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We are a language studio teaching English and Russian. Check the current courses we offer on our website or under the Services tab. Feel free to message :)

Mission: Have fun while learning a foreign language.

Happy New Year! Let 2020 be the best ever :)

[12/28/19]   If you feel that morning is the best time to study, please, give us the time slot that would be best for you. For example: 9:00-10:30, 6:00-8:00 or 11:00-12:30.
You can influence the schedule of the upcoming groups ;)

The Longman Defining Vocabulary

This is a nice way to decide if to are ready to use monolingual English dictionaries: make sure that you understand all words that can be included into definitions, i.e. are in the defining vocabulary. For example:



English Club in Tallinn - Christmas Session (Season 8)

Hohoho! A few last seats are waiting for you and your friends. Follow the link to check if you can get a discount.

kalitalanguagestudio.com Special session: extra guests, extra time, super lottery. Come!

We are having our last lessons this year. And this is a personal recommendation from out teeny-tiny library for the holidays:

Note that now we have a separate bin for paper.

On 21.12 11:00-13:00 we are having a special session - Christmas Party.
🤩 5 native speakers
🎁🎁 lottery with valuable prizes
🍹🍹🍹 Christmas drinks
NEW LOCATION: Sardegna Resto (Raua, 1)
Come to spend 2 hours with 5 native speakers and speak-spea-speak English.
🎀Registration & payment bit.ly/2E8lgOz 🎀 If you bring a friend or if you are Kalita Language Studio current student, you get a special price 🎀
🎥 Meanwhile, enjoy this last year video:

Christmas Session in English Club in Tallinn

Participants are talking to native speakers, at every tabel there is a person from England, Australia, the US etc.


English Club in Tallinn - Christmas Session (Season 8)

English Club Christmas Party tickets. Please, book now.
21.12 11:00 Sardegna (Raua, 1)

kalitalanguagestudio.com Special session: extra guests, extra time, super lottery. Come!


Join Fitz and Will on their festive adventure.


view.ceros.com A brand new festive story for Cambridge University Press created by Little Cam Books. Join Fitz, Will and their new friend Leo, as they explore Cambridge this Festive season.

How about setting up a small library?

We have 7 gift cards. We wish to sell them for 1/10 (😱) of their value. For example, a card that gives a 30 EUR discount is being sold today for 3 EUR.
Possible options:
1️⃣10 EUR Gift Card (you buy it for 1 EUR, your friend will get a 10 EUR discount)
2️⃣20 EUR Gift Card (you buy it for 2 EUR)
3️⃣30 EUR Gift Card (you buy it for 3 EUR)
One person can use only 1 card.
[Current students who have already signed the contract and are now studying can buy the card and present it to a friend. Unfortunately, they can not use the card themselves. ]

Write the value you need in the comments, first 7 people will get the beautiful cards that can easily serve as a present.

Ready, steady, GO! 🤡

Kalita Language Studio's cover photo

Kalita Language Studio's cover photo

[11/18/19]   Kalita Language Studio is looking for new colleagues. Join us :)
If you love working with adults and enjoy seeing their progress - this is your opportunity to find a reliable partner.

* relevant degree (Language Teacher, Philology, Linguistics etc.)
* relevant experience (teaching languages)
* high energy level
* excellent knowledge of the language you teach (preferably proved by international certificates)
* contemporary teaching methods
* based in Tallinn, Estonia.

We offer:

* part-time job in the studio at Pärnu mnt. 67a or in a company office for corporate clients (Tallinn, Estonia)
* full support (programmes, guidance, development etc.)
* creative tasks
* motivation for professional growth

Apply for the job with a CV attached and expect an interview invitation by email. New projects start in December and February.

Looking forward to seeing you in our team!

[11/13/19]   Christmas is right around the corner. What size of gift cards would be perfect for you? €15? €25? €50?


TartuNLP Neural Machine Translation

Test it!

translate.ut.ee See our neural machine translation demo, created by TartuNLP (Institute of Computer Science, University of Tartu). Try Estonian-Estonian translation!

Russian A1: красивый дом, маленькое зеркало, большой камин.

We regularly conduct Feedback Sessions apart from being ready to get your feedback at any moment through any communication channel. This time one of the repeating ideas was WE NEED GOOD COFFEE.
Ok, to be honest, initially there was no coffee in the concept of the studio, but we introduced the usual instant one just as an experience, you drink it - all and quickly. Now it's time to get a worthy coffee machine. Some little cosy guy would do. Let's see what it'll be like :)
P.S. Comment if you have anything to say about this. The machine hasn't been chosen yet. Or, at least, bought ))


Though we are not going to scare you all next session, we are happy to offer you a COUPON if you come a bit Halloweenish: a nice spider-hat, blood-covered hands, false fangs, batman wings - anything your imagination (or Tiger) will propmt you.
It gives you the right to use a 5% discount on any 1 order in Kalita Language Studio: full course, 1 month of studies, 1 English Club session, several sessions, coursebooks etc.
You can also pass it to a friend or relative.

