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Photos from IxD.ma's post 10/06/2024

Last Friday, nine of our Team 20-22 designers successfully presented their graduation projects to an international jury of industry and academic leaders.

The nine journeys dealt with themes ranging from the loss of one’s parents to educating better designers and reducing healthcare providers’ burnout.

Over the past nine months, our students developed their stories of growth, as they demonstrated their capabilities of designing and managing a design process from start to finish and expanding their existing designer toolboxes with novel methodologies, which helped them to build more in-depth empathy, bring more ethical considerations in their work, co-design together with their target audiences, and so on.

All the project case studies will be available on our website in the upcoming days. Congratulations to our new colleagues!


Congratulations to the fresh graduates of IxD.ma!🥂

🎓Paula Fregenal González
🎓Nikoloz Aduashvili
🎓Kai Raku
🎓Kristjan Poska
🎓Zacari Scott Heisey Kercher
🎓Heily Bergmann
🎓Kaspar Orasmäe
🎓Henrik Romanenkov
🎓Charlotte Chrisabel Karniol


Happening now! You can still join us on the inspiring journey presentations online at tv.artun.ee.


We have been incredibly honoured to get to know many amazingly talented people from all across the globe, and are so happy to see that interest in Interaction Design is growing by the year. Our admissions jury has finished their tough work, and the people who will be starting their journey in September to become Team2024 have been selected. Looking forward to designing the future together, see you soon!

Photos from IxD.ma's post 21/02/2024

Team 2022 is right now in Fukuoka, Japan🇯🇵, for a two week study trip on the theme of emotional wellbeing and loneliness.

Japan is a model example of a society where the extremely fast development of technology collides with the adaptability of humans, causing a lot of stress both on the community and the individual level. Many of these concerns are also becoming topical in the rapidly ageing society in the West. In our first collaboration project with the Kyushu University, we hope to learn from that experience so that we can make better forward-looking decisions as designers at home.

In the first week, the team did a deep dive into the Japanese culture in Tokyo and the picturesque Yabakei village, exploring innovation and design museums and visiting different institutions dealing with connecting people, from high-tech robot cafes to community centres and solitary remote temples.

Right now, we are putting the inspiration gathered into use in a workshop led by Melanie Sarantou, Tokushu Inamura and Zhang Yanfang from the Department of Strategic Design at Kyushu University, and Tanel Kärp, Ruth-Helene Melioranski from Eesti Kunstiakadeemia / Estonian Academy of Arts.

📷 Tanel Kärp

Photos from IxD.ma's post 19/02/2024

Want to make a change?
Become a master of Interaction Design.
Just two weeks left to apply!

Learn to design the world that works for people and supports the environment. From apps to devices, services and complex systems, we need designers who can understand and create what people actually need.

From the Interaction Design masters at EKA, you’ll acquire the designerly thinking, toolbox and international network that will help you to quickly adapt, find your role and succeed in the uncertain future.

The program is designed in close collaboration with the industry. You’ll learn from the experience of nearly 30 industry and academic leaders, as you solve real-life problems and make real-life impact.

Our campus is in the center of Tallinn, Estonia. Called as the “First digital nation in the world”, our small Northern capital will be home to your intimate team of twelve students from diverse backgrounds from all across the Globe. Courses are scheduled for Thu-Sat, so you can work while studying.

Follow our link in bio, start your yourney today!

IxD.ma Online Open House 2024 02/02/2024

Online Open House 24 now available for a rewatch!

Join fellow Future Innovators from over 20 countries at our Online Open House, recorded on February 1, 2024. Faculty Tanel Kärp and Nesli Hazal Oktay introduce you the what and how of our school and program. They are joined by team 2022 Kristjan Poska and team 2019 Nataliia Kostenko, to put you in the shoes of our students and graduates.

IxD.ma Online Open House 2024 Join fellow Future Innovators from over 20 countries at our Online Open House, recorded on February 1, 2024! Faculty Tanel Kärp and Nesli Hazal Oktay introdu...


Hear about our approach and philosophy, learn about student experience and see their projects, take a campus virtual tour, and ask questions from the faculty, students and alumni!

