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Family center with Montessori class (0-3y.). Perekeskus Montessori rühmaga (0-3a.). Семейный центр с Монтессори классом (0-3г.).

Mission: To provide parents with guides to modern parenting and inspire children to explore and learn in a harmonious environment.

Operating as usual

“...We must study character from a positive point of view: character is only acquired through long and gradual exercise which lasts for years. This is achieved in the period from 3 to 6 years and this creation and elaboration of qualities of character are carried out along the lines that nature established for the formation of the human personality. As between and 3 years of age certain acquisitions are elaborated (e.g. language) so here the creation and elaboration of character is achieved following natural guides. All the acquisitions from to 3 years were made through the absorbent mind so that the child, merely by living among others, absorbed the language, etc., but from three to six years, he must construct and he constructs his character in an active fashion. The construction of character is accompanied by work so that at six years of age the construction of mental qualities and character has been fundamentally accomplished. ... there is only ONE WAY of helping this spontaneous development of character and that is to prepare the environment for their development and then to respect their intelligent activities and leave them alone.(!!!)” - The Absorbent Mind, Maria Montessori

Montessori perekeskuse loomine Eestisse

Let's support the idea! Eliisa Silmet study with me (Margarita) on the course to become a Montessori 0-3 age group teacher (guide). It is known that Montessori trainings are quite expensive. By a small contribution we can come to the aid of having more Montessori teachers in Estonia! We don’t have in Estonia AMI 0-3 teachers right now !!
Elisa’s dream is to create a family center that supports families from pregnancy to the third year of a child's life. It would be a place that offers parents comprehensive information in Estonian: lectures.. seminars.. mänguhommikud.. Playgroup!

🌟Let’s contribute to the spread of Montessori pedagogy in Estonia. Tere! Mina olen Eliisa. Umbes viis aastat tagasi, kui mu esimene laps oli pooleaastane, hakkasin uurima, kuidas lapse arengut toetada ja tema vajadusi paremini mõista. Sattusin lugema Montessori pedagoogikast ning mind tabas kohene äratundmisrõõm. Sellest hetkest alates olen ma püüdnud nii pal...

Tere, HAAPSALU ja Läänemaa väikelaste vanemad!
(ENGLISH below)
Soovime uurida maad, kas teie hulgas on huvilisi osalemaks oma 0-3 aastase lapsega Maria Montessori pedagoogikast lähtuvast Montessori mängurühmas, mis toimuks Haapsalus? Sellest, kuidas mängurühm toimiks, lähemalt küsimustikus, mille leiad siit:
Kui tead kedagi, kes võiks olla mängurühmas osalemisest huvitatud, palun saada talle ka link! 🙂
In english:
Hello parents of 0-3 year olds! We would like to understand if there is interest in having a Montessori Playgroup in Haapsalu. How would it work – more about that in the link above. If you know somebody who would be interested in participating in Haapsalu Montessori Playgroup, please share the link 🙂 The classes are held in english.

We are happy to see all of you in our classes! We are enjoying seeing all returning toddlers and meeting our new members 😍
For anyone inquiring, due to a limited number of spaces, classes on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday are almost full. If you are interested in joining us in person for our next classes please take a moment to join the waitlist on our registration form so we can stay in touch!

We are forming new groups. Welcome on board! We will form the group on Tuesday or Thursday. Here is the link for the registration

Use at your home environment pictures and art. Near various places where the child spends time awake we can hang pictures and art, portraits and paintings. Try to use realistic pictures! Even you can put photos of child’s family members. Just not on a high level. You can put laminated pictures or picture in a frame without glass. Let’s your child explore beauty from early age! #montessoriathome #montessori #montessorieesti #viafreedom

