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We are a language studio teaching English and Russian. Check current offers and deals on our website KalitaLanguageStudio.com. Feel free to message about anything that worries you :)

Operating as usual


A FANTASTIC tool to drive any word home to yourself.


"You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink." English saying
Teaching a language is like giving a key. We can make sure that the key is in your hand, but we can not control if you open any door with it. Though, keeping it in your pocket as a secret weapon is always an option ;)
If you wish to start or resume your studies of English, check out our groups, some of them should suit you: kalitalanguagestudio.com/inglise-keele-kursused
NEXT WEEK we are opening 2 new groups: English for Life B1.2 Intermediate and Estonian-based English for Life A1 Beginner. Feel free to join :)
We choose legal ways of doing business, so we are studying via Zoom now (and we love it, by the way).


Today our students have started receiving links to personal infinite boards to submit tests and other works and get audio, video and written feedback right there.
Join us to get your board ;)


Be in a jam = be in a troublesome situation
Idioms are so idioms :)


Hi all! We are looking for several people to talk about your experience in learning a foreign language. It's a private 30-40 min Zoom conversation that will not be published anywhere. Help us understand you better, please :)
Comment or PM to choose the right time slot.

bbc.co.uk 16/03/2021

BBC Learning English - 6 Minute English

British Council 6 Minute English is a universal independent listening and vocabulary practice of English 😍 Find your favourite episode.

bbc.co.uk Our long-running series of topical discussion and new vocabulary, brought to you by your favourite BBC Learning English presenters.

englishpage.com 13/03/2021

Irregular Verb Flashcards 1 | ENGLISH PAGE

Irregular verbs flashcards. Primitive, but efficient. And free. 5 level.

englishpage.com Level 1 flashcards: Cards 1 - 20 of the hundred most common irregular verbs in English.


Kalita Language Studio English


On Tuesday we discovered that our sms messaging system had not been working for quite a while. We are very sorry for this and especially for the messages that might flood you yesterday. From now on the system should work alright.


We are planning on making a series of posts about APPLICATIONS designed to help you study languages? Which areas of the language or concrete applications would be interesting for you?


We are still online. No virus will spread :) Only good mood and positive vibes. Instead of being ill and/or annoyed, we'll use our time productively - we'll study the language. Ready, steady, go!
What's on the menu?
🐸 English for Life A1 Mn+Th 6-7:30pm
🐧 English for Life A2 Tu+Fr 6-7:30pm
🦄 English for Life B1.1 Mn+Th 7:40-9:10pm
🐞 English for Life B2 Mn+Wn 9:15-10:45am
🐳 Grammar&Speaking B1/B2 Saturday
NB! If you need a different level, a different programme or time, feel free to contact us, we might have other people with a similar wish.
➡️ kalitalanguagestudio.com/inglise-keele-kursused


❓I have registered on the course page, what's next? ❓
🗒 Expect an email with your registration confirmation. We also send an sms 1-2 days before the class.
NB! Make sure that you have the link before the class.

🔴 If you do not get the confirmation letter within 2 days, search "kalita language studio" in your inbox, the letter can be in Spam, Notifications, Promotion or some other folder. If you still do not see it, email us at [email protected].

🔴 If you have some technical issues (wrong link, old link, Zoom says weird things) - contact us by phone 59102167 or Messenger to see how to fix it.

❓ Where can I register? ❓
Choose a course here kalitalanguagestudio.com/inglise-keele-kursused, click on the picture and you will go to the course page, there you will see all course details and the registration form.

❓How can I choose the course?❓
It'd be best to do the test cutt.ly/Fzxxbk3, you will get an automated reply the second you press Submit.


Happy "the eighth of March" to all of us.

P.S. The new groups are still taking new students. If you've been thinking about improving your English, this is the right moment to join in.


If you still do not see our data in your tax declaration and we have confirmed that the data had been uploaded, try creating a new declaration, starting your declaration anew or adding your data there by pressing +.


