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We are a language studio teaching English and Russian. Check the current courses we offer on our website or under the Services tab. Feel free to message :)

Mission: Have fun while learning a foreign language.

[06/27/19]   What's cinema for you? 🍿🍿🍿 + ❓❓❓

Add your option in the comments ⏬

Morning groups reflection


How can film help you teach or learn English? | British Council

We have so much authentic material right around us! Read why and how it can help and come to the Cinema Club - Learn Through Films to apply it to practice :)

britishcouncil.org Teacher and author Kieran Donaghy tells us why film is such a good resource and recommends useful websites in one of our top five articles of all time, illustrated by artist Jamie Johnson.

[06/10/19]   How often would you like to attend Summer Intensive course? (3 hours each class)
Какая частота занятий в Летнем интенсиве по английскому для вас наиболее удобна? (каждое занятие 3 часа)

[Summer Morning Intensive]
(for teenagers and for adults)
Summer is the best time to put away all other things and dive into English!
2-3 mornings a week devoted to speaking, playing, listening, discussing and by the end of the summer you will be 1 level up - hoh, no kidding, only your work and your time.
✔️Digester via Messenger or here: kalitalanguagestudio.com

Родители, если у вас есть непристроенный на лето подросток - отдайте его нам :) Мы его английскому научим ;)
🍒малая группа (2-5 человек), +-15 лет
🍉программа Pre-Intermediate
🍓за 7 недель 01.07-16.08 мы пройдем полный уровень
Занятия проходя утром/днем на Пярну мнт 67а.
Пишите-звоните - спрашивайте!

Summer 2019 Courses
🏖intensive morning course for teenagers and adults: one summer = one level up
🎥Cinema Club 29.06, 27.07, 31.08: prepare for the movie, watch it all together and discuss
Info bit.ly/2Hsirud
Летние курсы 2019
🏖 интенсивный утренний курс для подростков и взрослых: один уровень за лето
🎥 Английский Кино Клуб 29.06, 27.07, 31.08: готовимся к просмотру, смотрим вместе и обсуждаем
Инфо bit.ly/2W0fCEC
Suvekursused 2019
🏖 intensiivne hommikune kursus täiskasvanutele ja tiineritele: üks suvi = üks tase
🎥 Inglise Kinoklubi 29.06, 27.07, 31.08: vaatame koos ja pärast arutleme
Info bit.ly/2wqiZdV

From now on our website KalitaLanguageStudio.com is available in Estonian as well as in English and Russian.

English Club in Tallinn

Which day is better for English Club sessions?

See you this Sunday at 11am on our Info Day. We are drinking tea and talking about learning languages and our Summer Courses.
This event is free.
Address: Pärnu mnt. 67a 5th floor, turn right.
Phone: +372 5910 2167.


Language Studio | Summer Courses

☀️⛵️☀️ SUMMER COURSES ☀️🏖☀️
Summer differs from all the other seasons, right? We expect much more of it than, say, of winter or spring, and Kalita Language Studio is ready to help your dreams come true.
Here's what we offer in the summer:
⌚️ "Summer English" - super intensive morning course that in 7 weeks covers a whole level.
💣 Cinema Club - our secret weapon. We meet on 3 Saturdays to learn new vocabulary, watch a film together and discuss it.
➡️ "Speaking Grammar B1-B2" - intensive systemetising of essential grammar and putting it into practice

More detail and registration:

kalitalanguagestudio.com English and Russian courses in Tallinn. KalitaLanguageStudio.com. English speaking club.


THAMM Resto | Ресторан в Таллине

Our English Club is now meeting in a different place:

thamm.ee THAMM RESTO & MEETING PLACE     E-N 8:00-20:00 R 8:00-22:00 L 10:00-22:00 P 10:00-16:00 NARVA MNT. 36 TALLINN +372 661 6099 +372 511 1616 www.thamm.ee Меню СалатыSmørrebrødПельмениСупыОсновные блюдаДетское менюДесертыЗавтраки Сала....

Timeline Photos

Kalita Language Studio's cover photo

Kalita Language Studio

Summer is almost here! What would you like to be part of in our studio during the summer? Write your ideas in the comments!
Лето уже вот-вот будет с нами. Какие курсы вы бы с удовольствием прошли в нашей студии? Пишите свои идеи в комментариях!

[05/13/19]   Summer is almost here! What would you like to be part of in our studio during the summer? Write your ideas in the comments!
Лето уже вот-вот будет с нами. Какие курсы вы бы с удовольствием прошли в нашей студии? Пишите свои идеи в комментариях!

That's what our students see leaving the studio. Gorgeous.

Our first intake groups are half way through the course. Time to celebrate the equator!

