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Research In Estonia


We are delighted to announce that admission to the 10th Transparency School is open! 🙂 Apply today and celebrate 10 years of change-making with anti-corruption enthusiasts from all over the world! More information below and @
We are delighted to announce that admission to the 10th Transparency School is open! 🙂 Apply today and celebrate 10 years of change-making with anti-corruption enthusiasts from all over the world!
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The „Research in Estonia“ page offers information and news for professionals, scholars, and students interested in research opportunities in Estonia

„Research in Estonia“ is an initiative of the Estonian Research Council and is funded by the European Regional Development Fund. Twitter:

Invest in Estonia

Unlike some high-flying Estonian #startups which have conquered the world, Estonian #spinoffs haven’t received much media coverage to date. 👉There are 67 awesome spin-offs cooperating with Estonian universities and offering solutions from life-saving smart pedestrian crossing to reusable laundry detergent.

🔵 Want to do #business or #invest in #Estonia? Request free e-consulting here:

Compared to an apartment block from the 1970s, the energy consumption in a modern zero energy building is more than 2⃣x lower and the heating costs more than 4⃣x lower😮

Analysis of buildings in Estonia, Norway, Finland and Sweden showed that the #NearlyZeroEnergy buildings constructed in Estonia are most energy-efficient⚡

🤔 What lies behind this success:

TalTech - Tallinn University of Technology TalTech Hoonete sisekliima ja veetehnika TalTech Inseneriteaduskond/School of Engineering Aalto University SINTEF

Photo credit: Rasmus Jurkatam

Smart Cities has been selected as one of the six key mission areas of Horizon Europe.

Read about the €32 million Estonian-Finnish initiative that is in the forefront of developing these future technologies👉

One main challenge of global Smart City tech is that the basic services & solutions offered by cities often do not work across borders. This is the exact focus TalTech - Tallinn University of Technology researcher Ralf-Martin Soe aims to breakthrough - moving public services from being local to becoming cross-border! Full story:

#InternetofThings #IoT #SmartCity #SmartCities #H2020 #Horizon2020 #AaltoUniversity #TalTech #Estonia

🙌Yesterday was a remarkable step forward for Estonia's e-infrastructure.

Estonia became a member of the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration Initiative which gives Estonian researchers an opportunity to influence developments in infrastructures and participate in influential collaboration projects👉

For example, the collaboration helps to securely🔒 manage the sensitive data sets from human research without exchanging or sharing copies of source data among partners.

Photo credit: Renee Altrov

Eesti Teadusagentuur University of Tartu NordForsk TÜ arvutiteaduse instituut University of Tartu Delta Centre HITSA TalTech - Tallinn University of Technology

Estonia's personalised medicine success story is about to go one step further.

The new Centre for Genomics, Evolution and Medicine established in University of Tartu will bring together personal genetic information🧬 and evolutional aspects in the studies of diseases.

By understanding how our evolutionary past affects people living in today's modern environment🏙 will allow designing new strategies for treating or preventing disease and allow us to live a healthier life💪.

Read the interview with the leader of the research team to find out more:

TÜ genoomika instituut

Photo credit: Renee Altrov

Computer-based programmes support children's neurorehabilitation | Research In Estonia

University of Tartu researchers developed treatment protocols for improving the cognitive and social skills of children with epilepsy, traumatic brain injury or tic disorder.

The research-based training sessions with computer or virtual reality programmes also improved children’s academic performance and behaviour and the positive effect of the training was evident 1.3 years later. 10 Feb Gerly Põder2020-02-10T11:39:01+02:00 Computer-based environment and virtual reality is one of the most novel possibilities for paediatric neurorehabilitation available today. Photo credit: Renee Altrov. Use of a computer environment is a new and fast-developing field in paediatric neurorehab...

Bird migration over the desert – with or without intermediate stops? | Research In Estonia

During migration, birds cross large water fields🌊 as well as deserts🏜.

