Baltic Defence College, Tartu Video August 8, 2018, 6:35pm

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We are ready for tomorrow! 👏 Two days full of fruitful and interesting discussions on the Annual Conference on Russia #RUSC20 See you there! 👋

Proud to see our new flag, inaugurated in June 2019, in EST 🇪🇪 Independence Day Parade at Tallinn’s Freedom Square 👏

BALTDEFCOL observing the 30th Anniversary of the Baltic Way
Today marks the 30th Anniversary of the Baltic Way - a peaceful political demonstration held on 23 August 1989. Approximately two million people joined their hands to form a human chain spanning over 600 kilometres and connecting the three Baltic capitals – Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius. It was the most significant public manifestation against the Soviet Occupation supporting the re-establishment of sovereign nations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The Baltic Defence College observed this important milestone with a historical mini-lecture and early morning run/walk around Anne Kanal with family and friends while reflecting on what the Baltic Way meant. 🇪🇪 🇱🇻 🇱🇹

Syndicate Laidoner
Syndicate Laidoner proudly presents our idea of how the Baltic Defence College has fostered international cooperation and professional growth of our militaries and civil personnel! What are your thoughts? How has BALTDEFCOL helped you? COMMENT below! Don't forget to LIKE and SHARE! :) #M9SocialMediaTask

Syndicate Gediminas
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BALTDEFCOL 20th Anniversary Ball
On 1st of March, BALTDEFCOL current and former staff and faculty and current students celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the College with an Anniversary Ball. This festive event offered a perfect opportunity to come together, enjoy good company, have fun on the dance floor, share memories and make new ones. We would like to thank our dear friends and partners - Estonian Defence Forces Orchestra, LTC Peeter Saan and Ms Helin-Mari Arder, Mr Peeter Jõgioja, Mr Kevin Chris, Ms Kairi Naha and Gustav Gustav Gastro Cafe Werner Cafe for their cooperation and support in making this event a truly memorable one. A big thank you also to the organisers and all the participants. We hope you had a ball! #BALTDEFCOL20

Estonia 🇪🇪 celebrates the Day of Restoration of Independence today as it was in the evening of 20 August 1991 that Estonian politicians declared the nation's independence from the Soviet Union after being under Soviet occupation for almost 50 years. During the year of Estonia’s centenary, the Day of Restoration of Independence is celebrated with a Grand Celebration Week, bringing together the people of Estonia and their friends to major public events like the global joint singing event "The Power of Song", concert tour of the Police and Border Guard Board Orchestra “Along the Border” on Estonia’s borders, nature hikes, cycling festival Tour d'ÖÖ, the Night of Ancient Bonfires and many more. Happy Day of Restoration of Independence, Estonia! Head taasiseseisvumispäeva, Eesti!

Happy 100th Anniversary to all Estonian people, partners and friends! 🇪🇪 #EV100

Happy birthday, Estonia!
LTU students and faculty at BALTDEFCOL congratulate Estonian colleagues on the upcoming 100th Anniversary of Estonia. Palju õnne, armas Eesti! Happy birthday, dear Estonia! 🇪🇪 🇱🇹

New year, new feels, new chances, same dreams, fresh starts! Happy wonderful 2018! 🎆

BALTDEFCOL was honored by the visit of a delegation of the French Senate on 15 September 2016. The high level delegation consisting of Senator Jean-Marie Bockel, President of the Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group France-Baltic countries, Mr Jacques Bigot, Senator and Vice-President of the Friendship Group, Senator Christophe-André Frassa, and Mrs Marie Bruneau, Parliamentary official, met with leadership personnel of the College. READ MORE:

On 8 August 2016 the Baltic Defence College Change of Command Ceremony and the Opening Ceremony of the Joint Command and General Staff Course (JCGSC) 2016/2017 took place in Tartu. At the ceremony, the command of the College was officially handed over to Major General Andis Dilāns (LVA Army) by receiving the Colours of the College from the outgoing Commandant Major General Vitalijus Vaikšnoras (LTU Army). The Baltic Defence College welcomes all students and wishes them a successful academic year! Read more at BALTDEFCOL webpage at:

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