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Improvisation & Creativity Academy page is about musical improvisation activity for educational and ludic purpose. ICA is also a place where you can share and discuss music of any kind of genre.The CREATION is linked with the free self-expression.

company membership: founder : Andrea Patron Co-workers: MacBook Pro 2011, Protools express 10.3. Musical Instruments: Trumpet, percussion , electronic drum set -Roland-

Mission: make money selling potatoes! :)!!! main purpose is to create music and spread it. second purpose is to teach how to improvise and create music

Operating as usual

Avant Garde Music

Weather Report - Jaco Pastorius - Teen Town (Live 1978)

JACO with his fretless bass

Tarai Band

HELLO SPOTIFY LISTENERS; IF YOU ARE TIRED OF THE SAME PLAYLIST, GIVE A LISTEN TO THIS: "WE ARE GREAT" BY TARAI BAND Tarai Band, Category: Artist, Albums: Epir Te Mattur I We Are Great, Top Tracks: Epir Te Mattur, Shur Atalta, Yaraplanam, Epe Pelmestep, Shankar Shankar, Biography: Tarai is a Chuvash post-folk trio in which traditions spark in indie. “We founded Tarai at the crossroads of Europe and Central Asia,...

Patron Potatoes

Hello there!!! if somebody is tired to listen the playlist made by SPOTIFY get to listen #patronpotatoes . POTATOES FOR EVERYBODY!😉😄 Patron Potatoes, an album by Patron Andrea on Spotify

Tarai "Шурă юр ăшшине | Warmth of White Snow"
The face painted is one of the lyrics writer of Tarai songs. He was a famous poet. By the way all lyrics of this album come from Chuvascian poems.

Original music – Tarai (Aleksandr Aidarov, Einar Muoni, Andrea Patron) Lyrics – Iosif Trer Record, mixing, mastering, ideas – 100 Gramm Records Visuals – Yul...

Improvisation with broken piano #5

A demonstration of how an abandoned instrument in not good condition can still give musical amotion. Impressive the effect of resonance which gives. LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES.
PS: Totally instantaneus free improvisation

Free Improvisation with BROKEN PIANO #0: "the start"

First time I saw this piano I told myself that I should improvise something, So I did...

Tarai "Эпĕ пĕлместĕп | I don't know"
"I don't know what I should do" Phrase very often used in times of crisis !! you can say in Chuvashian language now!😉 #Taraiband #Epĕpĕlmestĕp #Эпĕпĕлместĕп

Original music – Tarai (Aleksandr Aidarov, Einar Muoni, Andrea Patron) Lyrics – Petĕr Eizin Record, mixing, mastering, ideas – 100 Gramm Records Visuals – Yu...

IMPROVISATION vs COMPOSITION: different and common aspects.

Lecture of improvisation in Läänemere Gümnaasium.
To understand what is a musical improvisation, firstable, we need to have a look to what is a musical composition. In this lecture will be underline the difficulty of be a "real" improviser and will be discussed possible ways to get trough of this activity with some examples too.

Tarai "Шăнкăр-шăнкăр | Song of Water"
I remember the green valleys of Alpes when I listen this song and the sound of the river from mountains. #taraiband #shankarshankar

Original music - Tarai (Aleksandr Aidarov, Einar Muoni, Andrea Patron) Lyrics - Andrei Petokki (1925) Record, mixing, mastering, ideas – 100 Gramm Records Vi...

[09/19/20]   Music and video by Andrea Patron, featuring Francesco Mauro (Synthpiano and bass)

Tarai "Ярапланăм | My Airplane"
"If you feel the freedom, you don’t need comfort,Just one small airplane". Some of the lyrics of this energetic song. English, Italian, Estonian,subtitles in this video. Album available also in spotify #taraiband #epirtemattur

Original music – Tarai (Aleksandr Aidarov, Einar Muoni, Andrea Patron) Lyrics – Georgi Irhi Record, mixing, mastering, ideas – 100 Gramm Records Visuals – Yu...

