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Eesti Käitumisterapeudid on mittetulundusühing, mille eesmärgiks on pakkuda käitumisteraapiat lastele.

Eesti Käitumisterapeudid on mittetulundusettevõte, mille eesmärgiks on pakkuda varajase sekkumise põhimõtetel tuginevat käitumisteraapiat arenguliste iseärasustega lastele ja noortele. Me teeme koostööd lastevanemate ja õpetajatega, et töötada välja käitumist kohandavaid sekkumisplaane. Meie eesmärgiks on abistada ka neid lapsi, kel ei ole välja pandud ametlikku diagnoosi, kuid kes vajaksid siiski täiendavat tuge, et käitumisteraapia abil paremini kohaneda neid ümbritseva keskkonnaga nii koolis kui ka vajadusel kodus. Eesti Käitumisterapeudid is a non-profit organization that provides early intervention applied behavior analytic therapy to children with mild to severe developmental disabilities. We work with parents and teachers to develop behavior intervention plans to assist students who may not have a formal diagnosis but simply need additional behavioral supports within the school, community, or home environment.

Eesti Käitumisterapeudid on mittetulundusühing, mille eesmärgiks on pakkuda käitumisteraapiat lastele.

The Emotional Impact of being a Sibling to a Brother/Sister with a Disability Career Day at an elementary school ignited my childhood feelings of growing up with my brother, Nick, who has a disability: I recently spoke before 2nd-5th grade students during a career day event …

This article addresses why it's so critical to have parent involvement in therapy. Therapy time is training time for parents. Therapy time is the opportunity for the family and therapist to exchange information and to make sure that therapy is continuing at home as well.

Article of the week: "The problem of parental nonadherence in clinical behavior analysis: Effective treatment is not enough" (K. Allen & W. Warzak, U. of Nebraska Medical Center).

And this applies to everybody, not just parents.

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Yampa Valley Autism Program


BBC News

Respecting an individuals uniqueness and providing an environment that expands interests.

Because today is #WorldAutismDay, we wanted to re-share this beautiful story.

Richard's son Jaco has autism, and their relationship as they grow together is amazing. ❤️

(Via BBC Stories)

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Support, Training, compassion. Strong work little buddy!

This is the inspirational moment four-year-old Ronnie, with cerebral palsy, walked without splints for the first time 👏

Credit: Newsflare

Interior Ministry introducing crisis behavioural instructions

Behavioral psychology has a great evidenced based history in the therapy session as well as in the organizational setting. Points to the ministry of the interior for training effectively and efficiently.
Great article about how estonia is providing evidanced based training in regards to contingency plans for crisis. The Ministry of the Interior is introducing Estonia's first coordinated set of behavioural instructions for the population how to act in times of crisis. They range from general advice to detailed and situation-based instructions how to plan ahead for potential disruptions of vital services. The com...

Steve Silberman: The forgotten history of autism

Decades ago, few pediatricians had heard of autism. In 1975, 1 in 5,000 kids was estimated to have it. Today, 1 in 68 is on the autism spectrum. What caused ...


How bad would things get if everyone stopped vaccinating their kids?

VEPA Käitumisoskuste Mäng

Evidenced based classroom management strategies!

Mis on VEPA? Kas see on mäng või ennetusprogramm? Kuidas see peaks tunnis välja nägema? Ja mis on VEPA programmi mõju? Nendele ja teistele küsimustele vastavad VEPA õpetajad ja lapsed, kooli juhtkonna esindajad ning VEPA eksperdid.

Eesti Puuetega Inimeste Koda

Täna EPIKojas toimunud Sotsiaalministeeriumi ja puuetega inimeste organisatsioonide esindajate kohtumisest anti ülevaade ka ETV Aktuaalse Kaamera uudislõigus:

How ‘Fake News’ Affects Autism Policy

WALSH: We Have Turned Childhood Into A Mental Disorder. And It's Ruining Our Kids. According to a report, there has been a dramatic rise in children misusing and overdosing on ADHD medications.

Eesti Puuetega Inimeste Koda

Tänases Maalehes ilmus artikkel, mis võtab vaatluse alla KOVi poolt osutatavate puuetega lastele suunatud teenuste kättesaadavuse.

Sotsiaalkaitseminister Kaia Iva kinnitusel pole märkimisväärne osa teenuseid vajanud puuetega lastest saanud tarvilikku teenust üldse või pole seda saanud piisavas mahus.

Eesti Puuetega Inimeste Koja tegevjuht Anneli Habicht ütles, et üks probleem ongi see, et lapsevanemad ei ole teadlikud abi võimalustest ega oska seda küsima minna. Nii jääbki puuetega laste raha suures ulatuses üle Eesti kasutamata.

