Empowering students and teachers everywhere to take the lead in their life and learning. Clanbeat’s app enables students everywhere to take the lead in their life and learning by focusing on their self-development and well-being.

From teachers easily recognising students' needs with actionable insights to students building autonomy and resilience; Clanbeat's app provides a scientifically-backed solution to today's toughest classroom challenges. Built on the premise of harnessing technology for the greater good, Clanbeat not only makes well-being in schools manageable but also guides students to become lifelong learners. To

Worry and anxiety techniques for students | Clanbeat 03/06/2021

Worry and anxiety techniques for students | Clanbeat

End of schoolyear creating worry and anxiety for your students?

We have launched a great help on those topics to support that demanding time 🧡

It is available to our users in personalised way through the Clanbeat app, but can be also used independently from here:

Please share with your students:

Worry and anxiety techniques for students | Clanbeat We have worked with psychologists and therapists to bring you a range of powerful tools for changing unwanted thought patterns and beliefs. These worry and anxiety techniques for students are meant to give you multiple options to find relief.


We’re excited to join @AlKingsley_Edu and @ICTEvangelist on their #CheckItOutShow today on 27th April from 7pm (UK time). The show covers a range of brand new #education and #edtech solutions – including Clanbeat! Watch live at:

We’re excited to join @AlKingsley_Edu and @ICTEvangelist on their #CheckItOutShow today on 27th April from 7pm (UK time). The show covers a range of brand new #education and #edtech solutions – including Clanbeat! Watch live at:

Three ways public-private partnerships are transforming education. Insights from Estonia - Education Estonia 22/02/2021

Three ways public-private partnerships are transforming education. Insights from Estonia - Education Estonia

Witnessing people, organisations and authorities come together determined to help others is pretty inspiring for us at Clanbeat. Cooperation truly is key, especially in times of crisis 🙌

Three ways public-private partnerships are transforming education. Insights from Estonia - Education Estonia Estonia proves that cooperation between the state and the private sector helps to study in a smarter way.


Have you heard the news? We speak Estonian and Russian now too! 🥳

Brought to life with our incredible partners Telia Eesti and with help from Haridus- ja Noorteamet, learn more about our mission to help teachers and students in Estonia here 👉

Have you heard the news? We speak Estonian and Russian now too! 🥳

Brought to life with our incredible partners Telia Eesti and with help from Haridus- ja Noorteamet, learn more about our mission to help teachers and students in Estonia here 👉


🎵 "Have a holly, jolly Christmas!" 🎵 16/12/2020

Telia and Clanbeat collaboration: Estonian and Russian languages coming soon

Estonian and Russian languages are coming to Clanbeat at the start of 2021 🤩

Huge thanks to Telia Eesti for teaming up with us and Haridus- ja Noorteamet. Watch this space for more... ‘So, when will Clanbeat be available in our native language?’. This is a question we’ve heard a fair few times in 2020… 20/11/2020

Clanbeat and IES team up in a perfect partnership

Our clan just got a bit bigger! 🎊

We can announce we're now the official Well-being partner of International Education Solutions - IES. We’re so very excited to announce we’ve teamed up with International Education Solutions (IES) to become their official Well-being partner. 08/10/2020


We have some exciting news 🥳

What we offer to the field of education has just become so much better and accessible!

We have released a new relief solution for teachers and their students worldwide to deal with some of the biggest pains that have occurred during the COVID-19 period. And, it's for FREE for individual teachers and their student groups.

It will help save teachers' time and truly boost students' well-being and their journey as self-driven learners.

Join the education evolution and sign up NOW (or by the end of October)

👇 Tag your fellow teachers below and let's start the journey together 👇 Empowering students and teachers to promote well-being and self-directed learning


Clanbeat's cover photo 17/09/2020

Pioneers - Clanbeat

Are you (or do you know) a passionate educator who wants to support students in taking an active role in their learning and life (i.e. agency)?

We at Clanbeat are on a mission for more growth and well-being for students and teachers and are inviting you to join us to build a tool you need. We are looking for a cohort of pioneers to co-create with us.

Now is your chance to step on board.
Join us here:

PS And if not interested in pioneering, do check out the opportunity to start using Clanbeat for free with your students right now Clanbeat pioneers We are looking for passionate teachers from International Schools to make a powerful shift towards more growth and well-being of students Learn moreBecome a pioneer An open letter to innovative teachers We are in search of 20 global co-creators to join the movement and be part of c... 07/09/2020

Clanbeat is hiring Head of Communication and Marketing

September is time for new beginnings: We are at the beginning of a great journey and although we have done something right to reach the point where we are today, it has not…


It is such a joy to be there (even virtually!) with our wonderful partner schools, to work on a topic and to develop ideas together! We’ve just finished two sessions with the lovely teachers of Tartu Kunstikool / Tartu Art School, discussing holistic perspective on students’ (and teachers’!) lives and how might we support it better.

Thank you for the wonderful insights! 15/06/2020

OECD Future of Education and Skills 2030 - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

What future for education and how might we help along more effectively? These days part of our team is pondering on it intensely.