A study conducted with the participation of Estonian scientists refuted current knowledge and showed that, despite the hostile environment, birds make intermediate stops also when crossing deserts.

What strategies do different bird species use when crossing deserts? Find out in the article⬇

Linnuvaatleja Eesti Ornitoloogiaühing TÜ zooloogia osakond Ökológiai Kutatóközpont 07 Feb Gerly Põder2020-02-07T10:58:59+02:00 Ornithologists have so far believed that birds do not make any stops when crossing deserts. Photo credit: Craig Marshall/Unsplash. During migration, birds cross large water fields as well as deserts. A study conducted with the participation of Estonian sc...

🎉Estonian organisations won 5 #MSCA Individual Fellowships and 1 Widening Fellowship.

Congratulations to all new fellows!

The success rate for Estonian applications was 16,3% (slightly above EU average). The number of applications from Estonia reached an all-time high📈.

Altogether 86 researchers are in Estonia with MSCA. Choose an Estonian🇪🇪 organisation for your MSCA project, here's why:


The results of the #MSCA Individual Fellowships & COFUND calls 2019 are OUT! Almost €387 million to support around 2,500 researchers in Europe and beyond!

Find out more here:!YF37Rr

University of Tartu Delta Centre

University of Tartu and Bolt presented autonomous driving lab’s test car 🚘📣📣📣

On 28 January the University of Tartu and Bolt presented the test car procured for the University of Tartu’s autonomous driving lab. This high-technology vehicle will be used for experiments in several research and development fields. The aim is to conduct test runs in urban traffic this year already.

According to Anne Jääger, Head of Industry Collaboration and Project Manager at the Institute of Computer Science of the University of Tartu, the presented test car is essentially a technology development platform. It will be used to start research and development in several research projects related to autonomous driving. “Among other things, we will study the possibilities to automatically generate machine-readable precision maps that are necessary for autonomous driving, ensure user safety and systems security, and improve human-vehicle interactions,” Jääger said.

Read more:

🇪🇪 Tartu Ülikool ja Bolt esitlesid uue isejuhtivate sõidukite labori katseautot

28. jaanuaril esitlesid Tartu Ülikool ja Bolt Tartu Ülikooli isejuhtivate sõidukite labori jaoks hangitud katseautot. Tipptehnoloogiaga varustatud autoga hakatakse tegema eksperimente mitmes teadus-arendussuunas ja juba tänavu soovitakse jõuda ka katsesõitudeni linnaliikluses.

Tartu Ülikooli arvutiteaduse instituudi ettevõtluskoostöö juhi ja labori projektijuhi Anne Jäägeri sõnul on täna esitletud katseauto sisuliselt tehnoloogiaarendusplatvorm. Selle abil alustatakse teadus- ja arendustööd mitmel isejuhtimisega seotud uurimisteemal. „Muu hulgas hakkame uurima võimalusi, kuidas automaatselt koostada isejuhtimiseks vajalikke masinloetavaid täppiskaarte, tagada kasutajaohutus ja süsteemide turvalisus ning täiustada inimese ja sõiduki vahelise suhtluse viise,“ selgitas Jääger.

Loe lisa:

Photos/fotod: Henry Narits

Estonian-built space telescope to embark on first-of-its-kind mission

A space telescope🔭 built by University of Tartu scientists is about to embark on an ESA - European Space Agency deep space mission to photograph an object☄ from outside our Solar System👉

There will be a lot of firsts with this mission:
1⃣st time to photograph matter alien to the Solar System
1⃣st time equipment built in Estonia is going to deep space
1⃣st time Estonia is playing an equal part in all stages of a major ESA project

Tartu observatoorium EASi Eesti Kosmosebüroo ERR News A space telescope built by Estonian scientists is about to embark on a deep space mission, with the aim of photographing space rock which may have its origins outside our Solar System and bringing new knowledge of the system's origins.