“Soovitame inimestel kohaliku omavalitsuse poole alati pöörduda kirjalikult, sest siis tuleb neile ka kirjalikult vastata, selgitada, põhjendada, miks abi antakse või ei anta,” soovitas Anneli Habicht.

How ‘Fake News’ Affects Autism Policy

A great article that helps to promote being a critical consumer of information regarding autism and social services that focus on early developmental delays.

Eesti Puuetega Inimeste Koda

Kaua-kaua veninud ÜRO puuetega inimeste õiguste konventsiooni täitmise järelevalve korraldamine on lõpuks liikuma hakanud. Järelevalve mehhanismi puudumine on üks põhimõttelisemaid puudusi konventsiooni täitmisel, millele viitab EPIKoja hiljuti avaldatud variraport.

Mis määrab autismiga laste käekäigu – õnneloos või seaduspärasus?

Līga from Latvia. Truly inspiring individual! Mis määrab autismiga laste käekäigu – õnneloos või seaduspärasus? 4. mai 2018 Hannes Korjus Läti ajakirjanduse põhjal - Kommenteeri artiklit Kuna aprill on autismikuu, kajastab Õpetajate Leht kolme Läti autismivaldkonna asjatundja mõtteid. Līga Bērziņa, Läti Autismiühingu es.....

Developmentally-based Individual-difference Relationship-based intervention (DIR)/Floor Time - Association for Science in Autism Treatment

Our goal at the eaba is seek out, share, and discuss evidenced based practices, therapies, and intervention methods. Below is a post describing what is often referred “floor time” therapy. And like other forms of intervention such as facilitated communication, so far the approach lacks the experimental evidence to suggest it actually accomplishes what it says it accomplishes. When resources are tight, there is no room for wasting rehab funding on interventions or therapy’s that have little to no evidence to suggest they work. Description: Also called Greenspan Method or DIR, in Floor Time, the adult aims to engage the child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) by following his/her lead during play activities that capture the child’s interest. The adult seeks to extend or elaborate on the child’s activities. For exampl...

Baltic Association for Behavior Analysis

Current Dimensions in Applied Behavior Analysis: its a great study to get started and refresh on the thoughts and work of those who helped found the field of ABA as we know it today.

[04/04/18]   So I just left the first meeting of behavior analysis practitioners of the Baltic region. Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonian ABA practitioners attended and each agreed that a representative from each country would sit on the board of directors. The goal of the association is similar to that of the Estonian association for behavior analysis in that we are established to disseminate ABA research, and build communities of individuals interested in evidenced based practices. Much more to come as to how everything fits together. However it’s my hope we are taking another big step in networking with our neighbors, and towards possible funding and grants. More info soon

The Struggles of Behavioral Interventionists (e.g., RBT®) │ The Daily BA │ S1W9E1

Great video detailing some of the current challenges the field of Applied Behavior Analysis faces in the way of providing adequate and quality training.

This content is not endorsed by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board or anyone referenced. It's solely mine. All references I mentioned are at the botto...

Association for Behavior Analysis International®

Autism Parenting Magazine shared some very simple strategies for using positive reinforcement to help kids get to school on time.

[01/25/18]   Autism in the European Union. Great resource regarding what is being discussed about autism in EU.,0,0,0,0

Estonian Association for Behavior Analysis's cover photo

Estonian Association for Behavior Analysis

BACB - Behavior Analyst Certification Board

We have improved our RBT renewal process! Remember to start the renewal process 45 days before your renewal date. Learn more at:

[07/26/17]   Good News! The latvian autism society is starting a BCBA approved course sequence. Those with a masters degree that is acceptable from the Behavior Analyst Certification Board can take the course work receive the necessary Supervision hours, and take there BCBA board exam. This is great news as the courses will be offered once a month over the course of 2 years. I believe the cost is roughly 1,600.00/year. This is actually much cheaper than any program in the United States or the U.K. send questions if you have them.

[06/02/17]   Hello all! The estonian association for behavior analysis has received notice that several organizations and private estonian families are seeking qualified ABA therapist to provide programming for children with special needs. Please send CV and motivational letter to me ASAP if interested in more details.

[05/08/17]   Hello fellow evidenced based practitioners. The Estonian Association for Behavior Analysis will have its annual meeting this evening at ristikhenia cafe at 7. Members are not required to attend but may come if they like. If you have suggestions for our organization or suggestions as to how we can better serve Estonia in the coming year. Please leave your suggestions here or send in private message and we will discuss your proposals this evening. Happy Monday!

