AVOK: Centre for Academic Writing and Communication

The Centre for Academic Writing and Communication offers several services to all students and teachers of the University of Tartu.

AVOK is a subunit of the University of Tartu College of Foreign Languages and Cultures and is intended for all students and faculty of the University of Tartu. Our services also extend beyond the borders of the university to other institutions, universities, and companies; however, these services are not free of charge. Consultations are provided by a team of consultants, comprising of lecturers, teachers and BA/MA/PhD students from various faculties and study programs at the university. We will help you with: All questions: You may need somebody to discuss your ideas with once you have received your writing assignment. Together with a consultant you can discuss the subject, develop a writing plan, assess drafts, or revise the style of your text. All academic writing assignments: We provide help with all types of written academic assignments, essays, exam writing, bachelor and master theses, journal article writing, reports, etc. All disciplines: Our consultants are from various disciplines or have an affinity with a specific discipline. If possible, we will allot you a consultant from your own or a neighboring discipline. However, the main focus is on the text and not on the discipline, so the consultant's background should not have too much of an effect. All levels of ambition: Whether you want to learn more about “good” writing, or just simply need some guidance or help for a single assignment, we make no distinction.

Mission: We assist both experienced and inexperienced writers through free, one-to-one, collaborative consultations with trained peer writing consultants in both Estonian and English; We focus upon the writer and their writing skills rather than merely upon the particular papers they have written – our aim is to teach and promote writing; We work with writers at any stage of the writing process for any assignment or project and in any discipline; We provide a comfortable, non-threatening, non-judgmental, non-graded environment in which anyone may talk about any aspect of writing or oral presentation; The aim is to explore and develop ideas and to become better writers through collaborative learning, while recognizing that writers must take full authority over their own writing; We encourage writers to think about the process of writing and take into consideration readers’ expectations and needs, in addition to the content and style of their papers; We are ready to use writers’ papers, proposals, reports, abstracts, letters, and theses as a starting point for discussing writing techniques. What we do: we give face-to-face, one-to-one, sessions with a trained peer writing consultant; we provide writing consultants for teachers who offer regular feedback about writing and are able to apply different methods of evaluation and assessment; we develop and design writing and communication workshops and courses specific to the needs of departments, faculty and individuals; we organize and support writing groups at all levels; we train writing consultants and provide on the job learning opportunities for those consultants. Consultations are provided by a team of consultants, comprising of lecturers, teachers, BA/MA/PhD students from various faculties and study programs at the university.

[06/12/17]   A top notch academic writing workshop is brought to your doorstep! On August 27 in Tallinn, there's a one-day session held by professionals. More information here: https://eaap2017.org/programme/writing-and-presenting-scientific-papers-eaapcup-workshop/; you can sign up here: https://eaap2017.publicon.ee/registration-form/.

Europe in my region

Writers only improve through constant practice, and sometimes a competition can be the motivation to do just that. The European Blogging Contest is a unique chance to hone one’s skills and be published all over Europe. Learn more about the competition - share the news with writers you support and help them reach higher. The winning stories will be translated in 22 languages and shared across Europe. bit.ly/EUblogContest

Registreeru AVOKi kirjutamislaagrisse ja lükka oma lõputöö kirjutamise protsessile juba sügisel hoog sisse!

Sign up for AVOK's writing boot camp and get a kick start to your thesis already in the fall!


Akademisk skriving og dialogisk rettleiing i høgare utdanning

hib.no Skrivesenteret AL ved HiB og Akademisk skrivesenter HF/Universitetsbiblioteket UiB inviterer til konferanse om akademisk skriving og læringsprosessar.


Academic editing and proofreading. For academics, by academics.

[06/07/16]   AVOK läheb suvepuhkusele ning selleks semestriks on üliõpilaste vastuvõtt lõppenud, kuid meili teel oleme endiselt kättesaadavad.
Kui sul on akadeemilist väljendusoskust puudutav küsimus, kirjuta aadressil [email protected] ja lepime aja kokku. Mõnusat suve!

AVOK is now on summer vacation, so the open office hours will start again in September. We are, however, still available via e-mail ([email protected]) and you are welcome to send your questions and consultation requests there. Have a great summer!



How to get motivated. There is still time!


OÜ Keelekord

keelekord.ee OÜ Keelekord on Tartu Ülikooli spin-off-ettevõte. Meie töö on: toimetada teadusartikleid ja teisi akadeemilisi tekste nii eesti kui ka inglise keeles, õpetada ja juhendada, kuidas teadusartikleid kirjutada, koostada küsitlusi ja uuringuid, toimetada küsitluste ja uuringute keelekasutust. Nüüd on kee...


