IB Diploma at Audentes International School

International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme at Audentes School

The IB Diploma Programme is designed as an academically challenging and balanced programme of education with final examinations that prepares students, normally aged 16 to 19, for success at university and life beyond. The programme is normally taught over two years and has gained recognition and respect from the world's leading universities. Audentes School is one of the oldest and experienced private schools in Estonia. For 15 years Audentes School has been driven by the idea that a good school has to provide quality education, personal approach and extensive development possibilities for students. We believe that innovative and student-focused teaching methods support positive approach to learning. Our motivated and qualified teachers from Estonia and abroad ensure that every student can develop their skills in a secure learning environment.

[01/27/20]   Last Friday our school had its' very first Student Council elections. Two members from each class were chosen to represent their class. Congratulations to all of our members!

Aleksander Pištšalkin
Günter Damon Jürgens

Diploma 1:
Nataly Antonova
Egor Hagberg

Diploma 2:
Erik Vunsh
Ali Zeynalli

We are happy to share with you our new school logo!!!

On 29th of January there will be starting a Phyton Programming Course. This is a collaboration project between Audentes International School and Tallinn Technical University.

PS: The extended deadline for registration is 28th of January!

Students from Tallinn University taught Audentes International Schools IB students Estonian through playing basketball

Mikk Toomel

Since the start of this school year, a number of Audentes IB students, led by Erik Vunsh, have gathered every Saturday to play basketball together. Teachers at Audentes Rodrigo Preciado Azcuna (Student company and entrepreneurship) and Mikk Toomel (elementary and middle school physical education ) have also joined them. So far, the communication had only been in English, but Mikk came up with the idea to teach the group some Estonian through playing basketball.
In cooperation with Tallinn University’s project LIFE* students, 4 academic basketball language lessons were organized. 28 most common basketball related Estonian words and phrases were divided for the lessons and were taught using the Total Physical Response method, which means that the language is learned through action.
The feedback from Audentes IB students was very positive, in addition to learning Estonian they enjoyed the process and had a lot of good time. Likewise, project LIFE students were satisfied with the group's effort and progress. LIFE students made a 6-minute long mini-movie of the process, which was directed by Uljana Brezgina a student of audiovisual media at the Baltic Film and Media School. The link of the movie will be added by the end of the day.
As there is still room for few players, people at Audentes who are interested in playing basketball on Saturdays at 4.15 pm, contact Erik Vunsh or come to Kopli Spordihoone (address Erika 5).
* LIFE - Learning in an Interdisciplinary Focused Environment is a study course at Tallinn University focused on project- and problem-based learning, where students collaborate with academics and partners from outside the university to carry out projects with interdisciplinary problems.

Dear friend!

The kindness of yours will help us to bring pure joy!
We are asking for your help in the project that we are now organizing for the 2nd year as our CAS project. I have done that with my mother, dr Antonova, a bit longer - four years.
This Christmas miracle helps to give happiness for the severely children who are really ill and also for their parents.
The project is held in the oncology department of the Tallinn Children Hospital. Some kids must spend the Christmas holidays in the hospital, and some are diagnosed with terrible conditions right before the New Year. For us, Christmas time is the time of joy and festive preparations. The parents of these kids, on the other hand, are so stricken by the sorrow, that they have no desire to prepare for Christmas.
In such situations, people should feel that there is someone out there who cares and is willing to help. And the children must have a chance to celebrate and enjoy Christmas because they, after all, do remain kids in the hospital. The purpose of the project is to prove that a miracle can happen even in the darkest times.
About the project: Dr Natalia Antonova asks personally from the parents about their child’s most desired present. The present will be bought and given to the patient’s mother, who put it on the window ceiling as a present from Christmas dwarfs. And then the miracle has happened the mother was nearby all the time, but the present has somehow appeared! However, the biggest miracle is the happiness in the eyes of the mothers, who understand that they are not alone, not isolated from the rest of the World.
Last year we managed to raise 365 € in Audentes IB and 1573 € here, on Facebook, with your help, in just one day!
It is impossible to describe the feelings of the parents who saw their kids smile in such a hard time in their lives. Even the little children who have suffered from pain did not cry, yet they cuddled with their new plush friends and told about the Christmas dwarfs to the doctors. Besides the individual presents, we have also filled the “Bravery box”! It was a great act of kindness, and we are hoping to repeat it this Christmas!
This year we managed to raise 445 € in Audentes school and from you, here in FB 600 € more. Yet, it’s not enough for great individual presents; there are more than 20 kids to surprise!
We hope that you will take part in the project!
Next week we will publish here the description of the desired Christmas presents what we bought for each and every kid
We believe that everything will turn out amazing!
Money can be donated a few days more to the Swedbank account:
NATALIA ANTONOVA EE672200221004135022
All the donations will be used for this purpose only.
Thank you!
Nataly Antonova and classmates from
DP 1,
Audentes International School

World Economic Forum

Come to study!

