Kalita Language Studio, Tallinn Video October 15, 2018, 9:03pm

Videos by Kalita Language Studio in Tallinn. We are a language studio teaching English and Russian. Check the current courses we offer on our website or under the Services tab. Feel free to message :)

English Club in Tallinn

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On 21.12 11:00-13:00 we are having a special session - Christmas Party. Agenda: 🤩 5 native speakers 🎁🎁 lottery with valuable prizes 🍹🍹🍹 Christmas drinks NEW LOCATION: Sardegna Resto (Raua, 1) Come to spend 2 hours with 5 native speakers and speak-spea-speak English. 🎀Registration & payment bit.ly/2E8lgOz 🎀 If you bring a friend or if you are Kalita Language Studio current student, you get a special price 🎀 🎥 Meanwhile, enjoy this last year video:

Christmas Session in English Club in Tallinn
Participants are talking to native speakers, at every tabel there is a person from England, Australia, the US etc.

Goodbye! See you soon ;) P.S. Raimond, we missed you A LOT.

English Through Practice B2 final session 😭😭😭 ♥️You are always welcome back! 😍 P.S. That's what trying to make a selfie with low selfie skills look like ))

Morning groups reflection

New books have arrived 🥳 The smell is unbelievable :) Russian A1, you are lucky guys ;)

Every Saturday. The right place to talk to a native speaker :)

This is how to get to our studio at Pärnu maantee 67a 5th floor. Welcome! Путь в студию от крыльца и до двери. Добро пожаловать!

English Club in Tallinn

English Club in Tallinn

English Club in Tallinn

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