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Identifying and monitoring investment opportunities in France and Monaco

* Specific research requests. Providing support for investors from East Europe. * Monitoring opportunity on financial markets. * Financing and refinancing real estate projects in France, Monaco. * Close cooperation with numbers of banks, financial institutions and groups of financial analysts in UK, Switzerland, Denmark, Luxembourg, Monaco. * Close cooperation with legal and tax advisers. * Close cooperation with real estate professionals and experts in France and Monaco. * Preparation of perfect file for residence in France and Monaco. Specialties * Creating schemes for optimization of financial results of asset management. * Excellent analytic skills about situation on the markets (commodities, financial and real estate markets) * Excellent knowledge of the real estate market and the process of negotiation * Investors relations service and introduction to professionals, specialized on different markets.

Mission: Research and analyses interesting opportunities in real estate markets

[02/28/19]   Estonia consistently ranks as a world leader in human capital, digital capability, and ease of doing business. This creates a competitive environment which allows solutions and services to be researched, developed and delivered globally.

From multinational companies to high growth startups, Estonia has a two-decade track record of successful investments and innovations.
smart people

pro-business environment

digitally enabled nation

scalable location

solid investment track record

[02/28/19]   Интересное предложение, маленький пентхаус 44 кв м на границе с Монако с панорамным видом на море! 375,000

[12/06/18]   Интересное предложение для желающих переехать во Францию на ПМЖ и сразу обзавестись спокойным пассивным доходом здесь.
Речь идет о 280,000 инвестиций с доходностью 2,500 в месяц.

Business Proposal For Art Investment In Marc Chagall Lot
October 2015
Dear Sir / Madam,
The subsequent proposal addresses a matter which may be of interest to you, consisting of the
valorization and investment in a series of 20 remarkable works of art by the painter Marc
The works of art came into the possession of the client whom I represent through direct
inheritance from the artist himself, and are currently available in Geneva. The 20 gouache
works are the most exquisite from a series of around 150 gouache paintings, which were part
of the inheritance. They were completed between 1950 and 1970, 19 of which measure
approximately 50 cm x 70 cm, and one being smaller. The paintings were purposefully
selected and kept by my client with the intention of finding a buyer for the establishment of a
Chagall Museum or a significant art hedge fund.
The works all possess “Certificates of Authenticity” from the Chagall Committee.
Additionally, they hold a “Condition Report” and a “Valuation Report” completed by
Sotheby’s, following a private sale contract between my client and the auction house. The
contract was terminated in December 2014 due to the inability of the customer to validate the
provenance of the funds utilized for making the payment. The total sum amounted to $28
million, representing the $20 million cost of the paintings and Sotheby’s $8 million
The seller of the Marc Chagall works is currently seeking $20 million for the entire lot, nonnegotiable.
Including a 10% commission, the total sum for purchasing the paintings
constitutes $22 million.
The advantageous investment in such works can be demonstrated by previous Christie’s and
Sotheby’s sales of similar Chagall paintings, with over $2 million and $4 million. Enclosed
below are two examples of the abovementioned sales.
I remain at your disposal for any details or additional information.
Yours sincerely,
Lucian Georgescu
for all questions :
[email protected]

Very special beautiful two bedroom apartment seafront in Monaco

Инвестирование в жилой комплекс с интересным месторасположением / Бесплатные объявления Инвестирование в жилой комплекс с интересным месторасположением. Мы ищем партнера для постройки небольшой резиденции на 11 квартир в престижном районе Канн в пяти ...

[11/07/18]   Переезд во Францию, с чего начать?

Продается коммерческий фонд в Монако золотой квадрат 110 кв м / Бесплатные объявления Продается коммерческий фонд в Монако золотой квадрат 110 кв м. Продается коммерческий фонд в Монако, золотой квадрат 110 кв м,  2500 евро аренда

Monaco’s $2.3 Billion Expansion Into the Mediterranean Sea The massive project, which will include work by Renzo Piano Building Workshop, will create nearly 650,000 square feet of residential and commercial sp

Collection de Voitures de S.A.S le Prince de Monaco

Parenthèse historique au Grand Prix de Monaco historique, ce dimanche. Entre deux courses de F1 anciennes, le prince Albert II a fait un tour de circuit dans un vieux prototype à l'allure étonnante. C'est dans cette même voiture que le prince Rainier III et la princesse Grace avaient ouvert le Grand Prix de 1967.
Le dimanche 7 mai 1967, le prince Rainier III, avec son épouse la princesse Grace à ses côtés, ouvre le Grand Prix de Monaco de Formule 1 au volant d'une Lamborghini Marzal. Un prototype révolutionnaire à l'époque.