George Orwell’s Six Rules for Writing Clear and Tight Prose

openculture.com Behold George Orwell's 6 rules for writing clean, tight, clear prose.

It's time to think about the product!!!

The writing process | Redpenblackpen

Untitled Album

Untitled Album


PHD Comic: Every move you make

Quit slacking! Or .. sign up for a consultation!

phdcomics.com Link to Piled Higher and Deeper

Tule konsultatsioonile! | Tartu Ülikooli maailma keelte ja kultuuride kolledž

AVOK tänab kõiki toredaid lõputöö kirjutajaid, kes nädalavahetusel kirjutamislaagris osalesid.

Soovime teile (ja kõigile teistele) mõnusat kirjutamisprotsessi!

Kui aga protsess kasvab üle pea ja tunnete, et tahate vahepeal kellegagi oma teksti arutada, tulge meile konsultatsioonile!

maailmakeeled.ut.ee Konsultatsiooni viib läbi akadeemiliste tekstide kirjutamise konsultant – spetsiaalse väljaõppe saanud üliõpilane. Konsultatsioonis võib käia nii mitu korda ja nii tihti, kui vaja.


Why Is Academic Writing So Needlessly Complex?


theatlantic.com A new movement strives for simplicity.

Writing workshop – ElectroChemTartu

Korraldasime elektrokeemia uurimisrühmale akadeemiliste tekstide kirjutamise töötoa. Kuidas neil läks, saate lugeda nende blogist.

Kui ka teie töörühm soovib akadeemiliste tekstide kirjutamise koolitust, andke meile teada!

Recently we ran a workshop for the Electro Chemistry research group about the academic writing process, and they wrote a blogpost about it.

Are you also interested in a workshop? Please contact us.

doublelayer.eu Writing workshop Posted on March 7, 2016March 16, 2016 by Vladislav Ivanistsev Thesis writing and, in general, academic writing is a skill. Not everyone has that skill, but certainly most can get it. To develop an understanding of the behaviours associated with successful writing, we organized a wor…

Registreerumine kolmandasse kirjutamislaagrisse (HVLC.10.003) on avatud!

Ka TÜ Pärnu kolledž veedab nädalavahetuse kirjutamislaagris!

Seekordne kirjutamislaager ongi jõudnud lõpule. Loodame, et kõik osalejad said sellest nädalavahetusest palju kasu ning lõputöö kirjutamisele (uue) hoo sisse! Põnevat kirjutamisprotsessi!

Seriously! Join now! For the sake of your thesis!

Registreerumine on avatud! Registration is open!

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Umberto Eco’s Advice to Writers

Need some expert advice about writing? -- read this.

www.brainpickings.org “If we think that our reader is an idiot, we should not use rhetorical figures, but if we use them and feel the need to explain them, we are essentially calling the reader an idiot. In turn, …

[02/07/16]   Kevadsemester on käes! Sel semestril on meie vastuvõtuajad teisipäevast neljapäevani kl 10.00-16.00. Astu läbi või kirjuta meile aadressile [email protected] ja lepi aeg kokku!

The new semester is here! In spring, our open office hours are from Tue to Thu 10.00-16.00. Come by or e-mail us at [email protected] and make an appointment!


Three Rs of the Modern Era: Research Writing Rewired | Educator Innovator

Monday, February 8, 2016 7:00 pm EST - This *free* webinar (no tickets needed) is presented by Educator Innovator and hosted by two Eli Review superstar instructors - Dawn Reed and Troy Hicks - and will focus on the importance of the process of writing, including time to think, draft, share with others, revise, read more, research again, etc.

There will be live video and audience participation via Twitter is welcomed and encouraged.

Eli Review users (teachers and instructors) will be particularly interested because continual revisions and more time to get feedback as a natural part of the process is part of Research Writing Rewired. The webinar will also focus on the role of inquiry and student engagement as part of the writing process.

educatorinnovator.org Teachers and students share their experiences with us of engaging in an inquiry-driven unit focusing on a collective study of culture, using a variety of texts and individual student literature books that led students to research topics, writing, and composing with various media. Participants will d…


PHD Comic: Finished Thesis

Kui jõuluvana ei toonud sullegi valmis lõputööd, registreeru "Lõputöö kirjutamise kursusele" (FLLC.01.013).
Mõned kohad veel on!

phdcomics.com Link to Piled Higher and Deeper


Shut Up & Write Tuesdays

Today's the day!

suwtuesdays.wordpress.com A virtual writing workshop for academic folk

Sh*t Academics Say

Tahaksid teada, millega akadeemilise kirjutamise konsultandid tegelevad? Sulle meeldib kirjutada või kirjutamisest rääkida? Siis tule kursusele FLKE.01.250. Sel semestril loetakse ainet inglise keeles.

