Istituto di Moda Burgo Eesti Moekool

Istituto di Moda Burgo Eesti Moekool (IMB Eesti) is the only Italian fashion school of its kind in the Baltics. It provides a unique method of education in partnership with the Istituto di Moda Burgo (IMB), a well known educational institute with more than 50 years of experience.

Graduating from a fashion school which gives serious professional training is highly recommended in the industry. All the programs at IMB Eesti are approved by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research (License # 6747HTM). The quality and the rapid learning process are achieved in the following ways:
- Individual lessons. The teachers follow each student, offering a customised program. This permits focusing on aspects the student needs to study in depth and to skip aspects the student already knows due to his or her level.
- Exclusive educational system comprising unique books and instruments.
- Monthly tests to assess student progress and intervene promptly in cases of difficulty and delay on the program.
- Highly qualified staff.
- Limited number of students per teacher as a guarantee of optimal learning.
- The chance to start courses at the beginning of every month. The school is equipped with modern equipment that the students, once the course is over, will find when they work in the fashion industry. IMB Eesti provides a creative atmosphere. The mission of the school is to raise the prestige of Baltic fashion and to introduce Italian quality and craftsmanship methods in Estonia. The main goal is to train students into capable professionals who may bring their innovative ideas into the modern fashion industry. Due to the knowledge and practice obtained, students will be competitive in the international fashion job market. IMB Eesti offers its students the chance to continue their education in Milan. IMB headquarters has a cooperation with many well known fashion companies and ateliers, receiving hundreds of job and internship offers. The best students from IMB Eesti may be sent to Milan for an internship. IMB Eesti is the right decision to get fashion education. 27/06/2016

Таллинн 6-11 июля

Лаборатория брендов проводит интенсив по брендингу в Таллинне 6-11 ИЮЛЯ


[06/20/16]   ATTENTION!!! 1 place left for PHOTOSHOP INTENSIVE COURSE for fashion designers. lessons are on 21.06, 28.06, 05.07, 12.07, 19.07 at 17.30-20.30. for more info call 55564307

ВНИМАНИЕ!!! есть 1 свободное место на интенсивный курс по фотошопу для дизайнеров одежды. Время уроков 21.06, 28.06, 05.07, 12.07, 19.07 at 17.30-20.30. Для информации звонить по телефону 55564307 27/10/2014

Julia Perlin

Vote for Istituto di Moda Burgo Eesti Moekool student JP by Julia Perlin Kiev Fashion Days Я проголосовал в конкурсе Fashion Scout Kiev Design It за: Julia Perlin



В Таллинне открылась школа моды известного итальянского института

Приглашаем на новый учебный год! Дизайнер одежды, иллюстратор моды, закройщик-портной — именно такие профессии предлагает получить недавно открывшееся в Таллинне официальное представительство Миланского института IMB — Школа моды IMB Eesti (Istituto di Moda Burgo Eesti Moekool). 05/05/2014

Miglior Disegno del Mese

New design on the month! Presentazione del miglior disegno di moda del mese. 31/03/2014

a-z of pronunciation

a-z of pronunciation Our playful take on pronunciation teaches you how to speak your international fashion alphabet, from Azzedine Alaïa (AH’ZE’DEEN AH’LAI’AH) in Paris to Zegna (ZEN’YA) in Milan. This is how top supermodels say these things, so look, listen and learn! Once you’ve mastered all 26, you’ll be ready to str... 31/03/2014

Best drawing of the month.

New Drawing of the Month of April! Presentation of the best fashion design of the month. 04/03/2014

Miglior Disegno del Mese

New design of the month Presentazione del miglior disegno di moda del mese.


People in fashion part 3: The Fashion Student

The typical day of a fashion student. Video realized by Brian George ( ) starring George Reynolds student of Istituto di Moda Burgo

Third episode in a series of portraits of people in and around the fashion industry in Milan. For this episode I followed fashion student George Reynolds. Sp... 06/02/2014

February 2014 Presentation of the best fashion design of the month.


Fondazione Micol Fontana La Fondazione Micol Fontana custodisce il grande patrimonio lasciato in eredita' dall'Atelier Sorelle Fontana. 08/01/2014

Best drawing of the month. Presentation of the best fashion design of the month.


Eesti Moekool | EESTI MOEKOOL

On alanud uute õpilaste vastuvõtmine õppeaastaks. Rohkem infot või +372 555 25 927

Начался набор на новый учебный год.
Информация на сайте или по телефону +372 555 25 927

Enrolment for the new academic year has started. More info on or +372 555 25 927 Eesti Moekool (IMB Eesti) - единственная в своем роде итальянская школа моды в балтийских странах. 29/11/2013

Miglior Disegno del Mese Presentazione del miglior disegno di moda del mese. 06/11/2013

November 2013 Presentation of the best fashion design of the month.