Share your ideas in the comments. The simplest way, it seems, is to use a bloodred lipstick to make "blood" come out of your mouth. Any other 2-min recipe?

Halloween is next Thursday October, 31 2019
The question is: to be or not to be? Rather to celebrate ot not?

Is the person bald /bɔːld/ or bold /bəʊld/?

[10/20/19]   We are planning morning groups. What time would be better for you?
P.S. If both are bad, add yours in the comments.

A sample of technology used in our classroom - Irregular Verbs B1.1 on Quizlet. This is a series of words that are used in a range of activities that will help you practice and test your knowledge.
Irregular Verbs B1.1 set: quizlet.com/_6b9lw9
All tasks are different and useful in their own way, this one is about listening, for example: quizlet.com/381721113/spell

Life is life, it always goes on. Very soon most of our current courses wil reach the middle of the programme which means that joining will make little sense, so, please, do join know if you are interested.
More about courses: KalitaLanguageStudio.com
Level test: bit.ly/2IGA5KZ

Looking for new students:
💛 English for Life A2 Elementary (Mn+Th 8:30-10:00) - 3 seats
🧡 English for Life B1.1 Pre-Intermediate (Tu 18:00-21:00) - 2 seats
❤️ English for Life B1.2 Intermediate (Wn 18:00-21:00) - 2 seats
💜 English for Life B2 Upper-Intermediate (Mn 18:00-21:00) - 1 seat
It well may be the last chance this autumn.
⬇️⬇️⬇️ Ask in the comments below ⬇️⬇️⬇️
💯 Check your level here: bit.ly/2IGA5KZ
Registration is open on KalitaLanguageStudio.com or via Messages

[10/08/19]   Speaking practice for everybody. Every Saturday 11am in Thamm Resto.
(drink included)

Be as smart and imaginative add you are now! Cheers 🥂

One of the principles of the studio.

English Club in Tallinn

Right now. Find the native speaker :)

American VS British. 100% English.
How do they feel about each other? Are they that different?
Come to explore and get the information firsthand: 2 native speakers, teachers and showmen are going to do their best to present their culture in the right light. Let's see :)
Agenda: 11:00-12:00 interactive show, 12:00-13:00 speaking-speaking-speaking.
Tickets and info: bit.ly/2mtnjat

Need English or Russian? Here it is.
Active groups English for Life A1, A2, B1.1, B1.2, B2 and Russian A1 can take last 1-1,5 new students.
We help you improve your language level by speaking practice, grammar discussions and listening to a lot of tapes. Balanced programmes let you go from level to level very smoothly without overstraining yourself. From 0 (A1) to Upper-Intermediate (B2) you can get in 5 courses which is about 2,5-3 years.
🍁 Come to achieve your dreams and/or goals! 🍁
P.S. You make decision to stay or not after the first lesson. If no, then this lesson was free. You can also try other levels.
More about the project: kalitalanguagestudio.com
Registration: messages or via the website.

So, our groups are working just as planned. We have English groups of all levels, Russian - for beginners.
English for Life A1 and Russian A1 are going to stop taking new students very soon. If you are interested or you know somebody who can be interested - it's high time you let them know and register ;)

We try to keep friendly and relaxed atmosphere throughout the whole class. Drinks (tea, coffe, hot chocolate) and various snacks available at any second help us a lot.
Come to see the studio this Sunday at 11am.
Come to participate in our group classes next week. We'll be happy to have you there.
Level test and more info: KalitaLanguageStudio.com

Why do we hold our classes from 6pm to 9pm? Why 3 hours and not 2 times per 1,5 h?
The answer is easy. Our students are adults, it means that their hands are always full - full-time job, sport, family, hobby, friend, me-time, traveling etc. Blocking 2 evenings per week would require too much concentration. We don't need the struggle. We need you to be happy. That's why we do it only once a week, but deep enough to transform your thinking at least a little bit.
Come to the Info Day on 15.09 to learn more.
11:00 in Kalita Language Studio. Come.

English Club in Tallinn

These are just some topics participants discussed today:
⚡Salaries in Turkey
💧A month off
🌈Remembering the long forgotten stuff
⛅Firing staff
Come to add your voice :)
We meet every Saturday at 11.
P.S. A special session is coming in several weeks... Hohoho.

For the time being we have a few seats in B1.1 Pre-Intermediate group, B2 Upper-Intermediate and Russian A1. All other groups are full for now. We are all set to start TOMORROW.
Would you like to join us?
We teach to speak and understand, we teach not to afraid of something you do not know (yet), we teach to open new doors with new tools. We need YOU here.
To check your level, go to KalitaLanguageStudio.com and do the test. On the same website you can read about all courses and register or put yourself onto a waiting list.