Do you want to find out what our academic writing consultants do? Do you like writing or talking about writing? Then join FLKE.01.250. This semester, the course is only in English.

Kas Sina oled lõputöö kirjutamiseks valmis? Registreeru kursusele FLLC.01.013 ja saad ka hakkama!

The thesis writing course FLLC.01.013 will this spring be held in Estonian.

As it is the season ... A small present (tip)

Posting this again.
It is just so useful!


PHD Comic: Tis the season

Tis the season to be writing ... Tralalalala lalalala ......

www.phdcomics.com Link to Piled Higher and Deeper


Here's why academics should write for the public

theconversation.com Two scholars discuss the joys of writing for a lay audience. So why aren’t more academics writing for the public?

[12/14/15]   Anname märku, et AVOK läheb jõulupuhkusele! Avatud ustega jätkame veebruaris, jaanuaris võib meid leida ÖÖraamatukogust. Meilidele vastame aga kogu aeg ([email protected]).

AVOK is announcing the start of our Christmas holiday! We will continue with the open office hours in February; in January, however, you can find us at the Night Library. And we will still be keeping an eye on our mailbox ([email protected]).


How to help doctoral students complete their dissertations (essay) | Inside Higher Ed

www.insidehighered.com The one thing that will actually lead to a completed dissertation, writes Kerry Ann Rockquemore, is the hardest thing for doctoral students to do.


PHD Comic: That thing you were supposed to be writing

We can cure your block!!!

www.phdcomics.com Link to Piled Higher and Deeper


What Is the Oxford Comma and Why Do People Care So Much About It?

www.grammarly.com The Oxford (or serial) comma is the final comma in a list of things. For example: Please bring me a pencil, eraser, and …

Sh*t Academics Say

A brief guide to scientific writing | SMBC Comics http://smbc-comics.com/comics/1443885792-20151003.png

Avoid the word "very"



Did I plagiarize?


[09/29/15]   Ka sellel semestril toetame lõputöö kirjutajaid! Kursus FLKE.01.270 "Akadeemiliste tekstide kirjutamise intensiivkursus, osa 1" (2 EAP) toimub 16.–18. oktoobril 2015 kl 10.15–17.15 Lossi 3/Jakobi 2.
Kursusel käsitletakse kirjutamisprotsessi algusfaasi puudutavaid teemasid nagu kirjanduse otsimine, töö struktureerimine, eesmärgi ja uurimisküsimuste sõnastamine jmt. Oodatud on kõikide erialade üliõpilased, kes kirjutavad eesti või inglise keeles. Registreerimine ÕISis on avatud! Küsimuste korral pöörduda: [email protected].

We are supporting thesis writers also in this semester! The course FLKE.01.270 “Academic Writing Intensive Course (bootcamp), Part 1” (2 ECTS) takes place 16–18 October, 2015, 10.15–17.15 at Jakobi 2/Lossi 3.
The course centers on the initial stages of writing the thesis, including finding literature, structuring the thesis, research aims and research questions etc. Students from all fields writing in Estonian or English are welcome. Registration in the Study Information System (ÕIS) is open! If you have any questions, send us an e-mail at [email protected].

[09/17/15]   Algab kursus FLKE.01.250 „AVOK: kirjutamiskonsultantide koolituskursus". Akadeemiliste tekstide kirjutamise konsultandid on üliõpilased, kes aitavad kaasõppijatel lahendada kirjutamisprotsessis ette tulevaid probleeme. Kui soovid rohkem teada saada akadeemiliste tekstide kirjutamise kohta, sulle meeldib (või üldse ei meeldi) teistega tekstidest rääkida, pane ennast ÕISis kirja!

This semester, we are running the course FLKE.01.250 academic writing consultants' course only in Estonian. We will keep you posted when the course in English is coming up!

[09/01/15]   Kõik on uus septembrikuus! AVOKi kabinet asub nüüdsest Lossi 3-310.

September brings news and changes! AVOK's office is now located at Lossi 3-310.

TÜ haridusteaduste instituut

Osale mängus ja aita meil üles leida noored tuleviku õpetajad (jagajate vahel loosime auhindu)!