Small budget, big results.

📕 Read more: https://wef.ch/2E2CTPS

Chemistry lab at TalTech

At 12 of November, our IB students visited TalTech chemistry laboratory, where they could conduct some experiments themselves and also observe experiments.
Experiments shown to the students involved various cool reactions. Like turning a sugar cube to carbon black by concentrated acid. Or copper coin reacting with concentrated nitric acid and forming so-called „sugar worms. “

Later on, students were divided into groups to conduct some experiments themselves. Pre-IB students determined different ions (cations and anions) with colour experiments. Diploma 1 students conducted acid-base titration to determine the unknown acid and the molar concentration of the base. Finally, Diploma 2 tried to determine the water hardness by titration. Also, they were able to conduct different colour redox reactions.

Overall, they had fun by doing experiments, they usually could not do, and by that gaining some new insight into the world of chemistry.

Photographs by Andres Raudjalg

[11/06/19]   New programmes - BridgeU & Mangebac

This school year began with many changes as we introduced a new system to the students and changed some of the old ones. On of the new systems, we introduced is BridgeU is a foundation focused on young people with their university choices and to give them career guidance. Based on the profiles the student fills out, BridgeU gives them university choices based on their answers. It also helps out with the motivational letters and with the application essays.

Another more significant change this year was that We decided to go over from ekool to Managebac. Managebac is a learning platform for International schools. The change was made so the students would not have to use so many different programmes, so now they can do most of the assessments in the same place.

The IB Diploma offers many different chances to study abroad. However choosing the right university can be difficult, because there are a lot of choices out there. That's why there are different organization who work with young people to support them with their future options. Dream Foundation is one of them.

Today our IB students had workshops with them, where they got to know more about the Dream Foundation, what they do and also got to know some of the university choices.

We are proud!
Last week brought us a great news! One of our DP student Oksana Bazeliuk has won third place in Karate World Championship in Chile!

To celebrate the start of the school year, all three IB classes went on a field trip to Rakvere. The day was filled with museum visits and the discovery of the city. The first visit of the day was to the Rakvere castle, where we had the medieval tour. The tour involved making gunpowder, having an archery competition and also getting to shoot the canon. After that, the student got to play a little searching game around the city and later a winner was chosen. Our second museum visit was to the police museum. There we were given an overview of how the police operate and everything in general that involves police work. We got to take our fingerprints and also view surveillance equipment.


First schoolweek of the 2019-2020 school year — Audentes


audentes.ee Dear students! We will meet on the 2nd of September 13.30–14.45 Classteacher lesson Pre IB – room no 215, teacher James Wollen DP1 – room no 216, teacher Rodrigo Preciado Azcunaga DP2 – room no 204, teacher Anneliis Kõiv 15:00 The opening ceremony of the school in the assembly hall of the m...


Международное гимназическое образование открывает двери университетов по всему миру


dv.ee В эстонских гимназиях программа международного бакалавриата (International Baccalaureate, IB) появилась в 2003 году. Она предлагает ученикам максимально гибкий выбор предметов и ....


Audentes: A solid foundation for life — Audentes


audentes.ee Experiences and knowledge learned at a young age will affect our choices our whole life, knowingly or subconsciously. Needless to say, it is incredibly important, where and what we choose to learn from. The Audentes International Baccalaureate (IB) programme combines internationally recognised educa...

On day four of the Erasmus programme, the student travelled to Pääsküla bog. There the students were guided through the unique environment. After a quick lunch the students were divided into groups to orientate through the bog. Luckily the weather was in our favour, as it was warm and sunny the entire day. Back at school the students prepared presentations in the computer lab to be presented the following day.

On day three of the Erasmus programme, the students attended a robotics workshop in Mektory+. There they were given a tour around the facility and had a hand at building robots of there own and testing them out. Later on in the day, they gathered in the ceremony hall for a small party filled with music and dances presented by each country.

