Improvisation & Creativity Academy

Improvisation & Creativity Academy is an independent label of music production and an offbeat music school.

company membership: founder : Andrea Patron Co-workers: MacBook Pro 2011, Protools express 10.3. Musical Instruments: Trumpet, percussion , electronic drum set -Roland-

Mission: make money selling potatoes! :)!!! main purpose is to create music and spread it. second purpose is to teach how to improvise and create music

I like so much to see how this band manage the fast time tune. it deserved to be listened.

Happy birthday to guitarist Russell Malone. Mostly self-taught when he was 12 in his native Georgia and saw George Benson perform on television with Benny Goodman, he was inspired. He's toured with Harry Connick Jr, and a long time member of the Diana Krall Trio, and toured and recorded with so many other jazz luminaries. Such an incredible guitarist - just check him out in this video!

I Fall in Love Too Easily (cover)

Smooth jazz ballad played wit trumpet

[05/03/19]   This composition is based on a single melodic cell on which the whole piece develops. For this reason the title "Definition" describes the costant movement of a basic element through space and time.The result of it can be the universe and the humang being.

Jazz at Lincoln Center

Intersting video about improvisation!

The answer may seem obvious to some... but what exactly is improvisation? For one, it's a foundational element of jazz music.

Learn more about improvisation for Jazz Appreciation Month!


The evil mind of some of the comic book characters fits very well with this soundtrack called: "Igiene Mentale". Curious fact of this tune: the bass line plays all notes of chromatic scale except one.

how to make fun with puppet!

Improvisation is about to create something funny too!

My name is Bob....

Taraj + Atlas

Taraj (Chuvashia) and Atlas (Armenia) jamming together. A moment of cultural exchange

Abreu: Tico Tico / Barenboim · Berliner Philharmoniker

So nice the conducting!

Full-length concert. Zequinha de Abreu: Tico Tico / Daniel Barenboim, conductor · Berliner ...

TARAJ: LIVE at Kloostri Ait

About TARAJ:
Musical Band Project led by Aleksandr Aidarov, a native Chuvash; Chuvashia is a small republic in Russia.
I may say the music of Taraj represents a result of a fusion of
Chuvashian melodies and lyrics with modern pop-rock arrangements.
In this video, Taraj plays a song, which title is MATTUR, which means a "BRAVE ONE".


Lo spartito crea dipendenza? Sì sì, Ergo, imparate tutto a memoria!!!

Astrud Gilberto Featuring Chet Baker - FAR AWAY

Astrud and Chet together in this song: FAR AWAY

(Gilberto - Shaper) publ. Sparta Florida Music Courtesy of Busy music France / Prestige Elite Recording

Improvisation & Creativity Academy

Avant Garde Music

Some very energetic Jazz from Italy many years ago. 😯

Phil Woods Live studio TV 1972
With :Dino Piana, Gianni Basso, Oscar Valdambrini, Giorgio Azzolini, Emilio De Biase


PANPANPAN is composition developed starting from drums.
Athough I was quite disappointed for the copyright issue which doesn't allow me to upload complete drums cover song of famous rock band (shoot to thrill of ACDC for instance), I didn't give up to transcribe drums score. This time nobody can block my video because I play one of my own composition, wich actually I played also withTaraj band sometimes. The only obstacle is that I had to make the song from scratch. As I told already Panpanpan is a song totally coming from drums section and then I developed all other instruments.

Impro in the kitchen

It is one of the lucky case that meanwhile I improvise with trumpet it came up a whole composition in one time. Actually it is quite simple and relaxing melody with a bridge that can recall a powerful arrangement of big band behind (at least in my head was like that). Of course after 10 second you will get bored and go forward to watch something else.

max song

Special Guest Max Cochabamba in Tallinn in Impro. & Creativity kartmata!


LSCD story behind:
this composition is the result of an application of improvisation technique taught by George Garzone. It consists to switch from triad to triad every bar going half step down or up. To make more interesting I decided to use 5/4 meter instead of a usual 4/4.
The title means "the score makes addicted":ironically it refers about the difficulty to play by heart. But at contrary finally I learned it.

E' una composizione che deriva da un' ispirazione avvenuta durante un corso con George Garzone, il quale si esibiva in una sorta di improvvisazione, usando un giochetto interessante per cambiare da un accordo all'altro casualmente prendendo l'ultima nota della triade precedente e scendere o salire di un mezzo tono per trovare la prima nota della triade successiva. Ovviamente la prima nota della triade non doveva limitarsi alla tonica. per aggiungere in tocco in più a questo sofisticatezza armonica scelsi un tempo dispari in 5/4.
Il titolo LSCD non è altro che l'abbreviazione di "Lo Spartito Crea Dipendenza", riferendosi al fatto che il componimento si presenta così complesso che diventa difficile ad imparare a memoria. Ma alla fine l'ho imparato. Avevo pure scritto un armonizzazione mi sembra a tre voci: sax baritono, tenore, tromba, mai realizzata.

Shoot To Thrill Drum Transcription

This video shows a performance of drums transcription of "Shoot to Thrill" by AC DC ( studio version with Phil Rudd). The original ACDC track is cut and for ...

