Improvisation & Creativity Academy

Improvisation & Creativity Academy page is about musical improvisation activity for educational and ludic purpose. ICA is also a place where you can share and discuss music of any kind of genre.The CREATION is linked with the free self-expression.

company membership: founder : Andrea Patron Co-workers: MacBook Pro 2011, Protools express 10.3. Musical Instruments: Trumpet, percussion , electronic drum set -Roland-

Mission: make money selling potatoes! :)!!! main purpose is to create music and spread it. second purpose is to teach how to improvise and create music

E-drums impro nr.2

the video of E-drums improvisation of the week: the nr.2 is with only one sound set

improvisation Cajon-snare-Hihat nr.2

second impro with small drum set done with cajon(kick)-snare-hihat

Electric drum set nr 1
This video is a first of a series of improvisation with Electric drums. The concept is to play freely, without thinking technical issues.The challenge is to make it constantly and gradually and see what happen if I can reach better expression with such instrument. Let's see

The Electric drum set isn't satisfactory in terms of sound and aesthetic but it can be amusing. My purpose is to try to explore the expressive possibilities ...

cajon snare hihat 1
improvisation nr.1 with pedalcajon/snare/hihat

improvisation with small drum set

basic groove 1
tutorial for my student at home

right hand on cymbal all the beats, alternate 1 beat on kick (right foot) and 1 beat in snare (left hand). RESUMING: RH+RF RH+LH. RH=right hand, RF=right foo...

CAJON + PEDAL: improvisation nr.1
CAJON + PEDAL Improvisation nr.1

bass pedal with Cajon

Cajon improvisation nr.2

Practice with Cajon a new rhytmical pattern


Ornette Coleman, Pioneer of Free Jazz, this melody is really dancing (actually) staiyng in your head

Remembering Ornette Coleman on what would have been his 90th birthday (March 9, 1930 - June 11, 2015) He was one most polarizing figures in the history of jazz. The alto saxophonist who outwitted segregation to hit the scene in 1959 and turn the music world on its head. Bursting through bebop and inventing harmolodics, a sound flowing with the unpredictable rhythms of being. He was called rebellious, disruptive, a fraud, thrown off band stands, horn mangled, shunned by his peers, rejected. He insisted his music be heard on concert stages and not restricted to small smoky basements. Knowing the cost of being a free thinker. He was guided by his harmolodic philosophy of love and expressing life’s surprises through art. He is now called a genius, an icon, a legend, known as one of the most important figures in the history of music. One who is admired by artists across all genres for his convictions, the fight for freedom of creativity and to be one’s self.

Improvisation & Creativity Academy

THe PERCUSSION CORNER is about individual FREE IMPROVISATION and PRACTICE with percussion instruments. Enjoy!

THe PERCUSSION CORNER event is about FREE IMPROVISATION and PRACTICE with percussion instruments. Enjoy!


THe PERCUSSION CORNER event is about FREE IMPROVISATION and PRACTICE with percussion instruments. Enjoy!

Cajòn : is not a box My first approach with Cajon a musical BOX 🥁

This first exploration of this amazing instrument.


R.I.P. McCoy Tyner

"To me living and music are all the same thing. And I keep finding out more about music as I learn more about myself, my environment, about all kinds of different things in life. I play what I live. Therefore, just as I can't predict what kinds of experiences I'm going to have, I can't predict the directions in which my music will go. I just want to write and play my instrument as I feel." McCoy Tyner - Happy 81st birthday to the master.

Improvisation Lesson 2#

Like spiral which makes a cycle but touching different point in the 3D space every time we improvise with percussion and at every turn we change kind of instrument

Friday 31
What is the probability that friday comes on 31st of the month in one year?
Very seldom, today is one of that.

available in spotify: Itunes:…/a…/patron-potatoes-ep/1436005819… amazon: http...

RSA ANIMATE: Changing Education Paradigms
Divergent Thinking is the essential capacity for creativity!!

This RSA Animate was adapted from a talk given at the RSA by Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert and recipient of the RSA's Benj...

Chet Baker – Strollin' (Full Album)

Happy Birthday Chet.

Originally released by Enja Records 1986 CD Version released 1997 Recorded live at 7th Jazz Festival Münster, Germany, June 1985 Tracklist: 1 Sad Walk (Bob Z...

