Animated Notation Symposium 2016

We would like to explore the state of the art of animated notation from an interdisciplinary perspective. 17/05/2018

open call for artists_"graphical notation" residency with ZKM | deadline: 10 June 2018 From April 23 to June 10, the ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe calls on artists to submit new composition ideas and proposals for electroacoustic compositions resulting from the digital real-time interpretation of graphics and graphic notation. The artists apply for a one-month residency at....


Anders Lind – Animated Notation Online Symposium 2016

The first work to be discussed on the ANS16 website is by Anders Lind.

Check out the comments!

c. By cmfischerOctober 15, 20164 commentsPresentations The first work to discuss is by Anders Lind from Sweden. Below you will find three videos. The first two are concert recordings of his work: “Voices of Umeå: Everybody Scream!!!”. The third is a presentation for this symposium describing Anders’ a...

[10/15/16]   The Animated Notation Online Symposium is happy and proud to announce: the first work has been selected and is open for discussion!

Check out the "Presentation" section on our website!

[06/01/16]   Dear you! The submission for the Animated Notation online Symposium 2016 is closed.

We received 55 works from 14 different countries!

Heartfelt thanks to you for your submissions!!

Over the summer, the jury will have a look at the submissions and select the most interesting ones to be presented and discussed on our website. On October/November we will publish the results also on our website and plan the publication in "eContact!".

Enjoy your summer and keep on composing using animation!


[05/25/16]   We have two more submission countries: Iceland and Switzerland! Thank you people for participating!

The deadline is still 5 days, 8 hours and 7 minutes away. So do not hesitate and participate.

We are looking forward to your submissions! 24/04/2016

tibetan buddhist tantric scores

Wonderful score examples! Visit the post for more.


neue musik

Music is for everyone!

[03/04/16]   Call for Submissions.

Alternative Music Notation - Animated Music Notation
Send us your scores!

Deadline 30. April 2016!

Please feel free to share!



Participate | Animated Notation Online Symposium 2016

Just a little reminder. Deadline for the symposium is 01. April 2016. So get your videos together and participate! We are looking forward to your submissions! There are several ways to participate in the symposium. Would you like to browse the website and search for interesting stuff about animated notation and maybe give some comments? Just go ahead! Would you like to submit an Artistic Work to the symposium? Click here! Would you like to submit a Scient… 09/01/2016

Presentation: An introduction to best practices for preparation of scores and parts | Canadian...

12 JAN | TORONTO — Elma Miller, member of the ANS16 Artistic Committee , is giving a seminar that should be of interest to those of you working with “static” notation :-) Not in Toronto? Sign up for the WEBINAR. $10 – General Admission $5 – CMC Associate Composer, Student Admission and Remote Participation* (webinar)Purchase Tickets Here

[01/03/16]   These are the updated milestones of the symposium.
Please share the event. Thanks!

* April 30, 2016 — Deadline for submissions
* May 15 – June 30, 2016 — Submissions adjudicated by the Artistic Committee
* October 2016 — Publication of the online presentation of the selected works


Canadian Electroacoustic Community

Subs can now be sent to SMC 2016.

The SMC 2016 submissions portal is open! CALL FOR WORKS incl. animated notation, AV installations, fixed media… CALL FOR PAPERS on various topics. SUMMER SCHOOL topics: brain-computer interfaces, artificial neural networks, networked performance, loudspeaker networks for WFS/3D systems. DATES @ 01/10/2015

Knobbee 32: A High Resolution, Ergonomic USB-MIDI Controller

A very good project by our friend Constantin Popp. Support & share! Not happy with your MIDI controller? Try our Knobbee 32: ergonomic, high resolution MIDI controller with 32 knobs & more

[08/28/15]   Hello everybody! The first submissions reached us. And they look very promising! Please share our event to reach an even bigger audience!!

Thanks in advance! 06/07/2015

Animated Notation Symposium 2016 | an interdisciplinary online symposium on animated music notation

[06/30/15]   Our CfW starts today! Please visit our website for more info! ... and spread the word :-) 18/06/2015

Animated Notation Symposium 2016 | an interdisciplinary online symposium on animated

The Animated Notation Symposium 2016 - Call for Works starts officially 01.July 2015 - visit our website for details!




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Primestep -  esimesed sammud teel finantsilise vabaduseni Primestep - esimesed sammud teel finantsilise vabaduseni
Väike-Ameerika 8-414
Tallinn, 10129

Aitame Sul leida uusi võimalusi kuidas oma elu paremini juhtida ja planeerida ning elada elu, millest unistanud oled.

Sihtasutus Archimedes Sihtasutus Archimedes

Archimedes Foundation is an independent body established by the Estonian government in the field of education and research.

Opiskelemaan Tallinnaan Opiskelemaan Tallinnaan
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Hakuaikaa 21.08.2013 saakka!

ViaFreedom Montessori center ViaFreedom Montessori center
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Family center with Montessori class (0-3y.). Perekeskus Montessori rühmaga (0-3a.). Семейный центр с Монтессори классом (0-3г.).

Ресторатор Ресторатор
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Управление рестораном это искусство, а искусству надо учиться!

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Интеллект - туры MOST из Таллинна Интеллект - туры MOST из Таллинна
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Путешествуем из Таллинна на первоклассные семинары именитых бизнес-тренеров. Приятно, полезно, в хорошей компании!

BTEducation BTEducation
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Курсы в Таллинне. Курсы предпринимательства. Курсы логистики Курсы IT-специалистов. Бухгалтерские курсы. Школа языков. Школа моды

Eesti Arhitektuurikeskus Eesti Arhitektuurikeskus
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Eesti Arhitektuurikeskus | Estonian Centre of Architecture

Bliss Yoga Bliss Yoga
Niine 11, 4.korrus
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Meie rasedate joogatunnid nüüd kolisid City Yoga stuudiosse Niine tn 11, 4.korrusele!

Huvikeskus PiK-NiK Huvikeskus PiK-NiK

Дополнительное образование для детей и взрослых.

Mastering Electronics Mastering Electronics
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Advanced Course of Power Electronics