For day two of the Erasmus programme, the students traveled to the Silma Nature Centre. There the students were immediately welcomed by a group of curious chickens and friendly lambs. Their day at Silma involved many fun activities ranging from birdwatching to dissecting fish. And despite the chilly weather, the students were all laughs and smiles.

This week our school is hosting international students as part of an Erasmus project "My Future World". The students visiting us come all the way from Turkey, Spain, Italy and Norway. As part of day one, all the countries prepared a presentation to introduce us to their country and the city that they came from. Then the students partook in fun icebreaker games. After lunch at the school's canteen, the students headed to the city where they had to complete a challenging quiz that had them exploring all of Old Town.

Two weeks ago DP1 and DP2 Visual Arts students visited a ceramics studio in Old Town. There the students made various clay structures according to sketches they had prepared beforehand. This Friday the structures had finally arrived after being put through the oven and are now being exhibited in the halls of Audentes as part of an art installation called "C3R4M1C5".

National Public Speaking Competition in 2019 organised by the English-Speaking Union of Estonia took place on March 14. It was aimed at young people who strive to achieve excellence in English and make active use of the English language.
This competition gives students the opportunity to express their opinions to a young audience, who are facing questions about their own lives and their hopes for the future. Participants could interpret the chosen theme in any way they wish.
Audentes IB School was represented by 2 students – Erik Vunch from DP1 and Lev Jakovlev from DP2.
Erik’s theme was The Future of Work, and the heading of his speech was ‘The Sea of opportunities’. Lev Jakovlev’s theme was Great Artists have no Country, and the heading of Lev’s speech was ‘Great Minds have International Appeal’.
Congratulations to Lev Jakovlev who got the second place and was a ‘runner-up’!


First place for IB students at World Scholar's Cup — Audentes


audentes.ee Five students from the Audentes IB Program volunteered to take part in the much anticipated World Scholar’s Cup held at Tallinn Jewish School on March 5th–6th. IB student Nataly wrote about their experience at the competition: When going to the competition, we had very little ambitions to win, i...

IB snow sculpture by two Diploma 2 students. Dedicated to our business teacher Rodrigo, for playing chess with us and teaching it.

Several brave and smart students of our School are taking part in the Math Olympiad right now. The rules of the competition are strict. At first, everyone has to participate in the School Round, then, if it is successful for the students, they will continue in the competition on the second level (City round). Rules gave for them four hours for solving 10 different tasks. Logical thinking and knowledge are the most needed characters in the room. So far, students do not look worried. Scratch of the pencil is the only load noise since they have started.
Good luck to all of them!

During Creative Project, one of the traditions that our school has is
visiting the hometown of our IB coordinator, Kohila. Last year it was one of the best experiences of the year. Therefore, we were ecstatic to repeat it this year.
PRE-IB students have been preparing their lessons for a few weeks and were ready to go teach. Last year we were only able to teach 2 classes, while this year we thought around 8. The lessons we gave in Kohila Mõisakool, were dynamic, fun and filled with diverse challenges. The students loved the classes and even asked us for us to teach them all the time. Younger students had to grade the "teachers" work - and they gave us 10 out of 7.
After hours spent at the school, we travelled down to Annelies's house where we ate, played games and just talked.
One of the main goals of this trip was to engage bonding and communication between the students and teachers that attended the activity. We enjoyed many great moments and shared lots of laughs. Overall it was a great day with lots of learning for the students and the teachers, we are really thankful for Anneliis hosting us and providing the opportunity.
Hopefully, we can keep this tradition up!
Erik, DP1

As there are Christmas and other festivities upcoming — many of us are busy doing our holiday preparations. Buying decorations and presents and planning the
celebration parties. It’s not like this for everyone. There are children who have to spend their holidays in the oncology and haematology departments of the hospital. The kids, as well as their parents, are stricken and despondent by the circumstances, having no courage to celebrate Christmas at all. Thus, we made the decision to donate presents and other goods to the kids. The money we gathered is going to be spent on the individual wishes of the little patients. Picked gifts will be wrapped by the students of our school and later presented on Christmas Eve. There will also be a “Bravery Box” filled with toys to comfort those children who are going through serious procedures.
This campaign has also previously been held in another school for the past two years and had very positive feedback. We hope that this year we will accomplish our goal to bring a Christmas spirit to the kids and their families.
Thank You, dr Antonova, that You asked us to join in such a wonderful project!
Sandra, Pre-IB

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