Kas Sinul on mõni tore tuttav, kelle kohta oled mõelnud, et küll temast saaks hea õpetaja? Keegi, kes õpetas ehk Sullegi midagi keerulist lihtsalt ja põnevalt selgeks, kui olid juba meeleheitel? Keegi, kes paneb end alati huviga kuulama ja suudab inspireerida teisi enda ümber? Võib-olla tundsid selles kirjelduses ka ennast ära?

Tartu Ülikool ootab aktiivseid ja inspireerivaid noori õppima kolmele õpetajakoolituse suunitlusega õppekavale. Tutvu lähemalt:
• Humanitaar- ja sotsiaalainete õpetamine põhikoolis http://www.ht.ut.ee/et/haridusteadus-humanitaarained
• Haridusteadus (loodusteaduslikud ained) http://www.ht.ut.ee/et/haridusteadus-loodusteaduslikud-ained
• Haridusteadus (reaalained) http://www.ht.ut.ee/et/haridusteadus-reaalained

Avaldusi saab esitada 2. juulini SAISis

Kõigi postituse jagajate vahel loosime 3. juulil välja:
• 10 Tartu Ülikooli šokolaadi ja
• Tartu Ülikooli pusa.

[05/26/15]   AVOK valmistub suvepuhkuseks, seega sellest nädalast alates avatud uksi enam ei toimu. Oleme 27.05 ja 28.05 kl 20-22 aga kohal ÖÖraamatukogus, niiet kättesaadavad lihtsalt veidi teises kohas! Konsultatsioonisoovid ja küsimused on siiski oodatud meiliaadressile [email protected]!

AVOK is getting ready for the summer break so starting from this week there are no more open office hours. However, we are at the Night Library on May 27 and 27 from 20 to 22, so we are still available, just in a different place! You are still welcome to send your consultation requests and questions via email at [email protected].

AVOK: Centre for Academic Writing and Communication's cover photo

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Other Tartu schools & colleges (show all)
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Fortuuna 1
Tartu, 50603

Fortuuna 1, Tartus E-L 11-19 Lauatelefon +372 640 6005

Tartu Loodusmaja ornitoloogiaring Tartu Loodusmaja ornitoloogiaring
Lille 10

Tartu Loodusmaja ornitoloogiaring

Estonian National Defence College Estonian National Defence College
P.M.B 323 Herbert Macaulay Way (North) Central Business District Area. Abuja
Tartu, 51010

Restaureerimiskeskus - Tartu SRIK Restaureerimiskeskus - Tartu SRIK
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Restaureerimiskeskus on Tartu SRIKi juhtimise all tegutsev restaureerimisteenuse pakkuja ja avatud töökoda, mis asub Tartu loomesüdamikus Aparaaditehases.

Kolm Põrsakest Kolm Põrsakest
Lai 6

Unustamatud teadusetendused ja -töötoad tervele perele, meeskonnale ja ettevõttele! Tellimine: www.kolmporsakest.ee [email protected]

Miks Miks

Miks.ee on kõigile neile, kes armastavad teadust ja inseneeriat. www.miks.ee

Tartu ringkonna Kodutütred Tartu ringkonna Kodutütred
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Tartu ringkonna Kodutütred on Kaitseliidu struktuuriüksuse Kodutütarde organisatsiooni Tartus tegutsev piirkondlik allüksus.

Babelhouse koolituskeskus Babelhouse koolituskeskus
Ülikooli 10

Kunsti- ja keelekursused Tartus. Väikesed rühmad (~2-4 inimest), paindlik ajagraafik, minikursused, eratunnid. Tere tulemast! www.babelhouse.ee

Tap11 Tap11

Muusika, ainult parim muusika.

Tartu Täiskasvanute Gümnaasium Tartu Täiskasvanute Gümnaasium
Nooruse 9
Tartu, 50411

Meie kool hoiab oma õpilasi. Me aitame sobitada tööelu, isikliku elu ja õpingud. Me anname nõu, kuidas võtta endale jõukohased eesmärgid ja me usume, et SA SAAD HAKKAMA.

Naerusuude lastehoid Naerusuude lastehoid
A.Johani 5
Tartu, 51011

Pakume hubases ja turvalises keskkonnas pere pisematele lastehoiuteenust :) Hoiuteenust pakume kuni 10-le lapsele.

ÜHT - Ühinenud Humanitaartudengid ÜHT - Ühinenud Humanitaartudengid
Lossi 3-236
Tartu, 51003

ÜHT ehk Ühinenud Humanitaartudengite südameasjaks humanitaar- ja kunstide valdkonna rõõmud, mured ja areng