Interesting work of one doctor, a great medical specialist. About newborn and hygiene. He set up an experiment which consisted of giving children perfect medical treatment from birth. He took orphans. He prepared a perfect nursing home for his experiment, a small nursing home with only a few babies in order that they might have perfect treatment and care. He made a special study of how children respond to feeding. He was very exact and studied every detail. He came to the conclusion that every child had different needs that it was difficult to feed children artificially because each child had to be studied individually, had to be given slightly different quantities and kinds of food. So he prepared many different kinds of food instead of what was propagated by the advertisements in the papers which claim that one particular food is perfect for all babies. His conclusion was that one food, however healthy, was not good for all babies. This specialist had the most perfect hygienic conditions in his nursing home. Everything was scrupulously clean. The nurses all wore masks. The rooms were bare and clean. It was a triumph for the health of the children. This specialist also had a clinic for poor mothers. They brought their children here and he gave them free advice in order to be able to compare the results of his perfect treatment with the results of the treatment the poor children got in their homes. The result was unexpected. The children in his clinic did not thrive as well as many of the poor children who were beautifully healthy; they had fewer illnesses than the ones in his home. When the children in the home were about six months old, many of them fell ill and the mortality rate was high. This was a mystery, a problem. He had forgotten something essential for life. He had forgotten the children’s need for love and help. He watched the poor mothers and their children. These mothers brought their children to the clinic in all kinds of weather. This was in Holland and there was much snow and wind in the winter. The mothers carried their children and touched them and talked to them. He realized that these children had a psychic communication with their mothers, whereas the children in his perfect home always stayed in the same unattractive environment. They had just this one white world, the same, day after day. There was nothing to interest or attract them in this environment with the stiff masked nurses to care for them physically. He realized that it is essential for children to have an attractive environment and so he quickly changed the children’s treatment. Flowers and color were introduced. The nurses took off their masks. There was no more hygiene of the mouth. They were taught to touch and amuse the children, to talk to them and caress them, vary their places in the room and take them out into the gardens, etc. After this, the children became animated, and in much better physical health. Before this change, they had been bored with their monotonous life, a life which would kill anybody, especially a child. #montessori #viafreedom

Human evolution is continuous because small children copy the older ones. #montessorieesti #montessori #viafreedom

All the things done spontaneously by children are done for the formation of man. The exercises, which children do, help their adaptation to the environment. The first adaptation to the environment is to become conscious of it. To become conscious, they need to acquire knowledge. Children acquire knowledge through experience in the environment. The adult must stay near them and watch them, be ready to help child if necessary! #montessori #viafreedom #tallinn

Toy-rental subscription our service for parent who want to save money, space and time! We will deliver to your home clear and safety toys for children in age 0-3(4)y. More information [email protected]

Nature prepares the child for life, because before he can imitate the adults around him and become a useful citizen, he must undergo exact training; he must perfect himself #montessorieesti #montessori #tallinn

Consciousness comes with help, encouragement, and respect. In this way the child is able to develop normally. We cannot have a normal development of the soul of man if we do not understand and respect it. The development of the child’s soul comes through the experiences he has and the education he receives #montessori #montessorieesti #viafreedom

Our Parent-Child Playgroup ❤️ #Montessori #Tallinn #viafreedom

Children have an absorbent mind. They absorb knowledge from the environment without fatigue. This is the moment in the life of man when we can do something for the betterment of humanity and further brotherhood.

Why does nature give a baby such a big head and such a big active brain? Because he must study the environment. The baby has a poor miserable body, incapable even of movement in the beginning. Why has he been given this intelligence without the power of movement? Why is he so interested in seeing things before he can move? Perhaps before a child moves, he is exercising his intelligence, preparing his intelligence so that later, when he can move, he will move intelligently and with a purpose. However, he must start by getting to know his environment, and nature has bestowed on him the power to do this. #montessori #ideas

All the psychic organs, language, coordinated movement, orientation in the environment, etc. develop separately one from the other. When the child is developing language he is not developing his feet for walking. When he begins to move his hands and to use them actively, he does not use his legs; when he is orientating himself in the environment, he is not developing language or his ability to walk, etc. All development is separate and characteristic of different periods. It is the same with psychic development. The organs of the personality develop independently from one another. Afterwards they all unite in the service of the individual. We have independent development and then unity of the individual acquisitions. All these developments are conquests of the individual, especially that of the unity of the personality. #montessori #viafreedom #tallinn

Children must be encouraged and have stimuli to development in the environment. If there is no encouragement and no stimuli they will become apathetic, melancholy, and without interest. They will not develop the whole of their personality. #montessori #montessoribeebi #montessorieesti #viafreedom

from birth to six years? This first period of life is a time of great physical growth and development. It is also the age of psychic formation, the formation of the individual personality. #montessori #montessorieesti #viafreedom