Avant Garde Music

Dannie Richmond & Charles Mingus

Jazz at Lincoln Center

"Laboratories of Ideas," the third movement in Victor Goines' "Untamed Elegance" suite, is plenty inventive.

Join us this weekend of the return of "Untamed Elegance":

Derek Bailey Playing for Friends on 5th Street
The Pioneer of Free Improvisation In Europe: Derek Bailey

Derek Bailey Playing for Friends on 5th Street



Great Super Sonny Rollins, the One survived from the Be Bop era, 90 years old now!!!

Happy birthday to saxophonist Sonny Rollins, born on this day in 1930 in New York City. Here he is playing his composition “St. Thomas” in Denmark in 1968.

[12/26/19]   Buone feste a tutti!
Happy Holidays to everybody!

[12/25/19]   Buon Natale a tutti !!! E sia oggi giorno di abbuffate e bevute !!!
Merry Christmas to all !

[12/24/19]   Buona vigilia di Natale e buone feste a tutti!
Happy Christmas Eve and happy holidays to all!

Chet Baker - Almost blue
Happy Birthday Chet!

Amazing Jazz song Almost Blue by Chet Baker / Composed by Costello Lyrics : Almost blue Almost doing things we used to do There's a girl here and she's almos...

The Story Of 'A Love Supreme' John Coltrane presented 'A Love Supreme' as a spiritual declaration that his musical devotion was now intertwined with his faith in God.

McCoy Tyner Plays Giants steps 😃at speed light 🛸

"To me living and music are all the same thing. And I keep finding out more about music as I learn more about myself, my environment, about all kinds of different things in life. I play what I live. Therefore, just as I can't predict what kinds of experiences I'm going to have, I can't predict the directions in which my music will go. I just want to write and play my instrument as I feel." McCoy Tyner - Happy 81st birthday to the master.

Avant Garde Music
From BE BOP to BLUES: T-Bone Walker as a lead singer and guitar with orchestra featuring bigs of jazz like Dizzy, Clark Terry, Coleman Hawkins, Zoot Sims etc.

T-Bone Walker - Jazz at the Philharmonic (1969) Jazz Video
T-Bone Walker - Guitar
Dizzy Gillespie - Trumpet
Clark Terry - Trumpet
Benny Carter - Sax (Alto)
Coleman Hawkins - Sax
Zoot Sims - Sax
James Moody - Flute, Sax
Louie Bellson - Drums
Bob Cranshaw - Bass
Teddy Wilson - Piano

[11/29/19]   Music live for Christmas events ready to go!

This is the musical instrument that can fit in Star Wars Saga😄

Live recording of Tromleorkestret playing #krautrock 🎸🎼 on the 'Firespewing Music Machine' 💥 Hope you like it ❤️ #homemadeinstruments #roboticaudio #organgrinder #notthemonkey #firespewingmusicmachine #roboticinstruments #interactiveperformance #steampunk #barrelorgan

Amazing front line !

JoniMitchellcom, we love you now and forever. Happy 76th! w/ Herbie Hancock, Bobby McFerrin, David Sanborn (Official), Wayne Shorter, Steve Thorton, Vinnie Colaiuta

Klangkünstler Christof Schlaeger
This guy has built a REALl drum machine in about 6 years meanwhile could just buy a Super technological digital E-drums that sounds like real.
what does the reason makes creative man to pursue such demanding project like this and probably useless in our IT modern time?
The curiosity to see the creature taking live;
the satisfaction and pleasure to watch the mechanical devices beating REAL drums, making REAL acoustic sound.
The same pure passion of a child with the favorite toy.

During a period of 6 years, I build this pneumatic drum machine, "Hammerwerk". It is now one more instrument of my aural shape orchestra.
Es hat etwas gedauert, aber das "Hammerwerk ist jetzt fertig. Beim nächsten Konzert wird es zu hören sein.

Art Blakey and the jazz messengers play "Moanin'" I always wonder if trumpet players when faces this tune is thinking about the superb solo of Lee Morgan !!🙂

We could never forget JazzCorner roster trombonist and educator Robin Eubanks' birthday! Philadelphia born, Robin was the musical director for Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers and was part of Dave Holland's groups for more than 15 years. From 1988, here he is along with Philip Harper: tp, Javon Jackson: ts, Benny Green: p, Peter Washington: b and of course Art Blakey - Blue Note Records on drums

I like so much to see how this band manage the fast time tune. it deserved to be listened.

