IB Diploma at Audentes School

International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme at Audentes School

The IB Diploma Programme is designed as an academically challenging and balanced programme of education with final examinations that prepares students, normally aged 16 to 19, for success at university and life beyond. The programme is normally taught over two years and has gained recognition and respect from the world's leading universities. Audentes School is one of the oldest and experienced private schools in Estonia. For 15 years Audentes School has been driven by the idea that a good school has to provide quality education, personal approach and extensive development possibilities for students. We believe that innovative and student-focused teaching methods support positive approach to learning. Our motivated and qualified teachers from Estonia and abroad ensure that every student can develop their skills in a secure learning environment.


Международное гимназическое образование открывает двери университетов по всему миру


dv.ee В эстонских гимназиях программа международного бакалавриата (International Baccalaureate, IB) появилась в 2003 году. Она предлагает ученикам максимально гибкий выбор предметов и ....


Audentes: A solid foundation for life — Audentes


audentes.ee Experiences and knowledge learned at a young age will affect our choices our whole life, knowingly or subconsciously. Needless to say, it is incredibly important, where and what we choose to learn from. The Audentes International Baccalaureate (IB) programme combines internationally recognised educa...

On day four of the Erasmus programme, the student travelled to Pääsküla bog. There the students were guided through the unique environment. After a quick lunch the students were divided into groups to orientate through the bog. Luckily the weather was in our favour, as it was warm and sunny the entire day. Back at school the students prepared presentations in the computer lab to be presented the following day.

On day three of the Erasmus programme, the students attended a robotics workshop in Mektory+. There they were given a tour around the facility and had a hand at building robots of there own and testing them out. Later on in the day, they gathered in the ceremony hall for a small party filled with music and dances presented by each country.

For day two of the Erasmus programme, the students traveled to the Silma Nature Centre. There the students were immediately welcomed by a group of curious chickens and friendly lambs. Their day at Silma involved many fun activities ranging from birdwatching to dissecting fish. And despite the chilly weather, the students were all laughs and smiles.

This week our school is hosting international students as part of an Erasmus project "My Future World". The students visiting us come all the way from Turkey, Spain, Italy and Norway. As part of day one, all the countries prepared a presentation to introduce us to their country and the city that they came from. Then the students partook in fun icebreaker games. After lunch at the school's canteen, the students headed to the city where they had to complete a challenging quiz that had them exploring all of Old Town.

Two weeks ago DP1 and DP2 Visual Arts students visited a ceramics studio in Old Town. There the students made various clay structures according to sketches they had prepared beforehand. This Friday the structures had finally arrived after being put through the oven and are now being exhibited in the halls of Audentes as part of an art installation called "C3R4M1C5".

National Public Speaking Competition in 2019 organised by the English-Speaking Union of Estonia took place on March 14. It was aimed at young people who strive to achieve excellence in English and make active use of the English language.
This competition gives students the opportunity to express their opinions to a young audience, who are facing questions about their own lives and their hopes for the future. Participants could interpret the chosen theme in any way they wish.
Audentes IB School was represented by 2 students – Erik Vunch from DP1 and Lev Jakovlev from DP2.
Erik’s theme was The Future of Work, and the heading of his speech was ‘The Sea of opportunities’. Lev Jakovlev’s theme was Great Artists have no Country, and the heading of Lev’s speech was ‘Great Minds have International Appeal’.
Congratulations to Lev Jakovlev who got the second place and was a ‘runner-up’!


First place for IB students at World Scholar's Cup — Audentes


audentes.ee Five students from the Audentes IB Program volunteered to take part in the much anticipated World Scholar’s Cup held at Tallinn Jewish School on March 5th–6th. IB student Nataly wrote about their experience at the competition: When going to the competition, we had very little ambitions to win, i...

IB snow sculpture by two Diploma 2 students. Dedicated to our business teacher Rodrigo, for playing chess with us and teaching it.

Several brave and smart students of our School are taking part in the Math Olympiad right now. The rules of the competition are strict. At first, everyone has to participate in the School Round, then, if it is successful for the students, they will continue in the competition on the second level (City round). Rules gave for them four hours for solving 10 different tasks. Logical thinking and knowledge are the most needed characters in the room. So far, students do not look worried. Scratch of the pencil is the only load noise since they have started.
Good luck to all of them!