Cinquante et un ans plus tard, le dimanche 13 mai 2018, le prince Albert II a invité ses neveux Andrea Casiraghi et Louis Ducruet à monter dans cette voiture chargée d'histoire pour effectuer un tour de piste, entre deux courses de l'Historique.

[01/05/18]   Очень хорошее начало финансового года Дамы и Господа, Поздравляю!

Bitcoin Price | Charts

Добрый вечер, надеюсь все вовремя вышли Charts providing a snapshot of the Bitcoin ecosystem

Palais Princier de Monaco - Prince's Palace of Monaco

Fête Nationale de Monaco : 19 novembre 2017

Форум инвесторов


FDI in Figures

As with other small-scale open economies, Estonia requires a constant flow of foreign investment in order to maintain its economic expansion. However, FDI inflows to Estonia accounted for USD 208 million in 2015, one-tenth of its pre-crisis annual average. With FDI representing 83% of the country's GDP, the country still has a high level of foreign investment, facilitated by the country's very pro-business legislative framework and, more broadly, by the business-friendly attitude of Estonian society. It is the expression of the country's perfect integration into the northern circuit of production, in which the Estonian subsidiaries often function as outsourcing sites for Scandinavian parent companies.

The country is highly developed in the FDI-attractive fields of IT, bio technologies and green industries. It is an attractive location for investment in the Baltic region with a strong economy. A balanced budget (constitutionally protected), a free trade regime, a fully convertible currency, a competitive banking sector and an investment-favourable environment have all contributed to the success of the country.

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2017, the country ranks 30th in the Global Competitiveness Index. The country ranks 12th out of 190 economies in the World Bank’s 2017 Doing Business report.

[04/12/17]   Estonia's migration policy has become so flexible it is hard to believe even for European customs officials who at times stop people heading to the country without reason.

For example, if a person from Vietnam wants to become a cook in Estonia, they can first arrive in the country with an ordinary tourist visa. Provided a local restaurant is willing to hire them for at least the average salary and register the fact with the Police and Border Guard Board, everything's done. A foreigner can use this procedure to work in Estonia nine months out of the year.

Estonia has visa freedom with more than 60 countries residents of which can stay here three months our of six without needing a visa. While Estonia is probably not a very tempting place to work for people from Singapore or Monaco, the country could constitute an exciting opportunity for those from Malaysia or Albania.

«We are working toward increased migration,» said head of the citizenship and migration policy department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ruth Annus.

More than 6,000 foreigners came to live in Estonia in 2016. Immigration hit the ceiling for people from outside the European Union last December, which caused a number of residence permits for work and business to be refused in the final weeks of the year. Annus said this has not happened since the years when the ceiling applied to all immigration.

Merkel forced to intervene

Sometimes rules in Estonia are so relaxed that diligent officials elsewhere in Europe just cannot believe it. For example when Bigbank found a suitable employee from Brazil whose journey to Estonia was almost cut short.

«Unfortunately they couldn't get past the airport in Frankfurt as they were deemed to be a threat for us for some reason,» head of HR Agne Sokolov recalled.

«We learned of the incident six hours later, when they were about to send our employee back to Brazil. We went as far as the prime minister who, luckily, was meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel at the time and managed to solve the problem for us.» German officials found it very doubtful one could work without a permit for a time in Estonia.

«Because Estonia has made it easier to find and hire foreign labor over the years, we are now in a relatively good situation compared to other countries,» HR specialist at Transferwise Triin Sau said.

She added that Estonia would do well not to rest on laurels and look to the future instead. «Estonia has developed quickly; however, if we want to compete for top talents, we need to realize specialists from foreign countries are no longer the exception, but the new normality,» she said.
Manager and shareholder of MoveMyTalent OÜ Laura Salu, whose company counsels and helps employees from other countries, agrees: «Applying for a residence permit has definitely become simpler. It is also positive that qualified workers find it easier to come to Estonia than some other EU countries; however, there is still quite a bit of bureaucracy and running around involved.»

Sokolov said that applying for residence permits can take a long time. «It could take up to two months to process residence permit applications. When it turns out a document is missing, the entire process starts anew, even though it could continue,» she said.

She added that drawing up paperwork can also take too long as Estonian embassies are few and recommendatory notes from universities can take a long time to process. «All manner of delays could lead to the employee giving up because they don't want to waste their time,» she said.

Bigbank has hired a total of 13 people, mainly for its IT department, from third countries in the past few years.

Engineers from the east

Economist at SEB Mihkel Nestor said that entrepreneurs also require more permanent employees with specialist education. «A steep drop in the popularity of technical subjects the country experienced some time ago has robbed Estonia of a generation of engineers and technical specialists. At the same time, it is possible to find them in a number of countries east of us; however, hiring them is subject to both the migration ceiling and other relevant restrictions,» he said.

