English Club in Tallinn

English Club in Tallinn


Hi, I would like to announce the Course for Men "Men Matters" in Tallin on 26th -27th for two evenings.
- Self-Development and before you meet her.
- Meeting a Girl
- Family Man
- Man and children
Men are welcome
Registration and more information on this link:
Dear English teachers, we are in need for intensive English for our 12 and 15 year old teens in Tallinn for July-August 2019 (home tutoring only). Please help!!!
Come with your best friend :)
Next meeting is next week.
See you :)
Hey look, folks: one of our idioms from last meeting, used in context!
Hello! 👋😊

If anyone ever has follow-up questions or things they would like more information on (especially when I am telling stories), I am happy to connect. 🇺🇲️🇫🇮️
If you are conversate in English with international people Internations event: Wed 11th April Apr 19:30 - 23:30 at Q Argentina Grill Vana-Kalamaja 2 This is the perfect place to celebrate the season with your InterNations friends!
The venue has a great location—walking distance from the center—in trendy Kalamaja, just a few steps from Balti jaam market and the Balti jaam railway station and tram stop. If the weather allows, we can have a glass or two in the lovely backyard garden! As usual, we will be taking photos during the evening so be chic! And please don’t forget to sign-up for the event beforehand, it help us to plan the evening better!
Guided tour at the exhibition!

Tallinn Art Hall welcomes everyone interested to guided tours every Wednesday at 5.30pm and Saturday at 2pm. Participation with exhibition ticket.

NB! We now have an exhibition guide both in Estonian and English in the house from Wednesday to Sunday, step up and ask for a guided tour! Tour is free with the exhibition ticket. Book a guided tour for whenever is convenient for you. We give these tours for groups of at least four people.

During the tours we will explore the multilayered meanings of the artworks. Participants are welcomed to actively take part in analysing the works of art or just listen and think along.
Art Hall public programme creates a discussion between the viewer and the exhibition. Listen, think, discuss! Art is exciting and important!

Open tours with a guide:
Wednesdays at 5.30pm and Saturdays at 2pm (EST)
Sundays at 4pm (RUS)

Exhibition "The State is not a Work of Art" is open Wednesday to Sunday from 12pm to 7pm

Come to Tallinn Art Hall, Art matters!

We meet every week to super actively practise English. We have guests - native speakers from different corners of the world. Join in! Every Saturday we meet in Tallinn to actively practise English and meet new people.

Operating as usual


Kalita Language Studio

Ladies and gentlemen!
We are launching a new B1.2 Intermediate group TOMORROW 06.04.2021. It'll be Tuesday and Friday 19:40-21:10. You are welcome to join if your test allows it more or less. The test is here cutt.ly/kcWgsAK
Mention your wish in the comments or DM and get the link.
See you in the classroom!


Kalita Language Studio

We are still online. No virus will spread :) Only good mood and positive vibes. Instead of being ill and/or annoyed, we'll use our time productively - we'll study the language. Ready, steady, go!
What's on the menu?
🐸 English for Life A1 Mn+Th 6-7:30pm
🐧 English for Life A2 Tu+Fr 6-7:30pm
🦄 English for Life B1.1 Mn+Th 7:40-9:10pm
🐞 English for Life B2 Mn+Wn 9:15-10:45am
🐳 Grammar&Speaking B1/B2 Saturday
NB! If you need a different level, a different programme or time, feel free to contact us, we might have other people with a similar wish.
➡️ kalitalanguagestudio.com/inglise-keele-kursused



Our new intake (is it the 7th already?) is ready to start!
What's on the menu?
💝 English for Life - 8 groups of all 5 levels - choose yours
💖 English for Work - 2 groups B1/B2
💟 Grammar & Speaking - 2 groups B1/B2
Morning, evening, weekend groups - find your option.
⏳ Classes will start on March, 01 2021. Make sure to book a seat for yourself, your daughter and your best friend ;)
See you in the classroom!

en.kalitalanguagestudio.com 11/12/2020

Christmas Session - English Practice | Kalita Lang Studio

TO DO LIST "Christmas Party" 🎄⛄🎄
Activities - ✔️
Prizes - ✔️
Decorations - ✔️
Nails - ✔️
Dress - ✔️
👌We are ready. Are you ready?

en.kalitalanguagestudio.com A fun gathering to celebrate Christmas, meet native speakers and have a decent practice of English. NB! New location.


Christmas Party in the English Club in Tallinn is this Saturday 6pm. Are you in? fb.me/e/h4xXG1tHn
A free Christmas drink, native speakers and endless speaking-speaking-speaking :) We need you there.