We have started the Spring English courses!
ALL LEVELS are available and Grammar&Speaking for higher levels. All the groups are taught by fb.com/kalita.olga.ee. This season the groups are super small. Make sure you booked a spot for yourself and for your friend. Corona-time is the best time to improve yourself and upgrade your life. For now we are in Zoom or hybrid, we'll move offline asap.
Comment if you need more info.
Details and registration: kalitalanguagestudio.com/inglise-keele-kursused
Level test: cutt.ly/DlZKMoE

[The photo is from 2008/9, am I still recognisable?]
Photo by @cobranat


a bump - a round, raised area on a surface or on the body
a goose bumps - a temporary condition in which small raised swellings appear on the skin because of cold, fear, or excitement
to blow - to send out air from the mouth
mind-blowing - extremely exciting or surprising



There have been a few changes in our new schedule. If you have been dreaming about any of our courses, but have not registered yet, check that this group is still available and still has the same schedule:


Next week we are launching our new groups March-August 2021.
Online schedule: cutt.ly/Mkt0Y45
All courses: cutt.ly/Gkt0OMK
Level test: cutt.ly/mkt0Hcq
[ Message us to check availability of places ]
Ready, steady ...


❌ "Don't do it!" Anti-advice about English ❌
"I will read this text and remember all the words".
No. We best remember things that we processed, that we worked somehow with. What can you do with vocabulary and grammar? You can write a text, sing them aloud, make funny phrases, write them until you get tired, pronounce them a 200 times, write a series of texts to your tandem partner, find all possible situations in your life when you can use them and a million other things.
But do you know what is ultimately the BEST way to remember information? Teach somebody. Explain it in detail, present it carefully, ask questions to check understanding, ask to make examples etc. It can be your sibling, your friend, you cat or a teddy bear, the main work is done within you. And it's not only about languages, it is a characteristic of human memory, therefore it is universal.

#KLS #esl #englishtallinn


🧐 Q&A about English 🤓
"Do I need to move to the UK, US, Australia etc. to start speaking English?"
Learning a language is your inner work, it can be done anywhere. Somebody can spend years in the country and learn zero language. Language is not spread via the air or the ground, it is you being changed, it is your brain being developed and physically transformed. So, you can learn anywhere where you are.
This is on the list of Top 10 lame excuses ;)

#kls #questions #english_tallinn


🌳 "Invest in yourself!" is one of the mottos of our spring campaign
Why is buying a course of English better than shopping, entertainment or going to restaurants? Because this is investment rather than costs. And you are in the right to expect return on your investment. You are sure to get it once you start using the language. Here's how.
WORK: you will get access to better positions and more promising companies as well as more opportunities for professional development.
TOURISM: it will increase your satisfaction with the experience and enhance your understanding of things happening around you.
REST: you will be able to consume a bigger variety of content like songs, films, books, podcasts etc.

#kls #english_tallinn #english


A typical phrase you use when you see somewhere a new face.

#fun #esl #kls #pun


The spring is coming :) That's been a good winter.


😎 Case Study 🤩
"I do not remember a thing. I can spend 2 hours reading a text and looking up all the words, but next morning I do not remember a thing!"
By reading texts it's quite difficult to learn new words. if only these are specialised texts. What you can do is take all these new words and organise a series of activities to learn them in various ways: visual recognition, audio recognition, spelling, pronunciation etc. Sounds like a lot of work. That's why it's worthwhile to take a programme that was professionally constructed to fulfill all the conditions and also adds grammar to this and allows you to practice all new material at the same time.
Stop chaos, introduce clarity and balance.

#kls #english_tallinn #case

#kls #english_tallinn #case


What are things loose their value if you have to explain them?

#kls #discussion



We are about to launch our new groups 🥳
[Feel free to consult us on any question/doubt you have.]
We have groups for all levels: A1-B2. We run 3 programmes: English for Life, English for Work, Grammar&Speaking. See our online schedule here cutt.ly/XktLyGF

#kls #tallinn #estonia


If you need English for work there is no question for you why you need it and what for :) This is just your urgent need and that's it. Your boss might even push you a bit ;) Or you yourself feel that you are ready to work in an international company, but... Your English is not ready. Well, then, ready, steady, GO!
🟠 English for Work B1/B2 Wednesday 09:15-12:15
🟡 English for Work B1/B2 Saturday 10:00-13:00
Register now. Ask in the comments.


