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Sandbox is a study module, collaboration space and a community for design thinking and digital product management education and co-creation with companies in the Delta Centre of the University of Tartu.

Sandbox is part of Design Factory Global Network.

Operating as usual


👉 Attention! We have two more places in the awesome GDIP course! It is a collaboration course with - Design Factory Mannheim. In this course, the students work in interdisciplinary and international teams on the projects provided by the partner companies from 🇩🇪 and 🇪🇪. Contact us for more information! [email protected]


We had the awesome Visual Thinking workshop in our series of Sandbox Toolbox🧰. It was a total hit! Thank you so much Maria Kiisküla for joining us! The next Toolbox tool will be Figma and Elmo Soomets from Mobi Lab will show us the basics on the 23rd of March. Stay tuned! 02/02/2021

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💥 Uus semester on peagi algamas! Viimane võimalus liituda Sandboxi programmiga! 💥

Kliki meie uuel videol ja saad 2 minutiga meie tegemistest ülevaate!

Meil on veel mõned vabad kohad partnerettevõtete jaoks.

Sandboxi programmis rakendavad tudengite meeskonnad disainmõtlemise ja tootejuhtimise meetodeid partnerettevõtete probleemalade analüüsimiseks, lahenduste prototüüpimiseks ja testimiseks. Digitootearenduse protsessi on hea kaasata värske pilguga kaasamõtlejaid probleemide mõtestamiseks ja uute tooteideede esmaseks valideerimiseks.

Tule Sandboxi partnerettevõtteks!
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👉 Võta meiega ühendust: [email protected]


💥 The new semester starts soon! Last chance to join Sandbox program! 💥

Watch the video to learn everything about Sandbox in 2 minutes!

We still have some free places for partner companies!

At Sandbox, student teams apply the design thinking cycle and use their digital product management methods to analyze partner companies' problem statements, prototype, and test solutions. Involving fresh-minded thinkers in the digital product development process can help validate new ideas earlier.

Become a Sandbox partner company!
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👉 Contact us: [email protected]

#deltasandbox Sandbox is a design thinking and digital product management programme at the University of Tartu. The programme provides a unique opportunity to engage in re...


🧑‍🎨 We've spent the past 5 days doing a design sprint with from Eesti Kunstiakadeemia / Estonian Academy of Arts

The goal of our design sprint was to figure out new approaches to collaboration between Sandbox and EKA. Throughout the 5 days of the sprint, we managed to do it all: map the sprint questions, sketch the solutions ideas, decide on one, prototype it, and test it with our potential users.

💥 As a result, we have a clear image of where we will be heading in our collaboration and we cannot wait to share it with you! Stay tuned for what's coming because it will be BIG!

#deltasandbox #collaboration


🎓 GDIP student teams of autumn 2020/21 presented their projects yesterday!

In this past semester, we had the honor to observe the hard work and wonderful final results of three teams:
🔸 Team AfB worked on the challenge connected to sustainability;
🔹 Team Tartu 2024 explored the field of culture and entertainment;
🔸 Team Hartmann sought solutions to the health technology project.

We are very proud of the final presentations of every team and we hope the students will use the learned concepts later on in their careers.

GDIP would not have been possible without - Design Factory Mannheim! Thank you for the two semesters of successful GDIP together and here's to more!

👉 If you are a student interested in joining the next iteration of GDIP, look for the course code LTAT.05.024 in ÕIS.



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⚡️ Sandbox otsib uusi partnerettevõtteid!

COVIDi-aegne uus normaalsus nõuab ettevõtetelt uuenduslikke lähenemisi, tooteid ja teenuseid, et uute turutingimustega paremini kohaneda. Digitootearenduse protsessi on hea kaasata värske pilguga kaasamõtlejaid probleemide mõtestamiseks ja uute tooteideede esmaseks valideerimiseks.

Sandboxi programmis rakendavad tudengite meeskonnad disainmõtlemise ja tootejuhtimise meetodeid partnerettevõtete probleemalade analüüsimiseks, lahenduste prototüüpimiseks ja testimiseks.

Tule Sandboxi partnerettevõtteks!