Tarai "Эсĕ мана савас пулсан | If you love me"
ESE MANA SAVAS PULSAN I IF YOU LOVE ME: wonderful ballad with the lyrics of a famous Chuvashian poet "Peter Eizin" and music by Tarai Band (Aleksandr Aidarov, Einar Muoni, Andrea Patron, Peter Sushkov). Intense emotion in this song, It's my favorite!!

Original music - Tarai (Aleksandr Aidarov, Einar Muoni, Andrea Patron) Lyrics – Petĕr Eizin Record, mixing, mastering, ideas – 100 Gramm Records Visuals – Yu...

Tarai "Эпир те маттур I We are Great"
EPIR TE MATTUR I WE ARE GREAT: An interesting musical project which involves Estonian-chuvashian-Italian-siberian cultural background. What the odds!? Check it out where the language of the song comes from: a small republic situated in the centre of the European Russia! Available album in Spotify too #taraiband #epirtemattur

Original music - Tarai (Aleksandr Aidarov, Einar Muoni, Andrea Patron) Lyrics – Petĕr Eizin Record, mixing, mastering, ideas – 100 Gramm Records Visuals – Yu...

Area Prog
Fantastic musical group in 70's of prog-experimental music. In that time also this kind of music, which was requiring even an huge level of technical skill, was recognised too in the commercial market of music, probably because was in the culture of 70's searching for new things. Comparing to the current time It seems that people now are satisfied by only the easy and "super-used" POP/Reggaeton formula.

AREA - International POPular Group
RAI - Incontro con gli AREA - 1977

Original music from the album: Maledetti (1976)

• Demetrio Stratos - Vocal/Hammond
• Patrizio Fariselli - Keyboards
• Hugh Bullen - Bass
• Walter Calloni - Drums
• Paolo Tofani - Guitar

#rockprog #area

When the saints .... Puppets band

fun video music with puppets (alla fiera del gnocco)


Graphic interpretation of music, Super!!


Coordinación motriz al ritmo de la música siguiendo patrones gráficos.

Gracias a Katarzyna por la iniciativa del muzogram.
Youtube: Muzykącik

Nombre de la obra:
Tritsch-Tratsch-Polka de Johann Strauss (hijo)

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Pink Floyd - Jugband Blues (London Line Promo Video, 1967 London)
Syd Barrett, figura affascinante e nello stesso tempo misteriosa, legato indissolubilmente per sempre al nome dei Pink Floyd, non solo perchè è stato il fulcro creativo del successo iniziale della band, ma anche per la sua drammatica storia di malattia mentale. La reciprocità della relazione tra Syd e i Pink diventa una sorta di enigma: quanto i Pink Floyd devono il loro successo al contributo di Syd? e come mai Barrett nonostante la sua breve carriera da musicista viene ancora ricordato? Certo se I Pink non avessero perseguito tale successo probabilmente, anche il nome di Barrett si sarebbe dissolto nel nulla, ma dall'altra parte se Barrett non avesse preso il ruolo imprevisto, come catalizzatore emozionale d'ispirazione per la band non ci sarebbe stata la storia necessaria per creare la leggenda a favore del successo commerciale dei Pink. L'invano tentativo di Syd con due dischi solisti "Madcap Laughs" e "Barrett", nel 1970 dimostra probabilmente, che non volesse del tutto ritirarsi, ma il fatto più sconcertante che dopo questo ultimo contributo musicale, è rimasto nascosto nell'ombra più totale fino al giorno della sua morte il 7 luglio 2006. Cosa ha fatto Syd in quei 36 anni di silenzio? Come ha fatto una mente effervescente e talentuosa come la sua a rinunciare del tutto a creare musica? E qui nasce una sorta di speculazione infinita...

Out now: Pink Floyd's 'The Later Years' box set "Jugband Blues" is featured on Pink Floyd's second album, A Saucerful ...