In the new reality we are living now we need to be ready to move to Zoom any second :) Our groups meet offline whenever possible. When somebody can not, they join online. If we are not allowed to be offline, we all meet in Zoom. Anyway all the work gets done, because English skills is what you need and you are ready to work for. So be it.


❌ "Don't do it!" Anti-advice about English ❌
"Why do I have to learn it right now? I will learn it when I need it."
Well. This logic works well for many things like learning to create posts, lock some door or park your car as you actually can learn it within a day or a week. Unfortunately, it does not work for languages.
Just imagine a realistic situation when you need English. Will it wait for 0,5-2 years until you learn it to a level that is considered to be sufficient? Let's take jobs. You see a marvellous vacancy that you love from the beginning to the very end but for one "but" in the skills section. You are required to speak English at B1 level and it will be checked at the interview. And this wonderful opportunity is lost. Unless you have good negotiating skills that will allow you to persuade your new employer to give you 0,5-2 years to learn the language. Do you know many employers like this?
Choose wisely. All roads are good enough to follow them, but do they lead to somewhere where you want to be?

#kls #esl #English tallinn


If you studied in Kalita Language Studio in 2020, would like to see these data in your tax declaration and still do not see it there, please, contact us at [email protected] (write the full name and ID of the student and the payer).
Stay in touch.



If you need to learn to speak English, understand what people say and read posts and books, these courses are for you:
💊 English for Life A1 Beginner - Monday and Thursday 6 pm
🚲 English for Life A2 Elementary - Tuesday and Friday 6 pm
☎️ English for Life B1.1 Pre-Intermediate - Monday+Thursday 7:40 pm or Tuesday+Friday 9:15 am
⌛️ English for Life B1.2 Intermediate - Wednesday 6 pm or Saturday 13:20
✅ English for Life B2 Upper-Intermediate - Monday and Thursday 9:15 am or Sunday 10am
Registration is available here: https://en.kalitalanguagestudio.com/inglise-keele-kursused
If you are not sure which level would be good for you, take the test: https://cutt.ly/sk0LjMY Recommendations will come immediately.


🧐 Q&A about English 🤓
"When will I start speaking?"
When you open your mouth and start speaking. Period.
Technically, you start speaking from the very first lesson, that's the whole idea of studying. But this question is about a different thing. "When will I be able to express myself freely?" would be a better version.
This is a long way. From the first lesson on you learn to say more and more things, share more and more thoughts, express more and more ideas. This is the very idea of studying the language. Usually, people start feeling that they can more or less communicate their ideas when they are on the B1.1 Pre-Intermediate course.

#kls #questions #english_tallinn


We are experiencing a technical issue with your tax declarations. If this is an urgent question for you and you would like to make things work faster, write an email with your ID to [email protected].
Thanks for understanding.


How big are our groups?
Well, not big, they are on the smallish side :) 4-6 people is a normal group. Quite a cosy story, in fact.
We are launching new groups. Check the levels and register: https://en.kalitalanguagestudio.com/inglise-keele-kursused


Grammar&Speaking - why?
🧡Grammar is a very beautiful structure and we teachers can talk about it for hours and hours, but it has zero value for you since what you need is practical skills, something that you can use in real life. That's why our presentations are brief and practical, the majority of time is taken by practice, that is using this grammar in speech. 🖤What can it be? Role-plays, board games, quizzes, debates, discussions and so on - anything that makes you speak.
How to join?
Register here:
💟 evening group cutt.ly/sktKm9O
💟 weekend group cutt.ly/OktKYmf
Feel free to ask if anything.

#grammar_speaking #kls #english_tallinn

Kalita Language Studio

We are a cosy language studio at Pärnu mnt. 67a. We provide English and Russian language courses (A1-C1), individual and corporate classes. Ask - we’ll tell you everything you wish to know :)

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