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👉 Võta meiega ühendust hiljemalt 1. veebruaril: [email protected]


⚡️ Sandbox is looking for new partner companies!

The new COVID-era requires companies to take innovative approaches and improve their products and services to better adapt to new market conditions. Involving fresh-minded thinkers in the digital product development process can help validate new ideas earlier.

At Sandbox, student teams apply the design thinking cycle and use their digital product management methods to analyze partner companies' problem statements, prototype, and test solutions.

Become a Sandbox partner company!

Read more:
Contact us before February 1: [email protected]



We are starting 2021 with a bang! 💥

We are happy to announce Sandbox Toolbox, a series of workshops that is going to take place over the next 5 months!

🔸 What are these workshops?
Sandbox Toolbox workshops are highly hands-on, roughly 2h long, and delivered by practitioners with extensive experience in the topic.

🔸 Who are they for?
For (future) digital product managers! All of the topics are meant to provide the participants with theoretical and practical insights that can be used in future work.

🔸 Are they held online or offline?
We can't look too much into the future, but the January workshop is going to be held online.

🔸 When is the January workshop?
On 19th January, 16:00-18:00!

🔸 How do I join the January workshop?
Follow our page and stay tuned for the registration form that is going to be shared early next week!

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

#deltasandbox #sandboxtoolbox


🎄 Sandbox wishes everyone happy holidays!

We hope that you are surrounded by love and smiles during this holiday period. May your Christmas be white and happy!

Hoping to see you next year joining our courses or participating in other Sandbox activities!



⭐️ At Sandbox, we have a wall dedicated to our partners, companies that introduce their projects for our project-based courses.

This semester, we collaborated with a few partners and would like to express our gratitude to them for providing the projects, supporting the students during their work, and contributing to the development of digital product management at the University of Tartu.

Tartu City Hall, Mobi Lab, Graspic, Tartu 2024 - Euroopa kultuuripealinn, Delta Center, thank you! We are looking forward to collaborating with you more! 🧑‍💻👩‍💻



🎉 We are happy to share that the Digital Product Management Industry Project student teams presented their project solutions today!

This semester, our 4 student teams had a variety of projects from partners such as Mobi Lab, Tartu City Hall, Delta Center, and Graspic. We would like to thank our partners for interesting projects, and the students for their work throughout the semester. The results are impressive!

We're very excited to announce that the course will be taking place in the spring semester, too. If you're a student, look for LTAT.05.019 in ÕIS. If you're an industry representative interested in offering your project next semester, write to [email protected], and let's chat!



💥 Have you already added the Sandbox courses to your planner for the next semester?

The registration for the spring semester courses starts tomorrow, December 15. Tomorrow, go to ÕIS and look for one (or all!) of these courses that you can take next semester:

🔸 LTAT.05.024 Global Digital Innovation Project
🔸 LTAT.05.022 Digital Product Management Seminar
🔸 LTAT.05.019 Digital Product Management Industry Project

Want to learn more about the courses prior to registering? We have covered everything you wanted to know in this blog post:

And if you want to hear even more reasons why you should join us next semester, come to the Info Session that is taking place tomorrow in the afternoon.

See you soon!



🎉 One more Sandbox course successfully ended today!

Today we had the last seminar of the Digital Product Management Seminar course. This semester, we had 7 seminar sessions, 38 students enrolled in the course, 4 various areas of digital product management, and 2 guest lecturers. We have talked about Digital Marketing, Product Strategy, Digitalisation, and the Role of a Product Manager.

We are happy that we had a chance to acquire a lot of new knowledge even though we had to take it to the fully online mode at the end. We are excited to have the seminar course again in spring!



💡 Digital Product Management Industry Project is getting to the finish line. In two weeks, the students will present the findings of their projects.

One of our students, Yana, is sharing her experience with the course:

🔹 What would you say was the most challenging about the project for you?
The problem we are working on is quite broad and complex, so at first, it was hard to get the head around it. I wasn’t even sure of how to start approaching it, and coming up with reasonable solutions seemed almost impossible at the time. So, I would say, the beginning of the project, where you have to kinda blindly trust the process for a bit, was the most challenging part. But once you get to see the first tangible results from your work, everything gets easier.

