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Information and discussion on the international activities of Tartu Art College. This page of Tartu Art College (TAC) is the meeting and discussion spot for TAC's past, present or future students; tutors; teachers; colleagues; partners and friends that feel connected to our international activities.

Whether you are an international or a local friend interested in our international activities - this is the place to get connected, share and be informed about what's going on. The page also serves for asking questions and sharing experience (for our international students; teachers and staff). So, if you feel that you would like to keep in touch and know what's happening - feel free to join us!:)

[06/03/16]   It is happening again!

Tartu Art College graduates' works will be evaluated from June 7 to 14, everyone is welcome to come and have a look! The timetables and locations for conservation/restoration, design and arts field graduates' works are available here:



Escola d'art i superior de disseny Pau Gargallo de Badalona

A few weeks back the Head of (Mrs Anne Rudanovski) and the Technical Assistant (Mr Lauri Tamm) of TAC's Department of Sculpture visited our Erasmus+ partner Escola d'art i superior de disseny Pau Gargallo de Badalona in Spain. Here are a few photos of their visit and short stroy in Spanish:

paugargallo.cat Escola d'art i superior de disseny Pau Gargallo de Badalona

apps.facebook.com 19/11/2015

Kliki ja vaata, milliseid kogemusi annab Erasmusega välismaal õppimine!

Share Your Experience!

Have you studied or done your placement in Estonia with the Erasmus programme? If yes, you now have the great opportunity to share your wonderful experience!

Estonian National Agency Archimedes Foundation is gathering the wonderful experiences you had in Estonia. So if you feel like sharing your experience there is now a Facebook app for that.

apps.facebook.com Kui oled olnud vahetusüliõpilane Euroopas, siis jaga oma kogemust ja pane see siia kirja! Mida välismaal õppimine sulle andis ja miks soovitaksid seda ka teistele?

blog.goeuro.co.uk 28/05/2015

50 Things I Wish I Knew Before My Erasmus Year - GoEuro UK Blog

Advice from the ones who have the experience, a great read!

blog.goeuro.co.uk Don't get lost trying to find yourself on your year abroad! We've compiled a list of tips for Erasmus students from people who've been there.


Reflections of an Erasmus+ student period at Tartu Art College

This video is the final work for the course "Intensified Elswehere" which is a course specially meant for the international exchange students at Tartu Art College.
Author: Danielius Lazauskas

This video is the final work for the course "Intensified Elswehere" which is a course specially meant for the international exchange students at Tartu Art Co...

buzzfeed.com 28/04/2015

21 Smells All Art Students Will Remember

Can you relate? :)

buzzfeed.com Just in it for the Monet.



Fresh out of the oven: Erasmus in the Baltic Countries 2007-2013, a Statistical Overview. You can find our success story on page 45 ! :)

Don't forget to apply for an exchange semester at TAC !


artcol.ee 06/04/2015

Documents - Tartu Kõrgem Kunstikool

It's that time of the year! We are now accepting Erasmus+ student exchange applications from our Erasmus+ partners! The list of application documents and other important information can be found here: http://artcol.ee/en/admission/erasmus/documents
Application deadline is May 10th! We cannot wait to host your students at TAC!

artcol.ee Applicants must have level B2 proficiency in English according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF). Accepted documents confirming the acquired level of English languge are:

eitama.com 09/03/2015


We've got something interesting to start your week with. Our Erasmus+ Partner Novia University of Applied Sciences is offering an exciting Master's programm: Culture and Arts - Entrepreneurship in the Arts.It is a one year programm and as it seems it involves traveling. Check it out: http://www.eitama.com/

eitama.com HOME

artcol.ee 03/03/2015

Submission - Tartu Kõrgem Kunstikool

Attention, attention! Online registration form for entrance exams for students interested in full time studies at TAC is now available!
The link can be found here with all the necessary information regards to studying in TAC!

artcol.ee Once you have submitted your online registration form, you will be sent an e-mail with your exam number and timeplan for the entrance exams.

accademiadinapoli.it 09/02/2015


Our Erasmus+ partner Academy of Fine Arts in Naples (IT) is hosting their 2nd Edition Film Festival.

The Festival is dedicated to short audio-visual works made by students of National and European Academies of Fine Arts.
• Participation is free and open to all, both at individual and associative.
• Each author can participate with a maximum total of 2 short films
• The duration shall not exceed 20 minutes excluding credits.
• The short films must be subtitled in English, otherwise they cannot participate in the Competition section.
• All short films submitted, in accordance with the rules of registration, will be selected by the Festival.
• The selected titles will be published on the dedicated website.

The sections of the festival are:
* Fictions
* Documentaries
* Animation

Deadlines for applications is March 30th, 2015.
The movie, both on the network link indicated and on DVD should be sent no later than April 30th,2015, as attested by the postmark.


accademiadinapoli.it Realizzazione di un festival internazionale cinematografico per gli studenti delle Accademie di Belle Arti – Academy of Fine Arts Film Festival – 2nd Edition

artcol.ee 18/12/2014

Ilusaid jõule

Happy upcoming holidays and a creative new year to all!

artcol.ee häid jõule

artcol.ee 24/09/2014

Erasmus - Tartu Kõrgem Kunstikool

TAC is now accepting Erasmus+ applications for the spring term of 2014/2015. Deadline is November 10th, 2014. Don't miss your chance to experience Tartu, Estonia and art education on a higher level! More information here: http://www.artcol.ee/en/admission/erasmus

artcol.ee Tartu Art College (University of Applied Sciences), ERASMUS ID code EE TARTU05, participates actively in the Erasmus programme which is the European Commission's educational programme for higher education students, teachers and institutions. The Erasmus program was initiated at TAC in 2001.




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