Join us for our Online Open House 2024!
Read more and register now: https://fb.me/e/3apeINkKt

Photos from IxD.ma's post 18/11/2023

The journey to explore the future library has begun! 🚀
Team2023 has arrived at Helsinki’s Oodi, where we discovered a ”people-centric“ approach. Oodi integrates innovative technology and convenient measures for readers, transforming the library into more than just a repository for books. It‘s becoming a vibrant new community, enticing everyone back into the embrace of knowledge at the library! 📚✨


Photos from IxD.ma's post 19/10/2023

Final preparations!

Since the start of September, our designer Team 2022 has been collaborating with to help them integrate Ukrainian teenagers in Estonia. After many interviews, visits, analysis methods, co-design workshops, prototypes and tests, they are giving final touches to their concepts, which have the potential to improve many young lives in the country.

Photos from IxD.ma's post 14/10/2023

For 6 weeks team2023 was challenged to Boost the health of Tallinn Expats.


The course “Introduction to IxD” was led by Nesli Hazal Oktay, and three teams developed their design concepts:

⚡Dice dice baby!

Teams presented their design concepts to 2nd-year students and mentors (Tanel Kärp, Andrea Wollensak, Jörn Frenzel, and Keit Ein).

After a fruitful discussion with the guests, we all enjoyed our well-deserved ice creams to celebrate!🍦

Photos from IxD.ma's post 09/10/2023

Prototyping dump✨✨✨

Photos from IxD.ma's post 22/09/2023

Team2023 with their first ideas for boosting Tallinn Expats’ health

Photos from IxD.ma's post 19/09/2023

The first weeks of the first years!

Highlights include post-its, first interviews, drawing apples, some more post-its and a Prompt Engineering 101 workshop held by Helena.


Who are the 10 new designers starting their journey at IxD.ma this year? Well, come and listen for yourself.

Join us in celebrating the end of Summer and the start of the new study year at our traditional kick-off party, this time at the mysterious pop-up terrace restaurant .osteria

Team 2023 behind the decks, welcome drinks on the house, see you on Saturday!


Who are the 10 new designers starting their journey at IxD.ma this year? Well, come and listen for yourself.

Join us in celebrating the end of Summer and the start of the new study year at our traditional kick-off party, this time at the mysterious pop-up terrace restaurant ÕU Osteria.

Team 2023 behind the decks, welcome drinks on the house, see you on Saturday!

Photos from IxD.ma's post 09/06/2023

Cheers to our new Masters of Interaction Design 🎓

A heartfelt congrats to all our grad students. You rock!

Alma Yareny Duriez Urías
Katrin Kirsikka Janelle Koskela
Pietro Ercolino Vizzadelli Barcucci
Natsumi Nonaka
Quinn Darby Feller
Helen Staak
Görkem Bozkurt
Thomas Hartnell
Jakob Päll
Külliki Kesa
Paulina Juárez Badillo Chávez
Sigmund Abou Chrouch

Photos from IxD.ma's post 09/06/2023

Thank you all for joining us for the lively opening of our Expo at Yanu Robot Bar! The expo is open and the Graduation show is continuing today at the EKA main auditorium with the Interactions with Product and Systems sessions.


Join us for the expo opening today 7pm at Yanu Robot Bar in Rotermanni, and for the presentations on Thu and Fri at EKA!

Photos from IxD.ma's post 20/05/2023

First year students have been working hard on their last project of this semester.

One step closer to summer 🌟

Photos from IxD.ma's post 15/05/2023

This week the first year IxD.ma students continued our journeys with GraceFit, Mental Pin, and Sustaxo. We conducted research 🧐, interviewed current and prospective clients 🤝, and began to ideate on some possible solutions for the challenges facing our startups 🤔. To wrap up the week, we presented our research findings and solution concepts to each startup.

We also continued iterating on our personal portfolios 🎨, with the guidance of Tanel Kärp and Laurence Duchemin.


We invite you to the next IxDA Tallinn meetup. This time we’ll meet in the EKA lobby and discuss remote collaboration. Join us for inspiration!

