤔 but have the characteristics of real genomes.

TÜ genoomika instituut
Burak Yelmen Luca Pagani Linda Ongaro Davide Marnetto Francesco Montinaro

#bioinformatics #genomics 09/02/2021

Study by University of Tartu researchers sheds light on SARS-CoV-2 antibody persistence | Research In Estonia

#Medical #researchers 👩‍⚕️ of the University of Tartu published the first Estonian data 📊 on #SARSCoV2 #antibody #persistence. Data showed that 80% of people with #antibodies had no #symptoms of the #disease and 56% 🤔 of them had had no known exposure to #COVID19. Only 20% of people with antibodies reported having had any symptoms of #coronavirus.

Piia Jõgi Pärt Peterson 08/02/2021

University of Tartu Research Project Sheds Light on Gut Microbiome Diversity | Research In Estonia

The more diverse the #microbiome is in the gut, the more resilient a person’s #immunesystem, and the better an individual’s 👩‍⚕️ #health. A variety of health conditions that are particularly acute in #Western 🗺 countries, such as type 2 diabetes or #cardiovascular #disease, might also be related to a reduction in gut microbiome diversity.

University of Tartu #research team, led by Elin Org, has shed light 💡 on gut #microbiome diversity.

#gutmicrobiome #diabetestype2 #cardiovasculardisease #biobanks #science


Estonia – digital society, independent minds, clean environment

Have you heard of a wearable robot 🤖, a #muon tomography #scanner, a contactless #robot bar 🍹, a #delivery robot or an autonomous ship ⛵️? These are just some of the greatest 🇪🇪 Estonian 👩‍🔬 #scientific achievements.

Research In Estonia is here to keep you up-to-date 📆 with the latest 💡 #developments in 🇪🇪 #Estonian #research.

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#researchinestonia 04/02/2021

Science Base Camp | For university teams

Do you have an idea 💡 or are you already on the edge of starting a #startup? 🤔

Science Base Camp is looking for teams led by #students, #PhD's or faculty members, who either:
📌want to validate the potential of a #science-based idea, or
📌 have already decided to build a #company and have a #POC/ #prototype / #product.

The next Science Base Camp will be held on ⏰ 19 February 2021.

Find out more below 👇 Science Base Camp is the first one of a kind journey to investor-readiness for science-based university teams. 03/02/2021

Estonian lead technology project received €7.5 million for building a cosmic tomograph | Research In Estonia

A #scanner using natural #radiation, being developed by a #startup company #GScan and University of Tartu, will make ✈️🚗 travelling safer. The scanner will enable to 🚶 walk through the #airportsecurity gates with the 🧳 #suitcase without taking anything off. Moreover, at #border crossing points, as scanning large lorries currently requires the 🚛 #driver to leave the #vehicle, will no longer be necessary.

Andi Hektor, Märt Mägi, Madis Kiisk, Gholamreza Anbarjafari, Ants Kutti

#H2020; #security, #SilentBorder, #travelling, #safetravel, #publicsafety, #bordercontrol 02/02/2021

Head size can show how we grew up, study shows | Research In Estonia

A #study conducted by University of Tartu #scientists showed that cranial volume (a correlate of 🧠 #brain size) is remarkably sensitive to #external #constraints. For instance, #children 👶 who grow up with step-parents have smaller heads than those growing up with 👨‍👩‍👧 birth-parents or even with a 🤱 single #mother. Moreover, #children who reported to have a shortage of 🍗 #meat have smaller heads than those who were happy with the amount of #meat in their #diet.

Peeter Hõrak, Velda Lauringson, Aime Keis, Gudrun Veldre

#childhooddevelopment #research #nutritions #parenthood 01/02/2021

Effects of economic uncertainty in Europe | Research In Estonia

#lecturer at TalTech - Tallinn University of Technology Natalia Levenko defended her doctoral #thesis, which focuses on the factors 🤔 behind and the consequences of uncertainty that accompanies the economic downturns 📉 in #Europe. "The overarching theme of the doctoral thesis was economic uncertainty and 📊 #dataquality, with a focus on the issues related to decomposition of 📈 #economicgrowth, 💰 household saving, expectations and measurement of perceived uncertainty", says Levenko.

#financialcrisis; #householdsaving; #labourincome, #DoctoralThesis; #economicdownturn; #economics; #europeaneconomies; #macroeconomics 29/01/2021

TalTech chemists investigate recycling of cement bypass dust and CO2 | Research In Estonia

While #fossilfuel based energy production 🏭 contributes the most to the #carbonfootprint, #cement and concrete production rank second in this 📋 blacklist. TalTech - Tallinn University of Technology #researchers investigated how to ♲ #recycle waste produced in the cement and oil shale industry by utilizing its #CO2 binding ability.