Melanoma is a highly agressive form of skin cancer that is usually treated with very expensive immunotherapy or whole-body chemotherapy with serious side effects.

An Estonian🇪🇪-Australian🇦🇺 study found that isolated limb infusion is a highly effective and well-tolerated treatment option for metastatic #melanoma.

The treatment results in Estonia are comparable to the high-volume medical centres in the US and Australia.

Read more👉

TalTech - Tallinn University of Technology TalTech Keemia ja biotehnoloogia instituut Põhja-Eesti Regionaalhaigla

Photo credit: Stina Kase

Cooperation contributes to innovation in education | Research In Estonia

In Estonia thousands of teachers and hundreds of schools are already using technology🤖 and novel ways to teach children.

Research done at Tallinn University helps make better decisions in education for individual learners, teachers, institutions. Read more⬇

Study in Estonia Education Nation TLU School of Educational Sciences Alushariduse õpe - Tallinna Ülikool Tallinn University Eduspace Lab 28 Jan Gerly Põder2020-01-28T10:45:07+02:00 Estonian teachers and schools are very open to innovation. Photo credit: Renee Altrov. In Estonia, known for quality education, thousands of teachers and hundreds of schools are already using technology and novel ways to teach children. Using learning ana...

Une gâterie pour nos amis français🇫🇷.

"Nous les Européens" sommes partis à la découverte de la médecine du futur, en Estonie🇪🇪 – un reportage sur la médecine prédictive et personnalisée ainsi qu'une présentation de la bio-banque d’ADN🧬 unique au monde. La vidéo ici▶

University of Tartu TÜ genoomika instituut

Did you know that in 2015 antibiotic resistant bacteria🦠 caused more than 600 000 infections and 33 000 deaths in the EU? 👉

University of Tartu researchers hope to defeat bacterial infections after discovering bacterial espionage👉

UT Institute of Technology

Photo credit: Renee Altrov

ERA Chairs bring excellence to Estonian universities | Research In Estonia

EU funded ERA Chair grants have attracted top-level 🏆researchers from around the world to Estonia🇪🇪.

All the largest Estonian universities – the University of Tartu, Tallinn University, TalTech - Tallinn University of Technology and the Eesti Maaülikool/Estonian University of Life Sciences hold at least two ERA Chair grants.

What lies behind this success🤔? Find out from the article⬇ 21 Jan Gerly Põder2020-01-21T09:56:15+02:00 ERA Chair grants have helped to attract top-level researchers from around the world to Estonia, while supporting the return of young Estonian researchers. Photo credit: Riina Varol. European Union funded ERA Chairs projects bring outstanding academics to ...

Oceanographers from TalTech - Tallinn University of Technology developed a new method for studying the sea surface🌊 that significantly reduces the difference of the daily forecasts to the actual observational data👉

Photo credit: Mart Vares

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Photo credit: Renee Altrov

Measured by the alternative method, the area of Estonian forests turned out to be larger | Research In Estonia

Scientists from Eesti Maaülikool/Estonian University of Life Sciences discovered that Estonia's #forest coverage is 90.000 ha larger than previously estimated.

Therefore 53,3% of Estonian land territory is covered by forests🌲🌲🌲

This will help make more accurate forest management plans. 16 Jan Gerly Põder2020-01-16T12:18:59+02:00 53,3% of Estonian land territory is covered by forests. Photo credit: Visit Estonia/Raul Mee. Based on previously acquired data we know that approximately half of Estonia is covered by forest. But Forest scientists from Estonian University of Life Science...

Seahorses are helping scientists to study the evolution of pregnancy | Research In Estonia

Did you know that seahorses are actually fish🐟?

The male #seahorse grows the developing seahorse babies in his pouch that is similar to the human placenta 😮. This is why studying the #pregnancy of seahorses enables scientists to better understand the processes of human pregnancy🤰.

