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I help new entrepreneurs ditch their 9-5, so that they can create their own business, being financially free and have more freedom now. Mindset and business coach�

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[06/09/20]   Ever wonder why some people in the world who succeeds while others who are equally talented, do not?

It's because people's mindset play a crucial role in this process.

There are two ways to think about learning:

1. Fixed mindset - this is when you believe that you are not in control of your abilities. You believe that skills are born. You can't learn and grow.

2. Growth mindset- this is when you believe that you are in control of your abilities. You believe your skills can be built. You can learn and grow.

It's always a growth mindset. It's the fact that you know that you can get better, even at our age, even with our accolades, even if we have setbacks.


Why this matters is because THIS IS THE FOUNDATION OF LEARNING.

So which mindset do you have?


Lilian Neemsalu

Wow! 🤩

I am Lilian mindset and business coach. My biggest dream was to build my business online, but I always second guess myself in the past. With all the thing’s like school exams, when I was thinking that I never pass this and never can do anything that I enjoy doing. And never achieve anything. It was becoming true the way I was thinking. Because my mind was so negative and often, I get stressed by every little thing in my life.
I wasn’t certain what my true desire is and my actual goal of life. I remember, when I was looking a job in my city, where I can be paid normally. I wasn’t being able to find any after a few months of searching and going to interviews, but the answer was always no.
Now I am thinking maybe this is meant to be that way. That I can find my soul work, which is powerful and inspiring, then these where I apply. I think it was faith that leads me to this path. I was online and searching for for something to learn about and then I saw some courses that unleash me to go full in. Even if I didn’t know what work this actually was I get so leads to know and study this even more. And there, where the shift becomes. You get so into this and start knowing your true desire. And what you actually want in your life.
This program helps you find your power to start creating something that you enjoy doing. And it’s not becoming complicated. Anyone can do it, you need to look deep in your soul and discover your passion.

My mission is helping a lot of women around the world, who want to change their lives in a positive way.

*You receive one week 1:1 text and FB group with me, and I will answer all of your questions.
*You can also get the positive mindset PDF.
*You receive recommendations to all my resources.
*You receive Facebook group, where we share the good things, resources, trainings.
*After the session with me, you are ready to create your desired business online and start making money.
Price is coming up 1. May 2020. Right now is such a low price for this program. The spaces are filling fast.
So when you are called to this then message me for any questions and investment


I help new entrepreneurs ditch their 9-5, so that they can create their own business, being financially free and have more freedom now.
Mindset and business coach�

Happy lifestyle and profitable business are meant for being your authentic self.

As you might or might not know the basis of the most problems that we encounter in life is associated with not having the right mindset.

I can’t emphasize enough on how important having the right mindset is what is going to lead you to success in every form be it material or immaterial.

If you feel not good enough, fear of selling, being perfectionism or fear of failure. You are not alone on this. I know what you are experiencing.

These are the main thoughts, that are blocking you for having this beautiful lifestyle that you deserve. I have been there. I know how exhausting this is. I was thinking the same thoughts as you are. I had the same beliefs. It wasn’t changing my life, on the contrary, it made my life very hard. I was anxious. I was stressed out. I didn’t see anything positive. I was having a meltdown and a very long one, but at some point, I started to realize that I have to make something different in my life. I have to believe in me. I have to be more positive. I wanted to feel happiness again. I wanted to feel successful where I can help others.




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