Mai Uibu, Cleanker project

#CO2emission, #Horizon2020, #circulareconomy, #cementindustry, #greenhouseeffect, #co2reduction 28/01/2021

Vacuum-insulated tanks would take the renewable energy system to a new level | Research In Estonia

A #doctoralstudent of the Eesti Maaülikool/Estonian University of Life Sciences looked at possibilities of increasing 📈 on-site usage of #renewableenergy produced from the 💨 #wind and the ☀️ #sun. “If we produced heat #energy with a #solar collector and stored it into vacuum-insulated tanks, we could cover up to 41% of the heat energy demand of a 🏠 building directly from #solarenergy,” said Janar Kalder summarising the results.

#renewableenergysystems #windenergy #emü #doctoralstudent #sustainability #cleanenergy 27/01/2021

Medical researchers are looking for new ways to treat drug addiction | Research In Estonia

Currently, there is no cure for #addiction induced by #psychostimulants such as #cocaine and #amphetamine. Thus, #researchers 👩‍🔬👨‍🔬 of the University of Tartu are starting a new #research #project which could lead to developing new #biomarkers for 💊 #drugaddiction and open a new path in the treatment 👩‍⚕️ of drug addiction.

#addictiontreatment #science #medicalscience Researchers of the University of Tartu Faculty of Medicine are starting a new research project the results of which could lead to developing new biomarkers for drug addiction and open a new path in the treatment of drug addiction. 26/01/2021

Scientists’ discovery is paving the way for novel ultrafast quantum computers

#Scientists at the University of Tartu have found 💡 a way to develop optical #quantumcomputers of a new type. Central to the discovery are rare-earth #ions that have certain characteristics and can act as #quantum bits. These would give quantum 💻 computers #ultrafast computation speed 💨 and better reliability compared to earlier solutions.

UT Physicum
Helle Kaasik, Vladimir Hizhnyakov, Vadim Boltrushko, Yurii Orlovskii
#rareearthelements #particlephysics #qubits #rareearthions Scientists at the Institute of Physics of the University of Tartu have found a way to develop optical quantum computers of a new type.


☘More effective use of resources is one of the smart specialisation growth areas in Estonia’s RDI strategy in the period 2014-2020.

☘51% of Estonia is covered with forest.

☘23% of Estonia is a wildlife preserve.

Want to find out more?

Photo credit: Renee Altrov 25/01/2021

Light pollution disturbs the digestion of birds

An experiment conducted with #kingquail chicks 🐤 showed that even slight levels of #lightpollution 💡 during the night lowers the efficiency of the #digestion in #birds. According to an animal #ecologist at the University of Tartu, Tuul Sepp, this means that birds 🐦 might have to eat more to survive.

@Eesti Noorte Teaduste Akadeemia / Estonian Young Academy of Sciences

#ecology #earthscience #kingquail 22/01/2021

Novel drug combination safe for immobilising wild animals | Research In Estonia

The #immobilisation of #wildanimals is one of the most challenging aspects of 🩺 veterinary #anaesthesia, as the procedure must be completely safe for both the #animals 🦁 and humans. The evaluation of a novel drug combination showed that it can be successfully 📈 used on the African #lion, #blesbok, and the #cheetah.

Eesti Maaülikool/Estonian University of Life Sciences
#researchinestonia #veterinaryscience #thesis #doctoralstudent 21/01/2021

Researchers are designing a smart new-generation face mask | Research In Estonia

An #international 🌐 group of #researchers set out to develop #newgeneration reusable 😷 face masks. According to the plan, these 3D-printed masks will be more comfortable to wear, have excellent #filtration 💪 efficiency, self-disinfection capacity and an integrated humidity dissipation system.

Karin Kogermann, University of Tartu
#nanotechnology, #facemask, #resuable, #smarttech, #3dprint 20/01/2021

After Tumultuous Year, Tehnopol’s Connected Health Cluster Prepares to Support More Research Projects in 2021 | Research In Estonia

The crisis in #healthcare 🧑‍⚕️ delivery has increased the need for #innovation in healthcare. To ease the situation Tehnopol, the largest science 👩‍🔬 and business park in the #Baltics, kicks-off the new year with #international 🌍 #projects. Some envisioned projects include developing better treatment plans 📋 for #diabetics using #digitaltools, as well as providing distance services 👩‍💻 in the provision of healthcare.