During Creative Project, one of the traditions that our school has is
visiting the hometown of our IB coordinator, Kohila. Last year it was one of the best experiences of the year. Therefore, we were ecstatic to repeat it this year.
PRE-IB students have been preparing their lessons for a few weeks and were ready to go teach. Last year we were only able to teach 2 classes, while this year we thought around 8. The lessons we gave in Kohila Mõisakool, were dynamic, fun and filled with diverse challenges. The students loved the classes and even asked us for us to teach them all the time. Younger students had to grade the "teachers" work - and they gave us 10 out of 7.
After hours spent at the school, we travelled down to Annelies's house where we ate, played games and just talked.
One of the main goals of this trip was to engage bonding and communication between the students and teachers that attended the activity. We enjoyed many great moments and shared lots of laughs. Overall it was a great day with lots of learning for the students and the teachers, we are really thankful for Anneliis hosting us and providing the opportunity.
Hopefully, we can keep this tradition up!
Erik, DP1

As there are Christmas and other festivities upcoming — many of us are busy doing our holiday preparations. Buying decorations and presents and planning the
celebration parties. It’s not like this for everyone. There are children who have to spend their holidays in the oncology and haematology departments of the hospital. The kids, as well as their parents, are stricken and despondent by the circumstances, having no courage to celebrate Christmas at all. Thus, we made the decision to donate presents and other goods to the kids. The money we gathered is going to be spent on the individual wishes of the little patients. Picked gifts will be wrapped by the students of our school and later presented on Christmas Eve. There will also be a “Bravery Box” filled with toys to comfort those children who are going through serious procedures.
This campaign has also previously been held in another school for the past two years and had very positive feedback. We hope that this year we will accomplish our goal to bring a Christmas spirit to the kids and their families.
Thank You, dr Antonova, that You asked us to join in such a wonderful project!
Sandra, Pre-IB

[12/05/18]   Today we present quite an unusual initiative with what came up our Pre-IB students.
While Christmas is right around the corner, many of us are busy doing our daily routine and festive preparations. Buying decorations, planning the holidays- all of this seems so usual to us.
However, it is not the same for everybody. Children, who must stay in the oncology and haematology departments of a hospital during the holidays, have a completely different life and priorities. And even their parents, often stroke by the sorrow, have no opportunity nor desire to prepare for Christmas.
We believe that in situations like the one above, people should feel that there are people out there who DO care and are willing to help!
The main idea of it is to gather money for Christmas presents for children in the hospital. Presents will be individual: doctors ask parents of patients about their holiday wishes, we would by the presents and wrap them. Afterwards, with help from the doctors, we will secretly hand the surprises to the mothers of kids, who stay with them in the hospital all the time. In Estonia, we have a belief, that gift is brought to kids by drafts during the Christmas holidays, at nights. Mothers are going to place the presents on the windowsills and kids will wake up to their dream present, that had magically appeared overnight.

Your donation will help our students to do some good!

You can transfer your support to the project account:
Audentese Koolide Sihtasutus
IBAN: EE867700771000613014
And an explanation: present to kids

On the 22nd of November, Kehra Gymnasium came down to our Audentes IB department for a friendly debate. First we were divided into groups of Pre-IB and DP1, so were they in groups of year 12 and 11. Then we were mixed up into groups of our students and students from Kehra. The key of this activity was to improve teamwork, our debating abilities and of course make some new friends. We held 4 debates on the topic of our precious environment, but ranging in topics and causes for the destruction of it. Overall it was a great day full of knowledge and controversial topics, we are very grateful for the relationship that has been built between the 2 schools and are excited to visit them in the future.

Erik Vunsh

Our DP 1 student, Cassandra Christensen, started off her first CAS project on Wednesday, with volunteering at a local cat shelter. Her first visit involved being introduced to the lovely cats and giving the sick cats their evening medications. But that’s just the beginning, as from now on the DP 1 student will be visiting the shelter several times a month, until graduation. The cat shelter, Pesaleidja, runs entirely on volunteers and donations alone, yet helps find homes for 600 cats a year. For more information on the cat shelter, you can visit their FB page: Pesaleidja - for English-speaking friends

On the 13th of November 2018, the Chemistry department of Audentes IB travelled down to TalTech university in Mustamäe in order to participate in a Titration and Redox Lab. The instructions for the labs were given by our Chemistry Teacher Anna Kikkas and the Laboratory Technician. The purpose of the lab was to observe different reactions and the changes after the reactions had happened. Overall, it was a great day full of unique learning experiences.
Ali Zeynalli, DP1

We had a suprise from our Visual Art students. Happy Teachers Day!

On the 16th of May Audentes had its traditional spring prom. The event was filled with amazing live music and dance performances. This was organized by Karolin Linamäe, IB Diploma 1 student and sport gymnasium 11th grade student Gerda Kiisa. Huge thank you to Cramo Estonia AS for sponsoring the event and making it happen. Then thanking Sander Süld for organizing the lighting tech. For live music thanking Tallinna Saksofoniorkester. Also thanking Vahur Põldsam, Maxim Zarodniuk, Ran Pehka, Leemet Loik, Tatjana Drozdova, Sirgit Juhkam, Victoria-Ida Vähi, Ragnar Kalde. And finally huge thank you to all the people who came to the event

Second and the last day of the Group 4 project. All the experiments were successfully finalized and presented. Huge thank you to both schools and its students.

