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Griffin koolituskeskus asub Tartu südames emajõe ääres. Me koolitame nii eesti kui ka inglise keeles. Põhi suundadeks on ettevõtlus, turundus, arvutiõpe, disain, enesejuhtimine, keeleõpe ja sotsiaalsed oskused.

Meie jaoks on oluline meie õppijate areng. Selle pärast oleme valinud enda koolituskeskusse just kursused millest saavad õppijad kasu mitmes valdkonnas ja edendada oma elu kvaliteeti. Kuna Eestisse on saabunud ka palju inglise keelt kõnelevaid inimesi siis pakkume ka neile koolitusi andes oma panuse nende integratsioonis. Me kutsume oma koolitusi tagurpidi koolitusteks kuna vahel me alustame kohas

Operating as usual 08/05/2020

Not all museums enthusiastic about Lukas' plan to reopen next week Editor:Aili Vahtla While the government was set to discuss Minister of Culture Tõnis Lukas' (Isamaa) proposal on Tuesday to reopen museums and other exhibition spaces early next week, it is possible that not all museums will take advantage of the opportunity, as they have already made their plans f... 07/05/2020

12 Critical Issues Facing Education in 2020

Spend few minutes in reading this article ! ByPeter DeWitt Education has many critical issues; although if you watch the nightly news or 24/7 news channels, you will most likely see very little when it comes to education. Our political climate has taken over the news, and it seems as though education once again takes a back seat to important....



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Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter Read about our news and latest updates. 16/02/2020

German bus company FlixBus to expand to Estonia The German bus company, FlixBus, is to expand to Estonia in 2020, aiming to connect the country with cities in Central Europe. 10/02/2020

Mariam from Georgia: I knew more about Tartu semiotics than about Estonia | UT Blog On the day of our interview, Mariam arrived to Tartu from a week-long conference. She walked through the streets and said: “Oh my god, this is so familiar!” She had the feeling of opening the door and saying: “Hey Mom, I just got back!” 10/02/2020

An American in Tartu: Subtle differences between living in the US and Estonia | UT Blog Most students in the US don’t travel outside their state when pursuing a master’s degree—much less their country. So, whenever I tell someone what I am doing here in Tartu, I am bombarded with a litany of questions. Being that Estonia is outside the current geopolitical understanding of most A... 18/12/2019

Will robots steal our jobs, or how to stay in demand in the era of artificial intelligence? | UT Blog

Robots busses in Estonia The 21st century has already become an era of artificial intelligence (AI). Self-driving cars, speech and face recognition, spam filters and personal content recommendations, Siri and Amazon Alexa – all are examples of AI that make our lives more comfortable. However, there are also many reasons t...





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Other Education in Tartu (show all)
Exploring Landscape Boundaries - Open Seminars Exploring Landscape Boundaries - Open Seminars
Kreutzwaldi 56/3
Tartu, 50406

Established at EMÜ Chair of Landscape Architecture our seminars bring together scientists & specialists from different disciplines to talk about their work on the topic of landscapes We will have monthly seminars on different topics regarding landscape

EKA+Sandbox Design Community EKA+Sandbox Design Community
Narva Maantee 18
Tartu, 51009

Design Thinkers and Doers from the Estonian Academy of Arts Design Faculty and Tartu University's Delta Sandbox.

Effect Effect

The project objective is to encourage teachers in schools to raise the efficiency of learning processes by adapting their teaching approaches to adult learner centered.

Tartu Ülikooli üliõpilasesindus Tartu Ülikooli üliõpilasesindus
Ülikooli 18b
Tartu, 51007

Üliõpilasesinduse ülesanne on üliõpilaste huvide esindamine. Üliõpilasesindajad osalevad ülikooli otsustuskogude töös, et teha ülikool paremaks.

Learn Estonian by captions Learn Estonian by captions

Learning Estonian from pictures around. Feel free to propose your photos and translations. You will be mentioned as an author of the post. I am not a native speaker, so feel free to correct if you see mistake;)

P2P: Politics to People P2P: Politics to People
Tartu, 51008

Our aim is to sustainably impact political education in Estonia - among the natives as well as the international residents. We are planning on having several events on a variety of topics.

KVARK teadusteater KVARK teadusteater

Teadusteatri meeskond pakub lõbusaid ja õpetlike etendusi ning töötubasid! Kutsu meid endale külla ning me garanteerime, et igavust te tundma ei saa ning loovat tegutsemist leidub igas vanuses huvilistele.

UT Philosophy Club UT Philosophy Club

University of Tartu philosophy club is a student led club that is based in Tartu.

Juunika Koolitus Juunika Koolitus
Riia 35
Tartu, 50410

Juunika Koolitusel on üle 20 aasta koolitamiskogemust. Viimase kolme aasta jooksul oleme koolitanud enam kui 20000 inimest.

Tartu Oskar Lutsu nimeline Linnaraamatukogu Tartu Oskar Lutsu nimeline Linnaraamatukogu
Kompanii 3/5
Tartu, 51004

Nüüd on raamatukogu Facebookis! Leia Facebookist ka raamatukogu noortenurk; muusikaosakond ja seemneraamatukogu.

Eesti Rahvaluule Arhiiv Eesti Rahvaluule Arhiiv
Vanemuise 42
Tartu, 51003

Eesti rahvaluulet koondav, koguv, uuriv ja tutvustav asutus Eesti Kirjandusmuuseumis. Võtame heameelega eesti kultuuri varasalve hoiule ka teie lood ja laulud!

Transmedial Turn Conference Transmedial Turn Conference
Jakobi 2
Tartu, 51005