Leguar, Tallinn Video June 15, 2014, 1:14pm

Videos by Leguar in Tallinn. Leguar DSL Group in Europe1 in Southwestern Company

Morning executive exercises from Illinois ;)

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Some more pie-in-the-eye videoclips... Oh, we are weird and we know it ;) But you learn to laugh about yourself and life when spending couple of summers in the bookfield!

This will get you going!

Today is EPIC day in Leguar - two all time greats have birthdays - at the same day! Congrats Remo Jõeorg and Ilja Smarjov! Small birthday video came from southern Illinois to celebrate ;)

New Age group from Atlanta!

Morning executive exercises from Illinois ;)

Mu lemmikõhtu oli baasiõhtu. Lahe seltskond ikka! Nananaa-nannanannaanaa...

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