The next event is Christmas Party on Saturday 12.12.2020
Time and place - to be announced.


In November 2020 we are on a break. Stay safe and healthy.

[10/17/20]   Today we are in Mad murphys irish bar (Mündi, 2).


1600 people like this page 💚💙💜🔥


Anybody in need of IELTS preparation? Tag a friend who might be interested, please.

A little bird told us today that in Tallinn there is a lack of IELTS preparation courses. It is so? Would you be interested in joining one?
The IELTS preparation course includes improving your English and studying the exam format and strategies.


English Club in Tallinn - Conversations in English Autumn 2020

While you are wherever you are doing whatever you are doing, we are in Mad murphys irish bar chatting and laughing. Envy.


Our current location is right in the ♥️ of the city.

[09/26/20]   Today we are online in Zoom :)


1 tiny step from Raekoja plats and you are in Mad Murphy's where we meet every Saturday at 12pm to have no-rush conversations.
Join with a cup of something.


Something to think about before going to sleep:
"Bubble wrap was originally invented to be wallpaper. The creators tried to make plastic wallpaper with a paper backing, but it came out with plastic backing."
We will discuss this random fact tomorrow at 12pm in Mad murphys irish bar. Join in. Donation-based.

[09/05/20]   Today we are at Mündi, 2 (Mad Murphy's).


Tomorrow 05.09 we meet in Mad murphys irish bar to test a new format - Conversations in English. Vestlused inglise keeles. Беседы на английском. We will be quieter than usual, more thoughtful and, maybe, more philosophic, but you can never be sure about this last one.
Come to test the new place and the new format. Yo ho ho, and a bottle of ... you know

[09/02/20]   We are ready with the new format and the new place. HOHOHO
🩸 Location
So, this season we meet every Saturday at 12 in Mad murphys irish bar (Mündi, 2) which is right on Raekoja plats (well, more or less).
👩‍🦰 Format
You will still be talking for 90+ min, this will never change. At the same time conversations will get longer, more private, less guided, more aimed at meeting new people and learning new stuff about life. And in general sessions will be quieter from the outside.
🧰 Price
It's still donation-based, cash or card.
To meet new people and talk to them in English.
Register and come: https://en.kalitalanguagestudio.com/kalender

[09/01/20]   Last Saturday we promised to announce the new format for our meetings. And it seems we have found one...


The starting academic year is all the rage.
MEANWHILE, we are celebrating the end of the summer tomorrow 12pm in Tule Estonia by talking our heads off at English Speed-Dating.
Life hack. Join now to see it, no guarantee it'll happen in the autumn.

[08/15/20]   Today we are in Restoran Spot. 12:00.

[08/01/20]   Don't get lost. We are in Restoran Spot today.


:) :) :)
Restoran Spot


English Club in Tallinn's cover photo

kalitalanguagestudio.com 10/07/2020

Series Evening

We have a couple seats left for Series Evening where we will be watching clips from TV shows and series and discussing them.
New language + new people = perfect mix :)
Book your seat here:

kalitalanguagestudio.com We watch short clipы taken from a series and discuss what's inside language-wise and meaning-wise.

[07/09/20]   What do you think about inviting not only native speakers as guests, but also near-natives who lived a significant part of their life in an English-speaking country?


Come to talk in the studio :) Only 8 seats.

WOW NEWS! Series Evening.
Super opportunity to get acquainted with Olga Kalita and see the Kalita Language Studio with your own eyes. A donation-based event right in the studio. Join us next Tuesday at 6 pm for an evening with an English series and fruitful discussion.
Write in the comments which series or TV show you would like to see there.
Info and tickets:

[07/03/20]   See you tomorrow at 12:00 in Cafe Troika (Mere pst 5).


Photoreport or English Speed-Dating last Saturday. Wait for more ;)
English Speed-Dating


English Speed-Dating 27.06.2020

[06/26/20]   !!!
Tomorrow we meet in Tule Estonia at 11 for a donation-based English Speed-Dating session.


Tomorrrrrrrow! We get together to speak-talk-chat in English. With a native guest. We need you there💂‍♂️💂‍♀️💂‍♀️
11:00-12:30 Cafe Troika (Mere pst 5)


English Club in Tallinn gathering


[06/06/20]   Rainy and gloomy - best for indoor practice :) On these days we are reminded why our gatherings are always indoors. Today 11am ;)


Really, what would be the best thing?

Our story

Every Saturday we meet in a cafe in Tallinn to actively practise English and meet new people, including English native speakers. Register and come!

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English Club in Tallinn - Conversations in English Autumn 2020
English Speed-Dating 27.06.2020
English Club in Tallinn gathering
English Club in Tallinn session



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