Photos from IxD.ma's post 26/04/2023

🎉 Exciting news! Our Interaction Design class just started a new course with Kevin and Lidziya as our mentors and we've already met up with the 3 amazing clients! 😍

First up is GraceFit, a fitness and lifestyle brand that offers programs based on the menstrual cycle. Their unique approach combines ballet, yoga, and dance-inspired movements with healthy nutrition and habits, empowering women to prioritize their (mental AND physical) health. We're excited to collaborate with them and bring their unique approach to fitness and lifestyle to a wider audience! 💪

Next is Mental Pin, a device that helps people with embodied anxiety and OCD monitor their symptoms. The device uses vibrations that match the rhythm of the user's heart to track and analyze anxiety episodes. We're honored to work on a project that promotes mental health and well-being. 💚

Last but not least, we're partnering with Sustaxo, a company that helps businesses measure their compliance with the EU sustainable finance taxonomy. They develop tools to assist service companies in preparing environmental reports in line with EU standards, promoting sustainable practices. We're passionate about sustainability and can't wait to contribute to this important mission! 🌿

Furthermore, we started another course on Design History with Bilge where we were hard at work selecting the artifacts that we believe should be included in future design history books. We've discovered some truly amazing local designs that have influenced the way we live, work, and communicate. 📜

Stay tuned for updates on our progress! 🚀

Photos from IxD.ma's post 05/04/2023

🎉 Last week was 🔥 for us first-year students as we kicked off our Emotional Design course led by the one and only Tanel Kärp! 💪 As homework, we brought our most precious items 🔝 to school and explained why they were important to us. Then, we dived into the world of Emotional Design, discovering how to create products that evoke emotions. 🤔 We even got to do a small exercise with emotion cards, coming up with different product ideas. And the best part? We got to choose something to redesign (anything from apps to coffee machines), and created an interaction map to see what really happens when we use them and how we feel. 😎

🎨 But the fun didn't stop there. On Sunday, we had the exhibition for Tangible Design. Emotions ran high as we showed off our creations to the public. It wasn't always a smooth ride, but we were proud of what we achieved. 🤩 After spending the day at Telliskivi Loomelinnak, we celebrated with some well-deserved drinks at Pudel Baar as the sun set on an amazing week. 🍻 Can't wait to see what's next! 🎓


💎 It’s 2123. Helsinki and Tallinn have morphed into a sprawling urban metropolis “Tallsinki.” Due to high rates of unemployment, pollution, and crime, people are forced to spend much of their time sequestered in their homes.

⚡️ Join us on Sunday 2nd at the Telliskivi Creative City for the Tallsinki 2123 - Future Home Tech exhibition, where we showcase five unique installations that explore futuristic technologies to enhance various aspects of the life indoors.

➡️ https://fb.me/e/ZFDymrYu

Photos from IxD.ma's post 06/03/2023

🎆 Desired interactions vs technical limitations 💾

"Before I applied to IxD.ma I was always scared away by people working with electronics in interaction design schools. It seemed too technical and non-creative.

Now that I got to do it myself, I think it's essential. At IxD.ma we don't design just for screens, because who knows if we're still gonna use them in the future. We develop our mindsets as designers of interactions in general. In the Tangible Design course, we've been practicing designing under technical limitations and making prototypes for physical interactive objects.

If you also have fears, like I had, about whether IxD.ma is the right program for you, share them with us and we will help you make a decision. There are still a couple of hours left for applying. 6th MARCH is the DEADLINE. Good luck everybody."

Denis, team 2022


💥2nd years have shared their degree projects during checkpoint 2.

👏Congrats to all presenters who succesfully presented their work. Three more checkpoints to go until the defenses in June!


Only a few more days to submit your application for intake 23. Follow the link in bio, come and create the future with us!

Photos from IxD.ma's post 26/02/2023

Long days but happy faces.

First-year master students progressed with prototyping, building, 3D printing, laser-cutting, and programming this week.


Post your questions in the comments section and we'll get to them!

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Join us for the expo opening today 7pm at Yanu Robot Bar in Rotermanni, and for the presentations on Thu and Fri at EKA!
💎 It’s 2123. Helsinki and Tallinn have morphed into a sprawling urban metropolis “Tallsinki.” Due to high rates of unemp...
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