Enchanting Lights (Instrumental)

This is a portion of 21 minutes musical piece "Enchanting Lights" (awarded by Kai Art Center of Tallinn), made for the "Radical Light" exhibition of Anne Katrine Senstad.
This fragment is arranged for only trumpet and effects.
the piece has intent to evoke a trascendental state of mind through an imaginary light speed travel into multidimensional spaces and at same time is recalling, with some dramatic irony, the fragile human exhistence.
Music composed and performed by Andrea Patron

On the Road with Duke Ellington
Some Jazz History!😃

This documentary, originally recorded in 1967, shows how Duke Ellington lived as a professional band leader, pianist and composer. Video is no longer availab...

Enchanting Lights

21 minutes of ambient music composed by Andrea Patron and awarded 2nd place by KAi Art Center of Tallinn in occasion of the open call for the A.K. Senstad Exybition "Radical Light".
You will never guess what the percussive sound at the beginning came from!!!!

Daniel Gazmuri Bass

Pentatonic in few steps for everybody

Bobby McFerrin demostrando el poder de la la escala pentatónica en el World Science Festival

Los Invito a todos y todas a tomar clases online de bajo, composición, improvisación musical, walking basss y técnicas de acompañamiento bajistico en También hay cursos y master class gratis!!!

Documentary - Free improvisation - Lethe George Haslam & Nikolas Skordas

this I have to watch!

Free Jazz- Improvised Music-Lethe Documentary George Haslam - Nikolas Skordas & Sophia Koroxenou voice (byzantine music} film maker Alex Zapetas & Jim Georgo...

Kitchen Percussion Improvisation nr. 2 (with brushes)

Anything from a simple pot or coffe box till a fruits stand can be musical instrument. There's no limit of fantasy and creativity in music

Elaine Dance Claustrofobia


Kitchen percussion Improvisation
MY new drum set !!!

Improvisation with a bunch of boxes and stuff from kitchen : they can be very interesting percussion instrument. As drumstick just a pair of normal wooden ch...

improvisation electronic drum number 5
E-drums improvisation nr.5

improvisation electronic drum number 5

studio di poliritmia- polyrhythmic study
Study of polyrhythm 4/4 + 7/8

Una fusione tra un ritmo in 4/4 (mano destra e piede sinistro) con un ritmo in 7/8 (piede destro e mano sinistra) A fusion between a 4/4 rhythm (right hand a...



impro e_drum nr 4
Improvisation with electronic Drums nr.4

Improvisation with electronic drum nr. 4 : in this session I use only one type of drum set.

Improvisation with cajon plus 2 pedals nr. 2
Improvisation with cajon plus two pedals nr. 2

Experimentation with 2 kind of kick drums and Cajon.

Cajon plus 2# pedal improvisation nr 1
Cajon plus 2 pedals improvisation nr.1

floor tom on the right foot and cajon pedal on the left foot. Creative way to use pedals with cajon.

Cajon plus pedal improvisation nr 3
cajon plus pedal improvisation nr 3

experimenting with cajon and pedal in different setting

improvisation E_drums 3 Improvisation with electronic drum set nr. 3

Improvisation with Electronic Drum set Nr. 3

Learn Music Through Improvisation

To learn how to play instruments with the Improvisation Learning System does not need special skills or previous knowledge.

This system uses our natural skill that is called improvisation: in the act of playing an unknown instrument we improvise, and during this experience we learn.

In this situation we are not concerned about playing right or wrong. The psychological block of being afraid to make mistakes doesn't exist in this context, so you are in a better, relaxed condition to learn.

Furthermore, the Improvisation Learning System shows how to open new doors of your creativity and to reach your own musicality, giving a chance to find again the lost motivation and enthusiasm for bored and unsatisfied musicians.

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Videos (show all)

Free Improvisation with BROKEN PIANO #0: "the start"
Improvisation with broken piano #5
IMPROVISATION vs COMPOSITION: different and common aspects.
When the saints .... Puppets band
Kitchen Percussion Improvisation nr. 2 (with brushes)
Elaine Dance Claustrofobia
E-drums impro nr.2
improvisation Cajon-snare-Hihat nr.2
Cajon improvisation nr.2
Improvisation Lesson 2#




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