Happy birthday to guitarist Russell Malone. Mostly self-taught when he was 12 in his native Georgia and saw George Benson perform on television with Benny Goodman, he was inspired. He's toured with Harry Connick Jr, and a long time member of the Diana Krall Trio, and toured and recorded with so many other jazz luminaries. Such an incredible guitarist - just check him out in this video!

Jazz Improvisers
Impressive the environment where the Miles Davis Band was Playing: the Isle of Wight 1970

Miles Davis, Gary Bartz, Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea, Dave Holland, Airto Moreira, and Jack DeJohnette - What a lineup!
Miles Davis band played in front of a 600.000.
“Call it anything”, said Miles Davis when asked about the name of the piece he played at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970.

[10/11/19]   Soundtrack by Andrea Patron. Video is an animation about a fast reading technique.

Биржа Арт
An example of artistic show where is involving phisycs, Juggling, Music, and a lot of practice🙂👏

Гениальный жонглёр Майкл Мошен

Boiler Room
Sun Ra was an extraordinary musician and eccentric person
I really would like to watch this doc all! 🙂

A 1980 documentary on cosmic jazz visionary Sun Ra is now streaming for free on 4:3 as part of thier AFROFREQUENCY season

Imagination is Funny...

Caro Filippo Maria Buzzetti, dedico a te questo video clip in ricordo dei tempi in cui si viveva di filosofia ed esistenzialismo....


Speed ✅
Power ✅
Control ✅ (With your single kick)
Eric Moore Professional Drummer has one killer exercise for improving your bass drum playing.

“I Was Always Trying To Get Better”: Sonny Rollins On A Life In Jazz Regarded as one of the greatest jazz saxophonists of all time, retired “Saxophone Colossus” Sonny Rollins gives a rare interview to uDiscover Music.


Good advice!

DRUMMERS - Fix your bad ghostnote habits❗️
Randy Cooke teaches the secret behind achieving perfect ghostnotes. Whether you are recording or playing live, these tips are vital for a good drum sound.


Music by Duke Ellington
Trumpet and Vocal by Andrea Patron
Video recording and editing by Andrea Patron

Very complex theme this "no question about it" featuring Bobby Watson and Roy Hargrove (R.I.P.)

Happy birthday to the creative composer, musician and educator Bobby Watson. JazzCorner is proud to have you on our roster. We have loved you since your days with Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers and all your own groups and compostitions including "No Question About It" seen here live w/ Bobby Watson's Horizon w/ Roy Hargrove, Benny Green, Curtis Lundy, Victor Lewis live in Japan in 1988.

Learn Music Through Improvisation

To learn how to play instruments with the Improvisation Learning System does not need special skills or previous knowledge.

This system uses our natural skill that is called improvisation: in the act of playing an unknown instrument we improvise, and during this experience we learn.

In this situation we are not concerned about playing right or wrong. The psychological block of being afraid to make mistakes doesn't exist in this context, so you are in a better, relaxed condition to learn.

Furthermore, the Improvisation Learning System shows how to open new doors of your creativity and to reach your own musicality, giving a chance to find again the lost motivation and enthusiasm for bored and unsatisfied musicians.

The improvisation learning system is supported from a research started in 2009 in collaboration with the Contemporary Music Department of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater and the Department of Improvised music and jazz of Conservatory of Trieste. The result of this research is a thesis published in 2011: “Free improvisation: a creative and didactic approach for the development of musical skills”

The essay is discusses the validity of ILS (improvisation learning system) examining previous research by experts of music and improvisation like: Stephen Nachmanovich, Derek Bayley, David Borgo, William L. Cahn, Makihara Toshi, Pauline Oliveros, and analysis of practical teaching system for improvised music of Professor Anto Pett.

The concept of using free improvisation (non idiomatic improvisation) was already developed in the sixties for didactic purposes and started to be used in schools.

From all the research and experience I have done with the DIA (dutch impro academy) in 2012 and 2013 I gathered a list of practical exercises (about 45) that I use on my seminars, collective lesson and individual lessons.

The result is that ILS is a concrete, real system of learning music through free improvisation.

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Videos (show all)

E-drums impro nr.2
improvisation Cajon-snare-Hihat nr.2
Cajon improvisation nr.2
Improvisation Lesson 2#
Imagination is Funny...
Drumming on the street
Happy Birthday to me in 12 keys




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