Are you already familiar with OECD Education and Skills 2030 education vision and concepts? Any insights from there that you strongly agree or disagree with? The Future of Education and Skills 2030 aims to help education systems determine the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values students need to thrive in and shape their future. 02/06/2020

Head of Sales and Partnerships - Clanbeat

JOIN US. We are growing and looking for a peoples’ person with global ambition to join our vibrant team of educational psychology researchers, education professionals and technology geeks. We are working closely together with schools worldwide. That is why we are looking for a Head Of Partnerships helping Clanbeat to be available to many schools around the world. To make that transformation possible. Looking for a strategic thinker with a hands-on mentality to manage existing and deve...


Reopening schools / Clanbeat School Leadership Talks

Dear all who you were with us live - thank you very very much for joining us! 💛

If you were not there (or would like to watch it again 😄), please access the webinar here:

All the best to you in going through this special time.

If you only can - please share here a thought or question that was meaningful to you. Let's continue to share and learn from each other.


Reopening schools is probably one of the most sensitive and burning issues in the field of education right now. Gazillion dilemmas, questions, concerns and o...


For the first time ever - doing a sneak peek to what our awesome team has been cooking to support self-directed learning, smart problem-solving and emotional wellbeing of students.

Tune in next week to hear about that and also how does the digital transformation implemented in Estonia contributes to global education in EdTechX Summit. Read more and get a ticket from:…

Kadri Tuisk is the founder and CEO of Clanbeat - a personal growth and individual learning planning support tool for schools helping people to discover their true passions, achieve their goals and shape their own future.

Her mission with Clanbeat is to help students to be self-aware individuals with strong self-management skills so that they can reach their true potential


Onboarding your people to your school

From many discussions among school leaders we know that onboarding new staff to schools is challenging. Current times add extra layer of challenge - creating a sense of belonging to newcomers and providing all the necessary info at the right time is increasingly difficult.

Here’s how Clanbeat can help to make it all smoother and time-saving for the management and the new people themselves.

Let's have a walkthrough of how you can support welcoming new staff members to your school family. So they would feel welcomed, get fast on top of their thin... 16/04/2020

Hea plaan

Panime Tallinna Ülikooli teadlastega pead kokku ja saime valmis abivahendi, mis toetab uutes oludes juba täna iseseisvat õppimist. Jagage õpilastega ja kasutage ise ka :) Kas, miks ja kuidas planeerimist harjutada 14/03/2020

COVID-19 Response: Clanbeat is now FREE for all schools.

Until the end of this school year Clanbeat is FREE for all schools that have to reorganize their work to cope with virtual work and beyond.

Stay healthy and connected 🧡

Read more what we offer, how to get it and how we help to set it up instantly: In times of need the community needs to stand up to help in every way we can to support the growth of each other. Because we are one world… 09/12/2019

Estonian ed-tech startup Clanbeat raises $ 1,2 M led by Taizo Son & Mistletoe to fuel expansion

Bringing good news. We are fueled with great partners to innovate how personal growth is managed. We are helping people to discover their true passions, achieve their goals and shape their own future.


Clanbeat's cover photo


Join us

Awesome people who happen to know a thing or three about UX/UI design and Front-end developement. We are looking for you!

Look more:


Welcome Singapore

Estonia’s experiences and achievements in education are highly admired in Singapore!

We just concluded networking reception at SG Innovate where our Secretary General Mart Laidmets introduced Estonia’s education system and told audience about Estonia’s path to top level education system. Our head of digital education Kristel Rillo gave insights about Estonia’s digital focus and how is it implemented.

In addition to that, our good friends from Startup Estonia introduced the start-up scene and business opportunities in Estonia. Four companies – Opiq, Eliis - Eesti, DreamApply and Clanbeat.

This week, our Secretary General together with ministerial officials, educational leaders and start-up entrepreneurs are in Singapore. Follow the highlight on our Twitter feed:

Read more about this week’s visit to Singapore:



Clanbeat's client Tallinna Kunstigümnaasium won Education Leadership award "Best HR project" in Estonia, Tallinn's schools by Tallinna Haridusamet. For implementing Clanbeat to drive their peoples' success in real-time and to build a community of collaborators.

Schools need to be inspiring workplaces so more people would want to become teachers! Thank you Alustavat õpetajat toetav kool for initiating this change and Mari-Liis Sults for being a visionary and caring leader making it happen. Power to the people 🚀 20/08/2018

1 in 5 Highly Engaged Employees Is at Risk of Burnout

The data is clear: engagement is key, it’s what we should strive for as leaders and employees. But what we want is smart engagement — the kind that leads to enthusiasm, motivation and productivity, without the burnout. Increased demands on employees need to be balanced with increased resources — particularly before important deadlines and during other times of stress. 20/07/2018

Clanbeat — Jobs

Looking for an awesome CTO. To make stuff happen. Together. NB: Rubber duck included in bonus package. Look here: Onboard people, not skillsets


🎉Bring out the drums - WE'VE RELEASED OUR FIRST SOCIAL GAME! 🎉

Clanbeat's heading down the lane of gamifying the backstage of modern workplaces. Work is social, and people are people, wherever they go. This game is just a milestone on the journey of humanizing workplaces. But this is a milestone that makes us very-very happy! 😁

Can't wait for your feedback, lovely people!
#newfeature #productexpansion #workhappy #humanizework 15/03/2018

What we've learned from onboarding 300+ people in 18 months

"The real value of onboarding comes from helping people build confidence in their role."