Piret Hirv, Priit Kruus, Triumf Health, Dermtest Eesti, TalTech - Tallinn University of Technology University of Tartu

#healthtechnology, #healthcareinnovation, #IN4AHA, #europeancommission #post_contentThe past year presented unprecedented challenges for researchers in Estonia and companies cooperating with them, and Tehnopol's experience fit the norm. 19/01/2021

TalTech’s neuroscientists investigate the causes of a widespread eye disease | Research In Estonia

Fuchs’ corneal dystrophy is a #hereditary 👁️ #eyedisease that causes #VisionImpairment. TalTech - Tallinn University of Technology Professor Tõnis Timmusk says, “Currently, the only method used to treat Fuchs’ corneal dystrophy is a 👨‍⚕️ surgical procedure, in the course of which the patient’s whole #cornea is replaced. However, such a #treatment is complicated because it requires availability of donor tissue. We are working to better understand the causes of Fuchs’ dystrophy and to find 💊 ways to prevent it.”

#neurobiology, #researchinestonia #medicine #research #health 18/01/2021

‘British’ or ‘South African’ coronavirus strains have not been found in Estonia | Research In Estonia

Lately, there has been a lot of discussions 🗣 about several new and hypothetically even more #infectious strains of 🦠 #sarscov2. The so-called South African and #British strains have received the most attention 💡 and been associated with increased #infection rates. To date, none of the strains have been detected 🕵️‍♀️ in Estonia, as reveals the whole-#genome 🧬 analysis of #coronavirus conducted in the #project KoroGeno-EST-2 by #medical #researchers of the University of Tartu.

Radko Avi UT Institute of Technology
#KoroGenoEST2 #research #science #medicalscience #SYNLAB 15/01/2021

Genetics has a different effect on the blood sugar levels of men and women | Research In Estonia

By studying more than 150,000 #Europeans, the #scientists identified several #gene 🧬 variants, which affect the fasting #bloodsugar and #insulin levels differently in 🧑‍ #men and 👩‍🦰#women. For example, it was found that the gene 🧬 variant, which has previously been associated to #schizophrenia, #multiplesclerosis and #breastcancer, also affects the fasting 🩸 blood sugar level.

TÜ genoomika instituut

#genetics #science #diabetes #research #abdominalfat 14/01/2021

#post_titleUniversity of Tartu researchers help boost health with Jerusalem artichoke | Research In Estonia

University of Tartu #scientists 👩‍🔬 developed chips from Jerusalem #artichoke, which helps to improve the #health of the immune and nervous system and support the #metabolism. The results after the consumption of the artichoke products showed that the amount of #bacteria that consume the #inulin 📈 increased, which in turn improve the metabolism. Moreover, the results appeared within just 📆 two weeks.

UT Institute of Technology Rootbiome

#RootbioMe #immunesystem #nervoussystem #science #Healthcare #microbiology #healthsystem #fiber #jerusalemartichoke #post_contentUniversity of Tartu researchers Viia Kõiv, Tanel Tenson and Elin Org have found a new way to improve the health of the immune and nervous system and support the metabolism. After several years of research, the scientists developed chips from Jerusalem artichoke at the University of Tar... 13/01/2021

Estonia became an associate member of CERN | Research In Estonia

#Estonia is a new associated member of CERN. 🎉
“For us, joining firstly means recognition of our work, and secondly, it presents new possibilities for continuing our work,” said Martti Raidal, Research Professor of NICPB / KBFI Keskkonnatoksikoloogia labor.

#nuclearindustry #physics #science #physicslab #NuclearResearch #post_contentThis year, Estonia became an associate member of the European Organization for Nuclear Research or CERN. 12/01/2021

Estonians will provide stereo cameras to Maxar Technologies for NASA’s Artemis lunar program Estonians will provide stereo cameras to Maxar Technologies for NASA's Artemis lunar program| Research In Estonia

Estonia #🇪🇪 became a #space 🪐 nation with a human-made object in space when the #nanosatellite ESTCube-1 reached orbit in 2013. Now Estonian company CrystalSpace and partners will build two cameras that will act as a stereo pair to monitor the operations of a robotic arm that will collect #regolith samples from the 🌕 #Moon.

Tartu observatoorium, University of Tartu, Krakul, Maxar
Mihkel Pajusalu, Jaan Viru, Jaan Hendrik Murumets

#scienceandtechnology #spacetechnology #nasalunarmission #ArtemisProgram #NASA #spaceresearch #post_contentEstonian company Crystalspace, partnered with Tartu Observatory of Tartu University and Krakul, has been selected by Maxar Technologies, a trusted partner and innovator in Earth Intelligence and Space Infrastructure, to build two cameras that will act as a stereo pair to monitor the ope...

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