Time flies 🤪

The Big Breakfast Day is already ❕tomorrow❗️.
Get ready - stop eating now ;)
Expecting all registered participants tomorrow by 11 am in Cafe Mermaid. Cheers!

Anything new for you here?

News for all groups!
"I'm GOing to GO" is an ok phrase. Use it.


How To Pronounce Via

http://www.bearstearnsbravo.com This video shows you how to say via. Learn the correct American English pronunciation of the word meaning by means of, or thr...

This plate with full English breakfast + 6 British native speakers -> that's what's waiting for your this Saturday in the English Club in Tallinn. Join us!
(last spots available)

Good news!
We are taking orders for individual classes. Text us for details.

Wonderful idea - pick your favourite pair to wear in the studio :) Sponge Bob would do ok. Or the carrots.


English Breakfast - The Truth (English Club in Tallinn: Food Series)

1 Brit per every 3 guests 🤩🥳🤪 + full English Breakfast per person = 18 EUR
Register beforehand to book your breakfast. If you come unannounced, you might stay hungry ))) not wothout coffee, though 🙃

kalitalanguagestudio.com Eating a full English breakfast with 6 native Brits. WOW. Learn more about English culture while eating a super meal.


Britain unveils a plan to regulate online content

Languages are tools. To learn new things and tell others what you already know. That's why we have to deal with all sorts of content in class. For example, this:
"In the spring a government’s fancy turns to thoughts of internet regulation. This month alone, Singapore announced a bill to clamp down on fake news, Taiwan said it would ban Chinese-owned video-streaming services and Australia rushed through its parliament a Sharing of Abhorrent Violent Material bill, which among other things seeks to hold tech-company executives personally liable for failing swiftly to take down offensive content."
The Economist 11.04.19
A lot to discuss both content-wise and language-wise.
What else can we do with the article? A ton of things! Read, read aloud, read aloud artistically, discuss vocabulary, guess the meaning of unknown words (linguistic intuition training), tell to those who haven't read it, write an essay, find the missing paragraph, add information about other countries... This list is endless :)
Come to explore what we do with authentic materials in class KalitaLanguageStudio.com

economist.com The government makes the novel suggestion that companies should care for their users

Kalita Language Studio is looking for new colleagues. Join us :)
If you love working with adults and enjoy seeing their progress - this is your opportunity to find a reliable partner.

* relevant degree (Language Teacher, Philology, Linguistics etc.)
* relevant experience (teaching languages)
high energy level
* excellent knowledge of the language you teach (preferably proved with international certificates)
* contemporary teaching methods
* living in Tallinn, Estonia.

We offer:

* part-time job in the studio at Pärnu mnt. 67a or in a company office for corporate clients (Tallinn, Estonia)
* full support (programmes, guidance, development etc.)
* creative tasks
*motivation for professional growth

Apply for the job and expect an interview invitation by email.

Looking forward to seeing you in our team!

Tom's British heart pounded when he saw the full English breakfast we are going to eat together with 6 native speakers at "English Breakfast - The Truth" on 27.04.
And his heart stopped when we tried it. 100% success!
Details and registration: bit.ly/2HT0sgZ


Language Studio | Placement Test

Do the placement test to check your level. We'll offer a suitable group afterwords.
Выполните тест, чтобы проверить свой уровень английского. Мы предложим подходящую группу.

kalitalanguagestudio.com English and Russian courses in Tallinn. KalitaLanguageStudio.com. English speaking club.

The best way to learn 12 colours, 12 animals and a nice song to sing along :)
What's in the trailer?


To make it even more convenient for you...

kalitalanguagestudio.com We have made some improvements in our studio: better organisation of tea area, new shelf special for your bags and a test version of table positioning :) Let's

Our B1.2 topic. The girls were 🤯😲🥺 at first.
Now it's more like 🙄🤨🤔☝️🚀
➡️ I'll help you.
➡️ The train arrives at 6.
➡️ The man is going to disappear.
➡️ He'll break up with her.
Which sentence is which meaning? Answer in the comments, please.
Message if you wish to join the group.

Studying hard. Want to join?

Our regular English Club in Tallinn session. Every Saturday 11am ;)
Register in advance, please. @ Mermaid Cafe


Language Studio | Placement Test

Do the test and choose your group :)

kalitalanguagestudio.com English and Russian courses in Tallinn. KalitaLanguageStudio.com. English speaking club.

What's this in English? ☺️


Google Glass review | Engadget

This week with our B2 group among other things we are discussing smart glasses. This video is from 2013 when Google Glass was released. Then, in 2015, the prototype was put on hold and in 2017 an entreprise edition was released.
Would you wear a pair?

Google Glass is a headset with a projected display, a camera and a data connection that could revolutionize the mobile device industry. It has also caused a ...