It's been exciting to see Transferwise grow so fast, and read what they've learned!

When can we expect an update for onboarding 1000 people? 😁 Over the last 18 months, we’ve been very busy with hacking how to onboard our new starters in TransferWise in a way that is efficient…



Why is it important to pay attention to every single person in your organization?

The most important thing is to notice people and their concerns. "If a person is having a hard time, you should not hide and ignore it. Noticing, paying attention and caring are the prerequisites for the successful treatment of the most common disease in the world - depression, " says Jaan Pillesaar.

Pure inspiration from Helmes.

PS. Yes, the clip is in Estonian but we do hope you can find the subtitles option under settings menu, if needed. 🤗

Tarkvarafirma Helmese ja Teenusmajanduse Koja juht Jaan Pillesaar räägib depressioonist e. "nähtamatust hiiglasest", selle mõjudest inimeste õnnetundele, töökeskkonnale ja majandusele laiemalt. Miks on oluline pöörata tähelepanu igale üksikule inimesele oma organisatsioonis?#mustlumi #peaasi #helmes #jaanpillesaar


All 4

Sometimes we all just need a little support to keep things in perspective! 😂

#worklifebalance #oldiebutagoodie

We all need this book...


Harvard Business Review

Do you have secret superpowers? 💥

EQ is a critical skill for leaders. What are your weak spots?


Josh Bersin, Principal and Founder, Bersin by Deloitte - HRD Summit 2018

The way we work has changed incredibly in the last decades. HR people should be the architects of the new world of work, re-imagining people practices to really support the productivity of human beings in this new context.

#JoshBersin #Deloitte #Futureofwork #HRtech

Josh Bersin spoke to HRD Connect about how he envisions the future of work to look like and explains why as HR professionals we shouldn't be fearful of artif... 26/02/2018

The 3 Things Employees Really Want: Career, Community, Cause

“If it weren’t for the people,” Kurt Vonnegut once wrote, “the world would be an engineer’s paradise.” Survey says: false.
Here's another wave of research data from Facebook's workforce, busting myths. Comes out Millennials aren't any more purpose-driven than their predecessors.

The younger the person, the more they care about the career (personal development and growth potential). The older they get, the more they value their cause (purpose and mission). 23/02/2018

Why The Most Human Companies Will Win – Clanbeat

Take a break and tune in! 🎧☕🥐

Our guest, Ulf Hallan, has been consulting managers and teams for awe-inspiring three decades.

Here we talk about the trends, struggles, best practices, and future of leadership.

Yes, it's a podcast (18 min - perfect for a cup of coffee)!
Yes, you can now find us in Soundcloud -> NOTE: This is our first piece of audio content, yet what a start! Ulf is a deep thinker who has been in the leadership and org development… 22/02/2018

Clanbeat on LinkedIn: “...........Linkedin Takeover.......... VOL1: Backstage of…

This week, Linkedin is out of our hands. We're hosting a takeover!! 🚀

The mic is with Sirli, one of those inspiring HR fanatics who truly cares for her people and is determined to help them succeed.

PS. Ignite - Creating Reliable Software is her headquarter. Follow Sirli at: ...........Linkedin Takeover.......... VOL1: Backstage of Work Sirli Spelman, HR at Ignite - Creating Reliable Software *** "We are located in the…

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Kogu perele mõeldud Energia avastuskeskuse 100+ käed-külge eksponaati tutvustavad energiat, elektrit, heli, optikat ja kosmost. Iga päev teeme kõrgepingelisi elektridemonstratsioone ja näitame planetaariumis filme. Koolidele pakume haridusprogamme.

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Jumala riik laieneb siis, kui üksi ja üheskoos õpitakse tundma Jumalat ning teenitakse oma andidega kaasinimesi. Kooli eesmärk: Valmistada Jeesuse järgijaid ette andidepõhiseks teenimistööks (Ef 4:12).

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Школа дизайна интерьера в Таллинне

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FAF Eesti koolitused korraldab kvaliteetseid eestikeelseid ja rahvusvaheliselt tunnustatud personaaltreeneri tasemekoolitusi

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Free Flow Studio

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Sel kevadel on Tagasi Kooli fookuses päriselu lood ja õppetunnid. Kutsume õpetajaid, külalisõpetajaid ning organisatsioone jagama õpilastega neid tarkusi, mida elu on neile õpetanud.

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Современные автомобили с автоматической и мануальной КПП. Инновативные методы обучения.Помощь психолога при обучении.

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Mäemuuseum - maketid, mäemasinad, kivimid ja mineraalid

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