Researchers at University of Tartu and ULPGC discovered that the food quality of the male seahorse during pregnancy had a significant influence on the morphology and gene expression of the offspring❗

Read more about the fascinating life of seahorses and the research⬇ 15 Jan Gerly Põder2020-01-15T12:38:58+02:00 Within two weeks, young seahorses grow to a length of up to a centimetre. Photo credit: Francisco Otero-Ferrer. Seahorses are wonderful fish. The male fish grows the developing embryos in his pouch with an organ similar to the placenta – studying the pr...

The genomic impact of European colonization of the Americas | Research In Estonia

People living in North and South America🌎 have very diverse genetic backgrounds shaped by European Colonialism, Atlantic Slave Trade and recent economic migrations.

Geneticists from the University of Tartu analyzed the DNA🧬 of the people of the Americas to reconstruct the demographic history of the continents. Read more⬇

The detailed genetic description will also improve future epidemiological and medical studies.

TÜ genoomika instituut 14 Jan Gerly Põder2020-01-14T09:50:19+02:00 The continental contribution to the American populations. Image credit: Linda Ongaro et al. Current Biology. Americas, although inhabited by modern humans relatively recently compared to the Old World, are today characterised by exceptionally high genetic...

How an Estonian meteorologist form Tallinn University used science to help Ott Tänak and Martin Järveoja win the 2019 WRC 👉

A fan of rally races? Want to know how an Estonian meteorologist and storm chaser used science & data to help Ott Tänak & Martin Järveoja win the 2019 World Rally Championship? We have the answer 👉

More R&I news from Estonia:

#Estonia #Science #Data #WeatherData #WorldRallyChampionship #RallyRace #WRC #Meteorology

Want to come to Estonia to do your research👩‍🔬?

📌Mobilitas Pluss postdoctoral researcher grant supports researchers who have earned their doctoral degree abroad in coming to Estonia for postdoctoral research. More info:

📌Mobilitas Pluss returning researcher grant supports researchers who have been working outside Estonia for at least 2 years to continue their research in Estonia. More info:

The call for applications for both grants will close on Jan 31st❗

University of Tartu Eesti Maaülikool/Estonian University of Life Sciences Tallinn University TalTech - Tallinn University of Technology

TÜ J. Skytte poliitikauuringute instituut

Estonia introduced e-voting already in 2005 and is the only country in the world that offers nation-wide legally-binding internet voting to all of its citizens.

Have you ever wondered how e-voting actually works? How much time🕒 and money💲 does it save? What does a typical e-voter👩‍💻👨‍💻 look like? Does it impact voting turnout?

Researchers at the University of Tartu have been studying the impact of e-voting and are now offering a free online course Introduction to Internet Voting.

Find out more in the video and register here:

e-Estonia E-Governance Academy

Neile, kes huvitatud e-valimistest analüütilise poole pealt.

Kuidas on interneti teel hääletamine üles ehitatud? Milline on keskmine e-valija? Kui suur on interneti teel hääletamise mõju valimisaktiivsusele?
Skytte instituudi töörühma tasuta online kursus vastab neile küsimustele, õpetab osalejaid ise taolisi mõjuanalüüse läbi viima ja annab oskuse andmetega ringi käimiseks.

Registreeri end siin

MAX IV helps open the way to new studies on cross-luminescence – MAX IV

Physicists from the University of Tartu are studying scintillators at the #FinEstBeAMS Beamline at the MAX IV Laboratory in Lund, Sweden.

Understanding the physical properties of these light-emitting materials has the potential to bring significant advancements in the fields of:
✨industrial diagnostics
✨high-energy physics

Read more about the brilliant research done at the FinEstBeAMS Beamline⬇

UT Physicum MAX IV helps open the way to new studies on cross-luminescence Thanks to new technological advancements, materials with cross-luminescence are getting new attention after a long period of reduced research activity. Users at FinEstBeAMS from University of Tartu work at gaining new knowledge on cross-...

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