Buduaar - Галерея: В Francesco Sibio состоялся показ коллекции Julia Perlin и Monquer about the event 23 октября в ресторане Francesco Sibio состоялся показ весенне-летней коллекции одежды от Юлии Перлин и украшений от Monquer, организованный эстонской школой Istituto di Moda Burgo. 25/10/2013

Galerii: Eesti moekool tutvustas noore talendi moeloomingut - Trendid -

Article in about fashion show of JP by Julia Perlin Istituto di Moda Burgo Eesti Moekool student 23 oktoobril esitles Eesti moekool Istituto di Moda Burgo Francesco Sibio restoranis oma tudengi Julia Perlini 2014. aasta kevadsuvist kollektsiooni ja Monquer ehteid. 25/10/2013

GALERII: tippmodell kõnnib juba moelavadel

Article in Õhtuleht about fashion show of Istituto di Moda Burgo Eesti Moekool student JP by Julia Perlin Kolmapäeva õhtul toimus Francesco Sibio restoranis Julia Perlini kollektsiooni esitlus ja ühena modellidest astus üles ka „Eesti tippmodellist" tuntud Olga. 21/10/2013

SCUOLA di MODA BURGO - Istituto di moda Burgo

A new look for
The IMB website has been completely redesigned, translated into English retaining its simplicity and functionality.
Clear and easily understandable, but packed with information and constantly updated news, the site reflects perfectly a fashion school on the crest of a wave since more than 50 years and always in step with the times. Scuola di Moda Istituto di Moda Burgo - I corsi e i programmi della scuola di moda Italiana famosa in tutto il mondo.


Backstage MODStudio per Azzurra Di Lorenzo

Fashion Designer: Azzurra Di Lorenzo ( Assistant Stylist: Maria Vittoria Ogliara ( Model: Chiara Montemarano Eva Sq...

[09/16/13]   first day of studies 10/09/2013

Vaata, kes käisid Eesti Moekooli avamisel - Elu24 meelelahutusuudised

Istituto di Moda Burgo Eesti Moekooli avamine

Istituto di Moda Burgo Eesti Moekool opening

Открытие Istituto di Moda Burgo Eesti Moekool //: Vaata, kes käisid Eesti Moekooli avamisel Möödunud nädalal, 5. septembril toimus Niine 11 Istituto di Moda Burgo Eesti Moekooli avamispidu.REKLAAMREKLAAM Istituto di Moda Burgo Eesti Moekool on ainuke Itaalia moekool Balti riikides. Kool on loodud koostöös Istituto di Moda Burgo-ga, mis on oma a... 26/08/2013

Eesti Moekool | EESTI MOEKOOL

OPENING SOON!!! Eesti Moekool (IMB Eesti) – ainuke omataoline Itaalia moekool Balti riikides. 21/08/2013

Buduaar - Itaalia moeharidus nüüd ka Eestis – avatakse uus moekool

An article about school in

Artikkel koolist

Статья о школе на сайте Septembrist avab moehuvilistele uksed Istituto di Moda Burgo Eesti Moekool, mis on ainuke Itaalia moekool Balti riikides. 02/08/2013

Eesti Moekool | EESTI MOEKOOL

Check out our gallery on Eesti Moekool (IMB Eesti) – ainuke omataoline Itaalia moekool Balti riikides. 04/07/2013

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[07/03/13]   On alanud uute õpilaste vastuvõtmine 2013/2014 õppeaastaks. Kõigile, kes kirjutavad enne juulikuu lõppu lepingule alla, kehtib allahindlus 10%.

Начался набор на учебный год 2013/2014. Всем подписавшим контракт до конца июля скидка 10%.

Enrolment for the academic year 2013 - 2014 has started. Everyone who signs the contract before the end of July will get the discount of 10%.




Niine 11
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Animated Notation Symposium 2016 Animated Notation Symposium 2016
Tatari 13
Tallinn, 10116

We would like to explore the state of the art of animated notation from an interdisciplinary perspective.

TTÜ Robotiklubi TTÜ Robotiklubi
Ehitajate Tee 5
Tallinn, 19086

Meie abiga saab iga tudeng roboti valmis. Arendame nii teadmisi kui ka oskusi.

EMI EWT Ida-Lääne Koolituse As EMI EWT Ida-Lääne Koolituse As
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EMI EWT on üks vanimaid mitteriiklikke koolitusettevõtteid ning esimene väliskaubandust õpetav eraõppeasutus Eestis.

Euroopa Keelte Kool Euroopa Keelte Kool
Maneeži 7-2
Tallinn, 10117

Õpikud „Давай!” vastavad Eesti elukestva õppe strateegia 2020 digipöörde programmi õppestandarditele. Samuti vastab õpik 2011. aastal vastuvõetud uuele Riiklikule Õppekavale.

Pärnu Mnt 141
Tallinn, 11314

Safety Security Consulting

Airhair programm Airhair programm

Tantsuansambel Sõleke Tantsuansambel Sõleke
Mustamäe Tee 59

Tantsuansambel „Sõleke“ – mitmekülgne tants ja liikumine. „Sõlekese” on loonud 1976. aastal Ene Jakobson, kes on tänaseni ansambli peaballettmeister.

Royal Ambassador School Royal Ambassador School

ELU on elamist väärt! Aga iga elu pole ELU, mille vääriline ma olen!

Huvikool MiniLabor Huvikool MiniLabor

Huvikool miniLABOR on mõeldud kõikidele väikestele seiklushuvilistele lastele, et läbi põnevate eksperimentide katsetada kuidas maailm tegelikult toimib.

ArtMaailm Tallinna kunstistuudio ArtMaailm Tallinna kunstistuudio
Gonsiori 44
Tallinn, 10152

Действующая страница школы по адресу

Tallinna Kopli Huvikool Tallinna Kopli Huvikool
Lina 8
Tallinn, 10314

Meil on alates sellest õppeaastast uus nimi - Tallinna Kopli Huvikool

Eesti Arhitektuurikeskus Eesti Arhitektuurikeskus
Põhja Pst 27a, Tallinn
Tallinn, 10415

Eesti Arhitektuurikeskus | Estonian Centre of Architecture