The age of about two to three years is the most important age of life. All the psychic organs of the personality are formed during this time; all that which will form the man to be, his potential, is created. The child is like a spiritual embryo which develops everything necessary for the formation of man. This is the period of creation; later there is still growth, but in this period there is creation. If conditions are such that it is too difficult for the child to create, something will be lacking forever. This first period of life is so tremendously important for this reason. #montessori #viafreedom

We must encourage children and give them the means, because without them they cannot make these great acquisitions. The child does not work in order to move or in order to become intelligent. He works to adapt to his environment. It is essential that he has many experiences in the environment if he is to do this. We must give him the means and encourage him. ‘Courage, my dear, courage! You are a new man that must adapt to this new world. Go on triumphantly. I am here to help you.’ This kind of encouragement is instinctive in those who love children. Nature has an unchangeable law and nature has given this task of helping children to some people – those people love children and can give them this special kind of help. Others cannot; they are blind to and bored by children; they see no change in their progress from day to day. Those whom nature has fitted to care for children see a change in them every day, almost every hour. They see these small changes as admirable. This is an art which cannot be acquired without effort.

AMI Digital is an online repository of quality Montessori resources for educators, schools and families. Due to the current situation with COVID-19, AMI is offering free access to some of its materials for use with children aged 3-6, some of which are also suitable for older children. Explore the AMI Digital Free Educational Resources on the AMI website

“Small child is ‘the hope of our future’. The child could be the hope of our future, the hope of a better future than had ever been in the past. If we touch children, we touch humanity. We must educate adults to realize that we can only better humanity through the child. We must realize that the child is the builder of the man.” - Maria Montessori, The 1946 London Lectures

If we touch children, we touch humanity. We must educate adults to realize that we can only better humanity through the child. We must realize that the child is the builder of the man.
#montessori #viafreedom

We want to invite you to the biggest birthday party for Dr Montessori - she'd be turning 150 at the end of August!

The idea is that we celebrate Dr Montessori's birthday, challenge ourselves to do better, and connect with other Montessori parents, educators, administrators, training organisations, and anyone interested in Montessori from all around the world.

There will be amazing panel discussions, Zoom rooms to connect with others by topic or age group, and celebration hours featuring Montessori schools and children from so many parts of the globe.

To register: click⬇️ to sign up

The child is a worker and a diligent observer. He looks straight at things; he stares at them for a long time; he is interested in learning all he can about his environment. Perhaps he is staring at a flower, absorbing its image. This work gives him happiness and peace because, in doing so, he is following his natural urges. Don’t disturb your child to observe! #montessori #montessorieesti

“Education begins with the birth of the child, but its dictates must come from the child, not from adults.” - Maria Montessori, The 1946 London Lectures

85% of the brain is formed by age 3. That’s why our group is for child who is 0-3 years old❤️

The little child in his first two years undergoes a more extensive development than during any other period of life. Between the ages of three and six there is need for much practical experience. The child expresses himself in play at that age. Although play has been considered of great importance, few had given any attention to the years preceding the period of play. It is only recently that all over the world people are beginning to acknowledge the psychic powers inherent in these early years and are studying the beginning of life as the most important period in man’s existence. It is the most important because everything is constructed then; the great energy of creation is predominant ❤️ #montessori #montessoriteacher #estonia #tallinn

Communication-based parenting❤️
Time-tested, positive, peaceful parenting resources:


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Fighting a rare, incurable cancer, but I'm still here!💞 L.R.

New schedule starting from August 31❗️We are forming the groups on Mondays and Wednesdays at 14:30 / 16:00 / 17:30
Новое расписание начиная с 31 августа. Мы формируем группы, которые будут проходить по понедельникам и средам в 14:30 / 16:00 / 17:30
#amiteacher #монтессори #montessori

Koolitus: “MONTESSORI LAPS JA TEMA PERE” 19.09.2020 – Eesti Montessori Ühingu veebipood

19. septembril on tulemas suurepärane koolituspäev😍
Palun tulge kõik kuulama ja jagage infot oma sõpradega/ perekonnaga, sest osaleda saab ka Zoomis!
Piletid kuni augusti lõpuni soodushinnaga! 📌 Koolitus toimub: 19.09.2020 kell 11.00–18.00 Asukoht: Tallinna Õpetajate Maja, Raekoja plats 14, Tallinn. (Kroonisaal). ( Osalustasu: 39 eur kuni 31.08., alates 1. septembrist 69 eur Korraldaja: Eesti Montessori Ühing Koolitus on eesti keeles.

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