🔹 What was the most beneficial?
Before this course, whenever I brainstormed the ideas, dozens of constraints used to immediately pop up in my head of why something is too crazy to be done. Now my mindset has changed to “well, everything is impossible until someone does it” mode, and finally allows me to be truly creative. I perceive this mental switch to be the most valuable gain from the course.

🔹 Would you recommend joining Sandbox courses as a student? If yes, then why?
I’d definitely recommend joining this course to students who want to practice design thinking, work on a real problem while having all the freedom in the world to be innovative. There are no chasing points with quizzes, tests, and essays in this course, there is only hardcore problem-solving of the real-world challenges! And, last but not least, being a member of the welcoming and supportive Sandbox community is a valuable benefit on its own.

Thanks, Yana! We are excited to see your team's presentation soon. 👩‍💻🧑‍💻



Are you a student who has already taken any of the Sandbox courses? Are you a student who considered taking a course but changed their mind? Or are you a student who heard something about Sandbox but want to know more before joining?

Take part in our survey! 👉

We would appreciate it if you could participate in this survey, designed to help us improve Sandbox courses and adjust our marketing activities.

Deadline: November 30, 23:59

P.S. We will draw one prize from Sandbox and the Institute of Computer Science among those students who participate 😉


What is happening here? We're filming our promotional video 🤩 Stay tuned for what's to come!

🎥 Video5



We have reached the first milestone of our Global Digital Innovation Programme course that is delivered together with - Design Factory Mannheim 🤩

Yesterday, the three teams presented their first findings to their sponsors and received great feedback. The next step in the process is to iterate on the current findings and think about the problem again to be able to deliver truly human-centered solutions at the end of the course.

We cannot wait to see how the teams will develop their projects further!

#deltasandbox #innospace #dfgn


🖌 On Friday, Elmo Soomets, Design Team Lead at Mobi Lab, delivered a guest lecture as part of our Digital Product Management Seminar course.

We learned about practical examples of conducting interviews, using different instruments (user stories, flow maps, wireframes, etc.), and coming up with out-of-the-box design ideas on the basis of Mobi Lab's experience.

Mobi Lab is also our partner at the Digital Product Management Industry Project course this semester. We are looking forward to having even more fruitful collaborations with them!



🧑‍💻 Our Digital Product Management Industry Project has reached its equator. The students have 4 more sessions to develop their solutions and present them in December.

We are enjoying the work they have done so far and are looking forward to the final presentations!

#deltasandbox 19/10/2020

Sandbox projects fall 2020 – ATI blogi

Sandbox courses have been up and running for almost two months now. We have a few exciting projects this semester, a seminar course, multiple partners, and many talented students.

✨ Do you want to learn more about our activities this semester? Check out this blog post: In September, we launched four courses in Sandbox that will be taking place in the autumn semester 2020/2021. We are excited to see the growth of the Sandbox community and the development of the programme as well. Before the registrations for the courses started, we created this interactive diagram....


💥 We are delighted to announce that last Friday, the students of the Digital Product Design Introductory Project presented the results of their projects.

The purpose of the course is to introduce the students to the concepts of digital product management and design thinking in 4 sessions that are spread over two weeks.

For such an introductory project, we asked our students to make YouTube great again, and really enjoyed listening to their ideas during the presentations 🧑‍💻

We hope that our students will keep improving their new skills acquired during the work on the project and join us for other courses!



Rewatching the guest lecture of Jordan Valdma, CEO of Producement which he gave to our students last Friday 🤓

We noted a few practical tips on how to scale startups, saved some recommendations on books and materials and learned what product engineers can bring to the company. Many thanks to Jordan for visiting us!



We've had a great week at the International Design Factory Festival organized by Design Factory Global Network! 🎉

We watched keynote talks and panel discussions, participated in demo corners, and met new awesome people. We have enjoyed it and learned a lot, even though it was fully online!