Day finished at the #IBG4Project, Thank you for all of the helpers and both schools involved!

They split up in groups and they are off to the planning stage of #IBG4Project!

Starting the day off with a little outdoor game with Etela Tapiola Lukio School #IBG4Project

Worlds Scholars Cup tornaments Tallinn 's Cup
ended with medals and knowledge.

Worlds Scholars Cup is a tournament for all scholars around the world, to develop and show skills of a scholar. Some of the Goals that the WSC try to achieve are “To motivate students of all backgrounds to discover new strengths and practice new skills” and “To inspire a global community of future scholars and leaders.”. This year the WSC was held in the Baltic for the first time, Audentes IB department decided to send 2 teams of scholar’s to the event. One from the Pre-IB consisting of 3 students and one from DP1 consisting of 2 students. After a 2 day long event, full of debates, essay writings and different challenges all of the students came out only with positives. All together gathering 32 medals, one trophy and most importantly a great experience and a head full of knowledge. The most memorable award winners were the DP 1 team who won the Scholars Bowl, The DP1 team consisting of Saida and Siim gathering 9 medals in the Scholar’s challenge and Siim placing third all together in the Scholar’s Challenge, as well as placing 23rd in the Overall Scholar’s Ranking. The Pre-IB with Aleksandr, Ali and Erik placing fourth in the debates and Erik coming out with second place in the Debates, 7th place in the Essay writing and Becoming the 6th Scholar overall. All together the Pre-IB team got 6th place in writing and 7th Overall. After this great experience, all of the Scholar’s from Audentes would like to thank Anneliis and Jason for giving us this opportunity and the Russian Downtown Gymnasium for setting everything up. The Pre-IB placed 7th overall and earned their trip to the Global rounds, as well as the DP 1 team who qualified by reaching the point standard.

Erik Vunsh


Anton-Hansen Tammsaare

Ilusat emakeelepäeva!

Happy Estonian language day!

vimeo.com This is "Anton-Hansen Tammsaare" by HannaKruusma on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

So honoured and amazing to share this story that has gone on for 100 years and even more. This project has taken it fare share of tears, hard work and pressure, but also so much joy, discovery and happiness.

Exhibition is on the second floor of Audentes, and is up from 21.02.18 to 09.03.18 at least.
It has put together by an IB, visual arts student Karolin Linamäe

Long live Estonia!

On 9th February visual arts students had a fun and interesting Japanese calligraphy lesson with Hiroyuki Sonobe. We got to know the meaning of that type of writing and later on practice it. The technique is entirely different from other calligraphy styles. How you need to hold the brush, how much pressure you need to use, How much ink and also the position of the signs.

Last week the students of Pre-IB held an event called Cultural Week. In the duration of that week the students gave lessons to the elementary school kids. They held magical story-telling sessions where they dressed up as fairy tale characters, a jeopardy game where the kids were tested on their knowledge on international facts, a kahoot on music from around the world, a kahoot on trivia about various countries and played Quick, Draw! where the young students could practise their English while playing a fun little drawing game. Pre-IB got lots of positive feedback from the students and were glad they had the opportunity to help host such a unique event.

We use our hands for everything we do. We use them to write, eat, gesture. But Today we are using them to welcome you to our Culture Week. The Culture Week features fairy tales, games, cartoons and much more! Join us!

Find out what you want to do with your class:

When was the last time you sat down and listened to a fairy tale? How many different fairy tales do you know from different lands? The IB class is offering a morning Fairy Tale session. Come sit under a magical tent and listen to unique stories from Asian and European countries and meet some fairy tale characters! The session will be offered in both Estonian and English and lasts 45 min.

Are you competitive? Come and join us in a game of International Jeopardy, featuring countries from around the world. In teams of 4 or 5, you will compete for various prizes. The event will take 45 minutes

Are you an avid music listener? Come play a Kahoot where you will be quizzed on music from countries across the world. Compete for the chance to win a sweet prize.

Come and take a trip around the world with our Kahoot, featuring many exciting and people from different countries. The Kahoot features nations like India, Russia, Estonia, South-Korea and more.

Feel like taking a nice break? Come watch cartoons from all over the world. The countries involved feature Estonia, Korea, Denmark and more. Come and watch with us!

To make that week (22-26 of January) interesting to Your class (1th-4th grade), contact with Anneliis Kõiv, our DP Coordinator [email protected]

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