Shoot to Thrill Drum Transcription

This video shows a performance of drums transcription of "Shoot to Thrill" by AC DC ( studio version with Phil Rudd).
The original ACDC track is cut (for reason of copyright) but the funny thing is that you have to imagine the missing parts of the song meanwhile the drum is playing alone. Actually is way to learn the structure of the song.
The whole song is performed with electronic drum kit Roland TD-1K and recorded in stereo directly to the DAW.

Kultuurikohvik: музыка проживающих в Эстонии народов и новые культуры

performance Taraj in ETV+ I play cajon. 😉

13 марта стартует серия музыкальных встреч под названием Kultuurikohvik, которую организует Эстонский национальный совет по фольклору. Данный формат позволит...

vado de fretta

esecuzione frettolosa di un pezzo bebop "ORNITOLOGY"

Acoustic Versus Digital drums

Here I am teaching drums: My student and I are playing easy rhythm. In one side there is the acoustic drum kit to the other the digital one. Let's check how they sound...(titriid on eesti keeles)


very clever drum kit!!!

Here's how to build a suitcase drum kit! These babies are clean, compact, and chances are you already have most of the drum hardware you need to build your own.

(Playing clips at 9:26)


interesting approach to learn how to play ghost note on snare. 1-2-3. 1-2-3 1-2

When Todd Sucherman was just 12 years old he sent Steve Smith a letter inquiring about a certain drum part he played. His response made Todd have a major breakthrough in his drumming, so he's here to pass that information along to you now.

Sheet music:

MIX Dance-Elettro-Disco-BUMBUM "Potatoes"

In this MIX there portions of tracks included in the album "Patron potatoes" available in SPOTIFY: ITUN...

3 Genius Brain Hacks To Crush Your Goals

the BRAIN IS LAZY. These tips can be applied in every context eventually!! Sometimes, you can’t “just do it.” It’s not a matter of desire or commitment - you’ve crushed your goals in the past. You know what to do. But somehow, you keep getting thrown off your game.


write 5 goals, set up a realistic practice routine, track your progress

How to build a structured drum practice routine.


foot technique. jala tehnika

How to play FOUR notes with just a single kick pedal!

A Drummer’s Guide To Rock

is good also form my students this picture!! The earliest form of rock music emerged in the 1940s and 1950s and was called rock and roll. I’m talking about Bo Diddley, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, and Buddy Holly. These musicians all drew from their blues, gospel, and country roots, to create this new sound known as rock music...

AC/DC - Shoot to Thrill (from Live At Donington) challenge accepted: transcribe drums of SHOOT TO THRILL

Music video by AC/DC performing Shoot To Thrill. (c) 2003 J. Albert & Sons (Pty.) Ltd. #ACDC #ShootToThrill #vevo #rockandroll #vevoofficial #live

TED NUGENT - Stranglehold


Live At Walnut Creek Amphitheater, Raleigh, NC, 1995. Ted Nugent (Lead Guitar & Vocals) Derek St. Holmes (Guitar & Vocals) Michael Lutz (Bass & Backing Vocal...

Creative Space

I made music for this cartoon which was done by kids during an animation course. I enjoy to depict every character with different sound and the main theme is an original composition or improvisation which sounds a bit Thelonious Monk (famous jazz piano player from New York)

Мультик создан участниками осеннего лагеря Autumn Animation Camp 2018. Руководитель проекта Евгения Голикова. Сценарий и раскадровка созданы под руководством Инги Киркиж и Андрея Бахурина.


Remembering Sister Rosetta Tharpe, gone 46 years today. When she was asked about music in the late 1960s, she said, “Oh, these kids and rock and roll — that is just sped up rhythm and blues. I've been doing that forever.“ In April 2018, she was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


I think this tutorial about drums tips is very effective and clear especially at the end when is speaking about the approach of rock style drums and the importance of daily practice.
Ma arvan see video on väga huvitav ja kasulik trummi õppimise jaoks.

Rock drummers: Here are 5 essential tips you need to know. What else would you add to this list?

Coming soon:

Fabrizio Bosso Quartet - Jarasum Int'l Jazz Festival 2017

Amazing stage and this guys they make really really good jazz ...

Fabrizio Bosso Quartet 파브리치오 보소 퀄텟 - Woman's Glance 2017.10.21(Sat) Jazz Island, Jarasum Int'l Jazz Festival

jackie xue wo hao xiang zai na jian guo ni

I Like the arrangement and the sound of this song

Elektronika Full version

Improvisation & Creativity Academy


NTS Radio

Larry Graham, Amazing bass Player and singer

Larry Graham's right hand technique...

Ryosuke Kiyasu

April 27,2018
Ryosuke Kiyasu live at Flying Teapot, Tokyo, Japan

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Imagination is Funny...
Drumming on the street
Happy Birthday to me in 12 keys
Elektronika (teaser)
Improvisation Seminar: "Exploring Instruments"
"Duck Lake"
I Fall in Love Too Easily (cover)
Taraj + Atlas



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