When you start learning something new you feel like "Yeeeeaaaaaiiii". Right?
Especially, if you have wanted it for SO LONG and now, finally, you get the opportunity.
Make the right choices. September, 1 should always be a Sunday.

Soon in the studio...

So, what's planned for the next week?
On Monday we improve the improved with English for Life B2 (Upper-Intermediate).
On Tuesday we spread our wings and do our best to speak with English for Life B1.1 (Pre-Intermediate).
On Wednesday we speak and remember the forgotten with English for Life B1.2 (Intermediate).
On Thursday we are getting amazed at the Russian alphabet with Russian A1 / Русский как иностранный А1.
On Friday we start English from scratch with Английский с нуля / English for Life A1 (registration is closed for now).
On Monday and Thursday mornings we are making the second step in learning English with English for Life A2 (Elementary).
SUCH A WEEK! 🤪 Time to get rest to gather enough energy for all this 😎

This is the system we use to name levels of language knowledge.
Note that to study any language from scratch to Upper-Intermediate (more than enough for daily usage), you need to invest one evening per week for 2,5-3 years.
What's your level? How long is your way?

Kalita Language Studio's cover photo

English Club in Tallinn

Should we make our sessions longer in the new season?
120 min instead of 90 min.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Tallinn?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Christmas Session in English Club in Tallinn
Morning groups reflection
English Club in Tallinn
English Club in Tallinn
English Club in Tallinn







Pärnu Maantee 67a

Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 21:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 21:00
Wednesday 08:00 - 21:00
Thursday 08:00 - 21:00
Friday 08:00 - 21:00
Saturday 08:00 - 21:00
Other Language schools in Tallinn (show all)
Helen Doron English Estonia Helen Doron English Estonia
Kännu Tn.35

Inglise keele õpe lastele ja noortele vanuses 3.elukuust kuni 19.eluaastani unikaalse Helen Doron English metoodika alusel.

Opus Lingua Keeltekool Opus Lingua Keeltekool
Pühavaimu 6
Tallinn, 10123

Pakume keelekursuseid, individuaalõpet ning asutusesisest keeleõpet.

Hiina kultuuri klubi / Chinese culture club / 中国房子 Hiina kultuuri klubi / Chinese culture club / 中国房子
Koidula 3-28
Tallinn, 10125

Hiina kultuuri ja traditsioonide tutvustamine Eestis / Introducing Chinese culture and traditions in Estonia

Keelepisik Keelepisik
Pärnu Mnt 20A

Keelepisik on Tallinna kesklinnas tegutsev keeltekool, kus saab õppida eesti, vene, inglise, soome, itaalia ja hispaania keelt.

Tallinna Keeltekool Tallinna Keeltekool
Endla 22
Tallinn, 10142

Kui kehakeel ei aita... aitab Tallinna Keeltekool Registreeru kursustele meie kodulehelt www.tallinnakeeltekool.ee ! Info tel 6620 996 (kl 8.00-16.00) ja 6620 706 (kl 9.30-17.30) või [email protected]

Hiina Keel Hiina Keel
Randla 8
Tallinn, 10613

Learn to speak and write chinese

Akubens Koolitus OÜ Akubens Koolitus OÜ
Narva Mnt 7 (III), K 625, VI. Korrus
Tallinn, 10117

Akubens Koolitus OÜ организует языковые курсы в Таллине, а так же являемся партнером Эстонской кассы по безработице

ImmiSchool ImmiSchool
Jõe 9/Ahtri 12, 5th Floor, Room No 69
Tallinn, 10151

ImmiSchool - Education Center for New Immigrants Ltd provides Estonian Language & Citizenship courses for New Immigrants in Estonia.

English Club in Tallinn English Club in Tallinn
Narva Maantee 36 Thamm Resto
Tallinn, 10145

We meet every week to super actively practise English. We have guests - native speakers from different corners of the world. Join in!

Õpi inglise keelt Eestis Õpi inglise keelt Eestis
Viru Väljak 6-9
Tallinn, 10111

Learn to Speak English in Estonia Our focus is to help you to start speaking English, quickly, properly and with confidence.

A&E Keeltekool A&E Keeltekool
Lembitu 8-12
Tallinn, [email protected]

A&E Keeltekool omab tegevusluba ning pakub eesti, inglise, vene ja vietnami(!) keele kursusi. Õpingud toimuvad minirühmades.

AVA Keeled AVA Keeled
Pelguranna 33
Tallinn, 10315

Õpetame portugali, hispaania, itaalia ja inglise keelt algtasemest kuni kõrgtasemeni.