New hiring incentives for IT firms and startups are unjust toward other companies, Nestor said. «Simply being either of the two is no guarantee of value added or having a successful business model,» he emphasized.

«Companies able to pay high salaries and dividends are definitely not so limited. We have companies in the processing industry the value added per employee of which is higher than that of software developers. Even so, the legislator seems to have decided that foreign labor is not important for these companies and sectors,» Nestor said.

Companies are looking for experienced and highly qualified employees. These criteria usually apply to people in their 30s and 40s with families and children.

Laura Salu said that there is a number of unresolved issues as concerns public services. «How to find a family doctor willing to communicate in English? How to get children into kindergartens or schools? We market ourselves as a welcoming country. However, we need to work on keeping those who come from being disappointed and making them feel comfortable here,» head of MoveMyTalent OÜ believes.

Use of public services is especially difficult for people who come to work for a short time; for example the aforementioned Vietnamese cook.

«Right now it is possible to do short-term work in Estonia for nine months during which time the employer must pay all applicable labor taxes. That said, the employee cannot enter themselves into the population register. That means they cannot put their kids in kindergarten or stay home with them when they're ill,» Salu said. «Everyone has the right to be able to handle their affairs.»

Эстония запустила стартап-визы - AIN.UA Отныне предпринимателям из-за пределов Европейского Союза станет проще переехать в Эстонию. Вчера в рамках государственной инициативы Startup Estonia объявили об официальном запуске программы по выдаче стартап-виз предприимчивым иностранцам. Визы ориентированы на предпринимателей, которые живут за п...

Bill Gates

Over the years, I’ve had the chance to speak with thousands of students at campuses across the country. Their youthful energy, passion, and curiosity are infectious and help fuel my optimism about our world.

Во Франции иностранцам выданы первые многолетние виды на жительство Во Франции в четверг, 24 ноября, иностранцам выданы первые многолетние виды на жительство, введенные новым иммиграционным законом. Новые документы сроком от 2 до 4 лет будут выдаваться студентам, иностранным работникам и приехавшим во Францию в рамках...

[11/13/16]   New Double Taxation Agreement in process

The Estonian Government approved in the end of September 2016 proposal on signing the Convention between the Government of the Republic of Estonia and the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic of for the Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Prevention of Fiscal Evasion.

The agreement between Estonia and Kyrgyzstan follows the standard contract formulated for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). As of September 1, 2016, Estonia has a valid agreement for the avoidance of double taxation with 56 states.

Agreement is planned to be signed 27.06.2017.

Double taxation agreements are designed to encourage investments between the contracting states. The agreement will give investors greater legal certainty. The agreement limits the income taxes which the source country may impose to another country residents. This ensures equal treatment of persons, and eliminates the possibility of double taxation. The information obligation in the agreement provides opportunities to avoid tax fraud.

double tax in Estonia, double taxation agreement in Estonia, double taxation in Baltic, double taxation in Latvia, double taxation in LithuaniaPlease see below list of countries Estonia has signed double taxation agreements:
Chezh Republic;
Isle of Man;
United Arab Emirates;
United Kingdom;
United States of America;
double tax in Estonia, double taxation agreement in Estonia, double taxation in Baltic, double taxation in Latvia, double taxation in LithuaniaIn preparation:
Bosnia and Herzegovina;
Actualités de la fiscalité dans les pays Baltes
Actualités juridiques des pays Baltes
Nouvelles des Affaires

chambers Europe ranked tax firm

Extension en mer de Monaco - Techniques de construction

Découvrez les techniques de construction qui permettront à Bouygues Travaux Publics et plusieurs partenaires monégasques de développer un nouveau quartier de...

UBS chairman Axel Weber has a warning for the ECB and other central banks Axel Weber has warned today's policymakers that monetary intervention is causing international spillovers and major disturbances in global markets.

Cramer Remix: Why it’s time to stash an elevated amount of cash

Cramer Remix: Why it’s time to stash an elevated amount of cash Jim Cramer advises investors on how to prepare for the worst ahead of the next rate hike.

Good investments

L’extension en mer déplacée au Ténao MONACO — Hier soir, lors de la première séance législative sous la présidence de Christophe Steiner, a eu lieu le vote de la loi de désaffection permettant ainsi le lancement du projet d’extension …

St Jean

"Магия приключений". Монако без яхт и казино

Князь Монако рискнул покорить самые холодные точки мира - Арктику и Антарктику! Своими впечатлениями монарх лично поделился с Сергеем Ястржембским, пригласив его в свой княжеский дворец. А что из себя представляет "Монако без яхт и казино", можно будет узнать из второй части программы.

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