#idff2020 #dfgn


The sun is shining bright because our GDIP 2.0 with - Design Factory Mannheim is officially launched! 🎉

We have spent the last three days in a bootcamp where the students got a chance to know each other and solve a small problem going through the design thinking cycle. Today the students will be divided into teams with which they will spend the whole semester researching, prototyping, testing, and having fun! Also, today we're meeting the sponsors, and this semester we have 3 of them!

Let's rock! 🚀
#deltasandbox #innospace #dfgn


Still not sure whether to join Sandbox? If you resonate with these values, the answer is absolute yes! 👇

In Sandbox, we:
🔹 experiment with ideas,
🔹 support and trust in each other,
🔹 bravely co-create,
🔹 and do it all in a safe environment!

Want to be a part of this? The registrations for GDIP are still open! ⚡️
Learn more:



Delta Sandbox's cover photo


We're so happy to deliver our courses again! On Friday, 11.09.2020 we held the first session of the Digital Product Management Industry Project course.

4 partner companies joined us this semester to provide their challenges to our 4 teams of motivated students.

We have a full semester ahead of research, prototyping, validating, and teamwork, and we couldn't be more excited! ⚡️


💡Tomorrow, we start the new season of courses at Sandbox!

We will have the first sessions of two of the courses that will be given this semester, Digital Product Management Industry Project and Digital Product Management Seminar.

Apart from those two, we are also having Digital Product Design Introductory Project and Global Digital Innovation Programme which will run at the end of September.

Stay tuned for the news and updates of what we do this semester in Sandbox, it is going to be exciting! 🔥

#deltasandbox #unitartucs


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⚡️Algas registreerimine Rahvusvahelise digiinnovatsiooni projekti ainele. Registreerida saab ÕISis kuni 30. septembrini 2020.

Global Digital Innovation Programme ehk GDIP on koostööprojekt, kus osalevad tudengid Sandboxist (Tartu Ülikool) ja - Design Factory Mannheim’ist (Hochschule Mannheim, Saksamaal).

Tegemist on projektiainega, kus mõlema ülikooli tudengid lahendavad päriselulisi probleeme rahvusvahelistes tiimides. Otsime motiveeritud esimese aasta magistritudengeid, kes tahaksid osaleda sügissemestri aines.

Iganädalaste sessioonide jooksul mõeldakse välja, prototüübitakse ja testitakse ideid, mis aitavad lahendada partnerettevõtte päris probleemi. Kõik see toimub mõnusas vabas keskkonnas koos juhendajatega. Aine läbinud saavad 6 EAP-d. 🤓 Detailsem info:

Loe meie kodulehelt eelmisel semestril osalenud tudengite kogemusi. Näeme Sandboxis!

⚡️ Registration for our Global Digital Innovation Programme is now open! Register in ÕIS until September 30th, 2020

Global Digital Innovation Programme (GDIP) is a collaboration between Sandbox and - Design Factory Mannheim. GDIP is a project-based course during which you get a chance to work in an international team comprised of students from Sandbox and from We are looking for motivated first-year master’s students to join GDIP for this autumn semester.

During our weekly sessions, you will ideate, prototype, test, and more importantly, have fun! On top of that, you receive 6 ECTS. 🤓 Detailed info:

To learn more about GDIP, scroll through our page to read about last semester’s experiences. See you soon in Sandbox!

Sandbox - developing design thinking and product management at UT

Sandbox is a digital product innovation programme for master’s students at the Institute of Computer Science of the University of Tartu.

Within the programme, the students have a unique opportunity to engage in real-life challenges of companies, enhancing professional skills and delivering value at the same time. The students collaborate directly with partner companies to generate innovative ideas, as well as prototype and validate digital products.

The programme was initiated in order to develop and improve design thinking and product management at the University of Tartu. With these skills enhanced within the programme, future specialists will lead successful product management projects in Estonian companies.

The development of Sandbox programme started back in 2018, and on February 27, 2020, we have opened Sandbox space, home to the programme. Sandbox is located at the Delta Centre of the University of Tartu, the most modern centre of digital technology, analytical and economic thought in the Nordic region.

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Sandbox Opening 27.02.2020




Narva Mnt 18-3092

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Monday 10:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 10:00 - 17:00
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Friday 10:00 - 17:00
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