Postimees Postimees: Värsked uudised Eestist ja välismaalt. Loe lähemalt

Aitäh elule

"Aitäh elule!" uus osa juba järgmisel kolmapäeval 18.01 kell 21.20 :)!
Vaatame, milline oli noorte teekond Autistika keskusesse ning kuidas on see muutnud nende elu.

Large USSR-style special care homes to be closed down by 2020

Good news for Estonians with a disability. Lets be sure to welcome these people into our communities. #integration Apart from the ongoing work ability reform, the Estonian welfare system has an additional change coming up, namely the closing of the country’s six large special care homes in 2020. Its residents are to be reassigned to smaller homes with up to 30 people. The change represents a shift from Soviet-st...

[11/08/16]   Eesti Käitumisterapeudid is in the process of rebranding itself. We will now operate as the Estonian Association for Behavior Analysis. Our primary function will be to facilitate conferences, literature, research and understanding as it pertains to applied behavior analysis. Cheers to new beginnings.

Lõuna-Eesti laste ja noorte vaimse tervise keskus

[06/17/16]   Mic please: so i need to take a moment and express how proud i am to have the privilege of working with such exceptional people. Tonight kirke jumped into the drivers seat and ROCKED discrete trial training and i could not be more proud. Kai was spot on with questions regarding ABA program and behavior reduction targets. Silvia you kept us all on course ensuring no details were missed and that we were doing what is best for the client. :) lots of pride here tonight. just saying. ok done! bravo!!!!

Kogupere festival "Puude taga on inimene"

Koguperefestival soovib selle festivaliga näidata ja tõestada, et ka puudega inimesed on töö- ja teovõimelised, kui neile on tagatud vajalikud toetavad teenu...

European Association for Behaviour Analysis

'Violence within schools has become an issue of growing concern in the United States. The discussion on bullying took a devastating turn in April 2016, when a 16-year-old girl was killed in a fight that occurred in a school bathroom in Wilmington, Delaware (“Teen Girl Dies After Fight in High School Bathroom,” 2016). Many of the current approaches schools have taken in an attempt to tackle this issue have revolved around the employment of aversive control strategies such as suspensions and various forms of reprimand. However, an article written by Cynthia M. Anderson and Donald Kincaid (2005) investigated the use of “Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBS)” in addressing the issue of school violence and a variety of other disruptive student behaviors.


European Association for Behaviour Analysis

Last week, the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention (CDC) issued a statement recommending that #parents of most #preschoolers (ages 2-5 years) with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (#ADHD) should be referred for #behavioraltherapy training prior to consideration of #medications. This is a recommendation also supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). These recommendations are further supported by research published in February 2016 in the Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent #Psychology by a group led by Dr. William Pelham of Florida International University. Dr. Pelham and colleagues found that #schoolage #children (ages 5-12 years) with ADHD who received behavioral therapy first displayed improved #classroom #behavior. For those also needing adjuctive medications, those who received behavioral therapy first had better response at lower doses of medications.

[04/27/16]   It is official. I received word yesterday from Tallinn University that Estonia will have its first official university course in applied behavior analysis this fall titled "Principals of behavior" and it's first aba practicum in the spring titled ABA Practicum. Both will utilize online leaning via moodle. This is great news and I would like to thank all of the students that worked so hard last fall during our test course and advocated passionately to advance the field of applied behavior analysis in Estonia.

Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks and UN Permanent Missions of Bangladesh and Qatar convene expert panel on World Autism Awareness Day 2016

Laupäeval, 2.aprillil tähistatakse kogu maailmas autismipäeva. Tulge koos meiega tähistama!

Autism kids ‘face life of poverty if they don’t get help’ Thousands of children with autism in Northern Ireland will have a "bleak outlook" if they fail to get vital help early enough, an expert has claimed.

Tallinna ja Harjumaa Autismiühing


24. märtsil on kõigil lapsevanematel, spetsialistidel ja huvilistel võimalik osaleda muusikateraapiat tutvustavas töötoas! Et kohtade arv on piiratud, on kindlasti vajalik eelnev registreerumine!

Kui Sul pole oma erivajadusega last/noort huvitava töötoa ajaks kellegi hoolde jätta, siis meil on selle mure vastu rohtu! Tänu annetuskeskkonnale "Ma Armastan Aidata" saame kohapeal pakkuda tasuta lastehoidu autismispektri häirega lastele ja noortele! Registreeru lastehoidu aegsasti!

Title | Department Name | SIU In Spring of 2015, you can take Behavior Analysis and Therapy for Autism Spectrum Disorders, online and for free! This eight-week course is perfect for agency workers and school personnel who are interested in learning more about Applied Behavior Analysis, the only empirically-verified treatment fo…

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