[04/01/19]   📯Big news! FREE EVENT
You asked - we are ready to offer. Express language courses.
🎖️Hypno English🎖️
A native speaker hypnotizes you and in this special state makes you believe you can speak English fluently, with ease and grace.
When you wake up, you are refreshed, full of energy and enthusiasm.
All participants show a long lasting effect of +1-2 levels of English. If now you are B1, you will be C1 after the session. If you have never studied English, you will be B1.
Place: Kalita Language Studio
Time: April, 1-10 21:00
Register in the comment 🚀


Program vs. Programme

dailywritingtips.com One of our readers wrote to ask if we could clarify the difference between program and programme. The Noun: Program or Programme? The basic difference is

English Club in Tallinn

Today's session.
Thank you :)

Super news! ⚡️⚡️⚡️
From now on this little fellow will be helping us to process your payments. 21st century! Hurray!
P.S. It means that you can simply come with your card and pay for whatever you need to pay - English Club sessions, English Breakfast event, group classes, corporate courses, textbooks etc. 🔥

Congratulate in the comments)))

[03/27/19]   This is our current schedule:
🇬🇧 Monday English for Life B1.2
🇬🇧 Tuesday English Through Practice B2
🇬🇧 Wednesday English for Life B1.1
🇷🇺 Thursday Russian A1
🇬🇧 Friday English for Life A1
Some of the groups are open for new students. Contact us to ask more :)

Today in B1.1 group we practise asking for directions.
How can I get to the National Library?

Our students do not get surprised when they get paper blank only on one side.
Because they know that one of the studio's principles is caring for the nature - that is using everything to its full potential, preferring reusable staff to disposable and paper to plastic.
What do you do to care for our planet?

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Morning groups reflection
English Club in Tallinn
English Club in Tallinn
English Club in Tallinn







Pärnu Maantee 67a

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Monday 18:00 - 21:00
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Tallinn Language Centre / International House Tallinn Tallinn Language Centre / International House Tallinn
Luise 4
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Inglise keele kursused / Курсы английского / English Courses

Helen Doron English Lasnamäe Huvikool Helen Doron English Lasnamäe Huvikool
Punane 42
Tallinn, 13619

Helen Doron English on unikaalne õppemeetod inglise keele õppimiseks lastele vanuses 3.elukuust kuni 19.eluaastani.

Vladparal Õppekeskus Vladparal Õppekeskus
Rävala Pst. 8, Korpus B, II Korrus, Kab. 207

Erialane ja keelte koolitus Курсы по специальностям и языкам.

A&E Keeltekool A&E Keeltekool
Lembitu 8-12
Tallinn, [email protected]

A&E Keeltekool omab tegevusluba ning pakub eesti, inglise, vene ja vietnami(!) keele kursusi. Õpingud toimuvad minirühmades.

English Club in Tallinn English Club in Tallinn
Narva Maantee 36 Thamm Resto

We meet every week to super actively practise English. We have guests - native speakers from different corners of the world. Join in!

TeachMe TeachMe
Rävala Pst 8
Tallinn, 10143

TeachMe OÜ- firma, mis pakkub inglise, eesti ja vene keele eratunde koos aine eraõpetajatega nii individuaalselt kui ka väiksetes gruppides.

Tallinna Keeltekool Tallinna Keeltekool
Endla 22
Tallinn, 10142

Kui kehakeel ei aita... aitab Tallinna Keeltekool Registreeru kursustele meie kodulehelt www.tallinnakeeltekool.ee ! Info tel 6620 996 (kl 8.00-16.00) ja 6620 706 (kl 9.30-17.30) või [email protected]

Multilingua Keelekeskus ja Tõlkebüroo Multilingua Keelekeskus ja Tõlkebüroo
Pärnu Mnt 16
Tallinn, 10141

Multilinguas saab õppida 19 keelt kaheksas õppevormis, samuti pakume suulist ja kirjalikku tõlketeenust. Vaata http://www.multilingua.ee

Motiiv Stuudio OÜ Motiiv Stuudio OÜ
Parda 8
Tallinn, 10151

For people interested in learning the Estonian language. We specialize in helping people learn how to effectively handle everyday situations.

Saksakeel Saksakeel
Pärnu Mnt 488
Tallinn, 10915

Saksakeele õpe

Linguisto Keeltekool ja Tõlkebüroo Linguisto Keeltekool ja Tõlkebüroo
Narva Mnt 7, Tallinn, Estonia
Tallinn, 10117


Learn Russian in Tallinn Estonia Learn Russian in Tallinn Estonia
Pärnu Mnt. 16
Tallinn, 10141

Russian language courses in total immersion in Tallinn, Estonia. Accommodation, excursions and social activities proposed.