ITBS Group

We provide innovative solutions to our customers and collaboration partners in the area of software Research and Development. Established in 2005, ITBS specializes in the field of software design and implementation for large organizations and enterprises.

The company is funded purely by Estonian capital, providing the most innovative solutions to its customers and collaboration partners in the area of software R&D. Our services cover all aspects of web, desktop and server software development. We do Business Analysis and requirements elicitation, software technical analysis, software technical design, programming, quality assurance and testing, deployment, training for end users and management.

Operating as usual


We are #3dprinting #sterling #silver



Doctors have X-ray vision now.

Doctors have X-ray vision now.


Spring is not far anymore!


Very special visitors at MEKTORY! #throwback


Taavi´s article: ``Are we in the beginning of a new digital revolution´´


This 3D printed brain belongs to Alar Kolk, phantom organs are the future of medicine! #throwback


Taavi Kikas keynote speech at Äripäev 3D printing conference


Our CEO Taavi Kikas getting autograph from legendary astronaut Doug Wheelock who was the first person to tweet from space!


World Economic Forum

From Austria to Estonia, these European countries have the most entrepreneurs. Read more:

From Austria to Estonia, these European countries have the most entrepreneurs. Read more:


Our metal #3dprinter in service


#3dprinted from stainless steel and covered with scratch-free Titanium aluminium nitride (TiAlN) 30/01/2017

Bam Margera uses e-Residency in Estonia to form new 3D printing business partnership - e-Estonia

Our CEO Taavi Kikas and Bam Margera teamed up on a new project to turn some of Bam´s original designs into jewelry, accessories, and other items using 3D printing. 30/01/2017

WTF is computer vision?

We are back! Computer vision has been our main development object for 6-years now. Someone across the room throws you a ball and you catch it. Simple, right? Actually, this is one of the most complex processes we've ever attempted to..

2014 moments 15/07/2014

Pictures about people who visit us and the interesting things we do at Mektory

Pictures about people who visit us and the interesting things we do at Mektory 15/07/2014

Microsofti kaasasutajast miljardär investeeris Eesti ettevõttesse

Same news in Estonian. Microsofti kaasasutajast miljardär investeeris Eesti ettevõttesse Microsofti miljardärist kaasasutaja Paul Allen on sellest nädalast Eesti juurtega ettevõtte 3D 15/07/2014

Paul Allen Invests in Estonian Company

There are some great news about us! Paul Allen Invests in Estonian Company Paul Allen (AP/Scanpix) 6/25/2014 12:15 PM Category: Sci-TechA few weeks after British billionaire Richard Branson made an 18.5-million-euro investment into the Estonian-founded business TransferWise, Äripäev reported that Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has in…


Electrochromic Glass


Timeline Photos 31/01/2014

Home Launch 2/3 Brilliant ideas need brilliant materials. Designed to overcome the strength limitations of other 3D printed materials, the MarkForged Mark One 3D printer is the world’s first 3D printer designed to print composite materials. Now you can print parts, tooling, and fixtures with a higher...


Teaching student how to #3dprint at #Mektory


MEKTORY house 3D printed copy.


Come and meet us @ MEKTORY house!




#EEG #Thetawaves






#3dprintedman 17/07/2013

TTÜ-s alustati prorektori aju 3D-printimist | ERR Uudised

Our printer printing at European Innovation Academy!
#3dprintedbrain #EIA2013 Kolm nädalat kestva ürituse avamisel sai näha, kuidas 3D-printer alustas Innovatsiooniakadeemia presidendi, TTÜ prorektori Alar Kolgi aju printimist, mis võtab aega veel vähemalt ühe päeva.Vaata lähemalt videost:

[05/09/13]   Otsime bioanalüütika üliõpilasi praktikale!


Timeline Photos 08/04/2013

Uudised < MEKTORY < Projektid < Tallinna Tehnikaülikool - Sinu elustiil!

Our CSO travelling! Tallinna Tehnikaülikool on ainus tehnoloogiaülikool Eestis. TTÜ unikaalsus peitub erinevate valdkondade sünergias. TTÜ kuulub 4% maailma juhtivate ülikoolide hulka.


Our 3D printer at Mobile World Congress!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from ITBS Team!

[12/04/12]   We are really happy to be at GSMA Mobile World Congress 2013!


Scientists Discover Bacteria That Produces 24-Karat Pure Gold | GizmoCrazed Cupriavidus metallidurans is the name of this amazing microbiological creature that uses gold chloride to make 99.9% pure 24-karat gold at the Michigan State University.

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Electrochromic Glass




Programming (PHP, Java, JavaScript, SQL), Database design and development (Oracle, Postgres, MSSQL, MySQL), Project Management, Software Conceptual Analysis and Design, Web Design, Business Process Analysis and Simulation, Touch screen solutions, Cloud computing development, Infrastructure setup and maintenance, Testing and QA, Open source solutions adaptation for a customer needs.


Cloud computing and parallel computing, UI-IX solutions, Touch screen solutions, Information extraction, Texts and Legislative acts indexing, Product matching, Self-customizable information systems, PHP multithreading engine.
Out of the box solutions: all variety of web applications, Marine Safety Systems, Document management software, Web stores, Information Extraction and Data Analysis Engine, Production defect management software, reworked open source solutions.

Competitive or collaborative advantage:

• Ability to work as Chief Technology officers or as a subcontractor in software research & development projects
• Effective project management, on time delivery and competitive pricing for software projects using PHP, AJAX, Java, Flash, Hadoop, Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, etc.
• Special skills in developing Maritime safety systems.
• A software company with a location and cultural communication to effectively support UK/EU projects
• All our team members are fluent in English language and all the internal company documentation like Methodologies and how-to’s are also in English.




Raja 15
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Esimene arvutikool Eestis. Asutatud 01.02.1993. a. Ettevõtete ja ametikohtade vajadustekesksed koolitustele ja konsultatsioonid * On-line koolitused * IT juhtimiskoolitused * IT spetsialistikoolitused * IT kasutajakoolitused * AutoCAD, BIM jt Autodesk